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Fun Trivia
Based on a 1995 novel, "Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West", the musical production, which is simply known as "Wicked", premiered on Broadway in 2003. Play the quizzes in this category and see if you can answer the question, "Are people born wicked, or do they have wickedness thrust upon them"?
55 Wicked quizzes and 770 Wicked trivia questions.
  Wicked: 20 Questions    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
Even though it's new this show is one of my favorites. The quiz is pretty simple just complete the lyric, answer the question or give the title of the song. Happy quizzing!
Easier, 20 Qns, DramaChick13, Aug 28 23
Aug 28 23
5366 plays
  Nicole's Swankified "Wicked"   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
"Let's go down to the Ozdust Ballroom" and take Nicole's super-swankified "Wicked" quiz, based, of course, upon Stephen Schwartz's amazing musical. Good luck.
Average, 20 Qns, bwaymizfit, Oct 31 09
3100 plays
  How well do you know "Wicked the Musical"?    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
**WARNING: THIS QUIZ INCLUDES SOME INFORMATION THAT MIGHT SPOIL PART OF THE PLAY** "Wicked the Musical" is one of my FAVORITES! Do you know as much as you think you know about this musical? Let's find out!
Very Easy, 15 Qns, broadway_lover, Jun 12 20
Very Easy
Jun 12 20
3694 plays
  The Musical "Wicked"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is based on the Broadway musical "Wicked". If you think you know "Wicked," take this quiz to test your knowledge on the show. If you haven't seen the show, this quiz might have a few spoilers, so be careful.
Average, 10 Qns, Athenasgirl26, Sep 28 11
940 plays
  A 'Wicked' Musical    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz centers around the all new "Wicked" musical. 10 questions of 'Wicked Fun'!
Easier, 10 Qns, avalongirl, Dec 27 16
3603 plays
  Wizomania! "Wicked" the Musical    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"Wicked" is the latest musical phenomenon! Here is a quiz on the songs from the show.
Easier, 10 Qns, gehrmankk, Dec 11 09
3423 plays
  What do you know about Wicked?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A short wander through the life of the Wicked Witch of the West.
Easier, 10 Qns, trishtea, Nov 09 11
2088 plays
  "Wicked" - But How Wicked Are You?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Welcome to this, my very first quiz. Defy gravity and see what you know about this spellbinding show.
Average, 10 Qns, simjazzbeer, Jan 30 08
2480 plays
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is based on the Broadway hit, "Wicked." To answer some of these questions you must have seen the show! Happy quizzing!
Average, 10 Qns, janey114, Dec 22 11
3659 plays
  "Wicked" the Musical Multiple Choice Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
See how much you remember about the wonderful musical, "Wicked".
Easier, 10 Qns, JCB1984, Jun 20 10
4239 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Who do the silver (later ruby) slippers belong to?

From Quiz ""Wicked" the Musical"

  "Wicked" The Musical Quiz for Experts    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is about the musical "Wicked". Warning! Spoilers!
Easier, 10 Qns, hermione136, Sep 15 07
1758 plays
  "Wicked" in General    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is pretty easy, just about general things in the Musical "Wicked".
Average, 10 Qns, Arwen16, Mar 26 05
2674 plays
  Wicked Songs    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I'm now totally obsessed with "Wicked"! So I'll give you a line and you tell me the name of the song.
Easier, 10 Qns, loli90, Oct 28 23
Oct 28 23
1755 plays
  "Wicked": The Best Musical Ever    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
My favorite show! May contain spoilers.
Easier, 10 Qns, mymymy45, Apr 28 11
1075 plays
  "Wicked": The Hottest New Musical Around    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"Wicked" is the most incredible play ever! If you've seen, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Have fun.
Easier, 10 Qns, minimel8817, Oct 08 16
1599 plays
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz on the pthe musical "Wicked!".
Easier, 10 Qns, jen-jen96, Jun 07 12
347 plays
  Some "Wicked" Fun    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
"Wicked" is my new favorite show of the 2003-2004 Broadway season. Here's a fun quiz, but you need to see the show to answer some of the questions. If you haven't seen the show, this will definitely spoil it for you!
Tough, 20 Qns, liotte, Jan 21 20
Jan 21 20
2344 plays
  "Wicked" - The Musical    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Can you fill in the missing lyrics from "Wicked" songs?
Average, 10 Qns, naybabe83, Feb 06 11
1148 plays
  'Wicked' the Musical    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
'Wicked' is a musical about a green girl, Elphaba, who becomes the Wicked Witch of the West, and her best friend who becomes Glinda the Good.
Average, 10 Qns, helenephoebe, May 27 12
225 plays
  "Wicked", the musical    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is my first quiz on Fun Trivia, and it's all about my favorite musical, "Wicked"! I hope you enjoy it.
Average, 10 Qns, bookworm2012, Sep 09 13
616 plays
  "Wicked" Trivia!    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz all about the Broadway smash hit "Wicked". Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, mbgirl05, Jun 14 10
640 plays
  Defying Gravity--A "Wicked" Song Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Welcome to my "Wicked" quiz, it's all about the music from the show taking Broadway (and theatre in general) by storm around the world!
Average, 10 Qns, sing519, Feb 17 17
1224 plays
  What do you know about "Wicked" The Musical?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A "Wicked" quiz on the spellbinding musical. I'm a huge fan! "Defy Gravity"!
Tough, 10 Qns, ross00018, May 21 07
1974 plays
  Best "Wicked" Quiz Out There    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is for people who are in love with the Broadway musical "Wicked". It's pretty easy but it DOES have some tricky questions in there.
Average, 10 Qns, lphiechick99, Mar 13 22
Mar 13 22
1500 plays
  The Amazing 'Wicked'    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is all about the hit Broadway musical 'Wicked'! I hope you like my quiz! Good Luck!***THERE ARE SPOILERS!***
Average, 10 Qns, broadway01, Jun 21 06
1563 plays
  "Wicked" the Musical, on Broadway    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I hope you enjoy this quiz about the hit Broadway musical "Wicked"!
Average, 10 Qns, teash, Jun 25 06
1402 plays
  The Ultimate "Wicked" the Musical Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is my favorite play and here are 10 questions about "Wicked."
Average, 10 Qns, Playensoccer, Jan 31 14
2251 plays
  Wicked: In Workshop and Behind the Scenes    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Ah ha! This is all info pulled directly (although I paraphrase) from the Grimmerie*, which I read religiously. *"Wicked : The Grimmerie, a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Hit Broadway Musical" By David Cote and Joan Marcus.
Tough, 10 Qns, WickedGirl613, Apr 09 06
730 plays
  No One Mourns the "Wicked"!    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I saw "Wicked" in 2004 on Broadway, and it was an amazing experience! It is one of the best shows of all time! But how well do YOU know it?
Easier, 10 Qns, oscarcat729, Jul 26 07
1268 plays
  The Broadway Musical "Wicked": Act 1    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the first act of the brilliant musical "Wicked".
Tough, 15 Qns, bella_y_bella, Mar 04 13
228 plays
  'Wicked' In The West End    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
'Wicked' is one of my favourite musicals and here is a quiz on the West End production! Hope you do well!
Average, 10 Qns, JuliaJam, Mar 05 08
531 plays
  10 Questions on Wicked: The Musical    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
If you think you know Oz, think again. "Wicked" tells another story of the classic 1939 film. However, a word of warning: This quiz will put your trivia to the test. Are you up for it?
Average, 10 Qns, boardwalkman, Jun 12 20
Jun 12 20
907 plays
  Defy Gravity: A "Wicked" Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
I saw "Wicked" on October 10, 2004, and it was an amazing experience. I hope this quiz can somehow do justice to this magnificent show. WARNING: There may be spoilers.
Average, 15 Qns, altogeek, Feb 04 06
1592 plays
  "Wicked": Who in Oz Said That?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
If you are a "Wicked" fan, like myself, test your knowledge here by taking my "Wicked" quiz! Good luck and enjoy!
Average, 10 Qns, baseball2k8, Apr 05 07
829 plays
  Wicked Part 1    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
It's about the musical "Wicked" tour in Toronto in the fall of 2010. I have seen this play two times and I still love it.
Average, 10 Qns, Nessrose, Nov 19 11
204 plays
  How Much Do You Really Know About "Wicked"?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
All of this information can be found in the book "Wicked: The Grimmerie"... or via the internet.
Tough, 10 Qns, bcr_chaps_76, Aug 25 08
741 plays
  The Ultimate Wicked: The Musical Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
If you have seen my first "Wicked" quiz, here's another quiz on "Wicked".
Tough, 10 Qns, boardwalkman, Apr 12 08
834 plays
  The Fantasticified "Wicked" Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is all about "Wicked", the musical. It includes information about "Wicked's" Original Broadway Cast, the script, and the song's lyrics. This quiz contains spoilers.
Average, 10 Qns, wicked45, Sep 28 11
196 plays
  The Wonderful World of "Wicked"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"Wicked" is possibly one of the most fantastic shows ever to grace mankind. As it makes its tour across the U.S., more fans are born. Here is a rather arcane quiz for the true Shiz kid in you!
Tough, 10 Qns, Blakey1990, May 15 09
942 plays
  'Wicked' - the Musical    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz about the Broadway musical 'Wicked.'
Tough, 10 Qns, QueenAV, Aug 11 12
304 plays
  'Wicked' West End    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Fun facts about 'Wicked' London.
Difficult, 10 Qns, TheCharmedOnes, Jun 27 11
182 plays

Wicked Trivia Questions

1. Who is/are the first character(s) seen in the original Broadway production of the musical?

From Quiz
The Broadway Musical "Wicked": Act 1

Answer: The Flying Monkeys

The Monkeys swing out and across the stage and set on ropes. They then climb over the complex "gear shaped" sets, shrieking. This occurs before the curtain comes up.

2. What is G(a)linda's surname?

From Quiz 'Wicked' the Musical

Answer: Upland

G(a)linda's surname is Upland. Elphaba's is Thropp. It's Dr. Dillamond and Madam Morrible who are at Shiz University teaching the two girls. Galinda becomes Glinda to show her support for animal rights. She then later becomes Glinda the Good, where Elphaba becomes the Wicked Witch of the West.

3. Who was the last original cast member to leave?

From Quiz 'Wicked' West End

Answer: Sarah Earnshaw

Sarah Earnshaw started as part of the ensemble and Glinda understudy. Sarah then progressed to being the Glinda stand-by. Her last performance as Glinda was the matinee on Tuesday 28th December 2010 (an extra matinee had been added due to it being Christmas). Her last day at 'Wicked' was Saturday 8th January 2011. She left early to join the cast of 'Jekyll and Hyde'. She did return as an emergency cover for Glinda from 15-19 February 2011 when all three Glindas were unable to perform.

4. Who comes down via bubble at the beginning of "No One Mourns the Wicked"?

From Quiz Wicked Part 1

Answer: Glinda

Glinda is correct. Biq doesn't exist, it's Glinda's mispronunciation of "Boq", Galinda/Glinda's stalker.

5. Elphaba is never considered a normal person. Why?

From Quiz Wicked!

Answer: She was born green.

Elphaba was born emerald green. However, this makes her more determined to help the Animals when the Wizard starts a widespread campaign to move them back to farms, as she understands what it is like to be singled out.

6. What song is the first song sung solo by Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West) in Act 1?

From Quiz The Musical "Wicked"

Answer: "The Wizard and I"

"The Wizard and I" is the first song sung solo by Elphaba in Act 1. Madame Morrible tells Elphaba that someday her skill of using magic might land her in the position of helping the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

7. In the song "For Good", who sings "I've heard it said that people come into our lives."

From Quiz 'Wicked' - the Musical

Answer: Glinda

This is Glinda's first line when she sings in "For Good."

8. "Oh what a celebration we'll have today. Let's have a celebration the __ way!" Finish the lyric.

From Quiz "Wicked" Trivia!

Answer: Glinda

"Thank Goodness" is the first song of the second act and announces the engagement of Fiyero and Glinda.

9. Fill in the missing lyrics from the opening number "No One Mourns the Wicked." "the wicked workings of _______".

From Quiz "Wicked" - The Musical

Answer: you know who

If you look closely when this is performed, there are moments where Glinda appears horrified and upset about things that are said about The Wicked Witch rather than excited that she is dead and gone.

10. During the play, we know that Nessarose is in love with Boq. Boq, however loves someone else. Who is it?

From Quiz "Wicked", the musical

Answer: Galinda

When all of the students at Oz go to a party at the Ozdust Ballroom, we find out that Boq only asks Nessarose to dance because Galinda asked him to.

11. Who appeared as Elphaba, Nessarose, G(a)linda, and Fiyero in the Original Broadway cast, respectively (careful of the order)?

From Quiz The Fantasticified "Wicked" Quiz

Answer: Idina Menzel, Michelle Federer, Kristin Chenoweth, Nobert Leo Butz

Stephanie J. Block did the workshops for the role of Elphaba in "Wicked". She was eventually replaced by Idina Menzel, because the people who created "Wicked" wanted an actress who had appeared in other musicals, like "Aida" and "Rent".

12. Which London theatre did 'Wicked' open in?

From Quiz 'Wicked' In The West End

Answer: The Apollo Victoria

'Wicked' opened in 2006 in London; the theatre is located right outside London Victoria station.

13. What well-known, bubbly tune from "Wicked" is this lyric from? "Don't be offended by my frank analysis, Think of it as personality dialysis."

From Quiz Defying Gravity--A "Wicked" Song Quiz

Answer: Popular

A very cute song to show the start of what could be considered a civil relationship between Glinda and Elphaba.

14. "Wicked" is based on a book of the same name. Who is the author of the book "Wicked"?

From Quiz Wicked: The Musical

Answer: Gregory Maguire

Gregory Maguire wrote "Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West" in 1996. It is a New York Times Bestseller and is one of the best books I've ever read.

15. What carries Galinda onto the stage at the beginning of the show?

From Quiz Wicked

Answer: a bubble

Galinda's first entrance is made on a bubble suspended from the ceiling of the stage. Later in the show during a row we discover that this is a sore point between Elphaba and Galinda when Elphaba retorts 'well not everyone can come and go on a bubble!'

16. The musical wasn´t the original device for the "Wicked" story. That was a book. But in which year was this book copyrighted?

From Quiz "Wicked" - But How Wicked Are You?

Answer: 1995

Bestselling author Gregory Maguire´s novel has sold in excess of three quarters of a million copies, and now enjoys renewed interest as a tie-in publication to the musical.

17. Who does Nessarose fall in love with?

From Quiz "Wicked" The Musical

Answer: Boq

She falls in love with Boq, who is in love with G(a)linda, who is in love with Fiyero, who is in love with Elphaba, who, thank goodness, is in love with Fiyero. Complicated!

18. Who said: "That's a good question. One that many people find confusifying."?

From Quiz "Wicked": Who in Oz Said That?

Answer: Glinda

Glinda says this right before she goes on to say "Are people born wicked? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?"

19. Who did the workshops for Elphaba?

From Quiz "Wicked" The Musical

Answer: Stephanie J. Block

Stephanie J. Block did workshops for the role of Elphaba. Later, they held auditions where Idina Menzel got the part and starred in the original Broadway cast. Stephanie J. Block was offered a standby position, but she passed and later starred in the original touring production.

20. Who was originally slated to play Elphaba?

From Quiz Wicked: In Workshop and Behind the Scenes

Answer: Stephanie J. Block

Idina Menzel was the original Broadway cast Elphaba, but she wasn't first choice. Block was supposed to portray Elphaba, but due to scheduling constraints, she only got to be the understudy. However, she went on to star in the national tour.

21. Where can Glinda (Galinda) say is her home town?

From Quiz How Much Do You Really Know About "Wicked"?

Answer: Upperuplands

The back of "Wicked: The Grimmerie" says this place "boasts some of the nicest homes in Oz", "The shopping is the best in life here but it doesn't come cheap", and "people here know a goodness when they see one".

22. On the original Broadway cast recording of "Wicked", during the song "No One Mourns The Wicked", which classic "Wicked" actress says the line "No one cries 'She won't return!'"?

From Quiz The Wonderful World of "Wicked"

Answer: Kristy Cates

Kristy was an original Idina understudy. Stephanie J. Block can also be heard on the cast recording, as well as Eden in the chorus.

23. Nessa is governor of which part of Oz?

From Quiz The Amazing 'Wicked'

Answer: Munchkinland

Nessa and Elphaba's father was the governor of Munchkinland, but when he died his job was left to Nessa.

24. What is the first phrase in "WIcked"?

From Quiz No One Mourns the "Wicked"!

Answer: Good news

The good news the Ozians are talking about is that The Wicked Witch of the West (Elphaba) is dead (supposedly....)

25. Which character does Boq become?

From Quiz "Wicked" in General

Answer: the tinman

Elphaba turns him into the Tinman when Nessa shrinks his heart.

26. Fiyero: "I've been thinking." Elphaba: "Yes, ___ ______." What line comes next?

From Quiz "Wicked" the Musical

Answer: I heard

Glinda: "There's something wrong with Fiyero, he's been thinking."

27. Madame Morrible refers to Elphaba's sister, Nessarose, as tragically beautiful. How does Elphaba refer to herself?

From Quiz "WICKED!"

Answer: beautifully tragic

Elphaba finds herself to be this way; she believes she is ugly because she is green.

28. What is the reptilian figure on the top of the stage supposed to represent?

From Quiz Defy Gravity: A "Wicked" Quiz

Answer: The Clock of the Time Dragon

The Time Dragon's Clock is mentioned a few times throughout the play, the first of which is when Glinda reassures the people of Oz that the Witch is indeed dead. "According to the Time Dragon Clock, the melting occurred at the 13th hour; a direct result of a bucket of water thrown by a female child."

29. Who was the original "Elphaba"?

From Quiz Best "Wicked" Quiz Out There

Answer: Idina Menzel

Tony Award winner (for her portrayal in "Wicked"), Idina Menzel also starred in "Rent", "Aida", and "Wild Party". She was nominated for a Tony when she was in "Rent".

30. When did "Wicked" open on Broadway?

From Quiz Nicole's Swankified "Wicked"

Answer: October 30, 2003

"Wicked" opened on October 30, 2003 at the Gershwin Theater after three weeks of previews, beginning October 8. October 2 was the opening of "Little Shop of Horrors," and October 16 was the opening of "The Boy from Oz."

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