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3 Humphrey Bogart quizzes and 45 Humphrey Bogart trivia questions.
  Here's to You: Humphrey Bogart, Man and Myth   best quiz  
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Humphrey Bogart is indisputably an icon of American film. He has been lauded as the "Greatest Male Star of All Time" by the American Film Institute along with many other accolades.
Easier, 10 Qns, christopherm, Jan 20 23
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Jan 20 23
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  Bogart For True Fans   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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This is a quiz about one of my favorite actors Humphrey Bogart. I hope you find it both enjoyable and informative.
Average, 25 Qns, ashlybug, Jul 19 20
Jul 19 20
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  Humphrey Bogart   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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Fifty-three years after his death, the name Humphrey Bogart still resonates with movie fans. How much do you know concerning the facts and legends about this Hollywood icon?
Average, 10 Qns, janslam, Aug 31 10
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trivia question Quick Question
Who was the first person to call him "Bogey"?

From Quiz "Humphrey Bogart"

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Humphrey Bogart Trivia Questions

1. When and where was Humphrey Bogart born?

From Quiz
Humphrey Bogart

Answer: December 25, 1899 in New York, NY

There has always been controversy about Bogart's birth. Various sources have reported that Warner Brothers changed his birthday to Christmas to romanticize his background, but a birth notice in a New York paper confirms that indeed he was born on December 25, 1899.

2. Humphrey Bogart was a supremely intelligent actor. In addition, he excelled at one game in particular. It featured prominently in "Casablanca". Which game is it?

From Quiz Here's to You: Humphrey Bogart, Man and Myth

Answer: chess

Bogart was a very strong chess player. He played tournament chess and was a certified tournament director. Bogart was probably at least Expert strength by United Chess Federation standards. Bogart liked to play the French Defense. (1.e4 e6 2. d4 d5)

3. Where was Humphrey Bogart born?

From Quiz Bogart For True Fans

Answer: New York

Bogart was born around the turn of the century in New York City.

4. Often a bane of character actors, typecasting prevents an actor or actress from expanding their careers. In Bogart's early films, what sort of character did he often portray?

From Quiz Here's to You: Humphrey Bogart, Man and Myth

Answer: a gangster

Indeed, Humphrey Bogart was cast as a gangster in many of his early films. Fortunately, for him, he managed to break out of this mold with his superb performance in "The Maltese Falcon," in which he plays a hard-boiled, cynical detective.

5. What was Bogart's middle name?

From Quiz Bogart For True Fans

Answer: DeForest

DeForest was also Bogart's father's middle name.

6. In which profession did Humphrey Bogart's father, Belmont, work?

From Quiz Here's to You: Humphrey Bogart, Man and Myth

Answer: He was a surgeon.

Humphrey Bogart's father was a relatively successful cardiac and pulmonary surgeon, even though he was eclipsed by the prominence of his wife, Maud, who happened to be an accomplished illustrator.

7. How did Bogart get his trademark scar?

From Quiz Humphrey Bogart

Answer: The result of a childhood accident

The report about the shelling of his ship is the least likely to be true, since it is probable that Bogart didn't make it to sea until after the armistice was signed. The report about his father having caused the injury comes from Darwin Porter's book "Humphrey Bogart: The Early Years". Bogart's good friend, David Niven, said Humphrey told him the scar was a result of a childhood accident and the studio had made up the war stories.

8. Bogart is said to have been an influential member of this group, which eventually included such notables as Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, and more. What is the name of this group?

From Quiz Here's to You: Humphrey Bogart, Man and Myth

Answer: The "Rat Pack"

Humphrey Bogart was one of the original members of the 1940-50s Rat Pack, which also included Errol Flynn and Nat King Cole. It was a very exclusive group of supremely popular entertainers. Contrary to popular belief, the group was not exclusive to males, as Judy Garland was a very influential member. The entertainers listed in the question were members of the 1960s Rat Pack.

9. What caused Humphrey Bogart to first catch the public's eye?

From Quiz Bogart For True Fans

Answer: He was in a baby food advertisement.

He was in advertisements for the Mellin Baby Food Company. He was known as the "Original Maude Humphrey Baby".

10. Who was the first person to call him "Bogey"?

From Quiz Humphrey Bogart

Answer: Spencer Tracy

Bogart and Tracy were good friends. They appeared in one film together in 1930 -John Ford's early sound film "Up the River". Their friendship continued throughout their careers and it was reported by Katherine Hepburn that during Bogart's final illness when she and Tracy went to see him, Spencer patted him on the shoulder as they were leaving and said "Goodnight Bogie" and Bogart replied "Goodbye Spence". Bogart died the following day.

11. After an undistinguished high school career, Bogart lied about his age and enlisted in the service during WWI. Which service did he join?

From Quiz Bogart For True Fans

Answer: Navy

Bogart served on the troop carrier Leviathan.

12. Bogart was nominated for three best actor Oscars. For which film did he win the Oscar for Best Actor?

From Quiz Humphrey Bogart

Answer: "The African Queen" (1951)

The nominations were for "Casablanca" and "The Caine Mutiny" (as well as "The African Queen" - the one he won.) He was not nominated for "To Have and Have Not".

13. In which play did Humphrey Bogart make his stage debut in 1920?

From Quiz Bogart For True Fans

Answer: The Ruined Lady

Bogart was working as the stage manager of 'The Ruined Lady' and was the understudy for all the male roles. He took actor Neil Hamilton's place on stage on a dare for the last performance of the play.

14. The name of the captain portrayed by Bogart in "The Caine Mutiny" (1954) was _________ .

From Quiz Humphrey Bogart

Answer: Queeg

Duke Mantee was the character Bogart portrayed in "The Petrified Forest" (1936). Charlie Allnutt was his Oscar winning role in "The African Queen" (1951) and Fred C. Dobbs was his character's name in "The Treasure of Sierra Madre" (1948).

15. In one of Bogart's most brilliant films, he portrays the aging Lieutenant Commander Philip Francis Queeg. Which film is it?

From Quiz Here's to You: Humphrey Bogart, Man and Myth

Answer: "The Caine Mutiny"

Humphrey Bogart is simply exquisite as the commander of an old minesweeper. It's his mission as Commander Queeg to reintroduce some semblance of discipline aboard this ship. He says, "There are four ways of doing things: the right way, the wrong way, the Navy way, and my way. If they do things my way, we'll get along."

16. Who was Bogart's first wife?

From Quiz Bogart For True Fans

Answer: Helen Menken

Bogart Married Helen Menken 1n 1926. They divorced after a year of marriage.

17. Besides acting, Bogart excelled in another area. He told an interviewer from "Silver Screen" magazine that this activity was one of his main interests. Which was it?

From Quiz Humphrey Bogart

Answer: Chess

Bogart was an excellent chess player. He was a tournament director for the United Chess Federation and a frequent visitor to the Hollywood Chess Club.

18. This film, set in the early 1900's during World War I, garnered an Oscar for Humphrey Bogart, winning the Best Actor in a Leading Role award. He plays Charlie Allnut, the cantankerous boat captain. Which film is it?

From Quiz Here's to You: Humphrey Bogart, Man and Myth

Answer: "The African Queen"

Bogart blends well with co-star Katherine Hepburn in this engaging tale of a trip down an African river to freedom. Surprisingly, this was the only Oscar that Bogart won.

19. Who was Humphrey Bogart's second wife?

From Quiz Bogart For True Fans

Answer: Mary Phillips

Bogart married Mary Phillips, who he had first met years earlier, in 1928. This marriage fared better than his first, lasting until 1937.

20. Bogart did very little work on television but he did appear in a comedy sketch in a famous early comedian's network show. Whose show was it?

From Quiz Humphrey Bogart

Answer: Jack Benny

Bogart resisted television. Other than his appearance with Jack Benny it seems his only television engagement was on Edward R. Murrows "Person to Person" where he was interviewed with Lauren Bacall.

21. One of Bogart's favorite places to dine was Romanoff's, located in Beverly Hills. Which item did Bogie order on a regular basis?

From Quiz Here's to You: Humphrey Bogart, Man and Myth

Answer: ham and eggs

Bogart liked to frequent Romanoff's restaurant on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. He would invariably order ham and eggs. Bogart had his own booth, in which, no one else was allowed to sit.

22. Soon after his second marriage, Bogart went to Hollywood to seek fame and fortune. Aside from shorts, what was his first film role?

From Quiz Bogart For True Fans

Answer: A Devil With Women

Bogart played Tom Standish in 'A Devil With Women'. Although another film, 'Up the River', was released first it was filmed after 'A Devil With Women'.

23. What was Bogart's last movie?

From Quiz Humphrey Bogart

Answer: "The Harder They Fall" (1956)

Bogart had completed "The Harder They Fall" (1956) and was in the planning stage of "Melville Goodwin, USA" when he was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus in January of 1956. Surgery and chemotherapy were unable to arrest the progress of the disease and by November of 1956 he was too weak to go up and down stairs. He passed way on January 14, 1957 at the age of 57.

24. After a year in Hollywood, Humphrey Bogart's contract with Fox expired and he returned to Broadway. What was the last movie he did for Fox?

From Quiz Bogart For True Fans

Answer: A Holy Terror

'A Holy Terror' concluded what Bogart said was "a very unsuccessful year at Fox".

25. On August 20th, 1938 Humphrey Bogart married his third wife. Who was she?

From Quiz Bogart For True Fans

Answer: Mayo Methot

"The Battling Bogarts" were married almost seven years.

26. Who directed Bogart in 'High Sierra'?

From Quiz Bogart For True Fans

Answer: Raoul Walsh

Walsh directed Bogart in two other movies, 'The Roaring Twenties' (1939) and 'They Drive by Night' (1940).

27. Warner Brothers followed later in the year by casting Bogart in John Huston's directorial debut. Based on a Dashiell Hammett novel, what was the movie called?

From Quiz Bogart For True Fans

Answer: The Maltese Falcon

The movie also featured Peter Lorre and Gladys George in starring roles.

28. What Murray Burnett and Joan Alison play was 'Casablanca' based on?

From Quiz Bogart For True Fans

Answer: Everybody Comes to Rick's

Julius Epstein, Phillip Epstein, and Howard Koch wrote the screenplay for 'Casablanca'. They based it on 'Everybody Comes to Rick's'.

29. Bogart met his fourth wife on the set of 'To Have and Have Not'. She was making her first film. What was her name?

From Quiz Bogart For True Fans

Answer: Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall was Bogie's fourth and last wife. They were married until his death in 1957.

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