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3 Gibraltar quizzes and 40 Gibraltar trivia questions.
  Gibraltar   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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This is a short quiz about Gibraltar which covers a variety of aspects including history and fauna. I hope that you find it informative.
Average, 10 Qns, sue943, Feb 07 23
sue943 editor
Feb 07 23
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  Gibraltar's Culture and Customs   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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Famed for its Rock, Gibraltar is more than limestone and monkeys! Take this quiz to learn more about the culture and customs of the Gibraltarian people.
Tough, 15 Qns, DigitalAngel, Apr 10 09
753 plays
  Some Basic Facts About Gibraltar    
Multiple Choice
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Learn a few little tidbits of trivia about this very small British colony on the south of Spain, which celebrates its Tercentenary (300 years) of British rule in 2004.
Tough, 15 Qns, DigitalAngel, Nov 25 08
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Gibraltar Trivia Questions

1. Gibraltarian culture and customs have been greatly influenced by British, Spanish and which other culture?

From Quiz
Gibraltar's Culture and Customs

Answer: Genoese

Gibraltar's culture is a blend of mostly British, Spanish and Genoese culture. Many inhabitants today can trace back their origins to Genoese ancestors and the Genoese influence can be seen not only in a number of words in Gibraltar's local dialect (Llanito), but also in its cooking. The national dish "Calentita" is believed to be related to the Genoese recipe for "faina", both made primarily from chickpeas. Other cultures which have influenced Gibraltarian culture include the Morrocan, Jewish and Indian cultures, which are among Gibraltar's most dominant ethnic minorities.

2. When was the Treaty of Utrecht - the document which formally ceded Gibraltar to British rule - signed?

From Quiz Some Basic Facts About Gibraltar

Answer: 1713

Gibraltar was formally ceded to Britain in Article X of the Treaty of Utrecht, which was signed in 1713. 1704 is the year in which Gibraltar fell to an Anglo-Dutch force and 1777 is the year in which the first census of the population was conducted. 1800 is just a random year I threw in.

3. Which nationality do Gibraltarians consider themselves to be?

From Quiz Gibraltar

Answer: British

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory, Gibraltarians have British overseas territories citizenship and travel on British passports.

4. The current location of the Gibraltar Museum incorporates the remains of which kind of archaeological site into its construction?

From Quiz Gibraltar's Culture and Customs

Answer: Moorish Baths

One of the major attractions of Gibraltar's museum are the Moorish Baths, which were discovered in the cellar of what was then known as Bomb House (which has since become the Museum). The Baths are mostly intact and date back to the 14th Century and were believed to be among the best of their kind at the time. Photos of the Baths can be found at the Museum's website at None of the other abovementioned sites can be found in the Museum, although an artificial "Neanderthal Cave" was created in the museum some years ago and houses the remains of Neanderthal skeletons found in Gibraltar!

5. Gibraltar had been in the hands of the Moors prior to Spanish rule. The Moorish name for Gibraltar (from which the modern name was derived) was Jebel Tarik. But what did it mean?

From Quiz Some Basic Facts About Gibraltar

Answer: Tarik's Mountain

The name "Jebel Tarik" means "Tarik's Mountain" (Jebel is the Moorish name for "mountain"). The Tarik mentioned here is Tarik Ibn Zeyad, a Moorish general who was ordered to conquer the area in the name of Islam in 711.

6. Name the treaty in which Gibraltar was ceded to Britain.

From Quiz Gibraltar

Answer: The Treaty of Utrecht

The Treaty of Rome (1957) established the European Community, the Treaty of Waitangi (1840) is the founding document of New Zealand and the Treaty of Westphalia (1648) was the peace treaty between the Holy Roman Emperor and the King of France. The Treaty of Utrecht, signed in 1713, ceded Gibraltar to Britain by Spain 'in perpetuity'. Over the years Spain have attempted to regain sovereignty.

7. What is the Gibraltar parliament known as?

From Quiz Gibraltar

Answer: The Gibraltar Parliament

The House of Assembly was established in 1969. The Tynwald is the Isle of Man parliament, the States Assembly can be found in Jersey or Guernsey (each island has one as they have separate governments), and the Houses of Parliament is where you will find the British parliament.

8. During the time of the Great Siege, it is believed that the national dish of "Calentita" was widely eaten, using the limited ingredients that were available to the local people. "Calentita" is made mostly from ingredient?

From Quiz Gibraltar's Culture and Customs

Answer: Chickpeas

The major ingredient of "Calentita" (meaning "warm" in Spanish) is chickpea. Chickpea flour, olive oil, salt, pepper and water are the main ingredients for this dish and a recipe for "Calentita" can be found at Although "Calentita" became quite popular during the Great Siege

9. What is the title of the civic head of Gibraltar?

From Quiz Gibraltar

Answer: The Chief Minister

The Chief Minister of Gibraltar is also Leader of the House. The Lieutenant Governor is the Queen's personal representative in Gibraltar, there are Lieutenant Governors in various parts of the world filling similar roles. The Bailiff is the civic head of Jersey, Guernsey also has a Bailiff filling a similar role. Various countries have Prime Ministers including the United Kingdom.

10. How tall is the Rock of Gibraltar (to the nearest 10 metres)?

From Quiz Some Basic Facts About Gibraltar

Answer: 430 metres

The height of the Rock of Gibraltar, to the nearest 10 metres, is 430 metres (equal to about 1,400 feet). The Rock itself is composed mainly of limestone.

11. Which animals are generally thought of in connection to Gibraltar?

From Quiz Gibraltar

Answer: Barbary macaques

There is no other location in Europe where you will find free-roaming Barbary macaques.

12. One of the most famous sights in Gibraltar is a cave. What is the name of this cave?

From Quiz Some Basic Facts About Gibraltar

Answer: St Michael's Cave

St Michael's Cave is one of the most famous sights on the Rock and is renowned for its beautiful formations, as well as a deep underground lake (which is only open to small guided groups). The main section boasts a stage, where concerts are regularly performed, and parts of the Cave were prepared for use an emergency hospital during WWII. St Bernard, incidentally, is the patron Saint of Gibraltar.

13. In which year did Franco close the border between Gibraltar and Spain in an attempt to regain sovereignty over Gibraltar?

From Quiz Gibraltar

Answer: 1969

The border was re-opened for pedestrians in 1983 and fully re-opened in 1985.

14. Onto some national symbols now. The national flag and Arms of Gibraltar feature which landmark?

From Quiz Gibraltar's Culture and Customs

Answer: A castle and key

The flag and coat of arms of Gibraltar feature a red castle with a key, symbolizing the Fortress City of Gibraltar. This national symbol was granted by a Royal Warrant by Queen Isabella of Castille in 1502. The rest of the flag is divided into 2 horizontal sections, 1 white (top) and 1 red (bottom).

15. What does legend say will happen if the apes leave Gibraltar?

From Quiz Gibraltar

Answer: Gibraltar will cease to be British

This legend was taken very seriously by the British government, so much so that the British Army used to be responsible for the feeding and care of the apes but the care has now reverted to the Government of Gibraltar.

16. Although small, Gibraltar has its own airport, which provides air connections with London, Luton and Heathrow. What, though, is unusual about the airport?

From Quiz Some Basic Facts About Gibraltar

Answer: The airstrip has a major road running through it

A major road runs through the airstrip and connects the Rock with the border with Spain. When a plane is landing or taking off, the traffic and pedestrians are stopped from crossing the airfield. This is something which is pretty much unique to Gibraltar.

17. Gibraltar celebrates its National Day on which day?

From Quiz Gibraltar's Culture and Customs

Answer: 10th September

Gibraltar's National Day occurs every year on the 10th of September, in recognition of the first Referendum held in 1967 where Gibraltarians were asked whether they wished to remain British or not. On National Day, most Gibraltarians can be seen in the streets and numerous events held on that day dressed in the national colours, red and white. National Day, however, is a rather recent creation, having only come into existence in the 1990s.

18. Gibraltar was once used as a location in a James Bond movie. The scene filmed saw James Bond and other agents parachuting from a plane onto the Upper Rock as part of a training exercise. Which Bond movie was this in?

From Quiz Some Basic Facts About Gibraltar

Answer: The Living Daylights

This scene was filmed as the opening to the 1987 movie "The Living Daylights", which starred Timothy Dalton as James Bond. It provides a fantastic aerial view of Gibraltar and the landing was filmed on Ministry of Defence property on the Upper Rock (which is usually closed off to the general public).

19. What events link 1967 and 2002 in the history of Gibraltar?

From Quiz Gibraltar

Answer: A referendum regarding Gibraltar continuing its association with Britain

In 1967 over 12,000 people voted to remain British, 44 people voted against remaining British. In 2002 17,900 people voted to remain British and 187 voted against remaining British. There has been discussion between Britain and Spain with a view to joint sovereignty, the referendum is not legally binding upon Britain but shows the strong feelings of the population.

20. There is a little village in Gibraltar which has lent its name to the bay in which it is located. What is the name of this little fishing village?

From Quiz Some Basic Facts About Gibraltar

Answer: Catalan Bay

The correct answer is Catalan Bay, which is located on the Eastern side of the Rock and was originally populated by Genoese many years ago, not Catalans as the name might suggest. Rosia Bay and Marina Bay do exist though. Rosia Bay is located in the South-West of the Rock and was the place where the HMS Victory, and the body of Admiral Lord Nelson, was brought to after the victory at Trafalgar. Marina Bay is one of Gibraltar's marinas and is located close to the airfield. Galician Bay, however, is an invention of mine.

21. When is Gibraltar's National Day celebrated?

From Quiz Some Basic Facts About Gibraltar

Answer: 10th September

Gibraltar's National Day is celebrated on the 10th of September. The 10th of September is significant as this was the day that the original referendum - when Gibraltarians where asked whether they wished to remain British or not - was held in 1967.

22. Several famous people have tied the knot on the Rock. Which of the couples below got married in Gibraltar?

From Quiz Gibraltar's Culture and Customs

Answer: John Lennon and Yoko Ono

John Lennon and Yoko Ono tied the knot in Gibraltar in the British Consulate Office on March 20th 1969 before proceeding to Amsterdam for their honeymoon. The wedding was kept relatively secret for fear of Beatles fans causing chaos and the couple were only on in Gibraltar for just over an hour. The ceremony was performed by Registrar Cecil Wheeler.

23. What is the official name for a native of Gibraltar?

From Quiz Some Basic Facts About Gibraltar

Answer: Gibraltarian

Gibraltarian is the correct name. Gibbo is a slightly derogatory name but has been used by some. The other two options were made up.

24. Gibraltar has its own peculiar dialect, which is a blend of English, Spanish, Genoese and some local words. What is the name of this dialect?

From Quiz Some Basic Facts About Gibraltar

Answer: Llanito

The common name for the dialect is "llanito". Although Gibraltarian could be a possible name, it is not used. Gibraltese is a made-up answer of mine. As for gibberish, perhaps non-Gibraltarians may think the dialect sounds an awful lot like it since Gibraltarians will switch between Spanish and English at lightning speed!

25. 2004 was a very big year for Gibraltar, which celebrated 300 years as a British colony. During its major celebrations, particularly on its National Day, the people of Gibraltar don clothes in the national colours of the Rock. What colours are these?

From Quiz Some Basic Facts About Gibraltar

Answer: Red and white

The national colours of Gibraltar are red and white, the prominent colours of Gibraltar's flag (which is a red castle on a red and white background). Red and yellow are often associated with Spain, so a combination of those two colours are avoided on National Day.

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