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3 Alabama History quizzes and 30 Alabama History trivia questions.
  Mobile: The City by the Bay   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The City of Six Flags, The Azalea City, The Port City, whatever you call it, Mobile is the crown jewel of the great state of Alabama. Here's a brief quiz on some of the historical events of the city.
Average, 10 Qns, ralzzz, Jul 24 13
ralzzz gold member
321 plays
  Alabama History   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Hi. I've created a quiz based on my home state's history.
Average, 10 Qns, musiclovr, Dec 05 11
2700 plays
  Alabama Aviation History   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
While not well known for it, Alabama has been a leader in aviation since the time of the Wright Brothers, who founded their first flight school here. Play the quiz to learn more!
Difficult, 10 Qns, bhmbaglock, Mar 08 09
571 plays
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Alabama History Trivia Questions

1. Where did the Wright Brothers open America's first civilian flight school in 1910?

From Quiz
Alabama Aviation History

Answer: Montgomery

The school didn't last long but several early records were set there including the first recorded night flight. The site of this school has been incorporated into Maxwell Air Force Base.

2. What parallel is Alabama on?

From Quiz Alabama History

Answer: The 31st parallel

Well, Alabama is a southern state. But the Pinckney Treaty established it along the 31st paralell.

3. In 1723, a military fort was built in the city of Mobile. The fort protected against attack for nearly 100 years before it was decommissioned. What was the name of this fort?

From Quiz Mobile: The City by the Bay

Answer: Fort Conde

Fort Conde was constructed by the French to protect the city of Mobile against attach by the British or Spanish who were eager to occupy the city. As Mobile was ruled by the English or Spanish, the name of the fort would change. The British called the fort Fort Charlotte and when Spain ruled Mobile, they changed the name to Fort Carlota.

4. Many NASCAR tracks are built on the sites of airports including the one at Talladega. From the air you can still see the original airport layout clearly. Why was one runway paved over in sections with cobblestones?

From Quiz Alabama Aviation History

Answer: Harley-Davidson uses it for testing motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson has been testing motorcycles here for decades. In addition to track work they use environmental test chambers and ride on local roads as well. The new Talladega airport located adjacent to the track does not use any of the old military airport runways on which the track is built.

5. When did Alabama become a state?

From Quiz Alabama History

Answer: Dec. 14, 1819

In 1795, Thomas Pinckney negotiated the Treaty of San Lorenzo, aka the Pinckney Treaty.

6. What is the name of the treaty that made Mobile part of the Spanish region of West Florida in 1783?

From Quiz Mobile: The City by the Bay

Answer: Treaty of Paris

The Treaty of Paris essentially ended the American Revolutionary War between the United Stated and Great Britain in 1783. The war was ceased by separate treaties and agreements between other participants. The Treaty of Paris ceded East and West Florida to Spain, and Mobile was included as part of West Florida by this agreement. Later, in 1810, the Republic of West Florida became an independent territory, and Mobile was included. In 1813, the Republic of West Florida became part of the United States, thus allowing Mobile to officially be part of the United States. Up until this time, Mobile had been ruled by the French, Spanish and the British. This treaty is NOT to be confused with any of the other several treaties which were signed in Paris, particularly the 1763 Treaty of Paris which ended the French and Indian War.

7. Which US Army base is often called the "Home of Army Aviation"?

From Quiz Alabama Aviation History

Answer: Fort Rucker

All US Army helicopter pilots have trained at this base in Dale County since 1963 along with many US Air Force and Allied pilots. It's located just down the road from Opp, which is well known for the annual Rattlesnake Rodeo.

8. How many capitals did Alabama have before settling on Montgomery?

From Quiz Alabama History

Answer: 3

Tuscaloosa, 1826; Cahaba, 1820-1825; Huntsville, 1819-1820. (St.Stephens was the temporary capital of the Alabama Territory from 1817-1819, prior to statehood).

9. Alabama saw several Civil War battles and sieges take place within the state boundaries including the Battle of Mobile Bay in 1864. Which statement below is true of the Battle of Mobile Bay?

From Quiz Mobile: The City by the Bay

Answer: The Union captured much of the Mobile Bay and surrounding area from the Confederate States.

If you've ever heard the expression "Damn the torpedoes", then you have heard the battle cry of Union Admiral David Farragut as he worked his way through the Confederate States' defenses in order to secure the Mobile Bay stronghold. It is often cited that the Union claiming Mobile Bay and the city of Atlanta are major factors which led to the Union claiming victory of the Civil War.

10. How many SR-71 and A-12 Blackbird aircraft are displayed in Alabama museums?

From Quiz Alabama Aviation History

Answer: 3

All of these are early A-12 models. Only California, which is the home to this amazing aircraft, has more on display. One of these is displayed at Battleship Park on the shore of Mobile Bay and was seriously damaged during Hurrican Katrina.

11. What is the name of the university established in Mobile in 1963? The university's sports teams are known as the Jaguars.

From Quiz Mobile: The City by the Bay

Answer: University of South Alabama

The University of South Alabama, or USA as it's often called, was established in May of 1963 by the Alabama Legislature. Classes started in 1964. The school is one of the largest employers in the city of Mobile and is the largest University in the area. There are approximately 15,000 students attending the school during each session, typically.

12. Approximately how many bombers escorted by the 332nd Fighter Group, better known as the Tuskegee Airmen, were lost during World War II?

From Quiz Alabama Aviation History

Answer: 25

For many years it was publicly claimed that no bombers were lost. However, detailed checks of records do indicate about twenty five were lost while being escorted by the 332nd. This in no way diminishes what they accomplished; twenty five losses in the hundreds of escort missions they flew is an amazing feat. They were credited with over 100 kills of Luftwaffe aircraft including a number of ME-262 jets.

13. When did Alabama secede from the Union?

From Quiz Alabama History

Answer: Jan, 11,1861

Alabama was readmitted on June 25, 1868.

14. What is the name of the US battleship which serves as a museum in Mobile Bay?

From Quiz Mobile: The City by the Bay

Answer: U.S.S. Alabama

The U.S.S. Alabama is a South Dakota class battleship which saw active duty in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans during World War II. She was commissioned in 1942 and then decommissioned in 1947 where she saw time as a naval reserve training vessel. The ship was placed in Mobile Bay in 1964 where she has been open to the public as a museum ever since.

15. Which Tuskegee Airman was the first black four star general in the US Air Force?

From Quiz Alabama Aviation History

Answer: Daniel Chappie James

General James was almost certainly the inspiration for Louis Gossett's character Chappie Sinclair in the "Iron Eagle" movies. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. James Ellison was an early commander of the 99th Fighter Squadron who was unpopular for enforcing segregation on the base.

16. What country singer was born in Alabama?

From Quiz Alabama History

Answer: Hank Williams. Sr.

He's the only one I know of. Gene Pitney is from Connecticut, Baker Knight didn't sing country, and Rick Nelson was born in New Jersey.

17. Where was Baker Knight from?

From Quiz Alabama History

Answer: Birmingham

Baker Knight had a band called Baker and the Knightmares.

18. In 1986, a popular fast food chain was founded in Mobile, Alabama. What was its name?

From Quiz Mobile: The City by the Bay

Answer: Checkers

Checkers was a popular hamburger restaurant founded in Mobile in 1986. The restaurant was an instant success as folks lined up to try the alternative to more established burger chains. Everyone loved the new style French fries with the spicy coating on the outside with the tender potato on the inside. The food chain moved their headquarters to Tampa, FL eventually, but Checkers remains a favorite for Mobilians looking for a good burger.

19. This Fort Payne, Alabama, native started one of the most successful early aircraft manufacturing companies in Detroit, Michigan in the early 1920's.

From Quiz Alabama Aviation History

Answer: Eddie Stinson

William Boeing was born in Detroit and established his company in Seattle. Randy Owen is from Fort Payne and is part of the band "Alabama". Glenn Messer was co-owner of what is now the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport with Stinson. Stinson's sister was also a well known aviation pioneer and only the 4th woman to be licensed to fly in the US. She was known as the "Flying Schoolgirl" for her barnstorming act.

20. On September 12, 1979, a major hurricane caused terrible damage to the city of Mobile. What was the name of that hurricane?

From Quiz Mobile: The City by the Bay

Answer: Frederic

The destruction caused by Hurricane Frederic was tremendous, over two billion dollars in fact. Approximately 90% of Mobile was without electricity and many homes were completely destroyed. At the time, Frederic was the costliest hurricane ever to hit the United States. Due to the extensive damage, the name Frederic has been retired.

21. A number of NASA astronauts are graduates of Auburn University including this Alabama native who became an astronaut in 1969 but didn't make his/her first flight until 1982 as pilot of the final orbital test flight of Columbia.

From Quiz Alabama Aviation History

Answer: Henry Hartsfield

Coats is a former astronaut and test pilot like Hartsfield but is from California. Jan Davis is another Auburn graduate and astronaut but didn't join the program until 1987. Ed Long was a test pilot from Alabama who is thought to have been the most experienced ever at the time of his death with over 64000 hours; that's more than 7 years!

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