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Hunting game is one of humanity's oldest activities and has been necessary for survival until the advent of livestock herding. Today, hunting is, in most countries, a strictly regulated hobby that attempts to balance the need to control wild animal populations with the welfare of the individual animal, as well as, of course, the enjoyment of the hunter - not always completely successfully.

FunTrivia's quizzes on hunting focus on traditions, terminology and best practice - you should not find any graphical descriptions here.

2 Hunting quizzes and 20 Hunting trivia questions.
  Beating Up Birds    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
It's not how it sounds. Well, maybe it is. What do you know of 'driven game shooting' using beaters to flush out game birds? Let's take a look at the practice in the UK.
Tough, 10 Qns, reedy, Nov 10 20
reedy gold member
Nov 10 20
173 plays
  Foxhunting - Terms and Etiquette    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Foxhunting is riddled with traditions and quaint terminology. Here are just a few.
Tough, 10 Qns, arcane62, Sep 21 20
Sep 21 20
2348 plays

Hunting Trivia Questions

1. As the story goes, driven game shooting was brought to the United Kingdom by the 2nd Earl of Malmesbury after taking a grand tour of Europe in 1799. What was the sport called?

From Quiz
Beating Up Birds

Answer: Battue

Hunting game birds as a sport in the UK became popular in the 16th century with falconry, and even moreso with the development of flintlock and matchlock rifles. Early on, birds were often shot on the ground or in the water, a practice which is largely frowned upon now, and often considered to be 'unsporting'. Shooting game birds on the wing became popular in the 17th century, using dogs to flush them out. With the story of the 2nd Earl of Malmesbury, he saw an established practice of driven game shooting, where people beat the bush to drive out the game towards the hunters. Derived from the French word 'battre', meaning 'to beat', the hunting practice of 'battue' was brought the practice back to the UK with him. Point to note - according to the Merriam-Webster (online) Dictionary, the first known use of the word 'battue' was in 1816, so who can say if the story was true. All that to say, 'battue' is defined as "the beating of woods and bushes to flush game" and "a hunt in which this procedure is used".

2. At what age is a horse eligible to go foxhunting?

From Quiz Foxhunting - Terms and Etiquette

Answer: Any age

There is no official age before which a horse can't go foxhunting. However, it is wise to wait until the horse is mature before doing so. In Ireland, they often start them as three-year-olds. More usually though, the horse will be four or five.

3. What improvement to firearms greatly increased the popularity of driven game shooting in the early 19th century?

From Quiz Beating Up Birds

Answer: Breech-loading

Breech-loading allowed for much faster loading, firing, and reloading, etc. than the flintlock, which required ignition of gunpowder to force ball or shot out of the rifle. Breech-loading was a development that accompanied cartridges and firing pins, combining what was once separate, and streamlining the whole process of firing a gun. Barrel rifling was invented in the 15th century, while flintlocks were developed in the 17th century. Semi-automatics would not be seen until the late 19th century.

4. To indicate that you are riding a young or inexperienced horse, what piece of equipment should it wear?

From Quiz Foxhunting - Terms and Etiquette

Answer: A green ribbon in the tail

The green ribbon is worn so that other riders know to give your horse extra space, as some horses find the experience quite exciting the first few times and their behaviour can be a tad unpredictable. Of course this only works if other riders know what the ribbon means!

5. Hounds are counted in pairs. What are these pairs called?

From Quiz Foxhunting - Terms and Etiquette

Answer: Couples

Two hounds are always referred to as a couple. A hound is never one hound, it is half a couple. Three hounds are a couple and a half. Luckily counting and then dividing by two isn't that difficult!

6. The Game Act also outlines shooting seasons for the various game birds. Outside of those date ranges, on what other days in the UK may game NOT be taken?

From Quiz Beating Up Birds

Answer: Sundays and Christmas Day

Game Act 1931: 3. Days and Seasons during which Game shall not be killed. Penalty for laying poison to kill game. "If any person whatsoever shall kill or take any game, or use any dog, gun, net, or other engine or instrument for the purpose of killing or taking any game, on a Sunday or Christmas Day, such person shall, on conviction thereof before two justices of the peace, forfeit and pay for every such offence such sum of money, not exceeding [level 1 on the standard scale], as to the said justices shall seem meet."

7. What term is used to describe a hound that hasn't yet hunted?

From Quiz Foxhunting - Terms and Etiquette

Answer: Unentered

Once a hound has hunted it unsurprisingly is known as an entered hound.

8. Driven game shooting became a well-organized activity, with many different roles to fill to have a successful shoot in the UK. Who is responsible for managing the area of countryside or estate for a shoot?

From Quiz Beating Up Birds

Answer: Gamekeeper

Gamekeepers are responsible for managing the game population of a given area, and this is not limited to game birds. Within their role, they must ensure sufficient populations of game for hunting (shooting or stalking) or fish for angling, and they also manage the areas of woodland, moorland, waterway or farmland that they oversee to keep it good for game animals and other wildlife. In the early 20th century there were upwards of 25,000 full-time gamekeepers in the UK. Over 100 years later, and there are only approximately 3,000 so employed.

9. A rider that is wearing a tweed jacket is said to be wearing what?

From Quiz Foxhunting - Terms and Etiquette

Answer: Ratcatcher

Ratcatcher is worn for autumn hunting and by children during the season.

10. What is the customary uniform to wear when participating in a driven game shoot in the UK?

From Quiz Beating Up Birds

Answer: Tweeds in earth tones and green

The full uniform is a shirt with a collar (tie optional), tweed waistcoat, jacket, and matching "plus-fours". Plus-fours are short trousers, worn in case of treading through a bog, thus requiring only a change of socks. And speaking of socks, they are the only part of the ensemble that can be a bright colour, if desired.

11. When hounds are searching for a scent, what is it known as?

From Quiz Foxhunting - Terms and Etiquette

Answer: Feathering

The huntsman casts the hounds, who then sniff about for a scent. Some have better noses than others and the huntsman soon learns which hounds he can really trust.

12. At the meet, the hosts provide a stirrup cup. What does this traditionally contain?

From Quiz Foxhunting - Terms and Etiquette

Answer: Port

A very warming and welcome drink on a frosty morning.

13. In addition to beaters and Guns (shooters), another essential role of the driven game shoot in the UK is picking up downed birds. Apart from handling their retrieving dogs, what is the most important role of the pickers-up?

From Quiz Beating Up Birds

Answer: Humanely dispatching wounded birds

The prime objective of shooting live game is to provide an instant death, and the Guns train and practise their marksmanship for just such an outcome. However, when game do fall injured, it is the role of the pickers-up to ensure a quick death with as little pain as possible for the bird. To that end, a tool called a 'priest' (an instrument which acquired its name as it "administers the last rites") should always be ready for use in the field. As the practice of hunting and shooting continues to be a controversial practice in the UK, it is essential that regulated practices are in place to ensure the animals do not suffer needlessly (within the context of the fact that they are being hunted).

14. What is the traditional time that hunts meet?

From Quiz Foxhunting - Terms and Etiquette

Answer: 11.00 am

Photographer Jim Meades took photographs of every hunt in England and put them in a book called "They meet at eleven." Well worth a look, just for his artistry with a camera.

15. Approximately what portion of the rural landmass of the United Kingdom is managed for shooting?

From Quiz Beating Up Birds

Answer: Two thirds

Reference: - Paragraph on Pg. 9 of 19 "Shooting and Stalking". Hunting in general, including driven game shooting, has received much criticism over the years. The League Against Cruel Sports was founded in 1924 to fight against the practice. On their website they state, "Up to 146,000 pheasants, 5,300 red grouse and 38,300 red-legged partridges are shot every day in the UK, during their respective hunting seasons." The checks and balances that have been brought about by such groups has made the industry publish and follow the "Code of Good Shooting Practice" and the "Guide to Good Game Handling". And through the Gamekeepers, much effort is made in maintaining habitats and populations. The shooting industry creates £1.6 billion. £250 million is spent on conservation as a result of shooting.

16. The name given to the person that the riders follow is?

From Quiz Foxhunting - Terms and Etiquette

Answer: Field Master

A Field Master is appointed for the day, whose instructions everyone must obey. It is considered bad form to allow your horse to overtake the Field Master but it happens at times. Just apologise!

17. Hunting was considered a royal sport for many years in the UK. Which king, while competing with a friend in December of 1918, shot over 1,000 pheasants over a six-day shoot?

From Quiz Beating Up Birds

Answer: George V

Reportedly, the group of shooters (along with the king) took down 3,937 pheasants over the six-day shoot, but the king's portion was not enough to win the contest with his friend.

18. When you are going home, after thanking the Master what should be your parting words?

From Quiz Foxhunting - Terms and Etiquette

Answer: Goodnight

It always makes me chuckle when saying this at eight in the morning after autumn hunting, having started at five a.m.

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