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Quiz about Permafrost  The Lowdown
Quiz about Permafrost  The Lowdown

Permafrost - The Lowdown Trivia Quiz

What in the world is permafrost, where in the world is it found, and why does it matter? All this, and more, will be revealed.
This is a renovated/adopted version of an old quiz by author jethro9

by looney_tunes. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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Permafrost is a portmanteau word formed from perma- and , describing ground which is permanently . The minimum time for which the ground in a region must stay at or below zero degrees (32 degrees ) in order to qualify as permafrost is years.

It is currently estimated that around percent of the earth's surface is permafrost, but that has been shrinking in recent years. Most permafrost regions are found in the , in polar regions such as , Alaska and Greenland. In the , there is less permafrost area primarily because there is less land area. Most of does not qualify, as regions underneath permanent ice sheets are not included.

As polar air temperatures have been increasing over recent years, the ground has been , leading to surface . This is a problem for several reasons. First, if there is a lot of trapped in the frozen region, its melting causes a change of and reduced rigidity of the ground. When infrastructure (buildings and , for example) has been constructed on the assumption that the ground is going to remain at all times, this can cause extensive damage. Permafrost degradation can lead to land , resulting in a large depression for which the Russian term is 'alas'.

Secondly, the frozen ground of ancient permafrost areas contains a lot of trapped , from organic substances that did not fully decompose in the frozen ground. As they thaw, bacteria break them down, releasing and methane into the atmosphere, increasing the concentration of gases which are of concern for climatologists.
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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts

Only two winters are required for ground to be considered permafrost, making the identification of it as permanently frozen ground a bit of a misnomer, but that is the recognized definition. There are many regions where the ground has been permanently frozen for much longer periods of time. The oldest known region of permafrost has been in that state for over 700,000 years. Most of today's permafrost formed during glacial periods, and has since remained frozen.

Permafrost regions may have some melting of the ice in the surface soil (referred to as the active layer), allowing summertime growth of shallow-rooted vegetation, but deeper levels remain frozen year-round. The thickness of the active layer varies; in some parts of Siberia it is only around 30 cm, while one area in the Mongolian Plateau has an active layer that is 10 metres. The permafrost zone extends down until it reaches a depth where geothermal warming keeps the soil temperature above freezing. How low does permafrost extend? In some regions, only about one metre; in others, up to 1500 metres.

Not all permafrost zones contain only land which is continuously frozen, as small climate variations can mean there are patches that are not. A region may be classified as having continuous permafrost (at least 90% of the land is in permafrost), discontinuous permafrost (50% - 90% permafrost) or sporadic permafrost (under 50% of the land is in permafrost).
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