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Fun Trivia
Clint Eastwood created the character in this 1971 movie.
5 Dirty Harry quizzes and 50 Dirty Harry trivia questions.
  "Dirty Harry" Can You Guess The Movie?   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Clint Eastwood starred in five movies as San Francisco Police Inspector, Harry Callahan. Can you guess which movie contained the following event or quote?
Average, 10 Qns, AirBossJohnson, Mar 16 16
2461 plays
  Sudden Impact   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
1983's "Sudden Impact" is the fourth film in the Dirty Harry series, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood. Here's a quiz to test your knowledge.
Average, 10 Qns, mike32768, Jun 17 20
mike32768 gold member
Jun 17 20
1201 plays
  'Dirty Harry'   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I know what you're thinking punk! Did he fire six shots or only five? Immortal words from one of America's most famous law enforcement icons Harry Callahan.
Average, 10 Qns, duncan, Sep 10 01
5357 plays
  The Enforcer   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is a quiz about the 3rd "Dirty Harry" movie, "The Enforcer".
Average, 15 Qns, nascarmad, Dec 19 08
1530 plays
  Dirty Harry    
Multiple Choice
 5 Qns
A short quiz about one of the best movie pentologies ever!
Average, 5 Qns, Fivehouse, Jun 28 21
Jun 28 21
4321 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Harry was sent to investigate outside San Francisco. In what fictional California town did he spend most of the movie?

From Quiz "Sudden Impact"

Dirty Harry Trivia Questions

1. Where was the first murder victim found, the one that started San Francisco Inspector Harry Callahan's investigation?

From Quiz
Sudden Impact

Answer: In a car

All these locations were scenes for the movie's murders, but the first murder occurred in a car. Ten years after the assault on her and her sister, Jennifer recognized one of the attackers and let herself get picked up at a bar by him. She then shot him in while parked at a lover's lane.

2. In which movie was Harry reprimanded by the District Attorney for violating a suspect's constitutional rights during an arrest?

From Quiz "Dirty Harry" Can You Guess The Movie?

Answer: Dirty Harry

The role of District Attorney William T. Rothko was played by Josef Sommer. Harry arrested the Scorpio killer (Andrew Robinson) after shooting him in the leg (while he was trying to surrender), and stepping on his leg wound repeatedly to get him to reveal the location of the kidnap victim. During the torture, Harry ignored the suspects pleas to have an attorney, and to have his rights preserved. After the suspect recovered, he was set free as a result of Harry's actions. Clint Eastwood was actually the sixth choice for the role of Harry Callahan. The part was intended for Frank Sinatra, who bowed out due to a hand injury. The role was also offered to John Wayne, Steve McQueen, Jack Nicholson and Paul Newman, before it was accepted by Eastwood.

3. What year was the movie 'Dirty Harry' made?

From Quiz 'Dirty Harry'

Answer: 1971

Three other cool movies that were made in that same year were 'A Clockwork Orange', 'THX 1138',and 'The Omega Man'.

4. What city are the Dirty Harry movies set in?

From Quiz Dirty Harry

Answer: San Francisco & san francisco & sf

What an intereting pick for these movies,eh? Peace and love vs. Harry!

5. The killer was a woman seeking retribution for the 10-year-old assault and rape of her sister and herself. Who played Jennifer Spencer, the woman out for revenge?

From Quiz Sudden Impact

Answer: Sondra Locke

Sondra Locke played a lead role (the marked-for-death witness) in a previous Clint Eastwood movie, "The Gauntlet" (1977). She also played opposite Clint Eastwood in "Any Which Way You Can" (1980) and "Every Which Way But Loose" (1978). Tyne Daly played Dirty Harry's partner in 1976's "The Enforcer". Patricia Clarkson played the reporter in the Dirty Harry movie, "The Dead Pool".

6. Who gets miffed when Harry says that personnel " for idiots!"?

From Quiz The Enforcer

Answer: Capt. McKay

"I was in personnel for 10 years!" Capt. McKay is a bit of a stuffed shirt. He comes across as more of a bureaucrat than a cop. It is his way or the highway. When Inspector Callahan complains about continuously being assigned to stake out duty, McKay says "I can't have the city crying police brutality every time you take the street." This is after Harry plowed a police car into a store front to stop a botched liquor store robbery, turned hostage situation. Lt. Bressler, played by Harry Guardino, is Harry's immediate superior and is trying to be on Harry's side while also watching his own behind. He played the same part in the 1st "Dirty Harry" but inexplicably was left out of the 2nd one. Mrs. Grey is on the civilian panel to determine who will rise from the ranks to become one of several new Inspectors. She is very prim and proper and doesn't really like Harry's gruffness. Officer Kate Moore, played by Tyne Daly, is a female street officer who is the target of Harry's outrage. "What gives you the right to become an Inspector when there are guys on the streets with 10 years experience...". He asks her a hypothetical question that has Mrs. Grey reeling and that I can't recreate here. As far as the other Inspector is concerned, she answers the question (more or less) right.

7. Harry's Partner fell victim to a bomb that was placed in his mailbox in which movie?

From Quiz "Dirty Harry" Can You Guess The Movie?

Answer: Magnum Force

Harry's partner, Earlington "Early" Smith, was played by Felton Perry. When he opened his mailbox, the bomb exploded. Harry found a similar bomb in his mailbox, and was able to remove it without detonating it. Suzanne Somers had a brief appearance in this film, as a swimming pool girl, and she was seen floating in the water after being shot by one of the motorcycle cops Somers was best known for her role as Chrissy Snow on the TV series "Three's Company".

8. In the movie who was Harry's partner?

From Quiz 'Dirty Harry'

Answer: Chico Gonzales

Chico Gonzales was played by Reni Santoni who also appeared in some episodes of 'Seinfeld' as the restaurant owner name Poppie.

9. Where were Jennifer Spencer and her sister Beth originally attacked?

From Quiz Sudden Impact

Answer: Under the boardwalk

The two girls were invited to a party by Jennifer's co-worker, but they got more than they bargained for. Both were savagely attacked by a group consisting of several men and one woman - Jennifer's co-worker, no less! The attack left Beth - a high school junior at the time - in a catatonic state.

10. Which movie did not feature actor Albert Popwell?

From Quiz "Dirty Harry" Can You Guess The Movie?

Answer: The Dead Pool

Popwell appeared in four Dirty Harry movies, playing a different character in each film. He was a bank robber in "Dirty Harry", a pimp in "Magnum Force", a black militant in "The Enforcer" and a friend of Harry's in "Sudden Impact". Albert Popwell started his entertainment career as a professional dancer, before pursuing an acting career. Albert Popwell passed away on April 9, 1999, in Los Angeles, California following surgery.

11. What was Harry's marital status?

From Quiz 'Dirty Harry'

Answer: widower

In the film Harry mentions that his wife was killed in a car accident.

12. Who plays Harry's sidekick in 'The Enforcer'?

From Quiz Dirty Harry

Answer: Tyne Daly & Daly

Maybe this was why Tyne Daly got the part in 'Cagney and Lacey' to begin with?

13. Early in the movie, Harry had a run-in with some bad guys who were committing a robbery at a diner. What seemingly innocent mistake tipped Harry off to the crime-in-progress?

From Quiz Sudden Impact

Answer: Sugar in his coffee

Harry got a cup of coffee in a diner at which he had eaten for ten years. After leaving the diner, he noticed that there was sugar in his black coffee, so he knew something was up. Re-entering the diner through the back, he quickly dispatched the bad guys, who had been hiding previously, with his signature sidearm, the Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum revolver. The infamous line, "Go ahead, make my day" was uttered in this scene as Harry threatened the last standing robber.

14. What is the name of the group who is terrorizing San Francisco?

From Quiz The Enforcer

Answer: People's Revolutionary Strike Force

These are not nice people, especially Bobby Maxwell, played by DeVeren Bookwalter. This a terrorist group looking for money. They are willing to steal, maim and murder to achieve their goal. The others, as far as I know, I made up. Fessenheim is in reference to something Maxwell says to the police on a tape recording that is sent to police. This clue helps point the investigation in the right direction.

15. In which movie were Harry and his partner dispatched to handle a suicide jumper call?

From Quiz "Dirty Harry" Can You Guess The Movie?

Answer: Dirty Harry

Harry went up in a cherry-picker crane to talk to the jumper. Harry asked for the man's wallet, informing him that when a falling body hit the ground, it was really messy, making identification difficult. As the jumper became irritated with Harry's comments, Harry punched him. pulled him onto the crane, and lowered it to the ground. Harry's partner, Inspector Chico Gonzalez was played by Reni Santori.

16. What did Scorpio highjack near the end of the movie?

From Quiz 'Dirty Harry'

Answer: A school bus

Later in the movie Clint was to perform his own stunt by jumping off a bridge onto the school bus.

17. What is the name of the villian in the first movie?

From Quiz Dirty Harry

Answer: Scorpio Killer

The first movie is the best in my opinion

18. With what new handgun did Harry go target shooting during the movie?

From Quiz Sudden Impact

Answer: .44 Auto Mag

Harry practiced with the .44 Auto Mag which shoots .44 AMP (Auto Mag Pistol) ammo which is not the same as what his famous revolver uses. He was shooting out in the forest (perhaps there's no local indoor range that handle this caliber?) and his friend Horace tried to sneak up on him, but, of course, nobody gets the drop on Dirty Harry!

19. One of the many weapons stolen from the armory is something called a LAW rocket. What happens to Harry's new partner when they go out to the range to see a demonstration?

From Quiz The Enforcer

Answer: Inspector Moore nearly gets incinerated by the back blast.

LAW stands for "Light Anti-Tank Weapon". It is described as a "one shot disposable bazooka" by the Range Master. As Inspector Moore is trying to get a better view (since everyone else there is a man and basically ignores her) Harry pulls her out of the way of the back blast just in time. It does start a small fire on the hillside.

20. In which movie was rock star Johnny Squares found dead on a movie set, a victim of an apparent drug overdose?

From Quiz "Dirty Harry" Can You Guess The Movie?

Answer: The Dead Pool

Squares was played by a then little known actor named James (Jim) Carrey. Who knew then that Jim Carrey would become one of the biggest comedic film stars in the industry. Members of the pop music group "Guns N' Roses" made a cameo appearance in the film as part of the funeral sequence, appearing about 30 minutes into the film. Permission to film the movie in San Francisco was granted despite protests of citizens who thought Harry Callahan was not a good representative for the city.

21. After Harry dispatched Scorpio he pulled out his badge and tossed it. What was the number on the badge?

From Quiz 'Dirty Harry'

Answer: 2211

22. What is the name of the second movie in the pentology?

From Quiz Dirty Harry

Answer: Magnum Force

Magnum Force isn't as good as the first one, but much better than the last one!

23. Harry was sent to investigate outside San Francisco. In what fictional California town did he spend most of the movie?

From Quiz Sudden Impact

Answer: San Paulo

The first murder victim, found shot in his car in San Francisco, had ties to San Paulo, so Dirty Harry was sent there (against his wishes) by his boss, mainly to get rid of him for a while. Of course, San Paulo turned out to be exactly the right place to go. I did say "fictional" California town so I hope you got this right!

24. Inspector Moore's naiveté about her new job continues to annoy Inspector Callahan. Where does he take her to intentionally upset her?

From Quiz The Enforcer

Answer: The morgue during an autopsy.

This movie was released in 1976, and although we routinely saw people get realistically gunned down, stabbed and etc., apparently cutting open someone's skull was a bit over the top. They show it being done by casting the shadow of the Medical Examiner sawing off and eventually removing the top of the skull. Kate is a little taken aback at first but initially holds her ground, even though the M.E. is humming as he works. She finally loses it when the ME makes jokes about what he sees and then laughs the mad scientist laugh. The Mob murder scene was in "Magnum Force". They do go to Black Panther-like Uhura headquarters (in a barber shop), that Harry calls the Fillmore chapter of VFW - Very Few Whites. Here Harry leaves Kate in the front to fend for herself. She proceeds to go through the Penal Code sections one by one, as to how they pertain to folding, spindling or otherwise mutilating police officers.

25. In which movie did Harry, while holding a suspect at gunpoint, urge, "Go ahead, Make my day."

From Quiz "Dirty Harry" Can You Guess The Movie?

Answer: Sudden Impact

The line in the movie, "Go ahead, make my day" was voted as the #6 most remembered movie quote by the American Film Institute in 1990. This line was spoke after Harry confronted a suspect after a failed attempted robbery of a fast food restaurant. The movie was the highest grosser of the "Dirty Harry" film series. This was the only "Dirty Harry" film not primarily set in the City and County of San Francisco.

26. Why did Scorpio have himself beaten up by a thug?

From Quiz 'Dirty Harry'

Answer: To make it look like Harry did it.

27. Harry was given a bulldog by his friend Horace, apparently for companionship. The dog soon earned Harry's respect when it sniffed out a bad guy near Harry's hotel room. What did Harry say to the dog in return?

From Quiz Sudden Impact

Answer: Looks like I owe you one, Meathead.

Harry was surely impressed by the dog's keen sense of smell, it having flushed out a hitman in the adjoining room. The hitman was after Harry for his earlier, very public, verbal attack of mob boss Threlkis which resulted in the boss's fatal heart attack.

28. Harry lost the police department shooting championship to a rookie police officer in which movie?

From Quiz "Dirty Harry" Can You Guess The Movie?

Answer: Magnum Force

Harry lost on the combat shooting range by one point, to rookie officer John Davis, who was played by David Soul. It was this role that lead to Soul being cast as Detective Ken Hutchinson on the classic TV series "Starsky and Hutch". The SFPD indoor shooting range where Harry first met the four rookies was in fact the range for the Oakland (California) Police Department. The range was closed, partly due to "Dirty Harry" movie fans who continually tried to sneak in, but mostly due to indoor inhaled lead problems.

29. When robbing the liquor store what object did Scorpio use to assault the store clerk?

From Quiz 'Dirty Harry'

Answer: A bottle

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