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1. The top 165 scores in each league (A, B, C, D) earn TvT points each day.

2. Any given team can only have a limited number of players in the top 165 each day, where the limit is 8 for League A, 6 for League B, 5 for League C, and 4 for League D. We take the 8/6/5/4 highest scores per team and rank them against one another. This allows for smaller teams to have a fighting chance against larger ones.

Supernatural Fans
Currently in League D: Up to 4 player scores from the team were considered.

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Ties are broken by total number of points earned in the 24 hr period in this game.

League RankPlayerTeamScoreTvT Contribution
26 / 165 lj000000Supernatural Fans1304 + 75
108 / 165 jayhalseySupernatural Fans1083 + 1
139 / 165 boredinVASupernatural Fans821 + 1
 + 77
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League RankPlayerTeamScore