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5 Malawi quizzes and 50 Malawi trivia questions.
Malawi  The Warm Heart of Africa
  Malawi - The Warm Heart of Africa   popular trivia quiz  
Photo Quiz
 10 Qns
Malawians' hospitality and generosity have earned Malawi the nickname "The Warm Heart of Africa". What else does this often overlooked African nation have to offer apart from its friendly people and amazing safari? Enjoy!
Easier, 10 Qns, Matthew_07, Feb 09 21
Matthew_07 gold member
Feb 09 21
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  Mapping Malawi    
Label Quiz
 10 Qns
In this label quiz, you will need to correctly identify various locations within the Republic of Malawi. The answers have been divided into three groups: cities (red), lakes (blue) and parks (green).
Average, 10 Qns, RedHook13, Sep 12 22
RedHook13 gold member
Sep 12 22
283 plays
  Some Facts About Malawi    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Malawi is a small landlocked country in South East Africa. See what you know about Malawi.
Average, 10 Qns, onlytrivial, Oct 21 20
Oct 21 20
1890 plays
  Lake Malawi    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is mostly straight geography but with a splash of history.
Average, 10 Qns, kisiwa, Oct 22 11
434 plays
  Mysterious Malawi    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Let's meander in mysterious Malawi.
Average, 10 Qns, playmate1111, Oct 07 18
playmate1111 gold member
Oct 07 18
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trivia question Quick Question
What are Malawi's chief exports?

From Quiz "Mysterious Malawi"

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Malawi Trivia Questions

1. Mandala is another name for which southern Malawian City?

From Quiz
Mysterious Malawi

Answer: Blantyre

Blantyre, also known as Mandala, is the second largest city in Malawi and is its centre of commerce and finance. Karonga is in the north of Malawi, and Lilongwe to the east. Mangochi is also in the south but north of Blantyre.

2. Lake Malawi borders which three African countries?

From Quiz Lake Malawi

Answer: Malawi, Tanzania, Mozambique

Lake Malawi forms the eastern border of the long thin country of Malawi. The eastern portion of the lake borders Mozambique and Tanzania lays claim to a small stretch at the northern end of the lake.

3. Malawi has two official languages. One is English. What is the other?

From Quiz Some Facts About Malawi

Answer: Chichewa

Chichewa is a native Bantu language. Most Malawians speak both Chichewa and English, except for some tribal Bantu languages spoken in the more rural north.

4. Can you name the beautiful old stone building in Blantyre built in 1891?

From Quiz Mysterious Malawi

Answer: St Michael and All Angels Church

St Michael and All Angels Church was designed by the Rev. David Scott who had no architectural background whatsoever. It was built by local labour who had very little experience in construction. Considering this, it is an absolutely magnificent building.

5. Amidst controversy and protest, who was elected president of Malawi in May, 2004?

From Quiz Some Facts About Malawi

Answer: Bingu wa Mutharika

Bingu wa Mutharika of the United Democratic Front (UDF) won the election, succeeding Bakili Muluzi, also of the UDP. John Tembo of the Malawi Congress Party came second, followed by Gwanda Chakuamba of the Mgwirizano Coalition. Malawi became a multi-party democracy in 1994, after 30 years under the dictator Hastings Banda.

6. Approximately one hour's travel by bus from Blantyre is the city of Zomba. It's not a tourist destination, but we have been told that we can see some endangered birds if we are lucky. Which birds are we going to try and see?

From Quiz Mysterious Malawi

Answer: White-winged apalis

There are fewer than 100 breeding pairs of the white-winged apalis left in the wild. On the outskirts of Zomba, amidst the Jacaranda trees, you can see a pair of these beautiful birds. Zombia is in southern Malawi and was the country's first capital.

7. Lake Malawi is drained by which river?

From Quiz Lake Malawi

Answer: Shire

The Shire flows for 402 kilometres through southern Malawi and Mozambique where it empties into the Zambezi. The Ruhuhu is the lake's longest headstream and flows into the north of the lake. The Lukuga drains Lake Tanganyika on its way to the Congo River.

8. In 1975, Lilongwe became the capital of Malawi. What was the capital prior to this?

From Quiz Some Facts About Malawi

Answer: Zomba

Zomba was capital of British Nyasaland from 1891-1964, and the capital of Malawi until 1975. Although Zomba is no longer the capital, the University of Malawi and the National Archives are still located here.

9. By what name is Malawi also known as?

From Quiz Mysterious Malawi

Answer: The Warm Heart of Africa

Malawi is rightly known as "The Warm Heart of Africa". The locals you meet are friendly, courteous and hospitable. Of course, as with most African countries you do get the criminal element, but all in all Malawi is fairly safe. Do take care that you don't walk around on your own at night.

10. The former name for Lake Malawi was derived from the Yao word for lake. What is this name?

From Quiz Lake Malawi

Answer: Lake Nyasa

This was the name given to the lake by David Livingstone, the first European to see the lake. The other three are all artificial lakes created behind dams of the same name in Mozambique (Cahora Bassa), Zimbabwe/Zambia (Kariba) and Zambia (Itezhi-Tezhi).

11. In 1891, the area now known as Malawi was created a British protectorate. What was its name at the time?

From Quiz Some Facts About Malawi

Answer: Nyasaland & British Nyasaland & Nyasaland Protectorate

Malawi was called Nyasaland until 1953, when it joined with Northern and Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) to become the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. In 1963, the Federation was dissolved and Nyasaland became Malawi. Malawi became fully independent in 1964.

12. Malawi is home to the third largest lake in Africa, what is the name of the lake?

From Quiz Mysterious Malawi

Answer: Lake Malawi

Not only is Lake Malawi the third largest lake in Africa, it is also the eighth largest lake in the world, and the second deepest lake in Africa. It is home to many species of fish, as well as hippos, crocodiles and fish eagles. Lake Malawi is also known as Lake Nyasa stemming from the days when Malawi was known as Nyasaland before it gained its independence from Britain in 1964.

13. When did Malawi become a republic?

From Quiz Some Facts About Malawi

Answer: 6 July 1966

Malawi gained independence on 6 July 1964. Two years later, it became a republic. 23 October 1953 was the date when Nyasaland joined Rhodesia to become the Federation and 31 December 1963 is the date when the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland dissolved.

14. Which ocean does Malawi lie on?

From Quiz Mysterious Malawi

Answer: It is landlocked

Malawi is landlocked and is bordered by Tanzania to the northeast, Mozambique on the east, south and west, and Zambia to the northwest.

15. This island in Lake Malawi is the largest of two islands in a Malawian enclave situated in Mozambican waters. What is the name of this island?

From Quiz Some Facts About Malawi

Answer: Likoma

Likoma is a smallish island with a population of about 9,000, located toward the eastern side of Lake Malawi. Its most notable feature is its cathedral, which was built in 1903. The island was colonised by Anglican missionaries in the 1880's. Chizumulu island is the smaller of the two islands in the enclave. Chisi and Tongwe are islands in Lake Chilwa, Malawi's second largest lake, which have recently suffered from outbreaks of cholera.

16. Whose statue in Lilongwe commemorates the man/woman who ruled Nyasaland and Malawi from 1961 to 1994?

From Quiz Mysterious Malawi

Answer: Hastings Banda

Hastings Kamuzu Banda was the first president of Malawi. His statue is in front of the National Memorial Park in the capital city of Lilongwe.

17. Which fish is the staple diet of many lakeside residents? This fish is the most important agricultural output of Lake Malawi.

From Quiz Lake Malawi

Answer: Chambo

The other three are cichlid species. Cichlid are tropical freshwater fish which are often harvested for live sale as aquarium fish. Local fishermen catch chambo by using a net strung between a boat and a dugout canoe. The fish are attracted by one or more gas lanterns on the back of a third canoe which paddles into the middle of the net drawing the fish behind it. Before gas lanterns were available, a fire was lit on the canoe. From the shore it seems as if the stars have come to swim on the surface of the lake.

18. This river is the principal river of Malawi. It drains Lake Malawi and runs 402km south before flowing into the Zambezi. What is the name of this river?

From Quiz Some Facts About Malawi

Answer: Shire

The Shire river flows through the Shire Highlands of south Malawi. It drops 400m from Lake Malawi to the border with Mozambique, Malawi's lowest point. The river passes over many falls and rapids on its short path. The Shire river is part of the Great Rift Valley.

19. What is the traditional dress worn by women in Malawi called?

From Quiz Mysterious Malawi

Answer: Chitenje

The chitenje is a rectangular piece of fabric which comes in a variety of patterns, colours and designs. It is tied in much the same way as you would tie a sarong. It is sometimes used to cover up slightly shabbier clothing and can also be used as a baby sling or as a pot holder. A multipurpose piece of clothing I would say.

20. What are Malawi's chief exports?

From Quiz Mysterious Malawi

Answer: Tobacco and tea

Tobacco and tea are the chief exports of Malawi. Malawi also has the highest production of burley leaf tobacco, a low grade, high nicotine tobacco. The sad thing is Malawi depends on child labour to work on the tobacco farms which leads to acute nicotine poisoning also known as green tobacco sickness.

21. What was the name of the Malawian president who died on April 6, 2012?

From Quiz Mysterious Malawi

Answer: Bingu wa Mutharika

Bingu wa Mutharika, born Brightson Webster Ryson Thom, passed away of a heart attack in Lilongwe, Malawi. He held the presidency from 24 May 2004 - 6 April 2012.

22. Blantyre is Malawi's largest city. In 1956, with which city did it combine to form one city?

From Quiz Some Facts About Malawi

Answer: Limbe

Blantyre-Limbe is the chief town and commercial and industrial centre of Malawi, with a population of nearly 600,000. The two cities retain separate identities, however, with Blantyre an administrative centre and Limbe more industrial. Blantyre is named after the home town of famous Scottish explorer David Livingstone.

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