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Explanations of answers
Extra Info and Blurbs

From the webmaster:- 'Quizzes that have explanations or interesting educational blurbs in the 'interesting info' field for each question are preferred. This makes sense -- if you get a question wrong it's nice to know what the correct answer is, and why. So spend a few extra minutes writing up some interesting info for your quizzes.'

In other words, be creative! Don't spoil your quiz by leaving the field 'Interesting Information' lacking for most of your questions. This leaves your quiz 'bland' and resembling a rifle range, question-answer-question-answer... Quizzyland games aren't a school exam paper, question-answer, and no explanation! Full sentences about the answer along with anything that YOU'D find interesting can really spice up your quiz. Some examples:

Who was the 3rd Prime Minister of Australia?
The answer is John Watson, but players need an explanation of why it's correct e.g. the years he was Prime Minister, who the first two were, the years those two were in office, he was the first ever ALP Prime Minister.

Who won the 1961 FA Cup Final?
Here the blurb would give the score in the match, and the name of the losing team. The blurb should (ideally) also state that Tottenham Hostspur were League Champions, and thus became the first team to win the League and Cup Double in the 20th Century.

There are many games online which are good examples of well written and well thought out quizzes, with blurbs for every question. Accordingly, a quiz which has inadequate explanations in this field, for any or all questions, will probably be returned to its creator. Finally, don't just repeat the answer in your blurb.

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  Interesting Info   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
You've probably noticed that quizzes throughout most of Quizzyland now need interesting info attached to most of the questions. Put yourself in an editor's shoes, and see if you can spot the subtle difference between failure and success.
Average, 10 Qns, CellarDoor, Nov 22 21
CellarDoor gold member
Nov 22 21
9027 plays
  Interesting Information in Quizzes    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
If you create a quiz, you may have noticed that all questions now require interesting information to be approved. Here is a way to make sure your interesting information is just that. This will help both the experienced quizmaker as well as a beginner.
Easier, 10 Qns, dg_dave, Nov 22 21
dg_dave gold member
Nov 22 21
3296 plays
  How Interesting is Your Information?   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The requirement of Interesting Information is not a mere hoop through which quiz authors must jump but rather a way to make the quizzing experience more enjoyable and beneficial for everyone.
Average, 10 Qns, FatherSteve, Nov 22 21
FatherSteve gold member
Nov 22 21
737 plays
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Interesting Information Trivia Questions

1. In a question about the dismantling of European empires following World War II, there can be confusion created by the changes in the names of nations. How ought this be handled?

From Quiz
How Interesting is Your Information?

Answer: The author should reduce ambiguity by using both names.

Using both names with one in parenthesis will help both to clarify the country intended and to educate quiz takers about the changes in country names, e.g. Dahomey (Benin); Burma (Myanmar); Ceylon (Sri Lanka); Thailand (Siam); Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). If there is a dispute between factions about the proper name for a geographic region (such as the argument between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia over the use of the name "Macedonia"), it is important to remain neutral out of respect for the parties.

2. Some books, films, plays, poems and other works of art contain words which are grossly obscene, lewd, and/or profane. When may these words be included in Interesting Information?

From Quiz How Interesting is Your Information?

Answer: Never

FunTrivia is a family website. Children are welcome to access the site and attempt any quizzes that attract them. There is no way to exercise parental control over which portions of the site are accessed. Therefore quiz authors must edit themselves. In a disagreement with an editor over the use of any term, the editor's decision is conclusive.

3. The gender identity or sexual preferences of a famous person are almost never germane to a FunTrivia quiz. When might they be properly mentioned in Interesting Information?

From Quiz How Interesting is Your Information?

Answer: in any of these

There is rarely a reason to mention the gender identity or sexual preference of a notable person. It is only in those situations where it bears directly on an important part of their public life that it should be expressed. The Turing case, the Wilde case and the Hudson case are all important to the history of society's response to homosexuality.

4. What does the thumb icon stand for on a quiz?

From Quiz Interesting Information in Quizzes

Answer: It is an editor's choice quiz

It is quite difficult to get an icon for an editor's choice quiz, as only the top quizzes are considered. This is represented by the "thumbs up" icon. Less than one percent of quizzes have this distinction. The sunglasses represent a highly rated quiz.

5. Some literary works of merit contain racist language which is offensive. When may this language be appropriately reproduced on the pages of FunTrivia?

From Quiz How Interesting is Your Information?

Answer: While any of these might provide the basis for an exception, the general rule is "Very Rarely."

Novels such as Twain's "Huckleberry Finn" and Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" and Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird" contain racist language. Other literature contains slurs offensive to Irish, Asians of all sorts, Native Americans, Jews, and other ethnic groups. Setting aside the debate over whether these works should be taught in schools, there is almost never good reason to reproduce this offensive language at FunTrivia. In a disagreement with an editor over the use of any term, the editor's decision is conclusive.

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