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The phrase Greek gods usually evokes the names of the Olympians, but before the Olympians were the Titans.
6 Titans quizzes and 62 Titans trivia questions.
  Remember the Titans   best quiz  
Collection Quiz
 12 Qns
Embark on a mythical journey with this quiz! Test your knowledge of these powerful beings from Greek mythology who once ruled the cosmos. Can you name the mighty beings that came before the Olympic gods?
Average, 12 Qns, LeoDaVinci, Jan 29 24
LeoDaVinci editor
Jan 29 24
219 plays
  Prometheus the Titan    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz about Prometheus, the creator of mankind. By reading the interesting information at the end of the quiz, if you didn't before, you will know after, nearly the entire story of Prometheus.
Average, 10 Qns, Matlock master of lore, Feb 01 19
Matlock master of lore
Feb 01 19
2955 plays
  Clash of the Titans   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Zeus did not always rule Ancient Greece from Mount Olympus. In fact, there was a much older set of gods who were in charge before him: the Titans. See how much you know about ten of them.
Average, 10 Qns, LauraMcC, Nov 01 13
LauraMcC gold member
602 plays
  The Titanic Family   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
No boats, icebergs or blockbuster movies. Just questions concerning the offspring of Uranus and Gaia, known as the Titans.
Average, 10 Qns, paper_aero, Jan 22 14
paper_aero gold member
270 plays
  Cronus and Rhea    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz on Cronus and Rhea.
Average, 10 Qns, tee-hee-me, Nov 15 18
Nov 15 18
1317 plays
  The Origins of the World   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz deals with the origins of the world according to Greek Mythology and specifically Hesiod.
Tough, 10 Qns, gme24, Mar 13 22
gme24 gold member
Mar 13 22
498 plays

Titans Trivia Questions

1. According to Hesiod, what existed in the beginning?

From Quiz
The Origins of the World

Answer: Chaos

In "Theogony" we read "Verily at the first Chaos came to be... ". Chaos was not created by anyone, it was always there. In the beginning we also meet the wide-bosomed Gaia (Earth) and Eros (Love). From Chaos are born Erebus and Night.

2. Which Titan, who deposed his father Uranus, and in turn was deposed by Zeus, was the leader of the Titans?

From Quiz Clash of the Titans

Answer: Cronus

Cronus was the youngest of the original twelve Titans, and was the son of Uranus (the sky) and Gaia (the earth). He was married to one of his sisters, Rhea, and was the father of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. After usurping the leadership from his father, he swallowed up his children in an attempt to prevent them from doing the same to him. However, Rhea saved Zeus from this fate, and once he grew up he led a rebellion against Cronus and the other Titans; this resulted in the banishment of most of the Titans to Tartarus, and the long-lasting reign of Zeus and his siblings from Mount Olympus. Phoebe was one of Cronus's sisters, and Pallas and Atlas were two of his nephews.

3. Who was Prometheus' father?

From Quiz Prometheus the Titan

Answer: Iapetus

Prometheus is the son of Iapetus. The Grandson of Ocean and the great grandson of Uranus and Gaea.

4. Cronus and Rhea were?

From Quiz Cronus and Rhea

Answer: married and also brother and sister

The Greeks often identified Rhea with the Phrygian Mother of Gods, Cybele.

5. The youngest of the children of Uranus and Gaia was Tethys. Where would you find Tethys Ocean?

From Quiz The Titanic Family

Answer: Pre-historic Earth

The Tethys Ocean is a name given to an ocean created following the break up of Pangea into the continents of Laurasia and Gondwana. If you don't remember this, fear not, you have a good excuse, as it did happen some 200 million years ago, so (almost certainly) before you were born. Greece (both ancient and modern versions) borders the Mediterranean Sea while Mount Olympus in Greece is the traditional home of the gods. One of the moons of Saturn is named Tethys but none of these contain the Tethys Ocean.

6. According to Hesiod, what were the offspring of Night and Erebus?

From Quiz The Origins of the World

Answer: Aether and Day

Aether is the upper atmosphere, whereas Aer is the lower atmosphere. As Hesiod says "from Night were born Aether and Day, conceived from union in love with Erebus".

7. Oceanus, another of Uranus's sons, had the upper body of a man. What animal did his lower body resemble?

From Quiz Clash of the Titans

Answer: Serpent

Oceanus, whose name is the origin of our word "ocean", was the god of all rivers and other sources of water. He is usually depicted as having the horns of a bull, the torso of a man, and the tail of a serpent or a fish - a bit like a merman, in fact. He was married to his sister, Tethys, and was the father of all of the ocean nymphs. If he had had any of the other body-types, he would not have found it quite so easy to swim along his rivers.

8. In the war between Cronus and Zeus, Prometheus originally sided with Cronus. He told Cronus to release the ____________ to aid in the war. However Cronus refused and Prometheus took his advice elsewhere.

From Quiz Prometheus the Titan

Answer: Cyclops and Hecatonchires

Prometheus told Cronus to release his brothers, the hideous Cyclops and Hecatonchires, from their prisons to defeat Zeus. However Cronus refused, so Prometheus sided with Zeus and offered the same advice, which Zeus reluctantly followed. With his new allies, Zeus defeated Cronus and became King of the Gods. Among these were the Hecatonchires Cottos, Gyas and Biareos, noted for having fifty heads a piece and a hundred hands, who forged thunder and lightning for Zeus to use as his weapons.

9. Zeus was Cronus's ____?

From Quiz Cronus and Rhea

Answer: sixth child

Zeus was the sixth and youngest child of Cronus and Rhea. Hades, Poseidon, Hestia, Demeter and Hera were his older brothers and sisters.

10. According to Hesiod, what was Earth's (Gaia's) first born?

From Quiz The Origins of the World

Answer: Heaven

Heaven (Uranus) was Earth's first born. Uranus was covering the Earth from all sides and was the abode of the Gods. After Heaven, the Earth bore the Hills and the Pontus (the deep sea).

11. Mnemosyne had nine daughters with Zeus, whose names included Calliope, Thalia and Clio. What is the general name given to these daughters?

From Quiz Clash of the Titans

Answer: Muses

Mnemoysne was the goddess of memory, and her name is where the word mnemonic comes from. She had the subsidiary role of controlling all learning by rote, which used to be the way in which stories and poems were passed down, and it is therefore appropriate that she produced the nine muses, who took care of poetry, and intervened if ever a mortal had trouble remembering a word or idea. The Fates, who were also the daughters of Zeus by the Titaness Themis, controlled the lives of all mortal beings; the Furies were the avengers of all wrong-doings; and the Giants were another set of descendants of Gaia, the mother or grandmother to all the Titans. None of them were quite so gentle as the Muses.

12. Where did Prometheus live?

From Quiz Prometheus the Titan

Answer: On the Earth

He lived on the Earth while it was still barren and void of life. However he had great dreams of the beauty that it would soon become.

13. Who was Rhea's mother?

From Quiz Cronus and Rhea

Answer: Gaia & Ge & Gaea

14. According to Hesiod, who was the youngest son of Earth (Gaia) and Heaven (Uranus)?

From Quiz The Origins of the World

Answer: Cronus

Cronus is referred to as the "youngest and most terrible of her children and he hated his lusty sire". Oceanus, Coeus and Hyperion were born before Cronus.

15. Themis, a prophet and a soothsayer, was one of the Oracles at which shrine?

From Quiz Clash of the Titans

Answer: Delphi

Themis, the last of the first generation of Titans that I am detailing in this quiz, was the goddess of law and order. She was also the mother of the Furies. However, it is perhaps as one of the oracles of Delphi that she was best known. Delphi, located on Mount Parnassus in central Greece, was home to the most famous shrine in the ancient world, and was seen as symbolising the entire Greek religion. The three wrong answers were also known for their shrines, but none of them was associated with Themis.

16. Prometheus made models out of ________ which came to life as animals and populated the Earth.

From Quiz Prometheus the Titan

Answer: mud & clay

The models that Prometheus made out of mud sprang to life. This was able to happen because the world was not completely sorted out from chaos and specs of life remained in the mud.At first his models were primitive and formed such things as snakes and other reptiles but as time went on he became more skillful. He then made birds and small mammals. He then desired to make an animals in the likeness of the gods which could think. At his first attempts he failed and made monkeys and other apes. But he eventually succeeded and made humans. And into man he put specs of all other animals he had made.

17. What did Ge (or Gaia) make and give to Cronus with which he castrated Uranus?

From Quiz Cronus and Rhea

Answer: A sickle flint

According to some versions of the myth Cronus castrated his father alone, according to others some of the Titans aided him. The sickle flint is mostly thought to represent the fertility of the earth, of which Cronus is the deity.

18. Appropriately for a quiz about Titans, which Titan is held to represent the inquiring mind?

From Quiz The Titanic Family

Answer: Coeus

Polus is the nearest Roman equivalent to Coeus. Asteria is the name of several characters throughout classical mythology, one of which is the daughter of Coeus. Asteria is also a character in the opera 'Telemaco' by Gluck, which is based on the Odyssey. References to Coeus are few. His most noticeable achievement appears to be his grandchildren including Apollo and Artemis.

19. According to Hesiod, what is the collective name of Brontes, Steropes and Arges?

From Quiz The Origins of the World

Answer: Cyclopes

They were called Cyclopes (cycle means orb) because they had only one eye that was set in the middle of their forehead.

20. Where did Rhea take Zeus to hide him from Cronus and who helped protect Zeus?

From Quiz Cronus and Rhea

Answer: Rhea took him to Crete where the Curetes protected him

According to an Arcadian version, Rhea called upon Hopladamus and his giants (who are not otherwise known) to protect her from Cronus.

21. Also aptly for a quiz, which of the daughters of Uranus and Gaia has been represented as a goddess of intellect and prophecy?

From Quiz The Titanic Family

Answer: Phoebe

Only one Titaness is listed and that is Phoebe. Iapetus is one of her brothers, while Atlas and Prometheus are his sons. Phoebe is also said to have been the originator of the Oracle at Delphi.

22. Uranus hated his children and was hiding them as soon as they were born in a secret place. The Earth (Gaia) in great pain made a sickle and called upon her children to take revenge. Who had the courage to execute his mother's plan?

From Quiz The Origins of the World

Answer: Cronus

Cronus, the youngest of the children, was the one that executed his mother's evil plan. While Heaven (Uranus) lay upon the Earth (Gaia), Cronus severed Heaven's member and cast it behind him.

23. Which Titan was forced to hold up the skies, as a punishment for siding with the Titans in their war against the Olympians?

From Quiz Clash of the Titans

Answer: Atlas

Atlas, the god of astronomy and navigation, was the son of Iapetus. When the Olympians were trying to take over the power from the Titans, Atlas fought hard against the younger usurpers, along with his brother Menoetius and many of his other relations. After the Olympians won the war, the majority of the Titans were forced to live in the underworld abyss of Tartarus, but Atlas was compelled to hold up the skies for all eternity. He also appears in the story of Heracles's (Hercules's) eleventh labour, when he agrees to fetch the apples of the Hesperides for him, so long as Heracles holds up the skies until his return. Of course, he plans to escape after fetching the apples, but Heracles manages to trick him into taking his burden back. Epimentheus is one of his brothers; Hyperion is an uncle; and Perses is a cousin.

24. Prometheus stole _______ from the gods and gave it to man and taught them many things to do with it. However this made Zeus very angry and he sought a way to get revenge on Prometheus.

From Quiz Prometheus the Titan

Answer: fire

Prometheus wished to teach men to be wise as are the gods and he poured his knowledge into them. However he realized that without fire men could not accomplish much. Fire at this time was a great novelty even to the gods and Zeus saw humans unworthy of it and denied Prometheus' request for it. So he lit a stick on fire in Olympus and brought the flame down to earth. He then taught man to cook with it, to use it for heat, light, and to make bricks with it. He then taught them about arithmetic and the stars and other wondrous things.

25. According to some versions of the myth, after hiding Zeus, what did Rhea present to Cronus instead of the young god?

From Quiz Cronus and Rhea

Answer: a stone wrapped in swaddling

Rhea gave her husband a stone, which he swallowed, thinking it was Zeus. Rhea also tricked her husband after Poseidon's birth, according to one version of the myth; she hid Poseidon with some lambs and presented Cronus with a lamb in his place.

26. Which son of Uranus castrated his father at his mother's behest?

From Quiz The Titanic Family

Answer: Cronus

Only one of the four options is a son of Uranus. The amputation was apparently carried out with a sickle, and hence the symbol of Cronus is a sickle. Maybe this has developed via the Roman equivalent Saturn into a harvest festival god. The sickle does help confuse things with the god of time, Chronos, and his scythe.

27. What is said to have been born from Heaven's (Uranus') severed member and the foamy sea?

From Quiz The Origins of the World

Answer: Aphrodite

Aphrodite first sailed to Cythera and then to Cyprus where she came out of the foam (thus the name Aphrodite as Aphros means foam).

28. Which important element did Prometheus famously steal from the gods?

From Quiz Clash of the Titans

Answer: Fire

Prometheus, who was one of Atlas's brothers, was the god of forethought. He was responsible for creating mankind out of clay, and he therefore often took man's side against the gods. One story goes that he even stole some food from Zeus's banquet to feed to the starving mortals. However, he gained infamy after he stole a bolt of fire from Mount Olympus, with the intention of giving it to mankind. As a punishment, Prometheus did not only have to mould a woman (Pandora), who brought a fair amount of trouble to the ancient world, but he was also chained to a rock, where an eagle pecked out his liver every day. Interestingly, Prometheus was on the side of the Zeus in their war against the Titans. He seemed to have made a habit of not doing what was expected of him!

29. Zeus wished to destroy man for he believed that they were foul beasts. However Prometheus worked out peace between man and the gods. As a part of the peace agreement, men had to offer something up to the gods, what was it?

From Quiz Prometheus the Titan

Answer: They had to offer up a part of whatever food they caught.

The humans were required to offer up half of their food to Zeus in exchange for him not killing them. However Prometheus tricked Zeus into letting the men get the better parts of the food. Prometheus cut up the animal which was caught and put the tidbits into its bladder, which he wrapped in the rough hide of the animal. He then put all of the bones in a bundle and wrapped fat around the bones. He ask Zeus to pick which portion he would have, knowing full well that Zeus loved fat. Zeus picked the bones wrapped in fat. When he opened the bundle he was furious but having already of chosen, he could not take back his decision.

30. What goddess did the Romans identify Rhea with?

From Quiz Cronus and Rhea

Answer: Ops

Ops is the Roman goddess of plenty, identified with the Greek Rhea. Onca is a Phoenician goddess. Orcus is a Roman name for Pluto(Hades) or his realm. Rhamnusia is a title of Nemesis.

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