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Amateur [7a]

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Kuala Lumpur, Look up player:
Team: None.
Hobbies: Not set yet.
Bio: The dunces' guild is numerous, and nigh forgotten thus, I'd missed the boat upon the pier, but that the ass breathed into my ear. I'm he whom all things do oppress, I'd hide my shamefulness, if a donkey'd leave me free, and not upon my back would be.
Registered: Mar 04 00 ( Class 0 ) - Last Seen: May 06 07
Membership: Regular
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Amateur [7a]Prestige: 175  (?)
Points: 71Authoring: 42
Challenges: 62Exploration: 0
Team Pts: 0Bonus: 0
Needs 5 more prestige for Advanced Amateur [7b]

FunTrivia Points: 45,900

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