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5 Victoria quizzes and 50 Victoria trivia questions.
Symbols of Victoria
  Symbols of Victoria    
Photo Quiz
 10 Qns
Victoria is one of the most beautiful states of Australia. Take this quiz to find out what you know about the symbols of this state.
Average, 10 Qns, dcpddc478, May 10 19
May 10 19
315 plays
  That's Melbourne   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is my city, I love it. Let's see if you know its landmarks.
Easier, 10 Qns, Butterfly~Inn, Apr 12 22
Apr 12 22
1712 plays
  Go Aussie Go!    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is about one of the 2002 "Most Livable City in the World" winners - MELBOURNE (the other one was Vancouver, Canada)! Questions are mostly about landmarks situated in and around the city. Enjoy!
Average, 10 Qns, steffybee3, Sep 02 23
Sep 02 23
5025 plays
  The Capital Melbourne is My City    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Melbourne, Australia's second largest city, is diversity itself.
Average, 10 Qns, ClaudiaCat, Aug 25 23
ClaudiaCat gold member
Aug 25 23
1497 plays
  Towns of Victoria    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Victoria is a beautiful and diverse state. From the hot, dry Mallee, to our Alpine ski resorts, there's always somewhere to go, something to do. Here is a quiz about a few interesting towns in my home state.
Very Difficult, 10 Qns, onlytrivial, Jul 02 18
Very Difficult
Jul 02 18
3294 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, Australia is one of the largest cities in my country. What is the river that runs through it?

From Quiz "The Capital Melbourne is My City"

Victoria Trivia Questions

1. Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, Australia is one of the largest cities in my country. What is the river that runs through it?

From Quiz
The Capital Melbourne is My City

Answer: Yarra River

The Yarra River starts in the Central Highlands of Victoria and the southern lowest section of the river is where Melbourne was settled. The river is known as the upside down river due to its colour being a dirty brown. The colour is not caused by pollution but by the clay being circulated in the water.

2. If I asked you to 'meet me under the clocks' where would we be meeting?

From Quiz That's Melbourne

Answer: Flinders St Station

The outer building of Flinders St Station is actually heritage listed along with the clocks at the front entrance.

3. The entrance to this bay is known as The Rip and the shipping lanes head directly to Melbourne's docks. What bay is this?

From Quiz The Capital Melbourne is My City

Answer: Port Phillip

Port Phillip is accessed through an entrance known as The Rip because of its strong tidal streams. Port Phillip itself is not a deep bay therefore any ships docking at Melbourne's port must be guided through the shipping lines by the Port Authorities. The bayside suburbs of Melbourne are the most sought after and expensive, with the attraction of golden sanded beaches, bay views and the twinkling lights at night of Melbourne.

4. If I wanted to check out the 'Shot Tower' in the middle of a shopping plaza I would get off the train at Melbourne Central Station. This station used to be called something else. What was it?

From Quiz That's Melbourne

Answer: Museum Station

The station changed its name when a new shopping centre named Melbourne Central was built over it.

5. This East Gippsland town is situated on the Tambo River, 310km east of Melbourne and about 100km south of Omeo. The town was established in 1859, as a stop for the travellers heading to mine fields at Omeo.

From Quiz Towns of Victoria

Answer: Bruthen

Bruthen is a picturesque village with a population of 640, located on the Great Alpine Road, 24km east of Bairnsdale. Primary industries are farming and timber milling, like many Gippsland towns. Each February, the town hosts the Bruthen Blues and Arts Festival.

6. Which Victorian city, other than Melbourne, still has a functioning tram network?

From Quiz Go Aussie Go!

Answer: Bendigo

Since their introduction in 1890, the Bendigo trams have been battery-powered, steam-powered and, finally, electric. Trams have been running through Melbourne since 1885 and are city icons.

7. Melbourne is a sprawling city covering around 9,000 km² (3,500 mi²). Though Melbourne is generally built on flat land in the eastern outer suburbs are what ranges?

From Quiz The Capital Melbourne is My City

Answer: Dandenong Ranges

About 35 kilometres east of Melbourne's central business district are the Dandenong Ranges, usually referred to as the Dandenongs. This area consists of a low mountain range with the highest point being Mt Dandenong. The ranges are comprised of valleys and gullies rich in rain forest especially tree ferns and mountain ash trees.

8. If I was sitting in the Shane Warne Stand (formerly Great Southern Stand) what sporting arena would I be sitting in?

From Quiz That's Melbourne

Answer: MCG

MCG is home to the AFL Grand Final as well as other games, cricket matches, and other sporting events and concerts. The Great Southern Stand was renamed in honour of Shane Warne in 2022, following his death.

9. There really is not a proper waterfall in Melbourne but there are falls. What are they named?

From Quiz The Capital Melbourne is My City

Answer: Dights Falls

John Dight started a business beside the Yarra River which required the building of a water-powered mill. To ensure enough water was directed to the water wheel Dight built a small weir. Therefore Dights Falls consists of a drop in the level of the river and a man-made weir. Dights Falls is located in a beautiful part of the Yarra River close to Melbourne's central business district.

10. What is the name of the most iconic metropolitan train station in Melbourne?

From Quiz Go Aussie Go!

Answer: Flinders Street

Flinders Street Station was opened in 1854 and remains one of Melbourne's best-known landmarks. The interior has become more modern, but the original facade, including the clocks known to all Melburnians, remains. The large bus terminal at Southern Cross often contributes to the notion that it is the 'main' Melbourne station, however, it is generally used more for interstate or country trips, not metropolitan.

11. This park is located only four kilometres from Melbourne's central business district and is the largest area of natural bush left in the city. What is it?

From Quiz The Capital Melbourne is My City

Answer: Yarra Bend Park

Yarra Bend Park is a 260 hectare (642 acre) park located in the suburb of Kew four kilometres from Melbourne's central business district. The site is a combination of natural bushland and man made facilities including golf courses and two historical boathouses. The Yarra River features highly within the park and boating and canoeing are readily available. The park is also a haven for native wildlife including native birds, marsupials, fruit bats and reptiles.

12. If I felt like playing a bit of blackjack or the pokies in Melbourne, where is the most likely place I would go to?

From Quiz That's Melbourne

Answer: Crown Casino

Crown Casino is situated along Southbank and is home to not only a casino but high-end fashion, entertainment venues and restaurants.

13. The weather of Melbourne would be considered what?

From Quiz The Capital Melbourne is My City

Answer: Temperate

Melbourne has a temperate oceanic climate. Melbourne definitely has four seasons, and as the locals know those four seasons can be in one day. In other words the weather is changeable and can start off sunny and rain the next hour, and back to sunny again, and we will not mention the wind.

14. Where would I find the 'Eternal Flame'?

From Quiz That's Melbourne

Answer: Shrine of Remembrance

The flame is situated outside the Shrine and is a gas flame that technically never goes out. The Shrine is still the sight of parades and services on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day, in memory of Australia's fallen soldiers.

15. Where in Melbourne is there a race track used for the Australian Grand Prix?

From Quiz Go Aussie Go!

Answer: Albert Park

The Grand Prix track winds its way around Albert Park Lake. The track is open year-round to anyone who wishes to enjoy it, and on any given day you may find plenty of joggers, walkers and cyclists on the path around the lake.

16. In Melbourne, a little suburb once a year hosts a loud racing sport, Formula One. Which park is home to the Australian Grand Prix?

From Quiz The Capital Melbourne is My City

Answer: Albert Park

Albert Park is a suburb in Melbourne that is close to the central business district. It has a small population of just over 5000 people. The sight of the park is home to the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit. Initially, this was met with heavy resistance from the locals, as the construction of the circuit required chopping of trees and a change in infrastructure, along with the issue of noise and pollution from the powerful cars.

17. What church would I find opposite a station, a pub & Federation Square?

From Quiz That's Melbourne

Answer: St Paul's Cathedral

A traditional church right in the heart of Melbourne, opposite Federation Square, showing that Melbourne really is a city where new and old blend well.

18. This is a true dairy town in South Western Victoria, 230km W of Melbourne. The surrounding region produces cheeses, butter and milk, and timber. Eighteen kilometres to the south is the fishing town of Port Campbell.

From Quiz Towns of Victoria

Answer: Timboon

Wool and limestone mining are also important industries to this town of 850. Timber played a more important role in the towns economy in the late 19th Century, when there were 18 timber mills in Timboon, and a railway line was built. The railway's trestle bridge still exists, spanning the Curdies River, near the township. Port Campbell is a tourist centre for the surrounding Great Ocean Road district, sporting remarkable rock formations such as the Twelve Apostles and spectacular shipwrecks.

19. Who founded the city of Melbourne, writing in his diary the words, "This will be the place for a village"?

From Quiz Go Aussie Go!

Answer: John Batman

Founded in 1834, the city is named after the then British Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne. By the time Victoria became a state independent from New South Wales in 1851, Melbourne was already a thriving city. In 1860, Robert O'Hara Burke and his companion W J Wills, crossed Australia from Melbourne in the south to the Gulf of Carpentaria up north. Unfortunately both Burke and Wills died on the return journey. Walter Burley Griffin designed the Australian capital city Canberra.

20. This town is situated about 500km east of Melbourne, and is the last town before the NSW border travelling on the Princes Highway. It is a good base for exploring the surrounding Croajingolong National Park.

From Quiz Towns of Victoria

Answer: Genoa

East Gippsland and Croajingolong National Park are wild and remote, and home to hundreds of species of native flora and fauna, including 250 species of birds. Genoa is 24 km NW of the coastal town of Mallacoota and 10 km west of Gipsy Point, a notable picnic and boating spot on the Mallacoota Inlet. From the town of Genoa, a nature walk leads through the national park.

21. Which two zoos can be found in and around Melbourne?

From Quiz Go Aussie Go!

Answer: Melbourne Zoo & Werribee Open Range Zoo

Taronga Park Zoo is located in New South Wales and Australia Zoo is in Queensland. The Werribee Zoo is located in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. As the name "open range" suggests, the animals are not kept in enclosures as such, but are allowed a little more freedom in an environment similar to their natural habitats.

22. Melbourne's central business district is based on a grid with parallel streets. What is this known as?

From Quiz The Capital Melbourne is My City

Answer: Hoddle Grid

The centre of Melbourne's central business district is based on a set of grids as a rectangle bordered by Latrobe Street on the north, Flinders Street on the south, Spring Street on the east and Spencer Street on the west. There is also a free tram ride that follows the route which allows tourists great accessibility to the highlights of the Golden Mile.

23. The Queen ______ Market is which well known Melbourne market?

From Quiz That's Melbourne

Answer: Victoria

This market is well known to Melbournites especially for fruit & vegetables. It also runs a night market over the summer months.

24. This is the main town and administrative centre of Phillip Island, a poular holiday destination for Victorians. It is situated on the northern shore of the island.

From Quiz Towns of Victoria

Answer: Cowes

Cowes is a good base for exploring small Philip Island, as everything is relatively close. South West of Cowes, at Summerland Beach, the nightly Penguin Parade takes place. Nearby are the Seal Rocks, where fur seals can be viewed basking on the rocks. On the southern shore of the island is Smiths Beach, popular with surfers. A bridge at San Remo connects Phillip Island to the mainland. Each year, Phillip Island hosts a motorcycle Grand Prix.

25. What was the tallest building in Melbourne in 1994?

From Quiz Go Aussie Go!

Answer: Rialto

The Rialto building is not only the tallest in Melbourne, but also claims to be the tallest concrete office building in the Southern Hemisphere (as of 1994). It stands at about 254m above sea level, and has 63 floors above street level and 3 below. (I got this information from if anyone is interested in learning more.)

26. Victoria, Australia is known as the "Garden State". Melbourne has many gardens including the Botanical Gardens. What gardens house Captain Cook's Cottage?

From Quiz The Capital Melbourne is My City

Answer: Fitzroy Gardens

The Fitzroy Gardens are located in East Melbourne and consist of 26 hectares of a manicured garden with diversified planting and native wildlife plus man made structures including Captain Cook's Cottage, a fairy garden and the world of miniature. It is a relaxing place to visit for a stroll around at your pleasure.

27. If I was looking at a 'spire' that was changing colours what building would I be looking at?

From Quiz That's Melbourne

Answer: Arts Centre

The Arts Centre is home to opera, ballet, stage shows and lots of other arts related activities. It's located at the start of the Southbank precinct.

28. And finally, a tough question! Also the designers of the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, who designed the newest Melbourne Museum complex?

From Quiz Go Aussie Go!

Answer: Denton Corker Marshall

The Melbourne Museum incorporates the Childrens Museum, an Aboriginal Museum, the IMAX theatre and, of all things, a living rainforest! All enclosed within the walls of the $250 million modern design. I have to say the best part is the giant Rubik's cube! That's all for now, hope you enjoyed yourself and learnt a little!

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