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Stephenie Meyer's adult science fiction novel 'The Host' was published in 2008, following the overwhelming popularity of her 'Twilight' series.
5 The Host quizzes and 60 The Host trivia questions.
  Stephenie Meyer's "The Host"   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
This quiz is all about "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer, the woman who created the "Twilight" series.
Average, 20 Qns, Skyflyerjen, Jul 13 11
787 plays
  "The Host" Characters   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz all about the characters from Stephenie Meyer's Sci-fi novel "The Host." It's an amazing book by an amazing author. I hope you enjoy this quiz.
Average, 10 Qns, isabella_13, Jul 13 11
1438 plays
  "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Think you know everything about "The Host"? Let's see if you can remember everything.
Average, 10 Qns, TewtieFruities, Jul 06 17
Jul 06 17
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  The Host Multiple Choice Quiz   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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From the bestselling author Stephenie Meyer came "The Host". If you have read this book test your knowledge with this quiz.
Average, 10 Qns, cameem, Jul 13 11
257 plays
  10 The Host Questions    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is the second world created by Stephenie Meyer. Let's see how closely you payed attention.
Tough, 10 Qns, pudge22, Jul 13 11
231 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What distinctive colour is Sharon's hair?

From Quiz ""The Host" by Stephenie Meyer"

The Host Trivia Questions

1. What distinctive colour is Sharon's hair?

From Quiz
"The Host" by Stephenie Meyer

Answer: Pink

While looking at some of Melanie's memories, Wanderer finds the one that explains why Mel was found at an abandoned building in the first place. Sharon's bright pink hair was seen by Mel on T.V one day, and so Mel starts the search for her cousin and aunt.

2. Who said the quote stated here: "Maybe it's an accident, maybe it's fate, but it appears to me that the strongest of our kind is being hosted by the strongest of theirs"?

From Quiz Stephenie Meyer's "The Host"

Answer: The Comforter

After a "soul" received a host, it was given a "Comforter." That person acted like a guardian or even as a psychiatrist for the soul. Wanderer's Comforter's name was Kathy. She was trying to explain to her that it was okay for the soul to struggle with its host.

3. Who was the Healer who handled Wanderer's insertion?

From Quiz The Host

Answer: Fords Deep Waters

Healer Fords Deep Waters was the one who had inserted Wanda. Darren was just the assistant not the actual inserter. Even though Wanderer had said Faces Upward was the one who had inserted her when she was speaking to Healer Knits Fire, who had healed her face and arm in Arizona, it was just a name given to trick her.

4. In what city is the healing facility where Wanderer is first inserted into Melanie's body?

From Quiz The Host

Answer: Chicago, IL

After Melanie's failed attempt to find her cousin in Chicago she has a 'soul' inserted before moving to San Diego to work as an honorary professor. Later, she heads towards Tucson, AZ.

5. What three names is the main character known by?

From Quiz "The Host" Characters

Answer: Wanda, Melanie, Wanderer

Wanderer is the soul's name translated and shortened for her Earth life. Wanda is a shortened version of her name given to her by the humans. Melanie is the name of Wanderer/Wanda's host body. Jamie is Melanie's little brother. He's important, but not the main character.

6. At the very start of the book, how long is it until they insert Wanderer into Melanie's body?

From Quiz "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer

Answer: 10 days

The Healer waited 9 days for Melanie's body to heal and inserted Wanderer on the 10th. Due to Mel's age and her being a "fighter", they wanted to make sure that she was in the best condition possible in order for things to be easier on Wanderer.

7. What was the city Melanie was found in when she was caught?

From Quiz The Host

Answer: Chicago, Illinois

Melanie was caught in Chicago in an abandoned building after she jumped into an empty elevator shaft. After insertion, Wanderer moved to San Diego. Melanie has been to both Albuquerque and Los Angeles, but she was not caught there.

8. What is the name of Fords Deep Waters' assitant?

From Quiz The Host

Answer: Darren

Fords Deep Waters is conflicted with this day's work while his assistant, Darren, is satisfied that they have fulfilled their callings.

9. Apart from the Healer at the very start of the book, who is the first person within the caves to actually ask Wanda her name?

From Quiz "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer

Answer: Jamie

Having already spent days being held prisoner, Jamie is the first person who actually asks Wanderer what her name is. This happens right after Jamie confirms that Mel is still alive and that she and Wanda are both living within her body.

10. What food did Wanderer purchase from the small convenience store in Picacho Peak?

From Quiz Stephenie Meyer's "The Host"

Answer: Water, granola bars, and chips

After Melanie convinced Wanderer to search for Jeb, they stopped at a small store to buy rations. Because she was already hungry, Wanderer bought granola bars and chips. She also picked up a large container of water and a roll of doughnuts. Melanie knew that hydration would be crucial walking through the desert.

11. What was Wanderer's Comforter's name?

From Quiz The Host

Answer: Kathy

Kathy was the name of her Comforter. Her spouse's name was Curt. They both took their hosts' previous names.

12. What are the first words that Melanie speaks to Wanderer?

From Quiz The Host

Answer: Screaming. You're screaming.

Melanie explains to Wanderer that the noise she's hearing is her own screaming.

13. Who first shortens the name Wanderer down into Wanda?

From Quiz "The Host" Characters

Answer: Jeb

Jeb is the first one who fully accepts Wanda into their little family. Jamie and Doc follow suit shortly after. Sadly, it takes Jared a little longer to come around.

14. As part of her first meal as prisoner, Wanderer is given a bowl of soup. What is the main ingredient?

From Quiz "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer

Answer: Onion

Along with some water, bread and 'some sort of vegetable', Wanderer gets a bowl of onion soup for her first meal as prisoner. She is also given this every meal time until she is finally allowed out of her hole.

15. How much did Wanderer pay for her purchase(s)?

From Quiz Stephenie Meyer's "The Host"

Answer: She didn't pay anything

After the aliens took over the human race, they completely dropped the custom of money. So Wanderer didn't pay for anything when she checked out. The man who owned the store merely scanned the items for inventory purposes.

16. Who were the three people who first came to attack Wanderer in the caves?

From Quiz The Host

Answer: Kyle, Ian, and Brandt

Kyle, Ian, and Brandt were the ones who came to kill Wanderer first. At least, inside the caves they were the first. Their attempt failed, however, when they were stopped by Jeb and his rifle.

17. What leads to Wanderer's "moment of disgrace" (vomiting on the street in front of the seeker)?

From Quiz The Host

Answer: Kathy's suggestion that Wanderer might feel better once Jared is caught and inserted with a soul.

After Kathy suggests that things will be better if the seekers could find Jared and put a soul in him so that his body and Melanie's body could be together, Wanderer flees from the room and back to her apartment before stopping to throw up in the bushes on the street. To Melanie and Wanderer this is not a solution. "'That's killing him! That's making him cease to be! I don't want someone else. I want JARED, not a stranger in his body! The body means nothing without him.'"

18. While Jared is guarding Wanderer, he makes a show of enjoying some food and teases her. What is it?

From Quiz "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer

Answer: Cheetos

Through-out the book it's well known that Wanda craves the taste of Cheetos. It doesn't make things easier for her when Jared teases her with a bag while she's stuck in her hole with only the basic food.

19. What food did Wanderer/Melanie salvage from an abandoned house?

From Quiz Stephenie Meyer's "The Host"

Answer: Twinkies and crackers

Wanderer constantly ignored Melanie's warnings about conserving their food. Eventually she ran out and began to starve to death. When she spotted the house, she approached it cautiously. Inside of the broken-down home was a crushed package of crackers and Twinkies.

20. What did Melanie compare Ian and Kyle's fake-fight to?

From Quiz The Host

Answer: Puppies' play

Melanie compared Ian and Kyle to puppies playing in the grass, acting as if they really wanted to kill each other. This was mostly to ease Wanda's nerves due to the fact that she thought the fight was real.

21. When does Melanie call Wanderer by her name for the first time?

From Quiz The Host

Answer: When purchasing water in preparation for their search in the desert for Jared and Jamie.

"'No, you will not,' Melanie assured me. 'I've carried heavier loads than this. You've let us get all soft, Wanderer,' she added in irritation. 'Sorry,' I responded absently, bemused by the fact that she had used my name for the first time."

22. What is Ian and Kyle's last name?

From Quiz "The Host" Characters

Answer: O'Shea

Ian and Kyle are both kind of rough with Wanda in the beginning. They both land a couple of punches on her. Ian comes to like her quickly, but it takes Kyle until almost the end of the book to finally see that Wanda really isn't so bad.

23. What is Wanda's first real job within the caves?

From Quiz "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer

Answer: Turning Soil

While Jared is on a raid, Jeb secretly allows the others to become used to Wanda by having her work regularly with them. She starts by working out on the field and then moves to the kitchen.

24. Who acted as Wanderer's bodyguard after Jared left on a supply raid?

From Quiz Stephenie Meyer's "The Host"

Answer: Ian

Jared left the group of humans behind when Jeb pointed out that they were running low on supplies. Wanderer was surprised when both Doc and Ian agreed to watch after her. Originally the doctor wanted to experiment on the alien. Ian had actually tried to kill Wanderer when they first met, strangling her until Jeb came to her aid.

25. What were the long and irregular shapes hidden under the blankets?

From Quiz The Host

Answer: Parts of a human body

A human body was hidden underneath the blankets. There were pieces and blood of a soul, but they were thrown around carelessly, not hidden.

26. Of all the cave-dwelling humans, who is the first to physically harm Wanderer and Melanie?

From Quiz The Host

Answer: Aunt Maggie

All of these people physically hurt her pretty soon after she arrives, but the first to attack is the petulant Aunt Maggie after Melanie and Wanderer instinctively address her, shocked to see her there.

27. What is Jared's last name?

From Quiz "The Host" Characters

Answer: Howe

Jared doesn't like Wanda at all in the beginning. The only reason he doesn't kill her is because she is in Melanie's body. He eventually starts to warm up to her, but it takes a while.

28. While Jared and Jeb are busy, who is the first person Jeb hands over guard duty to?

From Quiz "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer

Answer: Jamie

Both Wanderer and Melanie are shocked when Jeb assigns Jamie as Wanda's guard, especially since Wanda still has people trying to kill her every night and Jamie is her (Melanie's) little brother. Despite her protests, Jeb hands Jamie his gun and leaves.

29. Where did Wanda send the Seeker's soul (her specific Seeker)?

From Quiz The Host

Answer: The Flowers

Wanda decided to send her to the Flowers. She said (or rather, thought, technically), "I thought the Planet of Flowers would be more fitting. There wasn't a mellower planet in the universe. The Seeker needed a nice long lifetime eating sunshine."

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