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Charlotte Alice Katherine Enright prefers to be called Charlie. She creates a fictional Victorian servant named Lottie as part of a school project, and Lottie's diary entries reflect some of theemotional turmoil in Charlie's own life.
4 quizzes and 45 trivia questions.
  The Charlie Project   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is my 20th Jacqueline Wilson quiz - enjoy! Instead of Lottie, this Project is about Charlie, written by the people she knows. Can you guess who they are in this Jacqueline Wilson book? This quiz is on "The Lottie Project". Let's play detective!
Average, 10 Qns, Rachel xx, Jan 03 08
Rachel xx
328 plays
  The Lottie Project   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Hi everyone. This quiz is about Charlotte's life in the book "The Lottie Project" by Jacqueline Wilson.
Average, 10 Qns, KacieRocks, Jun 18 08
657 plays
  "The Lottie Project" Mania!    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This quiz has questions on the chapters in 'The Lottie Project', (by Jacqueline Wilson) and a few questions on the book in general. It's quite hard, so good luck! Warning: Contains spoilers.
Tough, 15 Qns, painturgurl, Aug 04 07
327 plays
  The Second "The Lottie Project" Mania!    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I have another "The Lottie Project" quiz, and since I couldn't have a question for every chapter, here's the next one! Have you read this book by Jacqueline Wilson? Warning: Contains spoilers.
Tough, 10 Qns, painturgurl, Aug 11 07
269 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Who kisses Charlie?

From Quiz "The Lottie Project"

The Lottie Project Trivia Questions

1. What did Louisa get on her party silk?

From Quiz
The Second "The Lottie Project" Mania!

Answer: Porridge

Poor Lottie has a bit of a bad day here! It says in the book 'Freddie kept me up half the night with his wailing and whimpering, then Louisa would NOT wear her proper day dress and insisted on putting on her party silk - and then spilt porridge all down the front.'

2. Whom does Charlie end up sitting next to when Miss. Beckworth sorts the class out into alphabetical order?

From Quiz "The Lottie Project" Mania!

Answer: Jamie Edwards

The class didn't know that their new teacher would sit them in alphabetical order, so Angela, one of Charlie's best friends, bagged a desk for her and Charlie and bagged the desk next to them for Lisa, Charlie's other best friend. You see, what usually happens is that one year Lisa sits next to Charlie, the next year Angela, the next year Lisa, and so on. Jamie Edwards, the swottiest, smartest boy (and person!) in the class, is the person Charlie is forced to sit by. And boy, she hates it! She sulks for the rest of the day.

3. What is Charlotte's nickname?

From Quiz The Lottie Project

Answer: Charlie

Charlie hates being called Charlotte.

4. Dear Detective, Charlie's my lovely daughter, and she makes fantastic cakes. She's great to talk to, and she's so imaginative! From -

From Quiz The Charlie Project

Answer: Jo

Jo and Charlie are so close, probably because there is little age difference. Most people think Jo is Charlie's big sister rather than her mum. Jo has trouble with her work in this book, and her daughter's not happy about a certain Mr Mark West and his little son!

5. When Charlie insists she should be punished (she thinks it's her fault Robin runs away) what is NOT a punishment that Jo (she's joking here) threatens to do?

From Quiz The Second "The Lottie Project" Mania!

Answer: Paint Charlie pink

At this point in the story, Charlie is really upset. She thinks that he way she talked to Robin at the Theme Park, and the message on the cake she gave him, made him run away. In the book, there is a conversation between Jo and Charlie. Part of it is: '"But you didn't mean it." "I should still be terribly punished." "Well, what do you want me to do? Whip you? Shut you up in a cupboard for a week? Shave all your lovely long hair off and paint you purple?"'

6. What is the name of the youngest person in Lottie's family?

From Quiz "The Lottie Project" Mania!

Answer: Ada-May

The people in Lottie's family are: Mother, Lottie, Frank, Rose, Jessie and Ada-May. Ada-May is the youngest; she is a baby. Lottie is the oldest child. Lottie's father died of cold, and probably drink. Louisa and Freddie are two of the children Lottie has to take care of, when she gets the job. And the choice 'Lottie', of course, is herself.

7. What is the name of their new teacher?

From Quiz The Lottie Project

Answer: Miss Beckworth

Miss Beckworth is very strict and old fashioned. She won't call anyone by their nicknames.

8. Dear Detective, I think Charlotte is a lively, naughty child - but she can be quite interesting too! I sat her next to Jamie, and I gave her a prize for her wonderful Victorian Project. From -

From Quiz The Charlie Project

Answer: Miss Beckworth

Notice the "Charlotte"! Miss Beckworth doesn't call Charlie by her nickname until she gets used to her at the end of the book. If you were tricked by the "Mrs Worthbeck" answer you were almost there - but that was Lottie's teacher.

9. Who looks after Victor and Louisa whilst Lottie nurses Freddie, with the mistress, after he's been found?

From Quiz The Second "The Lottie Project" Mania!

Answer: Eliza

After Freddie is found, it is clear that he has a bad chill, so Lottie and the mistress nurse him whilst Mrs. Angel gives him soup. Eliza looks after Louisa and Victor.

10. What is Charlie's address?

From Quiz "The Lottie Project" Mania!

Answer: No. 38, Meadowbank

It says so at the end of the second chapter of Charlie's life, when she is writing up her poster. It says, 'STRONG RELIABLE SCHOOLGIRL WANTS WORK. WILL DO SHOPPING, RUN ERRANDS, WHATEVER YOU WANT. APPLY MISS C. A. K. ENRIGHT, NO. 38 MEADOWBANK.' So, if we do a little simple deduction, Charlie lives at No. 38, Meadowbank.

11. What was the name of the first estate Charlie and Jo lived on?

From Quiz The Lottie Project

Answer: Newborough Estate

This was a rundown estate where there were a lot of gangs, and people tended to get their doors kicked in.

12. Dear Detective, I invited Charlie over to my house to borrow a book for her project and to play "War". Unfortunately, she won, but I don't mind that much because I really like her! From -

From Quiz The Charlie Project

Answer: Jamie

Miss Beckworth sat Charlie by Jamie because they were next to each other in the register. Charlie actually hated him at first but then she got used to him and actually became friends with him.

13. How many letters of apology does Charlie write in the chapter 'Seaside'?

From Quiz The Second "The Lottie Project" Mania!

Answer: 7

In this chapter, the class are practising 'formal letters of apology'. In class time, Charlie writes one to Angela and Lisa for being a pig. But Jamie goes and sniggers at it and Miss. Beckworth sees the letter - and she does NOT like it. Consequently, Charlie has to do five more at home, but she actually does six, because she wants to apologise for messing around so much.

14. What does Lottie compare the upper-nurse's face to in her second job offer?

From Quiz "The Lottie Project" Mania!

Answer: A boot

It says in the book, 'I did not care for the upper-nurse either, who had a face like a boot and long nipping fingers like button hooks.' A first, Lottie thought this job could be the one, but she didn't care for the little boy, who stuck out his tongue at Lottie and kicked her on her shin. Then she goes on to describe the upper-nurse. But she says she would have taken the job if it hadn't been for the master, who she feels was NOT a gentleman.

15. Dear Detective, Charlie writes about me, but she makes it the opposite of her. For example my teacher, Mrs Worthbeck likes me very much but poor Charlie's not Miss Beckworth's favourite! From -

From Quiz The Charlie Project

Answer: Lottie

Also, Charlie has no siblings, but Lottie has more: Rose, Jessie, Frank, Ada-May. When Jo gets a boyfriend, Charlie isn't very happy, and doesn't like the idea of having a possible dad or a possible little brother.

16. How much did Lottie spend on 'hokey pokey'?

From Quiz The Second "The Lottie Project" Mania!

Answer: 3 pennies

When Lottie took the children to the beach, 'there was an ice-cream man selling hokey-pokey for a penny a lump'. Lottie bought Louisa and Victor one each, and shared one with Freddie. So she spent three pennies.

17. What is the name of the company Jo was working at, that had to close down?

From Quiz The Lottie Project

Answer: Elite Electrical

The company had to close and Jo had to work as a cleaner.

18. Dear Detective, Charlie is my girlfriend's daughter. I don't think she likes me much, because I wasn't very nice to her after I had the problem with my son. She made me a cake which said "Deadly Poison" on it - as a joke (I hope)! From -

From Quiz The Charlie Project

Answer: Mark

Charlie made Jo one saying "Traitor", Robin one saying "Get Lost" and herself one saying "Hey, Beautiful". Mark took them all to Red River Theme Park but Charlie didn't have a good time at all.

19. Which famous classical book does Charlie give to Jamie for Christmas?

From Quiz The Second "The Lottie Project" Mania!

Answer: Jane Eyre

'This is a present by a Charlotte, from a Charlotte!' (Charlie writes this inside the cover.) Charlie knows that Jamie enjoys Victorian novels, and she does catch Jamie reading 'Esther Waters' and 'Tess of D'Urbervilles' throughout the book. So she buys Jamie 'a big fat paperback Victorian novel'. (The next questions are about 'The Lottie Project' in general.)

20. Who are Eliza and Mrs Angel?

From Quiz "The Lottie Project" Mania!

Answer: Eliza is a maid and Mrs. Angel is a cook

It does sound (in the book) as if they are both cooks, but when they are introduced it says, 'Mrs. Angel the cook and Eliza the maid are supposed to survive on this frugal diet too, but they eat their meals down in the kitchen and Mrs. Angel is adept at keeping back the choicest portions for their own plates before Eliza serves the master in the dining room.'

21. What is the name of the little boy who Jo looked after?

From Quiz The Lottie Project

Answer: Robin

Robin is Mark's son. Jo and Mark kiss in the book.

22. Dear Detective, Charlie is my only daughter's friend. She borrowed a cake book from me because she has such an interest in baking. I hope my Lisa will one day have a hobby, with her it's just boys, boys, boys! From -

From Quiz The Charlie Project

Answer: Mrs. Field

Mrs Field is Lisa's mum who once told Charlie: "Too old for toys but too young for boys". I think with geeky Mark, it will be a while before Charlie will start on boys!

23. When was 'The Lottie Project' first published in Great Britain by Doubleday?

From Quiz The Second "The Lottie Project" Mania!

Answer: 1997

'The Lottie Project' was first published in Great Britain by Doubleday, in 1997. It was published in the Corgi Yearling edition in 1998.

24. What does Lisa's mum say about Charlie?

From Quiz "The Lottie Project" Mania!

Answer: "Too old for toys but too young for boys."

All except 'You're a sweet kid, Charlie." are sayings. Lisa's mother and Charlie are talking about cooking and Lisa's mother mentions how Charlie is changing. Charlie denies it almost immediately, and it is then that Lisa's mother says it.

25. What does Charlie say to Robin after they see her mum and his dad kissing?

From Quiz The Lottie Project

Answer: She says that Mark won't want him anymore

Robin's mum and dad are divorced and that has really affected Robin.

26. Dear Detective, Charlie is my favourite person after my Mum and my Dad. I drew a picture of her, then she gave me a cake when I was in hospital. I have a little toy bird called Birdie. From -

From Quiz The Charlie Project

Answer: Robin

Charlie implied - without thinking - that when Jo and Mark get married nobody will want Robin anymore which made him so scared that he tried to run away to his mum who lives very far away. He lost Birdie, and caught pneumonia.

27. How many chapters about Charlie are there in the book?

From Quiz The Second "The Lottie Project" Mania!

Answer: 11

The chapters are: Home, Food, Toys and Books, School, Work, Family, Courtship, Sunday, Law and Order, Seaside and Christmas. The chapter 'Christmas' doesn't have a Lottie part to it, as this is the chapter when Charlie wins an award for her diary.

28. What colour are the rockers on Victor's rocking horse?

From Quiz "The Lottie Project" Mania!

Answer: Green

At the beginning of the Lottie chapter, 'Toys and Books', Lottie says how once she couldn't resist 'hitching up her skirts and clambering into the saddle'. She describes it as 'It's such a splendid creature, with a curly mane and a long tail of real horse's hair, a red saddle and reins and great green rockers.' She only rocks three times in case they can hear the creaks of the rockers below.

29. What does Robin do on the night they came back from the theme park?

From Quiz The Lottie Project

Answer: He runs away

Robin tries to catch the train to Manchester to be with his mum. The police find him at the train station asleep behind some parcels.

30. Dear Detective, I am a little rich girl Charlie writes about. I am spoilt, and I have loads of toys like: china dolls, tea sets and a rocking horse. I have two brothers, and my nurse-maid is Lottie. From -

From Quiz The Charlie Project

Answer: Louisa

Lottie considered taking a small cup from little Louisa's old tea-set for her younger sister's birthday, but she didn't. She would have asked her, but she was sure her mistress wouldn't like it. Lottie made her sister a little monkey puppet.

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