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Floss is living with her father while her mother and stepfather spend six months in Australia. It takes some adjustment on both parts.
5 Candyfloss quizzes and 50 Candyfloss trivia questions.
  Jacqueline Wilson "Candyfloss"   top quiz  
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This quiz is about the Jacqueline Wilson book "Candyfloss". Please rate my quiz!
Easier, 10 Qns, fluffybunnyssg, Feb 08 08
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  Jacqueline Wilson's "Candyfloss"!    
Multiple Choice
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Hi, It's Floss! This is about my book. In my diary entries in this quiz, you must answer who I am talking about. I make lists, I like making lists!
Easier, 10 Qns, Rachel xx, Jul 02 07
Rachel xx
1171 plays
  How well do you know 'Candyfloss'?    
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This is a quiz about Jacqueline Wilson's book, 'Candyfloss'. It's a great book and I really enjoyed reading it. Now lets see just how you know about the book, 'Candyfloss'.
Average, 10 Qns, jellybaby10, Apr 03 12
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  Go Floss!    
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This is a quiz about a Jacqueline Wilson book named "Candyfloss". The quiz is mainly about the main character, Floss Barnes. Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, jazzykid1, Jul 02 07
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 10 Qns
This is about Jacqueline Wilson's 'Candyfloss'.
Tough, 10 Qns, bookworm2207, Feb 01 09
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Who illustrated "Candyfloss"?

From Quiz "Jacqueline Wilson "Candyfloss""

Candyfloss Trivia Questions

1. What is Floss's real name?

From Quiz

Answer: Flora

Floss, Flossie or Flora is the main character of the book. Her parents are divorced and when her mum goes to Australia she decides to live with her dad. But when her dad loses the shop... Floss's life is completely changed.

2. What is the name of Floss' best friend at the start of the book?

From Quiz Jacqueline Wilson "Candyfloss"

Answer: Rhiannon

Rhiannon is Floss' best friend at the start of the book. She is very bossy. She has long black hair and is very fashionable.

3. What is Floss's Mum's name?

From Quiz How well do you know 'Candyfloss'?

Answer: Sal

Her name doesn't appear much in the story, but if you were paying attention, the time when Floss's Mum called, telling them about her lovely time in Australia, Floss's Dad grabbed the phone and said: 'Hi Sal. I'm glad everything's working out for you'.

4. What is Floss's other nickname?

From Quiz Go Floss!

Answer: Flossie

Floss's real name is Flora!

5. Who is Rhiannon's best friend after she dumps Floss?

From Quiz Candyfloss

Answer: Margot

She pals up with Margot ever since she finds out that Floss is living with her dad. At first, she's nice to Floss because her mum wants her to be but when Floss leaves Rhiannon for Susan she becomes best friends with Margot.

6. What is the material of the friendship bracelet that her best friend gave Rhiannon?

From Quiz Jacqueline Wilson "Candyfloss"

Answer: Thread

Floss gives Rhiannon a friendship bracelet made out of thread in three different colours. In the book Floss goes to Rhiannon's house and Rhiannon had lost the bracelet but she didn't care.

7. What is the name of Rose's son?

From Quiz How well do you know 'Candyfloss'?

Answer: Saul

Saul is very tough. He knocked out three guys with one blow. He decide he was too old to live with his Mum so he moved out. He helped Floss's Dad when they were being attacked by yobos in the fair.

8. What does Rhiannon call new girl Susan?

From Quiz Go Floss!

Answer: Swotty Potty

Rhiannon is supposed to be Floss's best friend but later turns against her.

9. Dear Diary, Tim is really annoying me! Mum should really keep him locked up! He spoilt my felt tips and toys that Dad gave me. Oh well. I'll see Dad soon enough! Love, Floss

From Quiz Jacqueline Wilson's "Candyfloss"!

Answer: It's talking about Tiger, Floss's baby brother

Tim (aka Tiger) is a baby. Mum and Dad had split up so Mum had got together with Steve. Tiger is such a bother, Floss thinks.

10. What was the bracelet that the best friend gave to Floss made out of?

From Quiz Jacqueline Wilson "Candyfloss"

Answer: Rose Quartz

Rhiannon gave a rose quartz bracelet to Floss on her birthday at the start of the book. In the book Rhiannon wanted Floss to open the gift in front of everyone so she could brag about how much it cost.

11. What type of animal was on Floss's t-shirt that she received as one of her birthday presents?

From Quiz How well do you know 'Candyfloss'?

Answer: Koalas

It was one of the birthday presents she received from her family. There were koalas on her t-shirt because her family were planning to go to Australia.

12. What does Floss call the cat she meets?

From Quiz Go Floss!

Answer: Lucky

Lucky disappears for part of the story but comes back swiftly.

13. Dear Diary, I went to Dad's today. He owns the cafe but only three customers come regularly. That's Old Ron, Billy the Chip and an old bird-loving lady. It's weird though, because Dad's chip butties are the best! Love, Floss

From Quiz Jacqueline Wilson's "Candyfloss"!

Answer: The old lady is Miss Davis

These three are the only customers. Dad used to get lots: students from High School/College, building workers and staff from other shops for break. UNTIL all the students had to stay for salads for new "Healthy Eatings" and the workers finished their jobs here, and moved on. The staff from the other shops started going to other cafes! Floss starts to worry...

14. In the last picture of the book who is the girl with long red hair who's buying Candyfloss?

From Quiz Candyfloss

Answer: Charlotte & Charlie

There are also two other units. The middle one is a picture of Floss with pink hair. On the top is a Chip Butty stall which Floss's dad runs. On the bottom is Rose's Candyfloss stall. Funny-Face and Simple Simon from 'The bed and breakfast star' are there, Ruby and Garnet from 'Double Act' and Lisa and Angela, Charlie's best friends are there from the 'Lottie Project.'

15. Who are the two girls that are Floss' enemies?

From Quiz Jacqueline Wilson "Candyfloss"

Answer: Margot and Judy

Margot and Judy are Floss' worst enemies and Margot wants to be Rhiannon's best friend so she acts really cool in front on her. At the end of the book Rhiannon and Margot become best friends.

16. Who is Floss's new best friend?

From Quiz Go Floss!

Answer: Susan

Margot and Judy never liked Floss, and Rhiannon is her ex best friend.

17. Dear Diary, I can't believe that she would DO this. I mean, how can she leave me at this point in time? It's not fair. I'm not sure what to do. I have a choice to go with her, but do I? It's hard to decide. I'll miss her a lot. Love, Floss

From Quiz Jacqueline Wilson's "Candyfloss"!

Answer: She'll miss her Mum, she's going to Sydney

Floss feels like she is going to be torn in two. Deciding to stay with Dad is a very hard choice, but she decides that Dad needs her more as the cafe is losing customers... will it survive? Or will they be tossed out on the street?

18. Who is not a character in 'Candyfloss'?

From Quiz Candyfloss

Answer: India

Lisa, Elsa and Simon are all there in the last picture. India is from 'Secrets' and does not appear.

19. What three different colours did Floss use to make Rhiannon's friendship bracelet?

From Quiz How well do you know 'Candyfloss'?

Answer: Pink, blue and purple.

They were Rhiannon's favourite colours. Floss worked so hard on it but Rhiannon soon lost the bracelet, and she didn't really like it.

20. Name the kind of poem Rhiannon wrote at the beginning of the book.

From Quiz Go Floss!

Answer: Limerick

She was supposed to write a ballad!

21. Dear Diary, Miss Horsefield is being quite nice to me and Susan. As my best friend has been so unfair to me, I have decided that Susan is my new best friend! She is so very_________! Love Floss

From Quiz Jacqueline Wilson's "Candyfloss"!

Answer: Susan is very KIND, HELPFUL, LOVELY

Susan is the girl that Rhiannon teases. She calls Susan Potts "Swotty Potty". Floss decides that she would love to be Susan's best friend rather then Rhiannon's. Especially after Rhiannon goes off with Margot and Judy and starts calling Floss "Smelly Chip".

22. What is Rhiannon's color hair?

From Quiz Candyfloss

Answer: black

According to Floss, Rhiannon is the prettiest girl in the whole school.

23. What is Floss's real name?

From Quiz How well do you know 'Candyfloss'?

Answer: Flora Barnes

She usually gets called Floss or Flossie. Rhiannon once or twice called her Flopsy Bunny.

24. What does Ella call customers that go to fairs a lot?

From Quiz Go Floss!

Answer: Flatties

Ella belongs to the fair she and Floss were at when she mentioned this.

25. In Floss's list of birthday presents, which is number 3?

From Quiz Candyfloss

Answer: a little wallet of gel pens with a stationery set and stickers

Floss made a list of all her birthday presents.

26. Where did Floss' mum's new husband Steve get a new job?

From Quiz Jacqueline Wilson "Candyfloss"

Answer: Sydney

Steve gets a new job in Sydney for six months and Floss doesn't want to go so she stays with her dad in his cafe. Floss' mum gives her the plane ticket just in case she wants to come to Sydney but she never uses it.

27. What fruit are Floss's duvet and curtains patterned with?

From Quiz How well do you know 'Candyfloss'?

Answer: Cherries

Floss's other room, at her Dad's, is different. It is very small so it could scarcely fit just Floss's bed and her chest of drawers. Floss's Dad started painting the chest of drawers silver, but the tin was very small, and it ran out before he could finish the last drawer.

28. What is the third mean thing Rhiannon did to Floss?

From Quiz Go Floss!

Answer: She called her dad "Smelly Belly Chip".

There is a list of ten mean things Rhiannon did in the book.

29. Dear Diary, It's school. The only thing good about it is Miss Horsefield. She is being incredibly nice to me and my best friend, Susan. She says we are her favourites! Love, Floss

From Quiz Jacqueline Wilson's "Candyfloss"!

Answer: Floss's talking about a teacher

Miss Horsefield has stuck up for Floss and Susan, even when another teacher finds them building a house out of library books! Floss is very pleased that she has her for a teacher!

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