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Fun Trivia
When Ariadne Oliver is asked to arrange a Murder Hunt, she doesn't expect that she and Poirot will discover the "victim" actually murdered.
2 quizzes and 25 trivia questions.
  Dead Man's Folly   popular trivia quiz  
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One of Christie's best 1950s novels. Poirot teams with Ariadne Oliver, who is arranging a "Murder Hunt" that turns frighteningly real. CAUTION!-contains spoilers! Good Luck!
Average, 15 Qns, jouen58, Oct 05 05
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  Agatha Christie's "Dead Man's Folly"   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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This is about one of Christie's most exciting novels, featuring a murder hunt with a real murder victim! CAUTION:CONTAINS SPOILERS.
Average, 10 Qns, Joepetz, May 25 09
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Dead Man's Folly Trivia Questions

1. When did someone notice that Lady Stubbs was missing?

From Quiz
Agatha Christie's "Dead Man's Folly"

Answer: When she didn't arrive to judge the fancy dress contest

She was supposed to judge the children's fancy dress, but she had already fled. Mrs. Folliat took her place as the judge.

2. The man with the turtle shirt was supposed to meet whom at the Folly?

From Quiz Agatha Christie's "Dead Man's Folly"

Answer: Alec Legge

Apparently Alec Legge joined a Communist union and tried to escape. The man was a fellew member.

3. Ariadne Oliver rather vaguely describes Sir George and Lady Stubbs to Poirot as "Oh, nobody really. Just rich." What was the source of Sir George's wealth?

From Quiz Dead Man's Folly

Answer: Hattie Stubbs

Although Amy Folliat had led Poirot (and others) to believe that the parents of her charge, Hattie, had lost all of the fortune they had made in their sugar cane plantations, Poirot deduces that Hattie was in fact a rich woman when she married James Folliat/George Stubbs. Docile and easily dominated, she signed whatever documents her new husband asked he to sign, until, as Poirot reminds Mrs. Folliat " the end, the desired financial result was reached. Sir George Stubbs, the new personality assumed by your son, became a rich man and his wife became a pauper."

4. What item was found in the water?

From Quiz Agatha Christie's "Dead Man's Folly"

Answer: Lady Stubbs's hat

The fake Lady Stubbs changed her clothes in the forest and threw her hat in the water to throw off the police.

5. What was Michael Weymouth hired to build?

From Quiz Agatha Christie's "Dead Man's Folly"

Answer: A tennis court

Weymouth was not happy with the location of the folly saying that the location was in the middle of nowhere. This was because Sir George buried Lady Stubbs under it.

6. What comical nickname does Michael Weyman use to describe Ariadne Oliver, who wears a resplendant purple costume for the "Murder Hunt"?

From Quiz Dead Man's Folly

Answer: The Purple Peril

During the "Murder Hunt", Poirot comes upon Mrs. Oliver in the Camellia garden "...dressed in purple splendor, sitting on a garden seat in a brooding attitude, and looking rather like Mrs. Siddons." Michael Weyman, asked by the inspector who he thinks might have been the murderer, replies "Well, I'd say it was our prolific authoress, the Purple Peril. Have you seen her Imperial Purple getup? I suggest that she went a bit off her onion and thought how much better the murder hunt would be if there was a real body. How's that?"

7. Which character did not say anything to Poirot that helped him solve the case?

From Quiz Agatha Christie's "Dead Man's Folly"

Answer: Marlene Tucker

Marlene's sister told Poirot that Marlene had stuff hidden in the back of her drawer, which proved she had been recieving hush money. Merdel said that "there'll always be Folliats at Nasse House." Michael Weymouth said that Lady Stubbs had asked Miss Brewis to deliver a tray to Marlene, something she would never suggest." Poirot only spoke to Marlene for a minute about sex maniacs.

8. Who was originally supposed to have played the victim in the "Murder Hunt"?

From Quiz Dead Man's Folly

Answer: Peggy Legge

Peggy Legge was originally to have played the victim, the "Yugoslavian first wife of an atom scientist", but eventually Marlene was suggested instead (undoubtedly by one of the Stubbs'; one of the "seemingly trivial" suggestions Mrs. Oliver was so uneasy about). Instead, Peggy is pressed into service as a gypsy fortune teller, Madame Zuleika, though she admits she would rather have played the corpse; "much more peaceful". Marlene is unhappy that she is only going to be strangled with a cord; she would rather have been stabbed "...and have lashings of red paint." *NOTE- More than one FT player has insisted that Mrs. Legge's first name is Sally, not Peggy. Both the Bantam edition and the "Bedtime, Bathtub, and Armchair companion to Agatha Christie" give her name as Peggy; it may be Sally in another edition(s).

9. Who knew who the murderer was (and the rest of the story) and didn't say anything?

From Quiz Agatha Christie's "Dead Man's Folly"

Answer: Mrs. Folliat

Mrs. Folliat could not bear to betray her son.

10. Who killed Marlene Tucker?

From Quiz Agatha Christie's "Dead Man's Folly"

Answer: The fake Lady Stubbs

The fake Lady Stubbs killed Marlene and immediatly fled. Sir George could not have because he was always seen at the fete. He killed Merdel and the Real Lady Stubbs.

11. What phrase is old Merdell fond of quoting (and which he quotes to Poirot) that seals his fate?

From Quiz Dead Man's Folly

Answer: "Always be Folliats at Nasse"

Old Merdell represents a double threat to the Stubbs'; he was a witness to Lady Stubbs' burial and he has recognized "Sir George" as James Folliat, who was declared missing and presumed killed in WWII, though he had actually deserted. Though few people take the drunken old man's rambling at all seriously, his granddaughter Marlene was struck by his mention of a dead body in the woods. She repeated this story to Sir George, who gave her money to keep quiet; eventually, the Stubbs' manage to silence Marlene and her grandfather, who is pushed into the river during a bout of drunkenness and drowns.

12. What does Poirot find in the folly that indicates that Peggy Legge had been there the day of the murder?

From Quiz Dead Man's Folly

Answer: A charm from her bracelet

A charm in the shape of an airplane apparently fell from the bracelet Peggy was wearing in her "Madame Zuleika" getup and lodged in a crack at the base of the folly. Poirot picks it up, and later finds her looking for it. It had come loose during an assignation with Michael Weyman, during the time she had claimed to be in the tea-tent taking her break from fortune-telling.

13. There is a persistent problem with trespassing on the Nasse estate throughout the story. Who, or what, keeps trespassing through the grounds?

From Quiz Dead Man's Folly

Answer: Foreign students

Students from the nearby youth hostel, many of them foreign, are forever short-cutting across the Nasse estate to get to the river ferry. They are a source of great consternation to Sir George, who complains that many of them don't speak a word of English and are, he suspects, probably Communists. Peggy Legge compares his fulminations to those of Betsy Trotwood in Dickens' "David Copperfield" about donkeys crossing her lawn. Poirot encounters two of these young women on his way to Nasecombe in the beginning of the story; one of them turns out to be Lady Stubbs!

14. How many murder victims are there in this novel (including the one who is dead before the story begins)?

From Quiz Dead Man's Folly

Answer: Three

Hattie Stubbs has been killed before the novel begins. Marlene is killed by Lady Stubbs because her grandfather, old Merdell, had told her about Hattie's murder and burial and she had been plying the Stubbs for hush money. Merdell is killed because he recognizes Sir George as the "late" James Folliat.

15. What crime, besides murder, was Sir George Stubbs guilty of?

From Quiz Dead Man's Folly

Answer: Bigamy

Though James Folliat (alias Sir George) may have been guilty of any of these things at some point, he definitely committed bigamy when he married Hattie Stubbs, since he had already taken a wife in Trieste. Poirot believes that he resolved from the first to do away with Hattie once he had appropriated her fortune and ensconce his original wife as the lady of Nasse House, a resolution which he carried out.

16. What sound is heard at the end of the novel, which Poirot brings to Mrs. Folliat's attention?

From Quiz Dead Man's Folly

Answer: The folly being torn down.

In the final chapter, Poirot presents Mrs. Folliat with the solution to the murder, which she already knows, but refuses to acknowledge as she cannot bring herself to betray her son. At the end of their conversation, he calls her attention to the sound of a pickaxe; the folly is being torn down and the body of Hattie Stubbs will soon be found. Mrs. Folliat then asks Poirot to leave her, stating "There are some things that one has to face quite alone..."

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