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Fun Trivia
When fourteen-year-old Prue, who has been homeschooled all her life, starts to attend a high school, she discovers that there are more lessons to be learned than just the ones found in books.
3 Love Lessons quizzes and 30 Love Lessons trivia questions.
  "Love Lessons," by Jacqueline Wilson   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz about Prudence and all the things she has to face in her new high school. Enjoy!
Average, 10 Qns, Rachel xx, Oct 27 07
Rachel xx
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  Love Lessons    
Multiple Choice
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"Love Lessons" is a weird but wonderful book by Jacqueline Wilson. Please enjoy my quiz!
Average, 10 Qns, meggirlr, Jul 11 09
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This is my second quiz on the Jacqueline Wilson book "Love Lessons", and I hope you like it! Help Prue work out all the answers to cope with her tough life at school (and home)!
Tough, 10 Qns, Rachel xx, Sep 03 09
Rachel xx
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Love Lessons Trivia Questions

1. How much maths tuition money does Prue spend?

From Quiz
Love Lessons

Answer: 60 pounds

Prue is supposed to go to a maths tuition lady every Wednesday for four weeks. Prue only goes once and cannot bear to go again, so she walks into town and spends the money on McDonalds food, paints, magazines and underwear!

2. What is Grace more correctly described as?

From Quiz "Love Lessons," by Jacqueline Wilson

Answer: She is chubby, kind and loyal and sticks up for Prue to her friends

Grace knows her sister is innocent when she is accused of "stealing Rita's boyfriend" but she does sometimes get annoyed when Prue is being especially mean to her. Grace is kind and it is obvious that she admires Prue and looks up to her. Prue knows this and buys her chocolate to say thank-you.

3. How old is Grace?

From Quiz Love Lessons

Answer: 11&eleven

Grace is Prue's weird younger sister aged eleven.

4. Prue started dreading school. Who was the horrible English teacher she hated the most?

From Quiz "Love Lessons," by Jacqueline Wilson

Answer: Mrs Godfrey

Mrs Godfrey ridiculed Prue for her determination and she ended up hating her. Prue wouldn't have gone to school if she didn't have Art with Rax.

5. Third lesson - Art: Thank goodness for Art! I love it, everything about it, from the first moment I stepped into Mr Raxberry's art room. I'm glad I wasn't put next to Rita, though, I'd soon learn to hate it. Who did Mr Raxberry sit me by?

From Quiz 1 man + 1 girl = Love

Answer: Sarah

I work very happily next to Sarah, because she doesn't tease or mock me like Rita or Daisy would - or chatter like Toby would. But I can't help thinking how much I'd love it if I got to spend the full Art hour next to Rax!

6. What is the name of the girl who starts bullying Prue?

From Quiz Love Lessons

Answer: Rita

Prue gets bullied by mean Rita in her year. Rita also has a little gang- Aimee, Megan and Jess.

7. Fourth lesson - French: I thought I was good at French, but apparently not! I mispronounce all the words. When I had my first lesson at Wentworth, I had to recite numbers. Which ones were they?

From Quiz 1 man + 1 girl = Love

Answer: 1-20

I was good at reading French - I used to guess my way through French children's books when I was homeschooled - but I'd never had to read aloud before. It was very embarrassing - I'd said "dix-huit" as "dicks-hewitt" - everyone was in tears of laughter.

8. Which boy likes Prue?

From Quiz Love Lessons

Answer: Toby

Toby is Rita's boyfriend originally but then he decides he is fed up of her and her bossy ways. He likes Prue- but Prue only has eyes for art teacher Rax.

9. How many children does Rax have?

From Quiz Love Lessons

Answer: 2

Rax has two children who Prue starts babysitting for while he goes out with his wife, Marianne. Lily is six months old and Harry is three.

10. Why did Prue's Dad have to go into hospital?

From Quiz "Love Lessons," by Jacqueline Wilson

Answer: He had a stroke

Prue's Dad home schooled Grace and Prue, but when he had a stroke, they had to start school. If you look closely at the incorrect answers, you'd see that all the other things have happened in Jacqueline Wilson's other books. Alexander in "The Dare Game" broke his leg when he fell out the window, Floss's Dad burnt his hands when he saved her from the burning chip-van in "Candyfloss", and Vicky in "Vicky Angel" was hit by a car.

11. Fifth lesson - PE: I'm meant to be good at sports, because I'm small, strong and whippy - very different to Grace - but I'd never played most of the games before and it was dreadful. In which sport did I mess up?

From Quiz 1 man + 1 girl = Love

Answer: Netball

I caught the ball, no bother, but I kept running with it - and all the goals I scored didn't count because I wasn't a shooter. I didn't even know what that meant! Things had gone wrong since I'd changed into the PE kit - all the girls had seen my new underwear and laughed and whispered. I didn't want to bother with PE after that.

12. What is the name of the girl with learning disabilities in Prue's year?

From Quiz Love Lessons

Answer: Sarah

Sarah is a girl in Prue's year with learning disabilities. She is the one who spills that Prue loves Rax.

13. When Prue spent lots of money that was meant for her tuition, what did she buy her little sister?

From Quiz "Love Lessons," by Jacqueline Wilson

Answer: She bought Grace a chocolate bunny

She gives her the bunny at night, and she eats it there and then. Prue thinks that Grace should have a good wash before she comes down for breakfast, because her lips are crusted with white chocolate.

14. Home at 3.30pm: Thank goodness! I've survived another day! I don't want to bother with homework, so what do I do?

From Quiz 1 man + 1 girl = Love

Answer: Do something arty - like paint or draw

I love art, and I love to read. I can't do teenage stuff, read magazines and mess with make-up because we can't afford it! Dad wouldn't let me anyway. If we can't afford cheap things like that, then we definitely can't afford a TV or a computer, or pay for a cinema ticket, though I'd love to do all those things!

15. In Prue's Nativity scene she painted, what features did she give the couple who were passionately embracing?

From Quiz "Love Lessons," by Jacqueline Wilson

Answer: The man: a beard and an earring. The girl: long dark curly hair

Prue wanted Rax to look closely at that couple, who she drew to look like them, but he barely looked at it.

16. Why did Prue leave Wentworth?

From Quiz "Love Lessons," by Jacqueline Wilson

Answer: She loved Rax

The headteacher gave Prue a choice when Rax and Prue's close relationship was found out. Either Mr Raxberry's career could end as a teacher, or Prue would have to leave the school. She decided to leave, and then started at Kingtown.

17. What did Toby suggest the King family should do with their bookshop?

From Quiz "Love Lessons," by Jacqueline Wilson

Answer: Start selling books over the internet

Toby said that he'd be able to get them a computer for next to nothing and they could buy and sell books over the internet. Earlier in the book, he did say they should sell Mum's cakes because they were so good, but Dad said "Books are better!"

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