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Quiz about Thirsty
Quiz about Thirsty

Thirsty? Trivia Quiz

Where Should the Drinks Go?

This is the opposite of a usual hidden-word quiz. You need to place these fifteen items, which might quench your thirst, into the story so that it makes a little sense. Look at the example, then use a bit of trial and error to see what might work.

by Lottie1001. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Jul 15 23
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11 / 15
Last 3 plays: LauraMcC (6/15), turtle52 (15/15), Guest 172 (15/15).
Ori{gin}ally s ing an outfit, so ven thought it brand new, my Aunt Juliet came fro ley. Talking, a e bread cooked, to Aunt rtainly knew that the eached Ros rily early. Dre avenously, whi scribed how Cale namically, to the f ratically waving his arms. No ed to de ight away, ho can be found, and to ge ch person a memento of the day.
Your Options
[cider] [water] [port] [whiskey] [smoothie] [sherry] [brandy] [wine] [lager] [beer] [milk] [coffee] [juice] [tea] [lemonade]

Click or drag the options above to the spaces in the text.

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Nov 02 2023 : LauraMcC: 6/15
Oct 28 2023 : turtle52: 15/15
Oct 23 2023 : Guest 172: 15/15
Oct 14 2023 : Guest 172: 15/15

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts

Port is a fortified red wine from Portugal, which fills the gap in the middle of sporting.
A smoothie is pureed vegetable or fruit drink, which sometimes contains, milk, yoghurt, or ice cream; here it makes smooth and I, and begins even.
Milk usually comes from a cow, but it can come from other animals; there are also vegan equivalents; here it ends from, and starts Ilkley (a town in Yorkshire).
Sherry is a fortified wine from Spain, often drunk as an aperitif; here it finishes as, makes her, and begins rye.
Juice is usually a fruit drink, which makes Ju and I, and starts certainly.
Beer is an alcoholic drink made from hops, barley, yeast and water, which is used to make bee and start reached, here.
Coffee is a caffeine rich beverage, often used as a pick-me-up first thing in the morning; here it ends Roscoff, and begins eerily.
Water, the simplest of drinks, is used to make many others; here it finishes Drew, makes ate, and starts ravenously.
Lemonade, a refreshing drink made from fresh lemons, is used here to end while, make Mona, and begin described.
Brandy is an alcoholic drink made from distilled wine, and best consumed in small quantities; here it ends Caleb, makes ran, and starts dynamically.
Lager is a type of beer, often used to describe a Pilsner style drink; here it finishes flag and begins erratically.
Wine, which is a drink commonly made from fermented grape juice, although other fruits can be used, ends now, makes I, and starts need.
Cider, a drink made from fermented apple juice, is used, here, to finish decide and start right.
Whiskey (American or Irish) or whisky (from Scotland and other places) is a drink made from fermented grains; here it is used to end how, and make his and key.
Tea is a very popular drink in many parts of the world; here it ends get, and starts each.

Here is the whole story with its spaces, punctuation and capitalisation as appropriate.

Originally sporting an outfit, so smooth I even thought it brand new, my Aunt Juliet came from Ilkley. Talking, as her rye bread cooked, to Aunt Ju, I certainly knew that the bee reached Roscoff, eerily early. Drew ate ravenously, while Mona described how Caleb ran, dynamically, to the flag, erratically waving his arms. Now I need to decide, right away, how his key can be found, and to get each person a memento of the day.
Source: Author Lottie1001

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