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5 quizzes and 65 trivia questions.
  The Goons behind 'The Goon Show'   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Reading about the lives of these supremely talented comedians was about as insane (no pun intended) as the characters they portrayed.
Average, 10 Qns, Oddball, Jun 18 23
Jun 18 23
717 plays
  Ying Tong Iddle I Po   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The madcap antics of 'The Goon Show' was a staple of British radio throughout the 1950s. Join me on a tour of this insanely brilliant work of comedy genius.
Tough, 10 Qns, romeomikegolf, Dec 12 11
romeomikegolf gold member
373 plays
  "Goon Show" Episode Titles   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 25 Qns
A rattle through 25 of the "Goon Show" episode titles from the cult 1950s British B.B.C. radio show. The 'Interesting Info' section will give a short humerous excerpt from each show.
Average, 25 Qns, Simon_Templar, Apr 21 10
536 plays
  The BBC Radio Goon Show    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Ten characters from The Goon Show. Just identify the person behind the voice
Tough, 10 Qns, awkins, Apr 21 10
819 plays
  The Legendary Goons   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A little quiz about the legendary BBC radio programme "The Goon Show". Enjoy!
Tough, 10 Qns, scradje, Apr 21 10
451 plays

The Goon Show Trivia Questions

1. According to legend (and a couple of very well-written biographies), Harry Secombe and Spike Milligan first met in Tunisia during World War II as soldiers in the British Army. What was unusual about their initial meeting?

From Quiz
The Goons behind 'The Goon Show'

Answer: One accidentally dropped a cannon on the other

As Secombe tells it, the gun pits that were dug for battle were too small for the cannons being deployed. He was stationed in a tent at the bottom of a cliff, when the recoil of a too-big cannon launched it over the edge, barely missing him. Moments later, a sheep-faced Milligan peeked in the tent, asking in his 'Eccles' voice, 'Has anyone seen a gun?'

2. Identify the missing word from this "Goon Show" title: "The Affair of the Lone ______."

From Quiz "Goon Show" Episode Titles

Answer: Banana

First aired 13 November 1953. Bloodnok: "One of us must volunteer." Seagoon: "Yes, one of us must." Eccles: "Yup, one of us must volunteer. Yup, yup, yup." Bloodnok: "Well, who is it going to be Seagoon?" Seagoon: "I'm terribly sorry - but I have a wife and sixty-three children." Bloodnok: "I too have a wife and children. That only leaves dear old..." SFX: [Panicky rattling of telephone] Eccles: "Hello, hello, operator? Get me the marriage bureau. Hello?" Bloodnok: "Eccles, you, you, you, coward you. Oh, you coward, you naughty coward. Seagoon? You're youngest, you go." Seagoon: "Me? You wouldn't send an old man out there?" Bloodnok: "You? You're not an old man." Seagoon: "Give me five minutes to make up and you'll never know the difference."

3. What year did "The Goon Show" first air?

From Quiz The Legendary Goons

Answer: 1951

The transmission date for the first episode was 28 May 1951.

4. When the show first aired on the BBC it was not called 'The Goon Show'. What was the original name for the show?

From Quiz Ying Tong Iddle I Po

Answer: Crazy People

When the first pilot was aired in February 1951 it was called 'Crazy People' as the BBC didn't like the title 'Goon Show'. Some BBC executives insisted on pronouncing it 'The Go On Show', they just didn't get it. It wasn't until the end of 1951 that the show got its enduring title.

5. Identify the missing word from this "Goon Show" title: "The Dreaded ______ _______ Hurler of Bexhill-on-Sea."

From Quiz "Goon Show" Episode Titles

Answer: Batter Pudding

First aired 12 October 1954. Seagoon: "Now are you aware of the danger of German long range guns?" Henry Crun: "Mnk ahh I have it! I've got it, I've got the answer. Just by chance I happen to have on me a box of German matches." Seagoon: "Wonderful! Strike one. Ha, they won't dare fire at their own matches." Henry Crun: "Of course not. Now..." SFX: [Striking match - bomb whistle - explosion] Henry Crun: "...Curse... The British, the British!"

6. Which character uttered the immortal line 'You rotten swine, you deaded me again' in almost every episode?

From Quiz Ying Tong Iddle I Po

Answer: Bluebottle

Bluebottle was a boy scout with a penchant for using weapons made of string and cardboard. He is usually found in the company of Eccles and tends to get blown up in every episode. Eccles was a total idiot who had no understanding of anything. One of his usual sayings was 'Shut up Eccles'. Henry Crun was rather forgetful and often couldn't keep up with events. He was, however, devoted to Minnie Bannister. Only he knows why. Little Jim only ever had one line, (all together now) 'He's fallen in the water'.

7. Doing all those voice impressions for so many different characters did indeed take a toll on the Goons. Which one was diagnosed a manic depressive who once (or twice) may have tried to kill his co-stars?

From Quiz The Goons behind 'The Goon Show'

Answer: Spike Milligan

Both Milligan and Sellers suffered mentally, and physically, from the strains of juggling so many personalities (both rarely did interviews as themselves, instead relying on a character to answer the questions). While Sellers' problems came in the form of a degenerative heart condition, Milligan was diagnosed with a bi-polar disorder and spend some time in various mental institutions during and after his Goon years (it's also believed he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder from his Army days). On at least one occasion, he reportedly went to Seller's house to kill him with a potato peeler, but his wife called ahead and evacuated the house in time.

8. Identify the missing word from this "Goon Show" title; "The Mystery of the ______ - solved."

From Quiz "Goon Show" Episode Titles

Answer: Marie Celeste

First aired 16 November 1954. Neddy: "I just read your offer in the paper about the Marie Celeste." Grytpype: "Little Matelot! That was inserted in 1910, 44 years ago!" Neddy: "My paperman has a big round." Grytpype: "Your paperman has a big round what?"

9. Who was not a scriptwriter for the "The Goon Show"?

From Quiz The Legendary Goons

Answer: Jimmy Grafton

Jimmy Grafton was, however, the script editor in the first years of the show.

10. Which Goon garnered the most U.S. Academy Award nominations?

From Quiz The Goons behind 'The Goon Show'

Answer: Peter Sellers

Peter was first pegged for the Best Actor Oscar in 1965 for, what else, his numerous roles in Stanley Kubrick's 'Dr. Strangelove' (he played the title character, President Merkin Muffley and RAF Group Captain Lionel Mandrake). His other acting nomination came in the 1979 bittersweet film, 'Being There' as Chance, the simple-minded gardener who becomes a unknowing celebrity. He also garnered an Oscar nomination for a short film in 1960, titled, 'The Running, Jumping and Standing Still Film'. Sellers co-directed the film with Richard Lester ('A Hard Day's Night') and co-wrote with Milligan.

11. Identify the missing word from this "Goon Show" title; "Ye Bandit of ______ ______

From Quiz "Goon Show" Episode Titles

Answer: Sherwood Forest

First aired 20 December 1954. Robin Hood: "Oh no! Maid Marion, she's the most beautiful girl in the world!" Friar Balsam: "You must rescue her." Robin Hood: "Yes. I must rescue her, she's so beautiful!" Friar Balsam: "It'll mean certain death for you." Robin Hood: "I don't know, she wasn't that pretty. I wonder where they're keeping her." Eccles: "Where they're keeping her? In the forest of course, because there's plenty of good hiding places there, my dad used to take me there." Robin Hood: "What for?" Eccles: "A good hiding - Ha ha!"

12. Who was the first producer of "The Goon Show" (called "Crazy People" at the time)?

From Quiz The Legendary Goons

Answer: Dennis Main Wilson

Dennis Main Wilson produced the first two series, while Pat Dixon persuaded the BBC to give the "Goons" a chance, and produced their pilot show (as well as later series).

13. Most of the Goons had to do multiple roles...with one notable exception. Harry Secombe's only character went by what name?

From Quiz The Goons behind 'The Goon Show'

Answer: Ned ('Neddie') Seagoon

The affable Neddie Seagoon was the one who usually carried the plot of the show around the manic antics of Sellers and Milligan. The other listed characters were all performed by Sellers. Milligan did the voice of Count Jim Moriarty, Minnie Bannister and, of course, the very popular Eccles.

14. Identify the missing word from this "Goon Show" title; "The Sinking of ______ Pier."

From Quiz "Goon Show" Episode Titles

Answer: Westminster

First aired 15 February 1955. Seagoon: "Good morning buddy, yes. So you think you can raise the pier, ey?" Minnie and Henry Crun: "Oh yes, yes! We can! We've done it many times!" Seagoon: "Splendid. Now, what is your profession?" Minnie Bannister: "We're, we're oyster sexers." Seagoon: "Oyster sexers?" Minnie Bannister: "Yes, we can tell the difference, you know..." Seagoon: "At your age that must be quite a revelation. I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in oyster sexing. If I was an oyster I wouldn't be here. Can't have an oyster as chairman of the Westminster Pier Salvage Committee can you?" Henry Crun: "Why not, ey? Why not? It's a free country isn't it? Why shouldn't an oyster be chairman?" Seagoon: "Because an oyster can't talk." Henry Crun: "Have you ever spoken to one?" Seagoon: "Hhhmmmm, no!"

15. One of the great parts of the Goon Show was the marvelous musical numbers of Max Geldray. With what instrument was he known for playing?

From Quiz The Goons behind 'The Goon Show'

Answer: Harmonica

Geldray (real name Max van Gelder) made his start in Paris with the jazz harmonica in Django Reinhardt's orchestra before the Nazi invasion forced him into exile in England. Sadly, many of Geldray's family died in concentration camps during the war. He came back to Europe as part of the D-Day invasion and was wounded in action. He died in October of 2004.

16. Identify the missing word from this "Goon Show" title; "The International ______ Pudding."

From Quiz "Goon Show" Episode Titles

Answer: Christmas

First aired 15 November 1955. SEAGOON: "Ha hmm. Tell me more about the pudding. Is there a portion somewhere in the Sudan? " BLOODNOK: "It's all here lad, in Africa. Three quarters of it is worshipped as a god by the savage Naringi Burbas, and the other quarter has turned man-eater and is roaming the forest of Ying-Tong-Iddle-I-Po." SEAGOON: "Gad! You mean that portion will have to be shot?" BLOODNOK: "Yes, it will need a man with a steady eye, a hollow tooth and a wooden leg to bring it down." SEAGOON: "Do you know of such a man?" BLOODNOK: "No, but I know a man whose advice would be invaluable to you, but, er, hmm, he'd be too expensive." SEAGOON: "Mmm. Between you and me, how much should I offer him?" BLOODNOK: "Well, between you and me, his usual fee is a thousand, but in my estimation he's worth much more." SEAGOON: "Two?" BLOODNOK: "Three." SEAGOON: "Right. Who is he?" BLOODNOK: "Me." SEAGOON: "Ahaha, Major Bloodnok, I've been told to offer you three thousand pounds." BLOODNOK: "You've been very well advised."

17. What year did "The Last Goon Show Of All" air?

From Quiz The Legendary Goons

Answer: 1972

1972 was the 50th anniversary of the BBC, and this show was part of the celebrations.

18. Obviously, the Goons made their mark in the media of radio, but sometimes went to the new innovation that was television. What was the name of the only TV show featuring all the original Goons?

From Quiz The Goons behind 'The Goon Show'

Answer: 'Goonreel'

'Goonreel' was, as it sounds, a spoof on television newsreels featuring Sellers, Secombe, Milligan and Bentine. It was originally set to air in July of 1952, but had to be delayed following the death of King George VI (and subsequent coronation of Queen Elizabeth II). 'Idiot' and 'Fred' featured Milligan and Sellers, but not Secombe. 'Telegoons' was actually a childrens show featuring 'Goon' scripts performed by puppets.

19. Identify the missing word from this "Goon Show" title; "The Fear of ______."

From Quiz "Goon Show" Episode Titles

Answer: Wages

First aired 6 March 1956. Yakamoto: "Please do not shoot!" Seagoon: "Come forward, military Japanese gentleman, but keep your right leg raised." Yakamoto: "Please, I am General Yakamoto, Commander of all Imperial Japanese troops in that tree." Seagoon: "Well?" Yakamoto: "Request, please: have unexpectedly run short of ammunition. Please, can we borrow two boxes until the end of the war?" Bloodnok: "You Japanese are always on the tap... You haven't returned our lawnmower yet!" Yakamoto: "I am velly solly but have not finished mowing jungle." Bloodnok: "No! No more credit! Clear off!" Yakamoto: "Then am forced to surrender." Seagoon: "Surrender? This means war!"

20. In "The Goon Show", who mostly voiced the character of William J. MacGoonigal?

From Quiz The Legendary Goons

Answer: Spike Milligan

Peter Sellers is also known to have occasionally played this role.

21. The Goons made several attempts to enter the world of television during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Only one show used actual 'Goon Show' scripts. Which one was it?

From Quiz Ying Tong Iddle I Po

Answer: The Telegoons

'The Telegoons' was a string puppet show that was first aired in 1963. It used cut down scripts from the original radio series. In total there were 26 fifteen minute episodes spread across two series. They were not very popular with adults but did attract a large following amongst younger viewers. The final show was broadcast on August 1st 1964.

22. Rare, for its time, was the inclusion of a black actor (or an African-Brit, as the case may be) in a mostly all-white cast, but the Goons made space for this very talented singer-musician. Which name am I asking for?

From Quiz The Goons behind 'The Goon Show'

Answer: Ray Ellington

Ellington (1916-1985) was the son of a transplanted African-American music hall entertainer and a Russian Jew. His quartet was one of the first to employ amplified bass and, despite their jazz influence, comprised what became known as the traditional rock-and-roll ensemble. Ellington not only performed during the entire run of the show, but he also supplied the occasional voice of any African, Arab or Native-American characters. His son, jazz singer Lance Ellington, appeared in the 2004 film, 'The Life and Death of Peter Sellers' playing his father.

23. Identify the missing word from this "Goon Show" title; Drums Along the ______."

From Quiz "Goon Show" Episode Titles

Answer: Mersey

First aired 11 October 1956. SEAGOON: "Just as I thought. This compass is slow. It says twenty past two." BLOODNOK: "Great brown nutted nurglers! Those villains! They've switched the compass for the wristwatch." SEAGOON: "Gad! And not being men of the sea, we don't know which is which!" BLOODNOK: "Well! Now here's a pretty kettle of fish!" SEAGOON: "So it is, and a damned silly place to leave it!" BLOODNOK: "Yes. Well, we can't stand here all day making these wonderful jokes." SEAGOON: "You're right. Forward!" SFX: [Splash]. SEAGOON: "Stop! Stop! I think we're near a river."

24. What is "The Telegoons"?

From Quiz The Legendary Goons

Answer: Puppet-animated version of "The Goon Show".

Two series aired in 1963 and 1964, with 26 15-minute episodes altogether. The scripts were adapted versions of the radio scripts.

25. Which 2001 animated film, featuring the voices of Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz, makes a reference to a 'Goon Show' character?

From Quiz Ying Tong Iddle I Po

Answer: Shrek

During the film Shrek points to the sky and mentions the constellation of Bloodnok the Flatulent, a reference to the Peter Sellers character Major Dennis Bloodnok who was Neddy Seagoon's former commanding officer and who suffered from terrible wind.

26. Identify the missing word from this "Goon Show" title; "The Stolen ______."

From Quiz "Goon Show" Episode Titles

Answer: Postman

First aired 9 December 1957. Seagoon: "You villains! You can't explode me. I'll..." Grytpype: "Back Neddy. Hands up." Seagoon: "But...but you haven't got a gun." Grytpype: "No, but I'm thinking of one." Seagoon: "Well, I'm thinking of ringing the police. Eccles, think of a telephone." Eccles: "OK." SFX: [Phone rings. Receiver picks up]. Seagoon: "Hello, police? I want to report a..." Grytpype: "Steady Neddy! Put down that telephone that Eccles is thinking of." Seagoon: "I refuse." Grytpype: "Then I'm thinking of shooting you." SFX: [Pistol shot]. Seagoon: "Well I'm thinking of the bullet missing me and hitting Bluebottle." Bluebottle: "Ohi ohhhhi! You rotten swine you."

27. What was Wally Stott's role in "The Goon Show"?

From Quiz The Legendary Goons

Answer: conductor

He has also written music for "Hancock's Half Hour".

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