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Quiz Creation Guidelines

Welcome! Creating quizzes is a lot of fun and it's easy to do. However, there are a few guidelines that quiz authors must follow. The ultimate goal is to ensure that every quiz online is accurate as possible, enjoyable, and well written.

Rule #1: Have Fun and Be Creative

FunTrivia visitors come here to have fun and authors write quizzes to also have fun. Play with your favorite topic, tackle it from a new angle, think of new, interesting ways to present it. Anyone can whip up a half-baked quiz, but we challenge you to craft a trivia work of art. Take your time, create your questions carefully, and submit only when you are proud of your creation!

Rule #2: Some Categories Have Special Rules

When you create a quiz you will be shown a list of any special notes or requirements about the category you have selected. Please read these notes and pay attention to them. Following the guidelines of the category you are submitting to will greatly increase the chances of your quiz going online quickly.

Rule #3: Be Familiar with Our Quizzes Before Creating Them

A quiz should take some time and effort to create. Don't slap it together in 3 minutes just for the sake of creating a quiz, as it won't be accepted. Please play quizzes in the category in which you intend to submit before you start so that you are familiar with what typical quizzes look like.

Rule #4: Avoid the Most Common Errors!

Some of the common reasons submissions are rejected include:
  1. Obvious poor spelling and grammar. British or American English spelling is acceptable -- please just be consistent. Watch all of those frequent errors: "its vs it's", "your vs you're". Capitalize sentences. End with punctuation! Wield the English language properly and smite thy enemies!
  2. Time-based questions. "Who is the president of the USA?" will be stale and incorrect in a few years time. Make sure that every question you write will be correct years from now.
  3. Questions that don't stand alone. "Who is the father of the person mentioned in question 3?" is meaningless outside the context of this quiz. Keep in mind that questions in quizzes are used in all of our other hourly/daily games, so each question must make sense on its own.
  4. Inadequate interesting information. All new FunTrivia quizzes require that you augment your question and answer with some interesting information, which is displayed when a player finishes your quiz. This information should not simply repeat the answer. Try sharing some related fun fact or bit of interesting info.
  5. Sloppy submissions. Please, please, please READ what you have written before you submit it. We reject an enormous number of sloppy quizzes filled with typos and other obvious errors that a read over would have caught.
Rule #5: Editors and Authors are a Team - Not Enemies!

Depending on how busy our editors are and how long the queues are, the time can vary greatly between when you submit a quiz and when it will be dealt with. Please don't take "rejections" from editors personally. About 80% of all submissions received are returned by editors for corrections and modifications. Please do not ignore notes from editors. You are working together as a team, not against one another! By the way, every single one of our editors is a volunteer player, who started out as an author like yourself. They spend their free time editing your quizzes, so please keep that in mind when you deal with them. They have dedicated a lot of time to better this site and improve everyone's experience. Once a quiz has started the editing process, please do not delete or re-use the template without your editor's permission, as this wastes both your time and that of your editor.

Rule #6: What NOT To Write Quizzes About

Scrambles : We no longer accept scrambles or anagrams in any form, or of any type; unless specifically permitted by the editors of a category.
Opinions : Trivia deals with facts, not opinions.
Simple Quizzes: Quizzes that are purposely designed to be extremely simple are not allowed. This includes quizzes where all of the answers are extremely obvious, quizzes that have been deliberately written as an easy 100 points, and quizzes where all questions have the same answer. This is FunTrivia.com, not BoringTrivia.com!

Rule #7: Have Fun and Enjoy Yourself!

Let your creativity shine. If you can think of a unique way to present a quiz, do so! We are always on the lookout for unique and special submissions, and our editors occasionally mark outstanding quizzes with our "Editor's Choice" stamp, ensuring that your quiz gains prominence on FunTrivia.com. Let this be your challenge: to create the best quiz you can!

38 quizzes and 532 trivia questions.
A Sample of Quizzes from the Sub-Categories
The difference between a ho-hum quiz that gets little play and poor ratings and a great quiz is often how well the questions are written. Do you know how to tell a great question from a boring one?
Average, 10 Qns, crisw, Nov 22 21
crisw gold member
Nov 22 21
4425 plays
  Plagiarism editor best quiz best quiz - 10 questions
Plagiarism is the copying of material from an author's works without proper attribution. Quizzyland cannot accept plagiarized quizzes. Do you know how to avoid plagiarism? Identify whether each situation is an example of plagiarism.
Average, 10 Qns, crisw, Nov 22 21
Category: Plagiarism
crisw gold member
Nov 22 21
85101 plays
  It's Too? Two? To? Much! best quiz - 10 questions
Ahh! Those pesky words that sound the same but are spelled differently- too, to, two, for example. Do you know when to use each word?
Easier, 10 Qns, crisw, Nov 22 21
crisw gold member
Nov 22 21
17653 plays
  FITB at FT great trivia quiz - 10 questions
Fill-in-the-blank questions are among the most difficult to write correctly, in FunTrivia quizzes. Here are some guidelines.
Average, 10 Qns, agony, Nov 22 21
agony editor
Nov 22 21
1406 plays
  Interesting Info top quiz - 10 questions
You've probably noticed that quizzes throughout most of Quizzyland now need interesting info attached to most of the questions. Put yourself in an editor's shoes, and see if you can spot the subtle difference between failure and success.
Average, 10 Qns, CellarDoor, Nov 22 21
CellarDoor gold member
Nov 22 21
8693 plays
Have you made this same comment when you see that someone has sent you a correction note? Have you gotten so fed up with them that you ignore them? Have you just said, okay I'll change it to make them happy? Let's see what is the correct way.
Easier, 10 Qns, linkan, Nov 22 21
Category: Correction Notes
linkan gold member
Nov 22 21
12069 plays
trivia question Quick Question
_______ aren't many quizmakers who send in ________ quizzes with no errors 100 percent of the time. ___________ just not common!

From Quiz "It's Too? Two? To? Much!"

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