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Easily Shakespeare's bloodiest play (and that's saying something), this early tragedy is in the genre of the revenge plays popular at the time of its writing (around 1590). Titus is a Roman general, who is involved in an escalating sequence of revenge with Tamora, Queen of the Goths. Hardly anyone survives.
3 Titus Andronicus quizzes and 60 Titus Andronicus trivia questions.
  Titus Andronicus Part 1    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
This is a basic quiz on the play 'Titus Andronicus' (i.e. not too tough---no intentional trick questions). If you have read the play, this quiz should be rather easy.
Tough, 20 Qns, JohnFalst, Jun 24 17
Jun 24 17
835 plays
  Titus Andronicus Part 2    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
This quiz is for those who know Titus Andronicus well. The questions are intermediate, and deal only with the play. Good Luck!
Difficult, 20 Qns, JohnFalst, Apr 15 07
476 plays
  Titus Andronicus Part 3    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
The third and final quiz by me on 'Titus Andronicus' covers some of the notable productions of the play, interesting trivia, and rather difficult questions concerning the play. Enjoy!
Difficult, 20 Qns, JohnFalst, Dec 08 15
382 plays
trivia question Quick Question
When describing Tamora, Queen of the Goths, which animal is often associated with her?

From Quiz "Titus Andronicus Part 2"

Titus Andronicus Trivia Questions

1. In the first act, Marcus defends Bassianus' abduction of Lavinia by calling it a situation of 'suum cuique'. What does Marcus mean by that?

From Quiz
Titus Andronicus Part 2

Answer: To each his own.

A basic translation of suum cuique is 'to each his own'. Marcus implies that since Bassianus and Lavinia were previously betrothed, Bassianus' abduction of Lavinia is a justifiable act to protect the wife betrothed to him. In fact, Marcus knows it is a weak defense, because Titus as head of the Andronici is acting within Roman custom. Titus can marry Lavinia to whomever he pleases.

2. How many sons does Titus say he have?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 1

Answer: 25

'Romans, of five and twenty valiant sons Half of the number that King Priam had . . . '

3. Which son dies 'ad manes fratrum' as a sacrifice for the spirits of the fallen Andronici?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 1

Answer: Alarbus

Poor Alarbus---dies without so much as one line.

4. Who directed the landmark 1955 production starring Laurence Olivier which effectively put 'Titus Andronicus' back on the stage?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 3

Answer: Peter Brook

The other three directors each have produced a notable Titus in the twentieth century. Taymor's stage production in the 1990's led to the 1999 film starring Antony Hopkins. Jane Howell directed the BBC television version for 'The Shakespeare Plays' which is credited for being one of the best productions in that series, and Deborah Warner in the 1980's produced a gritty, earthy version of the play. Brook's play was a huge success, which toured throughout Europe. In it's time, it was hailed as one of the best productions of a Shakespearian play ever.

5. Approximately how much time passes from the marriages at the end of Act One to Marcus' discovery of Lavinia in Act Two?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 2

Answer: About 24 hours

Titus makes the offer the hunt at the end of Act One, and Act II Scene ii, the brief scene begins with Saturninus joking how Titus began the hunt too early for the newlyweds.

6. Who is the talented actor of the 19th Century who scored a success playing Aaron using a highly altered version of the play?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 3

Answer: Ira Aldridge

Ira Aldridge, born in the United States, was an extremely gifted Black Shakespearian in the 19th Century. Othello and Aaron became his signature pieces, but he also played other leading Shakespearian characters such as King Lear and MacBeth. The Aaron he protrayed was a noble character, partly because the script borrowed heavily from other sources to help make Aaron that way. He was often praised for the scene with Aaron and his son.

7. What object allows Martius to 'see' that the corpse he has discovered is that of Bassianus?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 2

Answer: A ring

Martius falls into the pit and the reflection of the ring is how he claims to know that Bassianus is the slain victim.

8. Which character throws his support to Saturninus, which results in Saturninus becoming Emperor?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 1

Answer: Titus

Marcus and Bassianus throw their support to Titus, while Tamora has no power (as of yet) in this section of the play.

9. Which time period would most critics generally agree that Titus Andronicus was written?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 3

Answer: 1585-1595

Titus Andronicus is considered to be one of the earliest of Shakespearian plays.

10. Who is the first son of Titus to die in the action of the play?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 1

Answer: Mutius

Mutius fares better than Alarbus---he gets two lines before departing his life.

11. Which ancient dramatist can be considered a forerunner of 'Titus Andronicus'?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 3

Answer: Seneca

The Elizabethan dramatists were heavily influenced by the works of Seneca. Titus is often refered to as a 'Senecan Blood Tragedy' or 'Senecan Revenge Play'.

12. Which principal character is given nothing to say in the first act of the play?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 1

Answer: Aaron

Though silent, Aaron remains a striking visual presence for the first act of the play. Once he speaks, he dominates the play. In actuality, the traditional first scene of the second act is merely a continuation of the long first act.

13. Who played Marcus Andronicus in the 1999 Julie Taymor film version of the play called 'Titus'?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 3

Answer: Colm Feore

Colm Feore is a noted Canadian Shakespearian actor, well known for his protrayals in Shakespeare. He also was the main villian in Stephen King's 'Storm of the Century'. Patrick Stewart has played both Titus and Marcus before, but not in the film. Hopkins played the title role in the film version, and Alan Cumming played Saturninus in the film version.

14. When Lucius sees Lavinia the first time in Act Three, what does he refer to her as?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 2

Answer: This object

Lucius can not face the fact that the Lavinia he is looking at his actually his sister, so objectifies her. He does better in his next line, which is 'Gentle Sister'.

15. Who is the first character to appeal to the new Emperor on Titus' behalf?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 1

Answer: Bassianus

Titus rebuffs Bassianus for this, but the Emperor's brother was the first.

16. In Terrence McNally's play 'It's Only a Play', the character of Frank states he has directed 'Titus Andronicus' in college. What was the major 'concept' of that version?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 3

Answer: Bloodbags

Terence McNally some may know wrote 'Love! Valour! Compassion!', 'A Perfect Ganesh', 'Master Class', and 'Corpus Christi'. McNally loves Shakespeare, and you can often find him quoting Shakespeare in one form or another in his plays. Incidentially, in LVC, there is another Titus Andronicus joke, where Buzz says all of his plays were 'gay plays', except Titus Andronicus. 'Go figure' is Buzz' last word on the subject.

17. Whose idea is it to set the trap for Lavinia?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 1

Answer: Aaron

Aaron sets up the deadly trap, but is nowhere near the place where it is enacted.

18. In both the Howell and Taymor versions of the play, one character in the play is given substantially more stage time than what is called for in the script. Which character is it?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 3

Answer: Young Lucius

Young Lucius, the son of Lucius and grandson of Titus, is often seen observer the action and sometimes silently participating in the action in the first part of the play. They both do it as a way of showing how the young learn violence from their parents. This theme of educating the boy is even more explicit when the Boy is allowed to speak in Act Three Scene Two, the first time Shakespeare has the Boy enter the play.

19. What is the name of the midwife who helped delivered Aaron and Tamora's child?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 2

Answer: Cornelia

The Nurse states this in IV.ii.141. Based on what happens to the Nurse five lines later, Cornelia has not much longer to live.

20. What goddess does Titus believe has fled the earth, thereby causing him to send letters to the gods?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 2

Answer: Astraea

Astraea is the goddess of justice.

21. Which character actually falls into the deep pit in Act Two?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 1

Answer: Martius

The largest scene shared between Martius and Quintus has Martius speaking most of his lines from inside the pit. Bassianus, of course, was dumped in the pit by Chiron and Demetrius.

22. In Act IV, Titus instructs his kinsmen to shoot arrows into the heavens with messages to the gods. Which deity does Titus personally shoot his arrow to?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 2

Answer: Mars

The God of War is a fitting choice for Titus' personal deity given his life has been spent as a warrior.

23. Which character sends the 'fatal writ' (detailing the 'heinous plot') to Tamora?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 1

Answer: Titus

Titus admits it. 'I did, my lord . . .'

24. There is a famous drawing associated with this play in which it appears that several portions of the play are seen at once. What is the name of this drawing?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 3

Answer: The Peacham Drawing

This famous picture in Shakespeare history if authentic (there has been and there remains some doubts), is a rare look at Elizabethan costuming. Titus is in Roman gear while Tamora appears in the costume of Elizabethan royalty.

25. How was the Goth (2nd Goth in the script) able to discover Aaron and his child as he reports in Act V?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 2

Answer: The Goth hears the baby crying.

He wasn't patrolling the monastery because he says he had strayed from the troops. Aaron did not attempt to steal the weapon. It was the baby's cry first that alerted the Goth. Only when he got closer to investigate does he hear Aaron.

26. In his lament in Act Three, what does Titus compare himself to?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 1

Answer: The sea

The passages about the sea are often noted as being some of the best passages in the entire play.

27. Which character protrays 'Rapine' in the Act V visitation to Titus?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 2

Answer: Chiron

I thought it was time for an easy question. Demetrius plays 'Murder', Tamora protrays 'Revenge'. Titus does not have a name during this section.

28. What is the book that Lavinia combs through to identify what was done to her?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 1

Answer: Ovid's 'Metamorphoses'

Ovid's book, besides being a major source for the play, actually appears in the play itself, being one of the books Young Lucius is carrying.

29. What is the message the Nurse brings to Aaron?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 1

Answer: Kill the child

Aaron's refusal to kill his son shows him at his most endearing---and is the prime reason for his ultimate downfall.

30. What religion does the Clown practice?

From Quiz Titus Andronicus Part 1

Answer: Christianity

The only known Christian in this particular play.

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