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2 Octopussy quizzes and 20 Octopussy trivia questions.
  Octopussy   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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This is a trivia quiz for the 13th "Bond" film "Octopussy".
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  007: Who Said That? - "Octopussy"   popular trivia quiz  
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"Octopussy" was made in 1983 and starred Roger Moore, Louis Jourdan, Maud Adams and Kabir Bedi. Here are some questions on who said what. Enjoy! :)
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Octopussy Trivia Questions

1. Who played James Bond?

From Quiz

Answer: Roger Moore

"Octopussy" was Roger Moore's 6th outing as James Bond. "Octopussy" was Roger Moore's penultimate "Bond" film. His final film was "A View to a Kill". Roger Moore was also known for playing the title role in the TV series "The Saint".

2. "Well it's a small world. You're a 'Toro' too."

From Quiz 007: Who Said That? - "Octopussy"

Answer: James Bond

Bond said this line after he met the real General called 'Toro.' Bond had posed as him to enter an army base but was captured.

3. In the pre-credit sequence, what was the rank of the officer that James Bond disguised himself as?

From Quiz Octopussy

Answer: Colonel

Bond's mission was to infiltrate an airbase, disguised as Colonel Luis Toro, and destroy a plane. He got caught when the real Colonel Toro arrived but managed to escape with the help of a female assistant, using an Acrostar jet plane. Colonel Toro was played by Ken Norris who had doubled for Roger Moore in the TV series "The Saint". We learned the officer's name and rank from an ID card his assistant gave him when he arrived.

4. "I think Commander Bond should accompany you to the sale."

From Quiz 007: Who Said That? - "Octopussy"

Answer: Minister of Defense

The Minister of Defense said this to Fanning after it came to their attention that another Faberge egg was up for sale.

5. At which famous auctioneer's was the Fabergé egg auction held?

From Quiz Octopussy

Answer: Sotheby's

When he briefed 007 about the fake egg, M mentioned that the auction would be taking place at Sotheby's and that Bond should accompany their art expert to help spot the seller. The Fabergé egg, which had been taken from the National Fine Art Repository and replaced by a fake egg, was being sold at auction. However, when 009 stole the fake egg and there was to be an unplanned inventory of the Repository, Orlov had to arrange for the real egg to be bought back. Bond bid on the egg at the auction to see how badly the buyer wanted it and whilst examining it, swapped the real one for the fake one so he could bait the buyer Kamal Khan who had been ordered to buy the egg at whatever cost.

6. "Eyes only 007. Operation Trove. You'll be replacing 009; he turned up dead in East Germany with that egg in his hand."

From Quiz 007: Who Said That? - "Octopussy"

Answer: M

M was giving Bond his mission when he said that.

7. Which tune did Vijay play on his snake-charmer, to make contact with Bond when he arrived in India

From Quiz Octopussy

Answer: The Bond Theme

Vijay played a few bars of the Bond theme as Bond was getting of his boat and then they exchanged code-phrases. Vijay was an assistant to Sadruddin who was Head of Section for Station I.

8. "James, stick to the business at hand."

From Quiz 007: Who Said That? - "Octopussy"

Answer: Fanning

Fanning said this to Bond after Bond noted the abundance of women at the auction.

9. What was Kamal Khan's mansion called?

From Quiz Octopussy

Answer: The Monsoon Palace

Vijay pointed it out to Bond, as Sadruddin drove them through the streets to Bond's hotel. At the end of the film, Bond with the help of Q, Octopussy and the members of her Octopus cult broke into the palace to capture Khan.

10. "Spend the money quickly, Mr. Bond."

From Quiz 007: Who Said That? - "Octopussy"

Answer: Kamal Khan

Kamal Khan said this to Bond after Bond beat him in backgammon. Kamal was using loaded dice and Bond decided to use them. Bond ended up rolling a double 6 to win the game.

11. Which game did Bond beat Kamal Khan at in the casino?

From Quiz Octopussy

Answer: Backgammon

When Bond entered the hotel casino, Khan was playing a Major at backgammon. Khan seemed to be extremely lucky by being able to throw double-sixes to win when needed. When Khan doubled the bet to 100,000 rupees, which the Major couldn't accept with Khan's luck, Bond took his place using the real Fabergé egg as security. Khan threw a double-six and Bond doubled the bet again, needing to throw a double-six to win. Khan accepted and Bond used player's privilege to use Khan's dice which he knew were rigged to throw a double-six and win.

12. "Having problems keeping it up Q."

From Quiz 007: Who Said That? - "Octopussy"

Answer: James Bond

Bond said this joke when Q was testing one of his gadgets. The gadget was a remote control rope, where a person held on to the rope and the rope lifting him/her up.

13. What creature did Bond disguise himself as, so he could reach Octopussy's island?

From Quiz Octopussy

Answer: Crocodile

Bond saw an octopus tattoo on Kamal, Khan's associate, Magda. Sadruddin indentified it as the emblem of the Octopus cult, run by Octopussy, and told him about the island. Bond used a crocodile disguise to reach the island and meet Octopussy. After Octopussy refused to hand him over to Kamal Khan, Khan got Gobinda to hire some local mercenaries to kill Bond. During their attack Bond and a mercenary fell into the water surrounding the island and neither re-surfaced. Octopussy believed both had been killed by crocodiles but Bond had survived and travelled back to shore in his disguise. He found Q with the body of Vijay, who had been killed by the mercenaries whilst keeping watch on the island. Bond's disguise was somewhat similar to the seagull disguise used in the pre-credit sequence of "Goldfinger".

14. "Really 007. I haven't time for these adolescent antics."

From Quiz 007: Who Said That? - "Octopussy"

Answer: Q

Q said this to Bond when Bond used a camera in the lab to zoom in on a Q Lab assistant's breasts.

15. Who or what was Octopussy?

From Quiz Octopussy

Answer: A female smuggler

Octopussy was a female smuggler whose circus was being used as a front by General Orlov and Kamal Khan to detonate an atomic bomb on an American airbase and steal some precious Russian jewels. Octopussy was the daughter of Major Dexter Smythe, who disappeared after being sent to recover some Chinese gold from North Korea. Bond was sent to arrest him and tracked him down to Sri Lanka, where Smythe committed suicide rather than face court martial. Octopussy was Smythe's pet name for her and she always wanted to thank Bond for giving him an honourable alternative. Octopussy was played by Maud Adams who appeared as Scaramanga's mistress, Andrea Anders, in "The Man with the Golden Gun". She also appeared as an extra in "A View to a Kill", the next "Bond" film.

16. "It's odd, but when I'm stared at I seem to lose my appetite."

From Quiz 007: Who Said That? - "Octopussy"

Answer: James Bond

Bond said this to Kamal at dinner. Bond was referring to Gobinda, Kamal's henchman, and the fact that he was staring at him and only him throughout Bond's dinner.

17. How did Bond and Q arrive at Kamal's Khan palace at the end of the film?

From Quiz Octopussy

Answer: Hot-air Balloon

Q and Bond ballooned into Kamal Khan's palace to capture him. Whilst they were ballooned in, Octopussy and the members of her Octopus cult were distracted and disabled the guards. The hot-air balloon was of a Union Jack design and was equipped with several CCTV cameras. The pictures from these cameras were relayed to Bond via a liquid crystal display on his watch, which allowed him to see Kamal Khan and Gobinda (his henchman) escape with the captive Octopussy.

18. "I will take care of Mr. Bond personally."

From Quiz 007: Who Said That? - "Octopussy"

Answer: Octopussy

Octopussy said when she suggested Bond should come to her island.

19. Who sang "All Time High", the theme song for "Octopussy"?

From Quiz Octopussy

Answer: Rita Coolidge

"Octopussy" was the first "Bond" theme song not to mention the film's title in the lyrics. "Dr. No" and "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" had instrumental theme music. Rita Coolidge began her singing career as a backing singer for artists such as Joe Cocker. She had several solo hits in the 1970s with cover versions including "One Fine Day". "All Time High" was her final hit.

20. "007, on an island populated exclusively with women, we won't see him til dawn."

From Quiz 007: Who Said That? - "Octopussy"

Answer: Q

Q said this to Vijay when Vijay asked if they would see Bond any time soon.

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