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5 Camping quizzes and 50 Camping trivia questions.
  Orderly Disorder   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I always find that when I go camping, everything gets thrown in the trunk and ends up in disorder. Now I will have to put some order to this jumble.
Very Easy, 10 Qns, einsteinII, Dec 09 12
Very Easy
2753 plays
  10 Suggestions for a Good Camping Trip    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is pretty simple. It is just 10 questions related to camping.
Average, 10 Qns, bernie73, Dec 17 23
bernie73 gold member
Dec 17 23
1740 plays
  Into the Woods    
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
So you're heading off on a camping trip - let's see if you are familiar with some useful items for such an expedition.
Average, 10 Qns, looney_tunes, Nov 05 18
looney_tunes editor
Nov 05 18
443 plays
  How Would You Survive in the Bush?   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
How well would you lead a party of trampers in the great outdoors?
Easier, 10 Qns, willomania, Apr 13 17
963 plays
  Travel Trailer Basics    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I like to camp but desired more conveniences than can be found in a tent (such as a stove and refrigerator). So I purchased a travel trailer that I tow behind my truck. This quiz is about some standard travel trailer facts that I have recently learned.
Tough, 10 Qns, HarryTripper, May 29 23
May 29 23
455 plays

Camping Trivia Questions

1. Almost all U.S. travel trailers position the primary entry/exit door on which side of the trailer (when facing forward)?

From Quiz
Travel Trailer Basics

Answer: The right side

The entry door is almost always located on the trailer's right side. This is the side away from the road - the curb side. This is because, in the USA, folks drive on the right side of the road and you don't want them entering the trailer from the road side. This is also true of all city buses.

2. What other checks should a party leader make just before setting off on the tramp?

From Quiz How Would You Survive in the Bush?

Answer: Park restrictions, weather, health, equipment

Unpredictable weather, broken equipment along with each individuals' health can all play a part in making the tramp difficult or dangerous. The leader should find out how experienced each individual is and be aware of the pitfalls that these checks could cause his party. Fire bans, protected wildlife and private property areas are other things to be considered before heading off.

3. Dehydration is another problem that you could encounter when on a camping trip. What is not a good first aid procedure to use with a fellow camper who is suffering from dehydration?

From Quiz 10 Suggestions for a Good Camping Trip

Answer: Quickly consume a large cup of water

The other three actions are all good ones to use with a person who is suffering dehydration. Having a dehydrated person consume water or another drink quickly, however, could lead to vomiting. While replenishing fluid levels in his or her body is important, a better method is to have the person drink more slowly--in sips, rather than chugs or gulps.

4. Once on the way what should a good leader not aspire to do?

From Quiz How Would You Survive in the Bush?

Answer: Rush ahead to get dinner on

It is important to have regular rests as well as setting a pace that all the party can keep up with. This helps keep the party together and not strung out in a line which can be a recipe for disaster.

5. Camping on an undeveloped campsite, without electrical power or a water connection, is commonly referred to as which term?

From Quiz Travel Trailer Basics

Answer: Dry camping

While some items can run off of the trailer's 12 volt battery, you will not have the ability to run a TV, microwave or other items that require alternating current. Consequently, many folks buy a gasoline generator to provide them with electrical power when dry camping. Boondocking is a subset of dry camping; it involves using a public space where it is allowed to park your trailer, usually for a short time.

6. What footwear would you advise your fellow trampers to wear for your bush walk?

From Quiz How Would You Survive in the Bush?

Answer: Comfortable leather lace up boots

It is sensible to wear tramping boots that are a nice fit and have already been worn in as new boots could cause blisters that will slow you and the whole party down.

7. When not connected to an electrical power source, a trailer's cabin lights will still function (as they run off of the trailer's 12 volt battery). But what enables the trailer's refrigerator to continue operating?

From Quiz Travel Trailer Basics

Answer: It can run off of the propane gas system

Nowadays, almost all trailer refrigerators have dual power capability and can run off of AC electricity when hooked up or gas from the propane tank(s) when dry camping.

8. While camping you may need to use some water at the site and will want to purify it. While boiling the water is one method, it has some disadvantages. What is NOT a potential problem with boiling water?

From Quiz 10 Suggestions for a Good Camping Trip

Answer: Boiling water changes its taste.

Boiling water does not change the taste of the water. (Another common method--using water purification tablets--is more likely to do that.) Boiling water can be time consuming, however, as the water must first be heated and then allowed to cool before drinking. In addition, you are limited by the size of your pot or other container in which the water can be safely heated. Whichever method you use to purify water from your campsite, it is important to do something. Drinking untreated water could expose you to bacteria and viruses in the water that could make you sick.

9. A trailer's cabin lights require direct current and run off of the trailer's 12 volt battery. When hooked up to an AC power source, what electrical device enables the cabin lights to work without drawing any energy from the trailer's battery?

From Quiz Travel Trailer Basics

Answer: A converter

A converter takes alternating current and turns it into direct current. A converter will also keep the trailer's battery charged. They come standard on most travel trailers.

10. On a camping trip, you may have the occasion to use a topographic map which shows the "relief" of the area. By definition, what is this map showing?

From Quiz 10 Suggestions for a Good Camping Trip

Answer: Changes in elevation

Your topographic map may include all of these other features, but "relief" by definition refers to changes in elevation. This is usually shown on the map through the use of contour lines. If you are hiking to your camp site, you will probably use a topographic map along with a compass or a GPS device to find your way. The creation and use of topographic maps goes back over 200 years and they have been used for several purposes including military ones.

11. The trunk is looking emptier - just a few more items. I grab a glass and metal contraption from the recesses. I won't need it yet but as soon as it gets dark, this is going to be real handy. What have I got here?

From Quiz Orderly Disorder

Answer: lantern

A camp lantern is handy since we haven't learned the knack of echolocation. It also attracts a million bugs which leads us to another trip to the boot.

12. Approximately how much distance will an average tramping party cover on a smooth, wide track per hour?

From Quiz How Would You Survive in the Bush?

Answer: 5 kilometers (3 miles)

Large parties can take longer than smaller ones due to narrow tracks, swing bridges, fallen trees and river crossings and similar hazards, but, on average, five kilometers are covered every hour by a fit walker.

13. Travel trailers carry a gas tank (or tanks) for running appliances such as the stove and heater. By US law, trailers are required to have a gas sensor alarm in the cabin for safety purposes. What is this dangerous gas that travel trailers use?

From Quiz Travel Trailer Basics

Answer: Propane

Propane is the same gas also used on many barbecue systems and when used correctly can be quite safe. While the gas is naturally odorless, all commercial gas has been given an odor so as to help make it noticeable if there is a leak in the system. The gas sensor alarm is one of the most important safety devices on a travel trailer and should never be disconnected. It is powered by the battery so if the battery gets very weak it will sound an alarm.

14. Rooting around in the trunk , I am looking for a can that reminds me that I am in the deep woods, as if I didn't know. This little can will stop me from going bonkers swatting mosquitoes as they zoom in for a little top up. What am I looking for?

From Quiz Orderly Disorder

Answer: bug repellent

The bugs are bad at this site and so I have the bug repellent. There must be a swamp nearby. Why did I ever chose this place anyway? Oh yes, all the good places were full on the long weekend.

15. Where would you keep your map during the tramp?

From Quiz How Would You Survive in the Bush?

Answer: Keep dry and handy in a plastic bag

By keeping your map in a plastic bag it will be kept dry and you can fold the map to be read through the bag to lessen the chances of it getting wet in inclement weather. There are, of course, also GPS and mobile phones that can be good tools. But reception issues or device failures (an untimely dead battery) make a physical map very important.

16. When the tramp is over, what should the leader do on arrival at the finishing point of the tramp?

From Quiz How Would You Survive in the Bush?

Answer: Inform the contact person that all have returned safely from the tramp

After the tramp it is very important to let the responsible contact person know that the tramp has finished and all have returned. Otherwise they could set a off a futile search.

17. What is meant by referring to a travel trailer as a 'tandem' trailer?

From Quiz Travel Trailer Basics

Answer: A trailer with two axles

A tandem trailer has 2 axles and four wheels, providing much more stability. Many of the smaller, lightweight trailers have only one axle and two wheels. This reduces the tow weight significantly. However, these trailers are not as stable and will tend to bounce more. Thus, they should only be used on smaller trailers.

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