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8 quizzes and 80 trivia questions.
  10 Freddy vs. Jason Questions    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Here's a quiz on one of the most anticipated slasher flicks ever. One of the greatest also.
Average, 10 Qns, DelGriffith, Aug 11 20
Aug 11 20
12563 plays
  10 Questions: Freddy vs. Jason Multiple Choice Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz on my favourite horror movie, 'Freddy vs. Jason'. Enjoy!
Easier, 10 Qns, Super Vegeta, Feb 07 04
Super Vegeta
9585 plays
  Not Named After "Freddy Vs. Jason" Yet About It    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz on "Freddy Vs. Jason". Just answer the questions and you hopefully won't miss them.
Easier, 10 Qns, REfan76, May 31 22
May 31 22
6342 plays
  Jason's "Nightmare"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I've just seen the best "Nightmare" since the original. "Freddy v.s. Jason" was great. Here are a few easy questions for those of you who've seen the movie. Warning: there might be a spoiler or two.
Average, 10 Qns, H.M.S.III, Nov 22 03
5218 plays
  "Freddy Vs Jason" Place your bets!    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"Freddy Vs Jason." The ultimate showdown. Think you know enough to survive this quiz? I beg to differ. WARNING: May contain spoilers.
Average, 10 Qns, neo_matrix17, Oct 13 04
5696 plays
  Freddy vs. Jason Quiz for Experts    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is by far the best movie of 2003. I just love this movie.
Average, 10 Qns, hurricane08, Jul 18 04
5466 plays
  Freddy vs Jason: Quotes    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
If you liked my first quiz, you will love this quiz. Pick the character that says the quote. Have fun.
Average, 10 Qns, hurricane08, Apr 21 10
4452 plays
  10 Questions about Freddy Vs. Jason    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
You're not safe awake or asleep! Take the quiz and test your knowledge on the kings of horror. Let the bloodshed begin!
Average, 10 Qns, kornflake2151, Apr 24 12
5148 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Who cut Freddy's head off?

From Quiz "Freddy vs. Jason"

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Freddy vs. Jason Trivia Questions

1. At the beginning of the film, who convinces Jason to rise up and punish the children of Elm Street?

From Quiz
"Freddy Vs Jason" Place your bets!

Answer: Freddy

This was actually a bit of a trick question. It was Freddy but he was disguised as Jason's mother. He/she convinces Jason while he's in his grave, that the children of Elm Street have been naughty and need to be punished. She also implies that "Jason you can't die, so return from hell and get back to work!" We then see Jason's mother laughing then she turns into Freddy. So technically it was Freddy.

2. Which Elm Street teen was killed first?

From Quiz Freddy vs. Jason

Answer: Trey

Trey was Gibb's boyfriend, and Jason killed him as he was lying in bed. He appeared in Gibb's dream for a short time later in the movie.

3. How does Freddy bring Jason back?

From Quiz Freddy vs. Jason

Answer: Pretends to be his mother

Freddy impersonated Jason's mother, original killer Pamela Voorhees, at the beginning of the movie, and directed him to come back and kill again.

4. What was the name of the drug the adults gave the children to prevent them from dreaming?

From Quiz Jason's "Nightmare"

Answer: Hypnocil

Hypnocil was used in a previous "Nightmare" movie as well. In "Dream Warriors", Nancy used Hypnocil, an experimental drug used to prevent her from having nightmares. In "Freddy v.s. Jason", the children were given Hypnocil so they'd never dream and eventually forget about Freddy.

5. What was Lori's house number?

From Quiz Freddy vs. Jason

Answer: 1428

It says it when it enters the scene when Jason is walking down the street.

6. On what date did Mark's brother, Bobby, commit suicide?

From Quiz Freddy Vs. Jason

Answer: January 18th

After Mark and Will run from the high school, they are in a room where Mark is searching files on a computer. He states that information from his brother's death, January 18th, along with many other obituaries, is blacked out.

7. What is the name of the town that Elm Street is in?

From Quiz "Freddy Vs Jason" Place your bets!

Answer: Springwood

Ah Springwood. The town where Freddy seeks his vengeance. The one town that has probably had the biggest suicide rate in horror history. I said suicide rate because when Freddy killed his victims that's exactly what it looked like to the towns people. Add all the "Nightmare on Elm Street" deaths together and that's a big body count. But not as big as Jason's. His entire body count over the "Friday the 13th" series and not to forget "Jason X", weighes in at over 150 kills! Whoah!

8. How did Freddy manipulate Jason?

From Quiz Freddy vs. Jason

Answer: Through visions of his mother

His plan worked a little too well. Jason wouldn't stop killing the teenagers of Elm Street, which angered Freddy.

9. Where does the first death in the film occur?

From Quiz Freddy vs. Jason

Answer: In a graveyard

Very early in the movie a girl who went skinny dipping at the lake gets stabbed in the cemetery.

10. Who killed more teenagers: Freddy or Jason?

From Quiz Jason's "Nightmare"

Answer: Jason

Jason by far had more kills, almost 17 to 1. If you tallied the body count from the "Nightmare" series and tallied the body count from the "Friday" series, the body counts would be approximately 140 to 40 in Jason's favor.

11. "Was that him? The guy you were talking about... Freddy Kruger?"

From Quiz Freddy vs Jason: Quotes

Answer: Kia

Kia says this in the van on the way back from the rave at the corn field.

12. What was Mark's brother's name?

From Quiz Freddy vs. Jason

Answer: Bobby

Bobby slit his wrists in the bathroom in the tub.

13. What was the nickname given to Freddy Krueger before he was burned alive?

From Quiz Freddy Vs. Jason

Answer: The Springwood Slasher

Freddy Krueger killed dozens of children in Springwood and became known as The Springwood Slasher before a group of angered parents got together and burned him alive.

14. Where is Gibb when Trey is killed by Jason?

From Quiz "Freddy Vs Jason" Place your bets!

Answer: The shower

She and Trey are having sex while Jason is in the room hiding in the shadows. That's just plain creepy. Gibb then gets in the shower while her boyfriend is butchered by Jason. Gibb then returns to find Trey crushed in the fold up bed. Ouch!

15. Why couldn't Kia's love-interest give Jason mouth-to-mouth?

From Quiz Not Named After "Freddy Vs. Jason" Yet About It

Answer: he had asthma

I thought this was quite funny. He said he had asthma and then Kia took Jason's mask off slightly and he spit out water.

16. What is the name of the drug given to all of the children?

From Quiz Freddy vs. Jason

Answer: Hypnocil

Hypnocil was a powerful drug developed as part of the town's plan to eradicate Freddy Krueger, by not letting the children dream.

17. What did Freddy discover Jason was scared of?

From Quiz Jason's "Nightmare"

Answer: water

When Freddy and Jason first fought, Freddy used water to keep Jason from pounding on him. When Jason was a child, he drowned at Camp Crystal Lake. This is why he fears water.

18. "Oh God, y'all, two killers? We're not safe awake or asleep."

From Quiz Freddy vs Jason: Quotes

Answer: Kia

Kia says this after Lori tears off Freddy's ear in her dream.

19. What game did Mark like to play?

From Quiz Freddy vs. Jason

Answer: Uno

Mark hated Checkers. Mark was an Uno guy.

20. How old was Lori when Will left her?

From Quiz Freddy Vs. Jason

Answer: 14

When Trey and Blake first show up at Lori's house, Kia and Lori start privately talking about Will when Kia says, "You were 14 so get over it".

21. After Lori gets her first glimpse of Freddy, what does her dad persuade her to drink?

From Quiz "Freddy Vs Jason" Place your bets!

Answer: A glass of orange juice

Little did Lori know that her dad had slipped a Hypnocil tablet in there so she wouldn't dream about Freddy. But to her father's surprise she doesn't drink it. This is just before she has her second "Freddy Flash". I call it this because he's on screen for about one second.

22. Who killed the most people in this movie?

From Quiz Not Named After "Freddy Vs. Jason" Yet About It

Answer: Jason Voorhees

Michael Myers and Leatherface are not in this movie. Michael Myers is from the movie "Halloween" while Leatherface is from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Freddy only killed a couple of people, while Jason killed a few alone and then went on a spree at a rave.

23. What is the name of the town in the film?

From Quiz Freddy vs. Jason

Answer: Springwood

The majority of the film takes place in a town called Springwood, but it could have been in any town, "because every town has an Elm Street."

24. "Babe, don't make me ask you twice, okay?"

From Quiz Freddy vs Jason: Quotes

Answer: Trey

While Gibb is dreaming, she sees Trey in the corn field. Trey leads her to this old barn where Kia sees Freddy. Freddy was about to kill her until Jason impales her with a rusted pipe.

25. What part of Kia's body did she want plastic surgery on?

From Quiz Freddy vs. Jason

Answer: nose

26. How many times does Lori fall asleep in the movie?

From Quiz "Freddy Vs Jason" Place your bets!

Answer: 5

At the police station: She is introduced to Freddy by the little girl with bleeding eyes. At home: She dozes off while her father is talking to her. You can just hear Freddy in the background calling her name. Her father then leans in and says "We need to get you to... he then turns into Freddy and yells "BED!" Lori then suddenly wakes up. When Lori, Will, Linderman, Kia, Deputy Stubbs and Freeburg are discussing who they should be most afraid of: Lori falls asleep on the couch, Deputy Stubbs then says they should offer a sacrifice to Freddy. Freeburg suggests a virgin. They all then turn to Lori and advance on her. Her dad appears and says "Give daddy a little kiss" he then leans in trying to stick his tongue down her throat. He turns into Freddy and says "Your eyes say no no, but my tongue says yes yes" Lori then rips his ear off, screams and wakes up. When she puts herself to sleep to lure Freddy into the real world to fight Jason.

27. Who cut Freddy's head off?

From Quiz Freddy vs. Jason

Answer: Lori

Kia and Blake were dead by this time, and Will was standing beside Lori.

28. Where does Jason make his presence widely known?

From Quiz Freddy vs. Jason

Answer: At the cornfield rave

Jason goes completely berserk at the cornfield rave, slicing and dicing about seven ravers, impaling two, and vaulting one into the air.

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