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Fun Trivia
7 Sandra Bullock quizzes and 65 Sandra Bullock trivia questions.
  The Movies of Sandra Bullock   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Let's find out how much you know aboutt he movies of Sandra Bullock! I will tell you who else was in the movie and describe a bit about the plot. Good luck!
Easier, 10 Qns, wenray, Oct 12 12
1112 plays
  Extremely Loud and Practical   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Excellent movies do not need to have been Oscar winners to be successful. This is a varied bunch that have enjoyed success and have Sandra Bullock as their common thread. SPOILERS ahead.
Easier, 10 Qns, pollucci19, Jun 15 21
pollucci19 gold member
Jun 15 21
335 plays
  Sandra Bullock   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a team quiz, about the actress Sandra Bullock, by the Movie Buffs.
Average, 10 Qns, Illini43, Aug 07 12
Illini43 gold member
1038 plays
  Sandra Bullock Movie Taglines    
Multiple Choice
 5 Qns
Guess the name of the Sandra Bullock movie by looking at the tagline.
Average, 5 Qns, rmillar, Jan 11 03
6372 plays
  Sandra Bullock Co-Stars    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The idea here is simple: I name the Sandra Bullock movie, you choose her co-star
Easier, 10 Qns, Ophelia78, Jun 29 03
7015 plays
  Sandra Bullock Movies!    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I will describe one of the characters that Sandra Bullock played, and you tell me either the name of the movie or the character name.
Average, 10 Qns, Mandah529, May 30 23
May 30 23
2829 plays
  Sandra Bullock Quotes    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
All quotes are from movies starring Sandra Bullock. I will give you the movie title. All questions are multiple choice.
Tough, 10 Qns, nakita7, Aug 29 04
2079 plays
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Sandra Bullock Trivia Questions

1. "The Blind Side" (2009) refers to the second most important player in an American football team as the Left Tackle, whose job it is to protect the Quarterback's blind side. While this movie is about football in parts, what is its main theme?

From Quiz
Extremely Loud and Practical

Answer: The adoption of a Afro-American teenager by a well to do white family

This movie, based on a true story, is about a teenager who manages to obtain a scholarship to an affluent Tennessee school because of his sporting prowess on the basketball court and, later, the football field. He suffers initially, due to having no supportive family but is taken in by a family who work hard to help him graduate to enable him to take a football scholarship at "Ol' Miss" University. This movie won an Oscar for Best Actress for its leading lady.

2. What state was Bullock's character representing in the movie "Miss Congeniality"?

From Quiz Sandra Bullock

Answer: New Jersey

Sandra, who played Gracie Hart, represented New Jersey in the Miss United States pageant. Gracie was assigned to represent New Jersey after the original contestant was discovered to appear in an adult film. Heather Burns played Miss Rhode Island, while Melissa de Sousa played Miss New York and Deirdre Quinn played Miss Texas. Question by the Miss_nicolle

3. "Please don't tell me you called me out of a _________ to pick out a suit." ('Two Weeks Notice')

From Quiz Sandra Bullock Quotes

Answer: wedding

Lucy (Bullock) says this to George after he paged her with an emergency page during her best friend's wedding. It is at this moment that she turns in her notice.

4. Why is Sandra Bullock's character, Margaret Tate, in the movie "The Proposal" (2009), put into the situation of marrying Andrew Paxton, played by Ryan Reynolds?

From Quiz Sandra Bullock

Answer: Her visa is going to expire.

Working as an executive editor in chief for Ruick & Hunt Publishing in New York City, Margaret finds out that her American Visa will soon expire and she will have to return to Canada. A deal is struck between Margaret and Andrew for him to get a promotion if he marries her. The two have a little time to get to know each other on a trip to his home in Sitka, Alaska, for Andrew's grandmother's 90th birthday party. An INS agent still does not believe this story and already has a meeting planned to further discuss this quick engagement. Question by Illini43

5. Gracie Hart: "Gracie Lou Freebush?" Eric Matthews: "I tought you'd like that." Gracie Hart: "Yeah, well. My IQ just dropped _____ points." ('Miss Congeniality')

From Quiz Sandra Bullock Quotes

Answer: ten

Gracie (Bullock) and Eric (Benjamin Bratt) have this conversation after he shows her the ID she will be using while undercover. Gracie is very unhappy about having to go undercover in a beauty pageant, and does not think women whot want to compete in them are smart. Gracie changes her mind after becoming friends with the other women.

6. What actor, also known for his role as Frank Barone in "Everybody Loves Raymond" and Wizard in "Taxi Driver" played Ox Callaghan in "While You Were Sleeping"?

From Quiz Extremely Loud and Practical

Answer: Peter Boyle

In the 1995 movie, "While You Were Sleeping", Boyle played the patriarch in the Callaghan family, who took Lucy to heart when she announced she was engaged their son, Peter, after he had an accident on the subway. In the end, Lucy unexpectedly falls in love with his other son, Jack.

7. What type of work does Sandra Bullock's character, Angela Bennett, do in the 1995 movie "The Net"?

From Quiz Sandra Bullock

Answer: Software engineer

Angela Bennett is a software engineer who works from home in this 1995 movie called "The Net". While taking a vacation in Mexico, she encounters Jack Devlin, played by Jeremy Northam. Devlin puts into motion events that will take away almost everything in Angela's life. Question by Illini43

8. The movie 'The Proposal' is the story of an assertive boss who forces her assistant to pretend to be engaged to her to prevent her deportation to what country?

From Quiz Extremely Loud and Practical

Answer: Canada

This 'rom-com' has Andrew Paxton (played by Ryan Reynolds) forced to become engaged to his over-bearing boss Margaret Tate. He takes her to visit his family in order to support the pretence of their engagement, and they must pretend to be romantic enough to convince the Immigration Officer, played by Denis O'Hare. Betty White plays Grandma Annie, who performs a Native American fertility rite for them. Of course, it ends up happily ever after, when the couple are able convince the Immigration department they are sincere.

9. A "Speed" sequel could not reunite Sandra and her co-star Keanu Reeves, but which 2006 film did?

From Quiz Sandra Bullock

Answer: The Lake House

In 1994's "Speed" when madman Howard Payne takes a bus hostage, SWAT member Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves) teams with passenger Annie Wilkes (Sandra Bullock) to save the day. Despite the great onscreen chemistry between Bullock and Reeves, the sequel "Speed 2: Cruise Control" shifted the storyline, with Sandra's character and love interest, Alex Shaw (played by Jason Patric), aboard a hijacked ship. More than a decade later, Sandra and Keanu gave fans the reunion they had been waiting for when they played Kate and Alex, two strangers living a world apart who are brought together by the exchange of letters in the "The Lake House". Even though they are two years apart, their letters get back to each other in the house they share at different times. They eventually try to meet in Chicago in her present and his future. Submitted by HannahConner88

10. "Childhood is what you spend the rest of your life trying to ______." ('Hope Floats')

From Quiz Sandra Bullock Quotes

Answer: overcome

Birdee (Bullock) says this at the end of the movie. She also says "She (her mother) says that beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it's the middle that counts the most."

11. "The Net" is a 1995 cyber-crime movie and one of the first about the internet. Specifically, what aspect of the internet was the main theme?

From Quiz Extremely Loud and Practical

Answer: Identity theft

This movie explores the catastrophe caused by identity theft and its implications. It tracks the course of our heroine, Angela Bennett, who must use all of her IT skills to beat a false murder rap against her as well as regain her identity. This movie made a star out of Jeremy Northam and achieved both moderate commercial and critical success.

12. This 2000 movie directed by Betty Thomas set in a rehab facility stars Sandra Bullock, Viggo Mortensen, Dominic West, Elizabeth Perkins, Steve Buscemi and Alan Tudyk. What is the name of this Sandra Bullock movie?

From Quiz The Movies of Sandra Bullock

Answer: 28 Days

"28 Days" tells the story of newspaper columnist Gwen Cummings (Sandra Bullock) who gets drunk at her sister's wedding, causes havoc and then "borrows" a limousine which she crashes. A judge gives her the choice of going to prison or going to rehab for 28 days. She chooses rehab. The movie had an estimated Budget of $43 million and the gross worldwide takings were $62 million. Sandra Bullock actually spent time in a rehab clinic to add more authenticity to her role.

13. "What I suggest is you go to an execution, and see a man be killed. You watch him die, and you watch him _____!" ('A Time to Kill')

From Quiz Sandra Bullock Quotes

Answer: beg

Ellen (Bullock) says this after she finds out Jake Tyler Brigance (Matthew McConaughey) is pro-execution. She is very passionate about what she believes in, and this in one reason Brigance hires her.

14. "Gravity" (2013) is the story of astronauts on board NASA Space Shuttle Explorer that gets hit by space debris rendering it inoperable. The astronauts, played by Sandra Bullock and which veteran actor, now have to get back to Earth?

From Quiz Extremely Loud and Practical

Answer: George Clooney

Whilst you may, briefly, catch a glimpse of the rest of the crew as the debris hits the shuttle, the rest of this film is dominated by the presence of Bullock, as Dr. Ryan Stone, on her first shuttle mission, and Clooney, as the mission veteran Matt Kowalski. Beyond that, the voice of Ed Harris as Mission Control is heard as are five other voices. If you ever thought claustrophobia could not occur in deep space you need to see this taut crisp, thriller of a movie.

15. In "In Love and War", set during World War 1, Sandra Bullock can be seen as Agnes von Kurowsky opposite Chris O'Donnell as Ernest Hemingway. What was her profession?

From Quiz Sandra Bullock

Answer: Nurse

In "In Love and War" (1996) Sandra's Agnes nurses the wounded 18-year old Ernest Hemingway back to health after convincing his doctors not to amputate his leg. The movie itself is mostly about the romance that develops between the writer and his nurse, a relationship which eventually has no future. Even though the movie, directed by Richard Attenborough, took lots of liberties with the facts, it is actually based on a true story. Hemingway's experiences in Italy towards the end of World War 1 served as basis for some of his works, with Agnes von Kurowsky especially present in the character of Catherine Barkley in "A Farewell to Arms". Question by Picard25

16. "$38 for a Christmas tree and they don't deliver? You order $10 worth of chow mein from Mr. ______ they bring to your door." ('While You Were Sleeping')

From Quiz Sandra Bullock Quotes

Answer: Wong

Lucy (Bullock) is trying to pull her Christmas tree up through her window. She ends up slipping and the tree breaks a window in her landlord's apartment.

17. 'In Love And War'

From Quiz Sandra Bullock Co-Stars

Answer: Chris O'Donnell

18. In "Ocean's 8" a feisty thief by the name of Debbie plots a heist whilst in prison. She has which connection with George Clooney's character, Danny Ocean, from Steven Soderbergh's "Ocean" trilogy?

From Quiz Extremely Loud and Practical

Answer: They're brother and sister

Debbie Ocean is Danny Ocean's (George Clooney) younger sister and, guess what, just like Danny she too is a master thief. Seems like it runs in the family. In this little venture Debbie puts together a scheme to steal a $150 million Cartier necklace. Whilst the star studded cast, which includes Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter, was praised for its performance, sadly the film was criticized for its rather lacklustre script.

19. What is the name of the 2002 movie directed by Barbet Schroeder starring Sandra Bullock in which she played Homicide Detective Cassie Mayweather?

From Quiz The Movies of Sandra Bullock

Answer: Murder by Numbers

"Murder by Numbers" tells the story of two rich high school students who team up and execute elaborately perfect murders, just because they can, and of the two detectives who try to catch them. The film is very loosely based on a pair of real murderers. The movie also stars Ben Chaplin, Ryan Gosling, Michael Pitt, Agnes Bruckner and Chris Penn. The estimated budget was $50 million and the estimated gross takings were $31.8 million. This dramatic film was quite a departure for Bullock, as in it she portrays a tough single cop with a secret in her past that drives her in the present. Not a whiff of comedy.

20. In the 2009 movie "The Blind Side", which college did Sandra's character, Leigh Tuohy, dislike more than any other, even though it was the state she and the family lived in?

From Quiz Sandra Bullock

Answer: Tennessee

Leigh and her husband Sean, played by Tim McGraw, were both graduates of the University of Mississippi. Just after the family Christmas card and picture is sent out, Leigh comes home to the family watching a football game between Clemson and Tennessee. Michael asks S.J. "Your mom roots against Tennessee no matter who they play?". To which Leigh replies "Uh, yes I do, with gusto". S.J. adds a little one liner to top it off so Michael clearly understands. "She can't stand Tennessee". Quinton Aaron played the real life role of Michael Oher, who eventually played for Ole Miss. Phillip Fulmer has an appearance in the movie as himself, the coach of the Tennessee Volunteers. Several other coaches had cameos as themselves in the recruiting process including: Lou Holtz, Houston Nutt, Ed Orgeron, Tommy Tuberville and Nick Saban. Question by Illini43

21. Lenina Huxley: "Looks like there's a new ______ in town." John Spartan: "That's sheriff." ('Demolition Man')

From Quiz Sandra Bullock Quotes

Answer: shepherd

Lenina (Bullock) plays a cop from the future who is interested in the past (which is the 1990's). She uses phrases that have become obsolete and gets the words mixed up.

22. 'A Time To Kill'

From Quiz Sandra Bullock Co-Stars

Answer: Matthew McConaughey

23. Keanu Reeves performed what heroic feat in the 1994 movie, "Speed"?

From Quiz Extremely Loud and Practical

Answer: Prevented a bomb exploding on a city bus

In Los Angeles, a disgruntled Atlanta Police Department bomb squad expert is threatening to blow up a bus full of passengers in order to extort money. To prevent this, the speed of the bus must be kept at above 50mph. In addition, the bus is being monitored by the extortionist, and any plans to assist the passengers to escape must be done surreptitiously. Reeves plays Jack Traven, who must prevent tragedy happening.

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