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2 The Frighteners quizzes and 20 The Frighteners trivia questions.
  10 Questions on The Frighteners   great trivia quiz  
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No rest for the wicked. This quiz will test your memory of the 1996 horror film starring, Michael J. Fox.
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  Test yourself! The Frighteners Quiz   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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Do these ghosts haunt your memory?
Average, 10 Qns, jeffwm, Nov 01 08
533 plays

The Frighteners Trivia Questions

1. What is the occupation stated on Frank Bannister's business card?

From Quiz
The Frighteners

Answer: Psychic Investigator

He arrives at the troubled home and pretends to investigate the phenomena his business partners have created. He announces that it could be the worst case he has ever seen. After operating a strange machine, he presents his clients with a small bag which ostensibly contains the mischievous ghosts.

2. What was Frank Bannister's occupation, prior to being a psychic investigator?

From Quiz The Frighteners

Answer: architect

Frank quit being an architect (and constructing his dream home) after his wife was killed in a car accident. The accident ended up giving him psychic powers and an idea for a new career as a psychic investigator.

3. How does Frank Bannister sometimes drive?

From Quiz The Frighteners

Answer: Recklessly

His reckless driving appears to result from driving too fast. He seems unable to reach some places soon enough. You see him drive at reasonable speed as he leaves the cemetery and as he arrives at his house, so he is capable of safe driving.

4. What serial killer does Lucy's husband Ray allude to, during the bedroom scene?

From Quiz The Frighteners

Answer: Manson

This happens when Lucy and Ray are sitting in the bedroom watching a video about the murders in Fairwater. Ray learns that his wife, a local doctor, recently visited the Bradley estate on a house call. Lucy mentions meeting the Bradleys' daughter, who was implicated in the long ago killings. To which Ray replies, "Great. We've been in town for 3 months and you've started making friends with the Manson family."

5. Frank Bannister's ambitions include what?

From Quiz The Frighteners

Answer: He intends to finish construction of his house.

After providing his paranormal services to the Lynskey's, Frank Bannister returns to his home, a partially constructed house. There, the Judge, one of his business partners, persuades him to quit his business of purging ghosts. He responds by saying that he has to finish his house. He never reveals his reason for this. Maybe the purpose is to honor his deceased wife who might have dreamed of seeing the house finished. At the end of the movie you see the unfinished house being demolished.

6. What is Special Agent Milton Dammers' major fear?

From Quiz The Frighteners

Answer: women yelling

During a scene in which Dammers attempts to interrogate Lucy, Lucy loses her temper and shouts at him. Dammers makes a hasty retreat to vomit in the mens' room. The sheriff follows, wanting to know if Dammers is all right. Dammers states that he threw up because he has a problem with women yelling.

7. What does Ray Lynskey do in Excaliburs Restaurant, where Frank Bannister is sitting with Lucy Lynskey?

From Quiz The Frighteners

Answer: He knocks over a glass of wine, spilling it on Frank Bannister.

In Excaliburs Restaurant, Ray Lynskey does this when Frank Bannister rests his hand on Lucy Lynskey's hand. He then warns Frank Bannister that he can move things and that the matter isn't over. Apparently, he remains loyal to his wife after his death.

8. What is blamed for the rash of mysterious deaths in Fairwater?

From Quiz The Frighteners

Answer: an unidentified heart condition

Twenty-eight unexplained deaths from 1990 onward were written off as heart attacks, but locals are convinced that something more sinister is going on. The murder spree that occured in the 1960s caused many to believe the town of Fairwater is cursed.

9. What are the names of two of Frank Bannister's business partners?

From Quiz The Frighteners

Answer: Cyrus and Stuart

Cyrus died in 1975 and must wear the fashion of that time as long as he is a ghost on Earth. Stuart's time of death is more difficult to place. They are a mismatched pair with few similarities, except that both are ghosts who work for Frank Bannister.

10. Where did Johnny Bartlett's infamous killing spree take place?

From Quiz The Frighteners

Answer: Fairwater Sanitorium

In 1964, Bartlett was an orderly at the hospital. He used a gurney to smuggle a rifle into the building. On that morning, he opened fire. His motive for killing 12 strangers was never revealed.

11. Near the beginning of the movie, Ray Lynskey expresses outrage when he sees the damage done to his lawn and picket fence. What else suffers damage?

From Quiz The Frighteners

Answer: Lawn gnome

Frank Bannister runs over the lawn gnome as he reverses his Volvo out of the Lynskey's yard. Later when Lucy Lynskey phones him and asks him to handle the paranormal activity in the Lynskey home, he drives through the fence again and runs over more lawn gnomes. Afterward, he strikes a deal with the Lynskeys to settle his debt to them by purging their home of mischievous ghosts.

12. Whose ashes does Patricia Bradley keep in her room?

From Quiz The Frighteners

Answer: Johnny Bartlett's

Patricia claims the ashes are her father's. He was the administrator of the Fairwater Sanitorium and committed suicide after he found out his daughter participated in the massacre that took place there. Patricia also states that her mother has her keep the ashes in her room as punishment, then leaves to make coffee for her mother. During Patricia's absence, Frank discovers an inscription on the urn that reads: John Charles Bartlett. It is never explained why Patricia lied.

13. What does Milton Dammers do when Lucy Lynskey yells at him?

From Quiz The Frighteners

Answer: He flees the room and vomits.

When Sheriff Perry accosts him and tries to help, he protests, saying that the sheriff is violating his territorial bubble. You have to wonder whether he suffers this reaction to women yelling at him when he is a ghost, especially considering the result of Stuart's earlier motion sickness.

14. Where are ghosts usually confined?

From Quiz The Frighteners

Answer: The cemetery

Some ghosts escape the cemetery, as Frank Bannister informs the Lynskey's while he examines their home for signs of paranormal presence. Frank Bannister evidently knows how to send them back since later he threatens to do so to Cyrus and Stuart.

15. Who was Johnny Bartlett's accomplice in the Fairwater Sanitorium killings?

From Quiz The Frighteners

Answer: Patricia Bradley

Though only she was 15 years old at the time of the incident, Patricia clearly had a bloodlust equal to that of her much-older boyfriend. Because of her age, Patricia was spared the death penalty and spent quite some time in a mental hospital instead. She is later remanded to the custody of her mother.

16. How did Ray Lynskey lose the $16,000 that his wife had saved?

From Quiz The Frighteners

Answer: He spent it on a bad investment.

He must not have told his wife about his losing the money; Frank Bannister informs her against his wishes. This occurs in the restaurant where Frank Bannister has met with Lucy Lysnkey and is joined by an ephemeral Ray Lysnkey.

17. What does Patricia steal from Frank's toolbox to number the new string of victims?

From Quiz The Frighteners

Answer: a utility knife

In a flashback, we saw Patricia steal Frank's knife after his car went off the road. She used it to mark the body of Frank's dead wife Debra and kept it as a souvenir. The absence of the weapon convinced everyone in Fairwater that Frank was responsible for his wife's death.

18. What is Milton Dammers' occupation?

From Quiz The Frighteners

Answer: FBI Agent

Having worked undercover in cults and sects, FBI agent Milton Dammers specializes in the unusual. He tells Lucy Lynskey that he "gets all the fruity cases".

19. Who is ultimately responsible for the mysterious string of deaths in Fairwater?

From Quiz The Frighteners

Answer: Johnny Bartlett

Even death couldn't stop this psychopath's compulsion to kill. In death as in life, Johnny is aided and abetted by his girlfriend Patricia. Both end up paying the ultimate price for their actions.

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