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Fun Trivia
4 Steve Austin quizzes and 50 Steve Austin trivia questions.
  The Austin Era-Part 3-2001 through 2003    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is part 3 of The Austin Era. It will take you from 2001 to Austin's days as the Co-General Manager of "Raw." Good luck!
Average, 15 Qns, Gmac316, Apr 15 23
Apr 15 23
4119 plays
  The Austin Era -Part 1-1996 through 1997    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is the first installment of a quiz that will cover Steve Austin's WWE career. Have fun.
Average, 10 Qns, Gmac316, Apr 15 23
Apr 15 23
3425 plays
  The Austin Era-Part 2-1998 through 2000    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is Part II of Austin's rise in the sport of professional wrestling. Have fun and good luck!
Average, 15 Qns, Gmac316, Apr 15 23
Apr 15 23
2966 plays
  Steve Austin: From "Stunning to Stone Cold"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
One of the most influential wrestling personalities of the last twenty years has been Steve Austin. This quiz will test your knowledge of the man responsible for the renewed interest in the WWF in the late 1990s.
Tough, 10 Qns, jperrone, Apr 23 23
Apr 23 23
274 plays
trivia question Quick Question
In 2009, Steve Austin was honored with an induction into "The WWE Hall of Fame", who inducted Austin into this hallowed group that night?

From Quiz "Steve Austin: From "Stunning to Stone Cold""

Steve Austin Trivia Questions

1. What is the birth name of the wrestler known as Steve Austin?

From Quiz
Steve Austin: From "Stunning to Stone Cold"

Answer: Steve Anderson

Although known as Steve Williams for most of his life, the man known as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was born in 1964 as Steven James Anderson. While still a child his parents divorced and his mother remarried with Steve being legally adopted by his step father and thus taking the last name of Williams. In 2007 Steve Williams legally changed his name to that of his wrestling name, Steve Austin.

2. Who did Austin eliminate to win the 1998 "Royal Rumble"?

From Quiz The Austin Era-Part 2-1998 through 2000

Answer: The Rock & Rock & Rocky

Austin gave "The People's Champion" a "Stone Cold Stunner" before eliminating him to win the "Royal Rumble" for the second consecutive year.

3. When Steve Austin first debuted in 1996 he was not known as Stone Cold Steve Austin. What name did he use?

From Quiz The Austin Era -Part 1-1996 through 1997

Answer: The Ringmaster

He was known as the Ringmaster. As the Ringmaster he would be known for a scientific wrestling style. By this I mean that he used a lot of wrestling holds. When he became Stone Cold Steve Austin he was known for being more of a brawler. He was known as "Stunning" Steve Austin in his WCW days.

4. Which legendary WCCW wrestler trained Steve Austin for his wrestling debut?

From Quiz Steve Austin: From "Stunning to Stone Cold"

Answer: Chris Adams

After working construction jobs for several years a young Steve Williams decided to embark on wrestling career. In late 1988 he began training under legendary WCCW star the late "Gentleman" Chris Adams who ran a wrestling school out of the famed "Dallas Sportatorium". Just after his debut he changed his wrestling name to Austin to avoid confusion with the late "Dr Death" Steve Williams, a popular star of the era. He also began a feud with his former mentor Adams which had some real life crossovers as Steve was dating Jeannie Clark, Adams' former wife! Right from the get go Austin was literally made for "The Attitude Era".

5. Austin may have won the "Royal Rumble," but he had some business to take care of before "Wrestlemania". At "No Way Out," he met Triple H in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match. What was unique about this match?

From Quiz The Austin Era-Part 3-2001 through 2003

Answer: It had 3 different matches in one

Triple H was behind the whole plan to run down Austin at the "Survivor Series" back in 1999 even though Rikishi was behind the wheel. The first fall was a regular wrestling match. The second fall was a Street Fight. The third fall was a Cage Match Here is the outcome of each of the falls. Winner of first fall (Steve Austin) Winner of the second fall (Triple H) Winner of third and final fall (Triple H) On a side note the match is part of the Steve Austin "What?" DVD as a bonus match. It was considered one of the best matches of 2001.

6. At "Wrestlemania XIV" Austin beat Shawn Michaels to become the WWF Heavyweight Champion for the first time. Who left the ring with him?

From Quiz The Austin Era-Part 2-1998 through 2000

Answer: Mike Tyson & Tyson

Tyson was the outside enforcer for this match. In the weeks leading up to the event it looked like Tyson was on the side of Michaels and D-Generation X. But, late in the match the regular referee was knocked out. Austin gave Michaels a "Stone Cold Stunner" and Tyson slid into the ring and gave a very fast 3 count. Austin then gave Tyson an Austin 3:16 shirt. Michaels looked up with a confused look on his face and tried to punch Tyson, but Tyson blocked him and knocked him out with a right hand. After that they left the ring together and held a press conference. (The press conference is on the videotape).

7. Who was his first manager?

From Quiz The Austin Era -Part 1-1996 through 1997

Answer: Ted DiBiase

Ted DiBiase was Steve Austin's first manager in the WWE. He was managed by Paul Heyman when he was with WCW. Jim Ross is one of Austin's best friends. Austin would go on to lose a Strap Match to Savio Vega at a Pay Per View. As a result, DiBiase was forced to leave the WWE.

8. On June 12, 1991, at "The Clash of Champions XV: Knocksville USA", what preliminary was defeated by "Stunning" Steve Austin?

From Quiz Steve Austin: From "Stunning to Stone Cold"

Answer: Joey Maggs

In the spring of 1991 Austin and Clarke aka "Lady Blossom" arrived in WCW and within weeks of their arrival Steve defeated "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton for the WCW Television Title. On the June 12, 1991 "Clash of Champions" Austin defeated preliminary wrestler Joey Maggs. That fall Austin's career really took off as he became a member of Paul E Dangerously's "Dangerous Alliance".

9. At "Wrestlemania X-7," Austin beat The Rock to become WWF Heavyweight Champion for the fifth time, and after the match he shook hands with someone no one thought he would ever shake hands with. Who was he?

From Quiz The Austin Era-Part 3-2001 through 2003

Answer: Vince McMahon

Late in the match Vince gave Austin a chair and Austin hit the Rock multiple times with it. After he pinned him he shook hands with McMahon as a shocked crowd looked on.

10. At "King Of The Ring" Austin faced Kane in a First Blood Match meaning that the first man to bleed would lose the match. What superstar hit Austin with a chair that caused him to bleed and lose the WWF Heavyweight Championship?

From Quiz The Austin Era-Part 2-1998 through 2000

Answer: The Undertaker & Undertaker & Taker

Kane said that if he lost the match he would set himself on fire. The Undertaker later said he hit Austin with the chair because he didn't want Kane to lose.

11. Who did Austin face at "Wrestlemania XII"?

From Quiz The Austin Era -Part 1-1996 through 1997

Answer: Savio Vega

Austin won this match. Austin would be a major player in "Wrestlemania" for years to come. Austin would compete in a total of seven "Wrestlemanias" with a record of 5-2.

12. During his tenure in WCW "Stunning" Steve Austin held the WCW United States and WCW Television Title each on two occasions. What noted wrestler is responsible for defeating him for both the Television and United States Titles?

From Quiz Steve Austin: From "Stunning to Stone Cold"

Answer: Ricky Steamboat

During his time in WCW Austin developed quite the rivalry with the legendary Ricky Steamboat, as "The Dragon" was a constant thorn in his side. In September 1992 Steamboat ended Austin's second reign as WCW Television Champion. Then almost two years later Ricky, now in the twilight of his career, defeated Steve for The United States Title on August 24, 1994. Ironically when Austin and the late Brian Pillman aka "The Hollywood Blonds" won the WCW Tag Team Titles in March 1993 they defeated the duo of Shane Douglas and Ricky Steamboat.

13. One night later, Austin and Triple H would form an unlikely tag team. On April 29th, they defeated The Undertaker and Kane to become WWF Tag Team Champions. How many partners has Austin held the Tag Team Titles with?

From Quiz The Austin Era-Part 3-2001 through 2003

Answer: Four

Austin's first partner was Shawn Michaels. They won the titles in May of 1997, when they defeated Owen Hart and the British Bulldog after Michaels hit the Bulldog with his "Sweet Chin Music" and Austin pinned him. After they won the titles Austin said "I did it by myself," and this didn't make Michaels very happy and because of what Austin said, they were always arguing. At the "King Of The Ring," they had a one on one match, and it was ruled a no contest when things got out of control. They would end up vacating the Tag Team Titles. His next partner was Dude Love. Let me give you a rundown of how this happened. Mankind wanted to be Austin's partner and he did everything he could to win him over. He saved him from attacks and even had a sign with him that said "Pick Me Steve." After saving him from another attack Austin shook his hand, but Mankind wanted a hug so Austin gave him a hug and then gave him a "Stone Cold Stunner." The next week Austin said he didn't need a partner and went out to face the WWF Tag Team Champions (Bulldog and Owen) alone. Austin got in trouble and Dude Love came down to join the match. They would end up winning the Tag Team Titles, but had to forfeit them, when Austin got hurt at "Summerslam." Austin and Dude Love had two one on one matches. In the first one, Austin got disqualified but held on to the WWF Heavyweight Championship. In the second one, Vince McMahon was the referee. Dude Love tried to hit Austin with a chair, but Austin moved out of the way and McMahon got hit with it instead. Austin gave Dude a "Stone Cold Stunner." He then took McMahon's hand and forced him to make a three count with it; both of these matches happened in 1998. His next partner was The Undertaker. They won the Tag Team Titles from Kane and Mankind in July of 1998, but lost them in August back to Kane and Mankind. At "Summerslam," Austin and Undertaker had a match for the WWF Heavyweight Championship. It was a successful title defense for Austin. As for Austin and Triple H they lost the titles to Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit on May 21st. Triple H would tear his quad in this match and be out of action for about eight months.

14. At the Pay Per View, "King of the Ring" in 1996, which phrase did Austin say for the first time?

From Quiz The Austin Era -Part 1-1996 through 1997

Answer: "Austin 3:16"

"Austin 3:16" was born that night after he became "King of the Ring". He beat Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Marc Mero to become "King". In the match with Mero he was kicked in the lip. Austin went to the hospital to get stiches then returned to the arena and beat Jake Roberts.

15. On December 9, 1995 at ECW's "December to Dismember" event, what two wrestlers did "Superstar" Steve Austin face in a "Three Way Dance" for the ECW Heavyweight Title?

From Quiz Steve Austin: From "Stunning to Stone Cold"

Answer: Mikey Whipwreck and The Sandman

In the spring of 1995 while recovering from an injury Steve Austin was fired from WCW via Fed Ex and a telephone call. This did not sit well with Austin who harbored a longtime grudge against then WCW head Eric Bischoff for not firing him face to face which after four years with the promotion would have only been courteous. Immediately contacted by his former manager Paul Heyman who also had heat with Bischoff and WCW, Austin went to ECW. During his brief time in Philly he was known as "Superstar" Steve Austin and cut many promos belittling Eric Bischoff and WCW. On December 9, 1995 at "December to Dismember" The Sandman defeated Austin and Mikey Whipwreck to win the ECW Heavyweight Title.

16. At the 1996 "Survivor" Series Austin faced what returning superstar?

From Quiz The Austin Era -Part 1-1996 through 1997

Answer: Bret Hart & Hart

Austin lost a hard fought battle. Bret and Austin had a long standing feud, but they never got to finish it because Bret left for WCW after "Survivor" Series in 1997.

17. At the 1996 "King of the Ring" event Austin battled former WCW Alumnus Marc Mero in one of the semi final matches. What injury did Austin sustain in that match?

From Quiz Steve Austin: From "Stunning to Stone Cold"

Answer: A badly lacerated lip

Many claim that June 23, 1996 was the night that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was born as a WWF star. On that night Austin defeated an aging Jake Roberts and won the "1996 King of the Ring" Tournament. After the match he cut his the famous "Austin 3:16" promo which literally jump started his career. Steve did not have an easy time of it as he fought Marc Mero in a very tough semi final match where his lip was lacerated very severely. After the match, Austin was taken across the street, to a Hospital where his lip was stitched up. The final match between Jake and Austin was kept short not because of Jake's "storyline" rib cage injury but because many feared Steve's lip would burst open again.

18. Who did Austin defend the WWF Heavyweight Championship against at "Summerslam"?

From Quiz The Austin Era-Part 3-2001 through 2003

Answer: Kurt Angle

Angle won the match by disqualification. After a reign of almost six months, Austin finally lost the title to Angle on September 23rd. Angle, who won a Gold Medal in the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, won the title less than two weeks after the terrorist attacks on New York's World Trade Center on September 11th. Austin won the title for the sixth and final time on October 8th.

19. On the June 29, 1998 segment of "Raw" Steve Austin lobbied Kane, who had defeated him the previous evening for the WWF Heavyweight Title, for a rematch. In this segment what did Austin refer to the late Paul Bearer as?

From Quiz Steve Austin: From "Stunning to Stone Cold"

Answer: "Fat Ass"

In one of my all time favorite segments of "Raw" Steve Austin comes to ringside where Vince McMahon, his goons, and Paul Bearer are celebrating Kane's WWF Title win the previous night at the 1998 "King of the Ring". Austin immediately challenges for a rematch and true to form the cowardly McMahon passes the buck off to manager Paul Bearer. Austin then tells the obese manager "Spit the cupcakes out and tell me I got the rematch". Absolutely priceless! This off the cuff remark and those like them are what made "The Attitude Era" so memorable.

20. At "Survivor Series," The Alliance and Team WWF did battle in the Winner Take All Match. How many men were on each team?

From Quiz The Austin Era-Part 3-2001 through 2003

Answer: Five

Here are the members of those teams. The Alliance (Austin, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Shane McMahon, and Kurt Angle). Team WWF (The Rock, Kane, The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, and The Big Show). The Rock and Austin where the last two men in the ring. Kurt Angle ran down to the ring, interfered in the match, and helped secure the win for Team WWF.

21. How many referees were used in the Austin/Rock match at "Wrestlemania XV"?

From Quiz The Austin Era-Part 2-1998 through 2000

Answer: 4

Mankind won a match with The Big Show to be the referee but Show injured him and he had to go to the hospital. Vince McMahon named himself referee but Shawn Michaels came out with Mike Chioda before the match and named him referee. At one point in the match Chioda got knocked out and Tim White stepped in. The Rock would end up getting mad at White and gave him a "Rock Bottom." In stepped Earl Hebner, who got into an argument with Vince McMahon and was punched out by him. McMahon then got into the ring and he and the Rock double-teamed Austin. Mankind came down for the end of the match and saved him. Austin became the WWF Wrestlemania Champion for the third time. He would lose the title to The Undertaker on May 23, but he won it back on June 28.

22. Who was the guest referee for the Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart Match at "Wrestlemania XIII"?

From Quiz The Austin Era -Part 1-1996 through 1997

Answer: Ken Shamrock & Shamrock

Bret Hart got Austin in the Sharpshooter, and Ken Shamrock called for the bell when Austin passed out. Although Austin lost the match many people including Austin credit this match for helping turn him into a true superstar.

23. In the fall of 1999 Austin needed some time off for a serious neck surgery, what "storyline" was created so that he could be written off for a year?

From Quiz Steve Austin: From "Stunning to Stone Cold"

Answer: He was run over by a truck

In the fall of 1999, at the height of his popularity and the height of "The Attitude Era", Austin had to leave because a nagging neck injury required surgery. The injury actually happened some two years prior at "Summerslam '97" when the late Owen Hart delivered a botched pile driver on Austin. To explain his absence Austin became the victim of a "Hit and Run" accident in which he was run over by a truck. In the fall of 2000 Austin, now recovered, returned to exact revenge on those responsible. Although Rikishi was revealed to be the driver of the truck it later was revealed that Triple H was the mastermind of the whole plot.

24. On December 9th, who defeated Austin to become the first ever WWF Undisputed Heavyweight Champion?

From Quiz The Austin Era-Part 3-2001 through 2003

Answer: Chris Jericho & Jericho & Y2J

Jericho would lose the title to Triple H at "Wrestlemania X-8" on March 17, 2002.

25. At "Summerslam," Austin defended the WWF Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat Match, which also included Triple H and Mankind. Who was the guest referee for the match?

From Quiz The Austin Era-Part 2-1998 through 2000

Answer: Jesse Ventura & Ventura

Jesse "The Body" Ventura was the guest referee for this match. Mankind won the match when he pinned Austin after a Double Arm DDT. He would lose the WWF Heavyweight Championship the next night to Triple H.

26. How many times has "Stone Cold" Steve Austin defeated The Rock at a "Wrestlemania" Pay Per View?

From Quiz Steve Austin: From "Stunning to Stone Cold"

Answer: Twice

One of the best rivalries to come out of "The Attitude Era" was the legendary feud between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Rock. Even though Austin was the premiere star of the promotion, by 1999 The Rock's popularity had earned him the moniker of "The People's Champion". On March 28, 1999 Austin defeated The Rock at "Wrestlemania XV" to win his third WWF Heavyweight Title. Just over two years later at "Wrestlemania XVII" on April 1, 2001 Austin once again defeated his nemesis to win another WWF Heavyweight Title. It was not until "Wrestlemania XIX" on March 30, 2003 that The Rock was able to best his rival in the "Flagship" event of the WWF.

27. At "Survivor Series," Austin was slated to be in a Triple Threat Match with The Rock and Triple H for the WWF Heavyweight Championship. But before the match something happened to him that prevented him from wrestling that night. What happened?

From Quiz The Austin Era-Part 2-1998 through 2000

Answer: He was hit by a car

Austin was in the parking garage of the arena when a car sped toward him. Before he could get out of the way the car hit him. Not only would Austin not be able to compete that night but he had to have neck surgery that would keep him out of action for most of 2000.

28. In 2009, Steve Austin was honored with an induction into "The WWE Hall of Fame", who inducted Austin into this hallowed group that night?

From Quiz Steve Austin: From "Stunning to Stone Cold"

Answer: Vince McMahon

In 2009, with his wrestling career now over, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was honored by the WWE with an induction into their "Hall of Fame". It is said that every good guy needs a villain to fight in order to endear himself to his fans. Well for much of his WWF superstar days the foil for Steve Austin was the evil Mr Vince McMahon and his henchmen and children. In reality it was McMahon who took a chance on Austin becoming a mega superstar and the man that would pioneer the new vision for his promotion. Together Austin and Vince took the WWF to new heights and succeeded in driving all competing promotions out of business by March 2001.

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