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Fun Trivia
4 Betty White quizzes and 40 Betty White trivia questions.
  Waving the Betty White Flag   popular trivia quiz  
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Match the Betty White film to the character she played in it.
Easier, 10 Qns, Joepetz, Jan 16 22
Joepetz gold member
Jan 16 22
492 plays
  Betty White: Television Royalty   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Betty White is an icon of American television! Join me now in taking a glimpse at her celebrated and ground-breaking career!
Average, 10 Qns, Mbovary, Jan 16 22
Jan 16 22
2189 plays
  A Hundred Years of Betty White    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I know Betty White was technically 99 when she died, but with 17 days left of being 99 when she passed away, it is close enough to 100.
Average, 10 Qns, Ilona_Ritter, Jan 17 22
Ilona_Ritter gold member
Jan 17 22
299 plays
  The Film and Television Career of Betty White    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I have compiled a list of some of the films and television shows of the great Betty White. I hope you enjoy my efforts.
Tough, 10 Qns, rieker01, Jan 16 22
rieker01 gold member
Jan 16 22
658 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What part of Alaska is the film "The Proposal" based in?

From Quiz "The Film and Television Career of Betty White"

Betty White Trivia Questions

1. In what Illinois city was Betty White born?

From Quiz
A Hundred Years of Betty White

Answer: Oak Park

Betty White's parents intentionally named her Betty, and not Elizabeth, so people would not call her Liz, Beth, or anything but Betty. The family moved to California after her first birthday, and she was raised as an only child. Interestingly, sliced bread was not invented until White was six years old. This means sliced bread is the greatest thing since Betty White.

2. What was the name of the character Betty played in "The Family" skit on "The Carol Burnett Show"?

From Quiz The Film and Television Career of Betty White

Answer: Ellen Harper

Betty played the sister to Carol Burnett's character Eunice. She was the daughter of Thelma Harper played by Vicki Lawrence. Betty played the role of the sister that had it together and Eunice was extremely jealous of that. Eunice believed Ellen was their mother's favorite and I would be hard pressed to disagree. The skits originated on "The Carol Burnett Show" and were so popular that it was made into a series called "Mama's Family". Betty was a guest star on the show. The show ran from 1967 to 1978 and had an amazing 278 episodes.

3. Betty Marion White was born on January 17, 1922, and is the only child of Horace and Tess White. Where did she grow up?

From Quiz Betty White: Television Royalty

Answer: Los Angeles, California

Born in Oak Park, Illinois, Betty's parents moved to Los Angeles when she was eighteen months old. Her mother was a homemaker and her father was an electrician. Betty remembers them being very supportive and having a wonderful sense of humor. She enjoyed a happy childhood, writing and performing her own plays.

4. What is unique about Betty's character, Mrs. Kline, in "Bringing Down the House"?

From Quiz The Film and Television Career of Betty White

Answer: Betty played a bigot.

Betty was hilarious in this role of the nosy bigot neighbor. She made several off color remarks about people of Spanish descent. She told Steve Martin's character, Peter Sanderson that if she saw Mexican in their neighborhood without gardening equipment she would call the cops. When she was taking Peter's son Gregory, to play cards she made a homophobic remark because he needed a haircut. I think it was a great role for her to play because you wouldn't expect someone that appeared so grandmotherly to say the things she did. Betty played the role of Mrs. Kline in this 2003 film by Adam Shankman. The movie in my opinion was one of the funniest I have ever seen.

5. In the year 2006, what soap opera did Betty appear on?

From Quiz The Film and Television Career of Betty White

Answer: The Bold and The Beautiful

Betty played the role of Ann Douglas on the show. She was the long lost mother of Stephanie Forrester. Betty only lasted for a few episodes on the show. I really never felt like the character was believable as Stephanie's mom only because Stephanie seemed as old as her mother. "The Bold and The Beautiful" first aired in 1987. Since 2010 the show has won over 13 Daytime Emmy Awards. Betty's character Ann Douglas passed away in the November 23rd 2009 episode. Her character was diagnosed and died from pancreatic cancer.

6. Betty's first big break came in 1949 when she was hired for "Hollywood on Television" on KLAC. Legendary Los Angeles radio personality Al Jarvis was the host, and thought Betty would be perfect for which role?

From Quiz Betty White: Television Royalty

Answer: Phone girl

When television was new, programmers hired DJs to play records just like they had done on radio. Al Jarvis was hired to play songs, perform in sketches and conduct interviews. Jarvis knew Betty White from her radio work and her local appearances television and recommended her for the sidekick role of the phone girl, which was also known as "girl Friday". She functioned as his sidekick in hosting duties, acted in sketches, and helped to move the show along. The show was on six days a week, and ran for three years before Jarvis left in 1952. After that, Betty took over the hosting duties herself.

7. In "The Golden Girls", Betty plays Rose Nylund from St. Olaf. What state is St. Olaf located in?

From Quiz The Film and Television Career of Betty White

Answer: Minnesota

Betty's character is always telling these stories from her hometown. The other girls find the stories unbelievable at times. The stories Rose tells do seem extremely odd and the fact that there appears to be one for every situation the women happen to be in is even odder. The general consensus between the other three women is that Rose is not wrapped to tight. The way she seems to take everything so literally makes her appear dim witted, but she is truly not. Betty won her fifth Emmy Award for her portrayal of Rose Nylund. "The Golden Girls" aired from September 1985 to May 1992.

8. Betty was married three times in her life. Which popular game show host was her third and most cherished husband?

From Quiz Betty White: Television Royalty

Answer: Allen Ludden

After meeting each other on Allen Ludden's game show "Password" the two hit it off and married in 1963. They were happily married until Ludden's death of stomach cancer in 1981. Ludden was the true love of her life, and when asked why she never remarried, Betty said, "I never remarried because once you get it right, it's a tough act to follow."

9. What was the name of the production company White co-founded in 1952?

From Quiz A Hundred Years of Betty White

Answer: Bandy Productions

Betty White co-founded this company with George Tibbles and Don Fedderson. Her first sitcom, "Life With Elizabeth," was produced by this company. Betty White played Elizabeth. Tibbles wrote for the show, and Fedderson was the executive producer. Bandy Productions was named after White's dog, Bandit.

10. What is the name of Betty's character in the film "Lake Placid"?

From Quiz The Film and Television Career of Betty White

Answer: Delores Bickerman

This movie actually had a stellar cast including Betty White, Mariska Hargitay, and Bill Pullman among others. Betty plays Delores Bickerman, a woman who is believed to have killed her husband. It is later on found out that Delores raised the crocodile and it actually was the one who killed her husband. Delores was on house arrest for not telling the police that the crocodile was the one who killed her husband. In one scene, she is extremely upset because they are using one of her cows to bait the crocodile.

11. On June 14, 1963, Betty White married the love of her life. Who was he?

From Quiz A Hundred Years of Betty White

Answer: Allen Ludden

Betty White's first husband was Dick Barker and her second husband was Lane Allen, but her third husband, Allen Ludden, was the love of her life. Betty White has said of Ludden, who passed away from cancer in 1981, that her biggest regret was she waited so long to marry him. (He had asked her a few times before she said yes). When asked why she never remarried, she said, "If you've had the best, who needs the rest?"

12. Which animated show does Betty voice a character as a book narrator on?

From Quiz The Film and Television Career of Betty White

Answer: Family Guy

Betty is truly a talented actor and has played in a lot of different genres including animation, horror, and situation comedies. Betty has also lent her voice to "The Wild Thornberrys", "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy", and "Father of the Pride". In the episode of "Family Guy" entitled "Peterotica", Peter writes an adult novel. Peter's novel is a success and he makes an audio book of it. The book is narrated by Betty White. It is a hilarious moment when you hear Betty reading from the book. I could not help, but laugh out of control when I heard Betty doing this.

13. In 1973, White joined the cast of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." What was her character's name?

From Quiz A Hundred Years of Betty White

Answer: Sue Ann Nivens

Sue Ann Nivens hosted the "Happy Homemaker" show produced at WJM-TV. Betty White referred to the character as the "Horny Homemaker" because of how she was always chasing men, especially Lou Grant (Ed Asner). White played the role from 1973-1977. While the part wasn't written for Betty White per se, the writers of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" described Sue Ann as "an icky sweet Betty White type." Initially, the part was a one-off guest spot, but she became a regular after White's performance. In her first episode, Sue Ann was introduced as a guest at Mary's party. Sue Ann was having an affair with Phyllis' husband, and the others did not well like her because of her constant insults.

14. In which television show does Betty play Elka Ostrovsky?

From Quiz The Film and Television Career of Betty White

Answer: Hot in Cleveland

Betty's character, Elka Ostrovsky in the show is matronly towards the other women, but not in the nicest way possible. She is a free spirit and lets everyone around her know her opinion. She is constantly busting on Joy for being unmarried and easy. When it does come down to it she does give the women affection and offers her advice, but always with a sarcastic undertone. In the final episode of season one, the women seek refuge from a tornado and go down to the storm cellar for safety. They find Elka has an enormous stash of stolen goods. Her former husband had all this stolen merchandise and Elka never reported it to the police. Melanie Moretti is dating a cop and came to check on her and the other women. Elka's reaction is priceless and she says something along the lines that you had to bring the cops.

15. A friendship between Betty, Mary Tyler Moore and her producer husband Grant Tinker, led to her being cast as Sue Ann Nivens during the fourth year of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". What was the name of Sue Ann Nivens' show on WJM?

From Quiz Betty White: Television Royalty

Answer: The Happy Homemaker

White created a character whose sugary-sweet television persona hid her sharp-tongued, man-hungry, sardonic true self. This fan favorite character earned Betty White Emmys in the 1974-75 and 1975-76 seasons for Best Supporting Actress.

16. What was the character's name Betty White played on "The Golden Girls" from 1985-1992?

From Quiz A Hundred Years of Betty White

Answer: Rose & Rose Nylund & Nylund

Betty White played Rose Nylund, the naive woman from St. Olaf, MN, on "The Golden Girls. She was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series each year of the show. She won it in 1986. During the series, Rose dated a man named Miles (Harold Gould), who played another love interest of Rose's in earlier episodes named Arnie, but they are not the same character. Miles turned out to be in the police protection program after seeing the Cheeseman kill someone. Rose went out on a date with the Cheeseman (Barney Martin). Rose, Blanche, and Sophia stayed together after Dorothy got married in the "Golden Girls" finale and appeared in the short lives spinoff, "The Golden Place."

17. Who is Bunny's rival in the movie "You Again"?

From Quiz The Film and Television Career of Betty White

Answer: Helen

This movie is based on multi-generational rivalries between Marni and Gail against Joanna and Ramona. Joanna made Marni's life in high school miserable and Gail did the same to Ramona. Marni comes home to meet the woman her brother is going to marry. She is horrified when she learns it is Joanna. Joanna does not seem to remember Marni from high school and this puts Marni on a mission to get her to remember and apologize. Throughout the movie all four women are horrible to each other, but in the end they come to all forgive and forget. In the final scene, Bunny meets her old rival Grandma Helen. It was one of the funniest scenes, both women start to argue over a man. Grandma Helen is using a walker so Bunny snatches him away. Grandma Helen is played by the hilarious Cloris Leachman. Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver also starred in this 2010 movie.

18. Producers came to Betty White about starring in a new project called "The Golden Girls", about four single women living together in Miami, sharing the problems and laughs about middle age. Which role did producers originally have in mind for Betty?

From Quiz Betty White: Television Royalty

Answer: Blanche Deveraux

Producers had planned for Betty to play the role of Blanche, the lusty seductress, while Rue McClanahan would play the more timid and naive Rose. Worrying about being typecast, both White and McClanahan felt they would be better off swapping roles. Betty, who wasn't sure how to play Rose, found inspiration when the director told her not to think of Rose as dumb, but rather that she believes the first explanation of everything she hears. That insight helped Betty to develop one of her most famous and beloved characters. She went on to play the character of Rose Nylund on four different sitcoms! "The Golden Girls", "Golden Palace", "Empty Nest" and "Nurses".

19. What school gave Betty White an honorary degree in 1991?

From Quiz A Hundred Years of Betty White

Answer: The University of Charleston

Betty White graduated from Beverly Hills High School in 1939 and did not attend college. Because she supported the University of Charleston, an endowed scholarship in her name was created in 2016. White surprised everyone when she showed up to get her honorary degree at graduation. She also attended a fundraising event for the school's Clay Tower Building and was there for its dedication.

20. What part of Alaska is the film "The Proposal" based in?

From Quiz The Film and Television Career of Betty White

Answer: Sitka

Margaret and Andrew go to Alaska to meet Andrew's family. Margaret has just been told by her boss that she is being deported back to Canada. Margaret in order to save her job convinces Andrew to pretend like they are getting married. The two have a meeting with an immigration officer and tell him they are going to Alaska to meet Andrew's parents the upcoming weekend. the movie is hilarious and Andrew and Margaret start to fall for one another. Betty plays Grandma Annie. In one of the funniest scenes in the movie, Annie is doing a tribute dance to her people. Margaret joins her and starts to dance and sing a highly inappropriate song. Annie looks truly confused while Margaret dances and tries to keep up with Margaret. The film was released in 2009.

21. On what game show did Betty White and Carol Burnett play against each other in 1995?

From Quiz A Hundred Years of Betty White

Answer: Family Feud

Betty White first played Ellen on "The Carol Burnett Show" before "Mama's Family." Rue McClanahan, who would later star with White on "The Golden Girls," played Frances, Thelma's (Vicki Lawrence) younger sister. Ellen (Betty White) was her Thelma's daughter. Carol Burnett played Thelma's other daughter Eunice. Ken Berry played Thelma's son Vinton. The late Richard Dawson hosted this "Family Feud" episode. Burnett's team consisted of her daughter Carrie, Carrie's husband Mark, and Mark's mother, Dalia. White's team were her poker club friends - Henry, Brenda, and Tony. Betty White's team won the game and went on to fast money with Brenda playing the first round and Henry playing the second. They hit the 200 points needed and won $600 for the Morris Animal Foundation.

22. What game show did Betty win an Emmy Award for?

From Quiz The Film and Television Career of Betty White

Answer: Just Men

Betty was the host of "Just Men" for all of its thirteen weeks. She won the Emmy in spite of the fact the show was canceled. The idea behind the show was for two women contestants to win a car. According to Wikipedia the car was usually a Mustang. The game had four rounds including a bonus round. Betty has been a contestant or a panel member on the other three games as well. Betty has had a great career that has spanned many decades. Her Snickers commercial along with Abe Vigoda won the top spot for Super Bowl XLIV. Betty is involved in numerous charities, but the ones closer to her heart involve animal rights and rescue.

23. Betty White is known for her tireless works on behalf of animals and pets. What pet related company did she sign on to act as their spokesperson in January of 2007?

From Quiz Betty White: Television Royalty

Answer: 1800PetMeds

Long before working for 1800PetMeds, Betty has been involved with numerous animal charity organizations. Since the '60s she has been associated with the Los Angeles based Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and she has been with the Morris Animal foundation for 31 years. She also works with Los Angeles Zoo Commission, The Wildlife Waystation, and Actors & Others for Animals.

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