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11 quizzes and 110 trivia questions.
  Aliens and UFOs   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Some events, people and things that are form the foundation for the alien, UFO phenomena.
Average, 10 Qns, Roswell, Apr 30 20
Apr 30 20
10911 plays
  Winds From Other Worlds   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The Four Winds have gathered accounts from the four corners of the world to chronicle unexplained objects in the Earth's skies. How many are you familiar with? Let's see!
Average, 10 Qns, shuehorn, Mar 14 23
shuehorn gold member
Mar 14 23
1641 plays
  They're Here!   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Here are some UFO and alien questions. Don't worry, they're not here....yet.
Easier, 10 Qns, bigjohnsludge, Dec 21 19
bigjohnsludge gold member
Dec 21 19
1898 plays
  Close Encounters With Another Kind   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
There have been many rumors about alien abductions and UFO sightings. People are curious to know if there are other beings out there in space. This quiz is about alien rumors that you may believe, or you may not.
Average, 10 Qns, returnofme, Nov 17 20
Nov 17 20
3407 plays
  Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane?"   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
No, it's a UFO. Over the years there have been well documented sightings of UFOs from all over the world. Here are a few of the most famous.
Tough, 10 Qns, Christinap, Jul 17 13
907 plays
  The Legendary Roswell Incident    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
What really happened?
Average, 10 Qns, robert362, Feb 10 17
5493 plays
  Explaining The Unexplained   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz will focus on UFO or alien encounters where the true stories behind them have been revealed or explained.
Average, 10 Qns, RedHook13, Dec 13 17
RedHook13 gold member
Dec 13 17
447 plays
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
UFOs are a topic that has fascinated millions of people all over the world for milleniums. Hopefully, if you are not one of these many people, you become one after this quiz.
Average, 10 Qns, jagman09, Sep 03 22
Sep 03 22
4118 plays
  Roswell UFO Crash   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I've been following UFO stories for many years and have learned a lot. This quiz is about the Roswell, New Mexico crash which is the "king" of UFO stories.
Tough, 10 Qns, feedyourhead, Aug 17 13
623 plays
Some folks just want to know if there's other life out there somewhere. Here are a few of the projects initiated to find out.
Difficult, 10 Qns, mlcmlc, Mar 21 17
mlcmlc gold member
330 plays
trivia question Quick Question
In February 2013 dozens of people reported seeing a UFO flying at great speed over which historic British city?

From Quiz "Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane?""

Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Test your knowledge about people, places and things associated with UFO's and the like.
Difficult, 10 Qns, 417myrtle, Nov 16 08
2536 plays

UFOs and Aliens Trivia Questions

1. What is the study of UFOs called?

From Quiz
They're Here!

Answer: Ufology

Ufology is the term used for the study of UFO sightings as well as visual signs of possible alien presence such as crop circles, alien abduction and implants.

2. In 1975, the Viking 1 spacecraft captured a photograph of what appeared to be an object on Mars resembling a human face. When more advanced spacecraft visited Mars, what was the "Face on Mars" revealed to be?

From Quiz Explaining The Unexplained

Answer: It was an illusion of light and shadow on a rock formation

In 1975, the Viking 1 spacecraft sent back a haunting picture of what looked to be a giant humanoid face on the surface of Mars. Conspiracy theorists had wondered if an alien civilization had constructed the feature. After subsequent probes visited Mars it was confirmed that the "Face on Mars" was formed by shadows hitting the rock formation at just the right angle to give the illusion of a face on the surface of Mars.

3. In 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico, there was reportedly a crash of a UFO that left debris scattered for miles. This was the considered "king" of all of the UFO incidents. On the grounds of whose farm was much of the debris from this crash scattered?

From Quiz Roswell UFO Crash

Answer: W.W. Brazel

In the first week of July 1947, there was indeed a crash of some kind of unidentified object. Much of the debris was scattered on the farm of W.W. "Mack" Brazel. This story seems hard to refute unless many people were telling tall tales. The Roswell Army Airfield public information officer, Walter Haut, initially admitted the military had recovered a "flying disk" and even gave a press release to that effect to the local paper. But later that same day the Commanding General of the Eighth Air Force, Roger Ramey, retracted the story stating that it was a weather balloon that had been recovered and not a "flying disk". Don't you think that the US army would be able to tell the difference between a weather balloon and a flying disc?! If not, then "army intelligence" is truly an oxymoron. After years of research, I'd like to add that I firmly believe it was a "flying saucer". Was it a secret government project, a vehicle from somewhere in our universe, or could it have been from another dimension? It boggles the mind to think about.

4. The 1980 sighting of strange lights over Rendlesham Forest in the United Kingdom was given extra credence because the witnesses were a group of people from which profession?

From Quiz Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane?"

Answer: R.A.F. personnel

The lights were seen by on duty service personnel at R.A.F. bases close to Rendelsham Forest, which is in Suffolk. Although the authorities insisted that there was nothing strange happening and that there was no threat to national security, no explanation was forthcoming. Because the witnesses were servicemen the reports were more believable than many, and the belief that the lights were from alien spacecraft has persisted ever since.

5. What does UFO stand for?

From Quiz UFOs

Answer: Unidentified Flying Object

If you don't get this one, research UFOs. An unidentified flying object means that it is an inexplicable object in the sky.

6. What was the date of one of the first recorded UFO sightings, by some Greeks?

From Quiz Close Encounters With Another Kind

Answer: 329 BC

"Two silver shields in the sky" were spotted by Alexander the Great's army.

7. The crash in Roswell has become a part of American folklore. When did it happen?

From Quiz The Legendary Roswell Incident

Answer: 1940s

8. Who found the UFO that crashed near Roswell New Mexico in 1947?

From Quiz UFOmania

Answer: Mac Brazel

One official explanation for the recovered 'aliens' is that 'dummys' were being used in military parachute tests.

9. At 14.10 on 5 December 1945, five TBM Avengers comprising Flight 19 left Fort Lauderdale, FL and disappeared in this area.

From Quiz Aliens and UFOs

Answer: Bermuda Triangle

A legendary triangle of Ocean lies between three places in the Atlantic Ocean. The places are Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the United States (Fort Lauderdale). Ships, people and aeroplanes have been reported mysteriously disappearing off the face of the earth whilst traveling inside this triangle. It soon acquired the name 'Devil's Triangle' owing to superstitions that the devil was at play on this stretch of ocean and gobbling up weary and lost travelers with great delight, but what actually was at play inside this triangle of rough water, is it really the devil, or perhaps aliens are using this spot as their home base on earth? Maybe it really does contain a mystical vortex that sucks people down into a third dimension.

10. What secret base is said to house alien space craft and alien bodies?

From Quiz They're Here!

Answer: Area 51

The place commonly known as Area 51 is a classified remote part of Edwards Air Force Base in Nevada. Conspiracy theorists claim it holds extraterrestrial craft; based on historical evidence, it is most likely used for the development and testing of experimental aircraft.

11. In 1973 a man, who was to become President of the United States of America, made an official report about strange lights in the sky he had seen four years earlier. Who was he?

From Quiz Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane?"

Answer: Jimmy Carter

The report made by Jimmy Carter said he had seen a strange white light in the evening sky. He watched it change colour from white to red to blue then back to white before it disappeared. He said he believed it was a UFO. However, by the time he became President in 1977 he had changed his mind, and stated he believed he had seen some sort of military aircraft, not extra terrestrial activity.

12. When a UFO is explained it is called a(n):

From Quiz UFOs

Answer: Identified object

It is actually inaccurate to refer to an identified object as a UFO.

13. In which period, known as an era of the renewal of old ideas and the discovery of new ideas, were there many paintings of UFOs in the sky?

From Quiz Close Encounters With Another Kind

Answer: Renaissance

One painting depicted a silvery saucer hovering above St. John the Baptist and Jesus shining beams of light upon them. It was called "The Baptism of Christ".

14. 'Area 51' is located near which Air Force base?

From Quiz UFOmania

Answer: Nellis

It allegedly does not exist.

15. This is the name commonly given to the small aliens with large heads, large dark eyes and little or no hair.

From Quiz Aliens and UFOs

Answer: Greys

Among the mysteries of modern UFOlogy is the origin of the entities know as the Greys. These small beings are the most commonly observed entities reported by abductees aboard extraterrestrial craft, and are believed to be the ones most responsible for human abductions. There are many things that we do know about the Greys, derived mostly from abductee reports, but there is far more that we do not yet know or understand.

16. Though many UFO sightings happen in remote rural areas, another alleged incident from 1952 happened in and around one of the most famous residences in one of the most important cities in the United States. Where?

From Quiz Winds From Other Worlds

Answer: The White House (residence and office of the President) in Washington, D.C.

Eyewitnesses saw a fleet of UFOs hover over the White House and the Capitol Building, detecting six sets of lights in patterns that were very unusual. At the same time, air traffic controllers at three nearby airports saw the same objects on their radar screens. They stayed in place, then shot up to a higher altitude, then quickly reversed back and hovered again. None of these types of flight patterns were possible for aircraft of that time. The government later issued a statement that there had been extreme fluctuations in the temperature in the area, which cause the radar equipment to malfunction and produce images that were not really there. It seems unusual that the same type of phenomena would be detected in the same way in three different airports due to that type of malfunction. Furthermore, what of the eyewitness accounts?

17. What is the term given to the type of alien that is small, skinny, and pale with a large head and two extra large dark eyes?

From Quiz They're Here!

Answer: Greys

In the 1893 article "Man of the Year Million" by H.G. Wells, Wells had envisioned the possibility of humanity transformed into a race of grey-skinned beings who were one meter tall, with big heads and large, oval-shaped pitch black eyes. A lot of today's Sci-Fi movies use the 'Grey' as part of their plots.

18. Major Jesse Marcel was the lead investigator in the Roswell incident. In a television interview many years after the crash, he claimed to have found something among the UFO debris that resembled tin foil. What was so special about this foil?

From Quiz Roswell UFO Crash

Answer: It wouldn't burn or cut and was almost weightless

There were several people along with Marcel who claimed to have seen this foil, and all attempts to destroy it. It reputedly wouldn't burn, tear, cut with a knife or even dent when hit with a 16 pound sledge hammer.

19. What explanation was given for the Sao Paulo, Brazil sightings of 1986?

From Quiz Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane?"

Answer: Space debris

Military aircraft were scrambled when radar detected around 20 unidentified objects in the skies over Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1986. When the aircraft arrived the objects mysteriously disappeared. Geoffrey Perry, a British space researcher, suggested that the objects were debris from the Russian Salyut-7 space station which re-entered the earth's atmosphere over Brazil at around that time.

20. What year was the first recognized sighting in the United States of America?

From Quiz UFOs

Answer: 1947

Although UFO's have been reported since ancient times, this was the first one that was widely known about within the United States.

21. On July 2, 1947 a UFO supposedly crashed close to this U.S. city.

From Quiz Close Encounters With Another Kind

Answer: Roswell

It is said that when the UFO crashed, the alien remains were taken by the government for scientific analysis.

22. Who is the rancher that discovered the wreckage?

From Quiz The Legendary Roswell Incident

Answer: Mac Brazel

Brazel found it. Ramey was the general who was in charge of the operation (and cover-up?) Walton was involved in another ufo incident. Hill and his wife were also involved in a ufo incident.

23. Flight 19 (which disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle)consisted of what type of aircraft?

From Quiz UFOmania

Answer: Grumman Avengers

These planes have never been found. Some people believe that Flight 19 was intercepted by a UFO.

24. Begun on December 30, 1947 and lasting only 15 months, this project, later to become Project Grudge, was the first official attempt by the military to investigate the UFO phenomena.

From Quiz Aliens and UFOs

Answer: SIGN

In the late 1940s, the Air Force Office of Intelligence Requirements (AFOIR) began the process of investigating reports of unidentified flying objects from the public. The division within the AFOIR was known as the Collections Office (AFOIR-CO) and was headed by Colonel Robert Taylor, III. This division would assemble the reports and prepare them for the AFOIR. As reports were gathered at the AFOIR-CO in the capacity of an interim project, personnel within the Pentagon began calling the project, 'Project Saucer'. This name would later be used to identify press releases by the Air Force. Even though Project Saucer was only an interim in-house project by the AFOIR, the term, 'Project Saucer', would be used by the public throughout the late 1940's and well into the early 1950s. What was not known at this time was the fact that Project Saucer would evolve three more times, spanning just over 17 years. Its first genesis came to be an official secret investigation that would be code-named: Project SIGN. By 1949 Project SIGN's code name would change to Project GRUDGE and in 1952, it would become known as the infamous Project BLUEBOOK, which it would keep until its demise at the recommendations of the University of Colorado's Condon Report in 1969. This was the same year that the United States Air Force 'officially' absolved itself of the UFO phenomenon investigations. But in the beginning history pointed in a different direction. The project would shed its interim status and become OFFICIAL and very SECRET.

25. Several incidents of alleged UFOs in 1957 and 1958 shared details that make them more credible. In each case, when witnesses saw UFOs nearby, their ____________ malfunctioned. Once the UFOs had left the area, however, things went back to normal.

From Quiz Winds From Other Worlds

Answer: cars

Several people driving their cars in Levelland, TX, in 1957, saw glowing, egg-shaped objects in the air. Their engines stalled at the same time, but the cars started up again once the egg-shaped object was gone. Authorities later claimed that the malfunctions were due to electrical storms in the area, and once again, the investigation was inconclusive. In another example, over a dam near Baltimore, MD, in 1958, there was another egg-shaped object hovering over a bridge. This time, the two men in a car decided to get out of their vehicle and hide behind it when it went dead on them. When the object rose straight up in the sky and disappeared, their car started easily. In Trumbull County, OH, in 1986, after several 911 calls were received reporting a UFO in the area, a respected police officer drove out to investigate. Once again, when he got near enough to see the strange glowing object, his vehicle lost power and wouldn't start. When the object disappeared, his cruiser once again worked normally. These are just three examples of the strange effects that these unidentified flying objects appear to have on human-invented forms of locomotion.

26. What does the term "Close Encounter" mean to a ufologist?

From Quiz They're Here!

Answer: Sightings or contact with alien ships and aliens

Close encounters of the first kind is visual sightings of an unidentified flying object seemingly less than 500 feet away. The second kind is an event in which a physical effect is alleged, trace like impressions in the ground. Third kind is an encounter which an animated creature is present.

27. According to Major Jesse Marcel, what other strange property did the "foil" found at the the alleged Roswell crash site have?

From Quiz Roswell UFO Crash

Answer: If crumpled it would return to its original shape

This is a strange one indeed. According to witnesses who claimed to have seen and or handled this foil, if crumpled, it would return to its original shape. According to Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr., when he was 11 years old his father woke him and his mother up in the middle of the night to show them items that he had found in the debris field of the UFO crash. The "foil" was part of the find. Jesse Jr. had supposedly put a small piece of it in his pocket about the size of one of his fingers. After several days he took it out and put it in a cigar box. As he placed it in the box he noticed that it unfolded itself and flattened itself out.

28. In 1966 some 200 teachers and students reported seeing a UFO land in a suburb of which Australian city?

From Quiz Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane?"

Answer: Melbourne

Students and teachers from two schools in Westall, Melbourne, reported seeing a UFO land in a field close to their buildings before taking off again and flying over local houses. Sceptics put it down to a military aircraft on exercises, but witnesses continue to believe that what they saw was an alien spacecraft.

29. After the UFO crash in New Mexico, the USAF authorities claimed that it was not a UFO. What did they say it was?

From Quiz Close Encounters With Another Kind

Answer: High altitude balloon

It is your choice to believe if they were trying to conceal the UFO or if it was real.

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