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3 Creepshow quizzes and 30 Creepshow trivia questions.
  Do You Know "Creepshow"?   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
How well do you know "Creepshow"? It's a collection of five scary stories written by Stephen King and directed by George Romero. With these two, anything can happen! Each story has two questions. Take a scary ride with the Creep, and enjoy this quiz!
Easier, 10 Qns, AlienGoddess, Apr 29 06
2683 plays
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Here is an easy quiz about the movie 'Creepshow', which came out back in the eighties. Very cartoonish, it starred a bunch of actors who would eventually make it to bigger roles. See how much you remember about this classic.
Average, 10 Qns, randyaimee, Mar 24 10
3247 plays
  Creepshow 2   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I saw a need for a quiz on this film. Here it is.
Average, 10 Qns, gingertom21, Aug 24 07
1227 plays
trivia question Quick Question
In "They're Creeping Up on You", what was Pratt's primary way of killing cockroaches?

From Quiz "Do You Know "Creepshow"?"

Creepshow Trivia Questions

1. What is the first story in the movie called?

From Quiz
Creepshow 2

Answer: Old Chief Wood'nhead

This is the name of the wooden figure that stands outside the Spruces' store. The chief goes on a revenge attack after his kind owners are killed by thugs.

2. What object was old Aunt Bedelia supposed to have murdered her father with in "Father's Day"?

From Quiz Do You Know "Creepshow"?

Answer: An ashtray

On Father's Day, Aunt Bedelia's family was gossiping about how she had murdered her father on that same day many years before. Bedelia was taking care of her father after he had had a stroke, and when the man she loved died after a "hunting accident", everyone knew that her father had arranged it. Bedelia's father was a very cruel and mean-spirited man, and on that Father's Day, when he was ranting and raving at her, saying she was after his money and calling her all sorts of names, Bedelia snapped and bashed his head in with an ashtray.

3. What is the name of the character in 'The Raft' who wears yellow swimming trunks?

From Quiz Creepshow 2

Answer: Deke

Deke is the the guy in the trunks played by Paul Satterfield. Deke is the jock and leader of the group. He is also the second member of the group to be killed by the mysterious blob.

4. In "Father's Day", what did Aunt Bedelia's father want so badly on Father's Day, that he came back for it from the grave?

From Quiz Do You Know "Creepshow"?

Answer: His cake

Just before Bedelia killed him, her father was screaming, "Where's my cake? Bedelia! I want my cake!". When he came back from the dead, Bedelia was visiting his grave, and he promptly strangled her. He went back to the house, all the while saying, "Where's my cake? I want it. It's mine!". He proceeded to kill the rest of the family, and when he finally got his cake in a most gruesome fashion, he said, "It's Father's Day! And I've got my cake!".

5. What does Ben Whitemoon give Ray Spruce as payment for his outstanding debt?

From Quiz Creepshow 2

Answer: Jewelry

Ben gives Ray a piece of jewelry from every family in his tribe. He tells Ray if the debt is not paid within a year he can keep the jewelry. The reason he is in debt is not divulged in the story.

6. In "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill", how did Jordy end up splitting the meteor in two pieces?

From Quiz Do You Know "Creepshow"?

Answer: He poured cold water on it.

Jordy Verrill, played by Stephen King himself, was a not-too-intelligent fellow who lived by himself in the middle of nowhere. One night, a meteor crashed near Jordy's house, and Jordy thought he could make a lot of money off of it. The thing was too hot to touch, so Jordy poured cold water over it, thus breaking it into two equal pieces. There was some sort of green ooze in the meteor, which Jordy dumped out. Later, the ooze began to spread, and soon nothing could stop it!

7. How many stories are told in the entire movie?

From Quiz Creepshow

Answer: 6

There are six stories -- the five 'chapters' of the comic book, and the framing sequence featuring the comic book itself and the voodoo doll. I think 'Something To Tide You Over' is the best.

8. How did poor Jordy eventually commit suicide in "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill"?

From Quiz Do You Know "Creepshow"?

Answer: He shot himself in the head.

Jordy soon discovered that the stuff from the meteor caused everything it touched to become covered with a green weed substance. Parts of Jordy's body were covered with the stuff, and eventually he had turned entirely into a walking, talking human green weed. Jordy finally took his gun and blew his head off, ending his own suffering. The story ended with the green stuff spreading outward to the rest of the world.

9. Which actor plays Hank in the segment 'Father's Day'?

From Quiz Creepshow

Answer: Ed Harris

Ed Harris actually had hair back then!

10. What does the hitchhiker keep saying to Annie?

From Quiz Creepshow 2

Answer: Thanks for the ride lady

The hitchhiker keeps saying this to Annie while she is driving home. At first Annie assumes she is stressed and the hitcher is a figment of her imagination. Later she discovers the frightening truth.

11. In "Something to Tide You Over", why did Richard kill Harry?

From Quiz Do You Know "Creepshow"?

Answer: Because Harry was having an affair with his wife.

Richard surprised Harry at his house one morning, with the knowledge that Harry had been having an affair with his wife Becky. Richard was a very cruel man and of course he didn't love his wife, but nobody took what was his, ever. Richard lured Harry to the beach under the pretense that he would see Becky, but the joke was on Harry when Richard forced Harry to be buried in the sand up to his neck. He was far enough down the beach for the tide to come in over his head. Before Richard left Harry, he revealed that he had done the same to Becky earlier and that she was already dead. As the tide came in, Harry died by drowning while he was stuck in sand.

12. What does Jordy Verrill come across that eventually leads him to his death?

From Quiz Creepshow

Answer: A meteor

Touching the meteor eventually turns him into a plant-like creature.

13. At the end of the story called 'The Raft', a sign can been seen. What does it say?

From Quiz Creepshow 2

Answer: No Swimming

If only they had looked before they went in the water. The sign is shown right at the end of the segment after the blob has killed the four characters.

14. What did Harry and Becky say repeatedly to Richard when they came for him in "Something to Tide You Over"?

From Quiz Do You Know "Creepshow"?

Answer: "If you can hold your breath."

After Richard killed Becky and Harry, they came back for him from their watery ocean graves, as horrible seaweed-dripping zombies to get revenge. Richard couldn't get away from them, and they taunted him by saying, "If you can hold your breath". The last scene showed Richard buried in the sand the same way he buried Harry and Becky, and the tide was coming in. Richard was laughing and screaming insanely, saying, "I can hold my breath for a long time!".

15. In the segment called 'The Crate', what was the janitor looking for that he lost?

From Quiz Creepshow

Answer: A quarter

It was his last one...literally.

16. In the film's first story what happens to Sam Whitemoon, the leader of the gang of thugs?

From Quiz Creepshow 2

Answer: He is scalped.

Sam loses his most precious possession, his hair, when he is attacked by Chief Wood'nhead in revenge for killing his owner. He believes his long flowing locks will make him a big star in the not so distant future. With the Chief scalping him, it is the ultimate revenge.

17. In "The Crate", Henry was married to an extremely obnoxious woman named Wilma. What did Wilma like to be called?

From Quiz Do You Know "Creepshow"?

Answer: Billie

Henry's wife Wilma was a very loud, obnoxious, and crude woman whom nobody liked, including Henry himself. She could be heard several times throughout the story braying loudly, "Just call me Billie, everyone does!". Wilma never treated Henry well, and his resentment built up. When Henry heard about the murderous creature in the crate, he tricked Wilma into seeing it, and the creature attacked her and ate her, thus ridding Henry of his irritating wife forever. As the creature snacked on Wilma, Henry told her, "Just tell it to call you Billie!". This was a very funny line during a gruesome scene!

18. What was the professor's name in 'The Crate'?

From Quiz Creepshow

Answer: Stanley

19. What exactly was in the crate in the story "The Crate"?

From Quiz Do You Know "Creepshow"?

Answer: A monster

The crate was located in a crawlspace under the stairs at the University, and it apparently came from an Arctic expedition from 1834. Inside, however, was a hideous hairy monster with sharp teeth and claws that brutally slaughtered people and ate them. This monster killed the janitor, a student, and Wilma before Henry locked it in its crate and dumped the crate into a deep quarry. Unfortunately, the story ended with the monster breaking free of the crate and surfacing.

20. In 'Something To Tide You Over', what kind of creatures do the couple buried in the sand come back as?

From Quiz Creepshow

Answer: Zombies

They came back as scary, undead sea monsters. Ted Danson played a role in this segment.

21. What is written on the hitch-hiker's sign?

From Quiz Creepshow 2

Answer: Dover

He is holding it when we first see him. The sign turns up again at the end of the story, this time on Annie after she mysteriously dies.

22. What (besides bugs) was Upson Pratt afraid of in "They're Creeping Up on You"?

From Quiz Do You Know "Creepshow"?

Answer: Germs

In addition to being very afraid of bugs, millionaire Upson Pratt was also afraid of germs. His apartment was supposed to be germ-proof, but that didn't stop him from always wearing rubber gloves and refusing to touch anything without a tissue handy. Pratt was a very malicious, evil man who delighted in tormenting people. If someone crossed him, he saw to it that they were fired or destroyed in some way. When he learned that he had caused the suicide of another man, Pratt was very happy, and even said so to the man's wife. Ouch!

23. In 'They're Creeping up on You', what was doing the creeping?

From Quiz Creepshow

Answer: Roaches

Upson Pratt just called them bugs.

24. What are Randy's last words?

From Quiz Creepshow 2

Answer: I beat you.

Thinking he is safe because he has made it to shore from the rafts, Randy says his famous last words. After the words leave his mouth the blob comes out of the water and falls right over him.

25. In "They're Creeping Up on You", what was Pratt's primary way of killing cockroaches?

From Quiz Do You Know "Creepshow"?

Answer: Using bug spray

Pratt hated cockroaches, and when there were just a few of them, he would spray them with bug spray. As more cockroaches appeared, Pratt furiously called an exterminator, but by then it was too late. Cockroaches came pouring into the apartment and they all attacked Pratt, killing him. The story ended with Pratt's lifeless body suddenly twitching, and millions of cockroaches came teeming out of his body from every possible place. A very fitting way for this bad man to die!

26. What was the gentleman's name in the final segment who wanted to get away from the bugs?

From Quiz Creepshow

Answer: Mr. Pratt

Upson Pratt was the name, but the bugs got his game.

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