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Quiz about Snowball and Cassies Idea of a Joke
Quiz about Snowball and Cassies Idea of a Joke

Snowball and Cassie's Idea of a Joke Quiz

A Fun Fill It story

Here is a mini story about Cassie Clark and her cat Snowball. See if you can sort out which words go in which blanks to complete it.

by Catreona. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
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Aug 03 23
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"We're having visitors today," I , setting the old fashioned phone's receiver back in its cradle.

Snowball around from batting at a squeaky mouse suspended on a bungee string on the doorframe. "Who's coming to visit," she .

"Rose - You've met Rose..."

Snowball . "And her dog!"

"Pretzel's a good boy," I said indulgently, the patient Golden Lab. "Besides, he's a highly trained guide dog, a professional. He doesn't bother you."

"He doesn't molest me," she said darkly.

across the living room, she made a series of rapid leaps from the floor to the seat cushion to the couch arm to the back, where she stretched out like a furry pillow behind my head. " is a whole diff-urr-ent dish of water." I smiled.

back, I nestled my cheek against her side and could feel more than hear the peaceful rumble of her purr. I yawned contentedly and my bare feet up onto a corner of the coffee table. "They'll be here in about half an hour." My cat made the faintest growl. Twisting around to look at her, I a stern finger. "Now, you behave yourself, kitty." Did her whiskers quiver?

I turned around and settled back. "Rose is nice. You like her."

"I'd like her better if she a white cane," Snowball , but it seemed to me she did it out of habit rather than genuine annoyance.

"Why are they coming?" she asked after a moment.

"Just by for a short visit on the way to the dog park, where they go every Saturday, so Pretzel can have a couple hours off." I in delight as a mischievous idea struck me. "We could go with them."

Snowball up so my head on the back of the couch. Oops!

"To a * dog park *," she shrilly. "Really, Cassie! I realize you don't see very well, but you ought to know the diff-urr-ence between a cat - that is ME - and a dog!"

She across my head, paws velveted, down and made her way with dignity into the bedroom. I , rubbing the back of my head. Sometimes my brilliant ideas didn't work out so well.
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[grinned] [stalked] [used] [asked] [grumbled] [jumped] [demanded] [Leaning] [Bothering] [remembering] [announced] [swung] [pointed] [stopping] [shuddered] [sighed] [reared] [bounced] [looked] [Zipping]

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts

Telephone: The first practical telephone was developed by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. The standard telephone consisted of a handset, commonly known as a receiver, connected by a cord to a base that included a cradle for the receiver to rest in and a device by which the desired phone number could be input. At first this input device was a circular dial with holes behind which the numbers could be seen. To place a call, you would lift the receiver, place your finger successively in the holes for the number you wanted, and pull the dial around till your finger encountered a stop. Later, push button phones were developed. Many refinements, improvements and changes in style took place over the decades, but the basic form of the instrument remained recognizable for many years.

In 2007, the Apple corporation introduced the iPhone, and the whole concept of the telephone changed radically and forever.

Bungee cord: A springy, elastic cord or string.

Guide dog: A guide animal, most often a medium to large breed dog, that has been trained to warn its blind handler of obstacles and dangers.

White cane: While many blind and partially sighted people operate as part of a guide dog team, many others travel independently after being trained in the use of a white cane. A proficient cane user can gather a good deal of information about his environment, including any obstacles or hazards. At the same time, the distinctive white cane alerts others to the presence of a blind person who may need accommodation or assistance.

Dog park: As the name suggests, a dog park is a space where dogs can run and play freely, off the lead/leash. While working, a guide dog wears a harness with a handle for the human partner to hold. This allows the dog literally to guide or lead its human. It is especially important for working dogs like guide dogs to have time out of harness.

Velveted paws: Most cats, wild as well as domestic, can retract their claws, leaving what is called "velveted paws."
Source: Author Catreona

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