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Dog Day Afternoon Quizzes, Trivia and Puzzles
Dog Day Afternoon Quizzes, Trivia

Dog Day Afternoon Trivia

Dog Day Afternoon Movie Trivia Quizzes

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2 quizzes and 20 trivia questions.
  Ever Have a "Dog Day Afternoon"?    
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This quiz is based on one of the greatest movies made.
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  Dog Day Afternoon    
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This quiz features Al Pacino, having a "Dog Day Afternoon".
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Dog Day Afternoon Trivia Questions

1. Across the street from the bank, what type of business did the police use to set up their base of operations?

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Dog Day Afternoon

Answer: A barber shop

The police used the barber shop to set up phone communications with Sonny. There were several calls made, some by the police, and two calls by Sonny that were very important to the plot. One was to his 'male wife' the recipient-to-be if the robbery was a success; the second to his 'female wife' the mother of his two children. Some off-duty policemen volunteered to be part of the police force outside the building. The City of New York requested that the police, whether real or actors, not be shown eating, or sitting down, as these were things not allowed while on duty.

2. What was the location for the movie "Dog Day Afternoon"?

From Quiz Ever Have a "Dog Day Afternoon"?

Answer: New York City, New York

This is a story about two men and their attempt to rob a bank in New York City. The character that Al Pacino played was based on Sonny Wortzic who actually did try to rob a Chase Manhattan Bank on August 22nd 1972, in Flatbush, New York. Sonny Wortzic was sentenced to 20 years for this crime, and was serving the sentence when the movie was filmed.

3. Why was Sonny wearing a band-aid on his forehead part way through the movie?

From Quiz Dog Day Afternoon

Answer: He was injured when tackled, and knocked to the sidewalk.

Because Sonny and Sal were holding hostages inside the bank, the boyfriend of one of the hostages tried to take things into his own hands. He tackled Sonny from behind, and knocked him to the sidewalk. The police in return tackled the assailant and whisked him away.

4. Who directed "Dog Day Afternoon"?

From Quiz Ever Have a "Dog Day Afternoon"?

Answer: Sidney Lumet

Sidney Lumet directed this film and its controversial subject material with class. This movie, based on an actual unsuccessful bank robbery, depicted controversial subject of homosexuality. There were a few demonstrations aimed at the cast, director and crew, who were protesting the portrayal of gay characters.

5. From what serious disease did the bank manager suffer?

From Quiz Dog Day Afternoon

Answer: Diabetes

He was diabetic. This was the second illness to become evident. The security guard suffered from asthma. The diabetes became evident when the bank manager suffered an episode of low blood sugar; his symptoms became apparent as he became sweaty, and weak. He quickly recovered, once he was given something sweet to drink.

6. What foolish and dangerous action did Sonny do early in the movie that attracted attention to the possibility of trouble inside the bank?

From Quiz Ever Have a "Dog Day Afternoon"?

Answer: Set fire to the log book.

Early in the movie, Sonny set fire to the bank log book in a small trash can, the fire quickly filled the bank with smoke. As the smoke wafted out of the ventilation system it attracted the attention of a gentleman across the street. He approached the bank and was assured by the bank manager that everything inside the bank was fine, as directed to do by Sonny.

7. What was written on the garage door next to the bank?

From Quiz Dog Day Afternoon

Answer: Do Not Block - Keep Driveway Clear

"Do Not Block - Keep Driveway Clear" - the dark green garage door was clearly visible several times during the movie, as was the street number of the bank (285).

8. What happened when Sonny tried to take his rifle out of the flower box?

From Quiz Ever Have a "Dog Day Afternoon"?

Answer: The ribbon got caught on the gun

The ribbon caught on the gun and Al Pacino had difficulty shaking it loose. This event was an unplanned occurrence that added a light comedic touch to the movie - one of the first things to signal trouble in this absurd situation. (Al Pacino had the foresight to continue with the scene, which was left in the movie.)

9. Why did Sonny yell at his female wife, Angela Wortzik, when he tried to speak to her on the phone?

From Quiz Dog Day Afternoon

Answer: She wouldn't stop talking, or listen to what he had to say

After yelling at Angela to listen to him, she continued to ramble and didn't give him a chance to speak, so he hung up on her. Sonny's stress level increased as he became more aware that he had lost control of the situation. He had preceded the call to her with a conversation with his 'male wife' Leon. This call was disjointed and hesitant for both of them; Leon expressed little concern and much disdain toward him. After the phone conversations Sonny was lost and confused, beginning to see the futility and hopelessness of his situation. These phone sequences were later commented on by Director Sidney Lumet as the best acting he had ever seen.

10. What was the name of the bank where the attempted robbery took place?

From Quiz Ever Have a "Dog Day Afternoon"?

Answer: First Brooklyn Savings Bank

The bank was given a fictional name and was located in New York City. The building chosen was originally a car repair shop. It was empty when Sidney Lumet discovered it. It was remodeled to resemble a bank. It already had fluorescent lights installed, so it was only a matter of adding a few more of them for the filming. Also emergency lights were installed where the cinematographer wanted them. These were to be used during the movie when the police had the electricity to the bank turned off. This made the lighting system almost perfect and shadow free.

11. What color was the vehicle used to transport Sonny, Sal, and the hostages to the airport?

From Quiz Dog Day Afternoon

Answer: White with a blue stripe along each side

This escape vehicle was in clear view several times. Once everyone was inside the vehicle, the motorcade traveled at a good speed, though not high speed, towards the airport. It was a visual and panoramic spectacle, shot from a helicopter.

12. When the police tried to move in on him, what did Sonny shout as he paraded up and down the sidewalk?

From Quiz Ever Have a "Dog Day Afternoon"?

Answer: Attica! Attica!

"Attica! Attica!" Several times during the movie Sonny was called out of the bank by the police, and several times he went outside the bank when he wanted to speak to the police. It was the Assistant Director who whispered this line to Al Pacino right before the take. Director Sidney Lumet did not know about the impromptu line, so again was pleasantly surprised by the unscripted action. This now famous line was voted number 86 movie quote by the American Film Institute (out of 100). "Hoo-aah" was uttered by Al Pacino in his Oscar winning performance in "Scent of a Woman" (1992), "The horror, the horror" by Marlon Brando in "Apocalypse Now" (1979) and "Just a flesh wound" by John Cleese in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" (1975).

13. What brand of cigarettes was shown on the billboard in the opening credits?

From Quiz Dog Day Afternoon

Answer: Kent

The billboard was huge and highly visible, one of the many things seen but not necessarily registered in memory. Other sights were shown during the opening credits including a cemetery, some ferries, a busy highway, and a now famous view of the Manhattan skyline.

14. What country did Sal, Sonny's accomplice say he wanted to escape to, when asked by Sonny?

From Quiz Ever Have a "Dog Day Afternoon"?

Answer: Wyoming

Sal was upset that the TV people were saying "two homosexuals" when referring to the robbery. Sal vehemently denied this statement. Sonny, asked him this escape question in an effort to distract and placate him. Wyoming is not a country and this was another light moment in this film. Neither Al Pacino or Sidney Lumet had any idea what Sal, (John Cazale), was about to say. It was a spur of the moment answer, and was also left in the film. According to the trivia section of IMDB for this film, there were many ad libs, that the director, Sidney Lumet left in the dialogue.

15. When Sonny shouted "Attica! Attica! Attica!" as he paraded up and down in front of the bank, he was holding a key and chain in one hand. What was he holding in his other hand?

From Quiz Dog Day Afternoon

Answer: A white handkerchief

This handkerchief did double duty. He used it several times when standing inside the bank door to get the attention of the police, and as something he used to mop his bleeding forehead. The injury was received when he was tackled on the sidewalk outside the bank.

16. What did Sonny shout to Leon Schermer when he saw him arrive across the street from the bank?

From Quiz Ever Have a "Dog Day Afternoon"?

Answer: Happy Birthday Leon!

Happy Birthday Leon! The robbery was not the kind of birthday surprise Leon would have wanted to see or hear. This occurred about half way through the movie when the police brought Sonny's 'male wife' Leon to the location. The police chief allowed them to talk to each other on the telephone. Immediately after this phone call to Leon, a second call was placed by Sonny to his female wife Angie Wortzic. That call was another intense call for Sonny, adding more tension to an already highly charged situation.

17. What happened to Sal, Sonny's accomplice?

From Quiz Dog Day Afternoon

Answer: He was shot in the head in the escape vehicle

Unfortunately for Sal, the FBI man shot him while he was still in the escape vehicle - a clean shot, right in the middle of his forehead. Sal's character was more subdued, so different from the volatile Sonny. The actor who played Sal, John Cazale, always looked sad, and his character seemed somewhat removed from reality. He was the least likely to have caused trouble for the police. John Cazale died in 1978 of bone cancer. Watch for him in 'The Deer Hunter' with Robert De Niro.

18. What color blouse did Sonny's mother wear when she talked to Sonny outside the bank?

From Quiz Dog Day Afternoon

Answer: White

Her blouse was white. When his mother showed up outside the bank, Sonny exhibited impatience,and embarrassment towards her and tried to placate her. His mother, like Angela, didn't gave him much chance to speak, nor did she listen to what he had to say. The two women in his life had similar personalities. His mother seemed more impressed by the fact that all of Brooklyn had shown up,(in her words) and that there were three television networks filming the fiasco.

19. What happened to Sal, Sonny's partner?

From Quiz Ever Have a "Dog Day Afternoon"?

Answer: He was shot in the head

Almost at the end of the movie, Sal was shot in the head in the escape vehicle by the FBI Agent. This was when the police planned to grab Sonny as he had stepped out of the bus. Sal's body was wheeled past Sonny, as Sonny was being handcuffed. Sal's character was much more docile than that of the volatile Sonny. Sal had very little dialogue during the movie. The actor who portrayed him (John Cazale) was sadly to die of bone cancer in 1978.

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