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Fun Trivia
6 Woody Allen quizzes and 70 Woody Allen trivia questions.
  A Trip Around the World with Woody Allen    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
From New York to Europe and beyond, this quiz uses the films of Woody Allen to take us on a trip around the world. You may be surprised how many times he has left New York.
Average, 15 Qns, napierslogs, Oct 09 13
421 plays
  The Directors: Woody Allen    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Woody Allen is one of the most prolific directors of films. Here are just a few of them. Contains spoilers.
Average, 10 Qns, Rehaberpro, Oct 24 16
271 plays
  Woody Allen Movie Characters    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Here is a quiz where I'll give you the name of Woody Allen's character and you have to choose which movie it is. All multiple choice. Good luck and have fun!
Average, 10 Qns, betben, Jan 20 03
1066 plays
  Big Woody    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Woody Allen's film career is one of the glories of the American Cinema. How much do you know about him and his work?
Average, 15 Qns, mpc, Feb 20 14
1310 plays
  10 Questions: Woody Allen Quotes Multiple Choice Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
In what movie does Woody say...
Difficult, 10 Qns, methreepio, Oct 16 01
882 plays
  10 Question Woody Allen Quotes Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A few questions on the marvelous fims of my favourite director. I'll give you a quote and you tell me which film it is from. Enjoy yourselves.
Difficult, 10 Qns, lupetta, Nov 09 01
731 plays
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Woody Allen Trivia Questions

1. 'I'm just worried because I never had a relationship with a woman that lasted as long as the one between Hitler and Eva Braun.'

From Quiz
Woody Allen Quotes

Answer: Manhattan

Said to Diane Keaton in the first stage of their relationship. How could any girl resist {;-).}

2. 'May I interject one statement at this juncture? And I don't mean to be didactic or facetious in any way...'

From Quiz Woody Allen Quotes

Answer: Broadway Danny Rose

3. In 1965, Allen wrote and appeared as a supporting player in an all-star farce. Which was it?

From Quiz Big Woody

Answer: What's New Pussycat?

4. "Hannah and Her Sisters" (1989) is a story told over three Thanksgivings. Hannah (Mia Farrow) is the central character and much of the plot transactions lead back to her. What actresses played her two sisters?

From Quiz The Directors: Woody Allen

Answer: Dianne Wiest and Barbara Hershey

The film deftly explores relationships and its complications both marital and affairs. Elliot (Michael Caine) is Hannah's husband but is vaguely dissatisfied with the marriage and initiates an affair with her artistic sister Lee (Barbara Hershey). Mickey, Hannah's ex-husband, (Woody Allen) has a disastrous affair with Hannah's other sister Holly (Dianne Wiest). But after the three holidays, Hannah and Elliot are still together, Lee has moved on to another relationship, and Mickey is married to the now pregnant Holly. Caine and Wiest both won Oscars for their supporting roles while Allen received nominations for directing and screenplay. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 93% and it had essentially rave reviews. The film was influenced by Ingmar Bergman's "Fanny and Alexander" where the family meets for Christmas.

5. 'It's a year since we last had sex, a year on April 20th. I remember the date because it was Hitler's birthday.'

From Quiz Woody Allen Quotes

Answer: Crimes and Misdemeanours.

A marriage that is not so much dead as decomposing {;-).}

6. 'We should have gotten steaks. They don't have legs. They don't run around.'

From Quiz Woody Allen Quotes

Answer: Annie Hall

7. There is a foreign filmmaker that Woody Allen respects above all others. Do you know who he could be?

From Quiz Big Woody

Answer: Ingmar Bergman

8. If it is a magic time, and in a magic place, and a magic limousine appears, who might you expect to meet (according to a 2011 Woody Allen film)?

From Quiz The Directors: Woody Allen

Answer: American and other expatriates in 1920s Paris

After several years the prolific woody Allen had mostly well received but less than spectacular films. He came back on top with "Midnight in Paris" (2011). Many characters from literature and the arts are personified by great character actors such as Ernest Hemingway, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, and Salvador Dalí - just to name a few. Owen Wilson plays Gil Pender, an American would-be novelist, vacationing in Paris with his fiancé Rachel McAdams as Inez. There are scenes where Wilson seems to have adopted a young Woody Allen's mannerisms and speech patterns. Bored with his fiancé's family and arty friends, he wonders Paris alone until he finds that special magical spot and is transported to meet the fabulous artistic expatriates of a bygone era of Paris. Allen won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and the film was nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Art Direction. Roger Ebert summed it all best: "This is Woody Allen's 41st film. He writes his films himself, and directs them with wit and grace. I consider him a treasure of the cinema. Some people take him for granted, although 'Midnight in Paris' reportedly charmed even the jaded veterans of the Cannes press screenings. There is nothing to dislike about it. Either you connect with it or not. I'm wearying of movies that are for 'everybody - which means, nobody in particular. 'Midnight in Paris' is for me, in particular, and that's just fine with moi."

9. 'Here he is, direct from the Wailing Wall.'

From Quiz Woody Allen Quotes

Answer: Deconstructing Harry

A VERY strange one, this.

10. 'I should have been a pair of ragged claws...scuttling across the floors...of silent seas.'

From Quiz Woody Allen Quotes

Answer: Love and Death

This is one of Boris' attempts at writing poetry (he stole it from T.S. Eliot).

11. In 1989, Allen made 'New York Stories' with another two directors. Who were them?

From Quiz Big Woody

Answer: Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola

His short story was 'Oedipus Wrecks'.

12. In what 1979 film does Woody Allen write, direct, and play a 42 year old man in love with a 17 year old girl?

From Quiz The Directors: Woody Allen

Answer: Manhattan

Mariel Hemingway received an Oscar nomination for her role as a teenager. Although she has worked steadily in television and films for years, she has worked through mental health issues that she has been candid about. Isaac (Allen) tries to resist his attraction to Tracy (Hemingway), obviously because of their age differences. He begins an affair with Mary (Diane Keaton) but his thoughts always seem to return to Tracy. When he decides to follow his heart and tells her he loves her innocence, she is leaving for Europe and tells him that not everyone gets corrupted. The entire musical score is George Gershwin's compositions and lends a nostalgic aura to the film. Ironically, Allen hated the finished product. He said he would work for free on another film if the studio did not release it.

13. 'I can't enjoy something unless everyone enjoys it. If there's some guy starving somewhere it puts a crimp in my evening.'

From Quiz Woody Allen Quotes

Answer: Annie Hall

I think he could stand to lighten up...mmmm...just a little bit!! {;-)}

14. 'I object, your honor. This trial is a travesty. It's a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham.'

From Quiz Woody Allen Quotes

Answer: Bananas

15. In which of his black and white films did Madonna appear?

From Quiz Big Woody

Answer: Shadows and Fog

16. In "September" (1987), Lane (Mia Farrow) has invited her friends to her country home. Howard is in love with Lane, but Lane is in love with Peter, but Peter is in love with Stephanie. Where does this tale of unrequited love take place?

From Quiz A Trip Around the World with Woody Allen

Answer: Vermont

"September" (1987) does not star Woody Allen, but it was his attempt to make a film like a play and is loosely based on the plays by Anton Chekhov. The film takes place entirely in Lane's home in Vermont, but it was actually shot in a studio in New York. The characters refer to the house being in Vermont, including in one exchange between Lane and her mother, Diane (Elaine Stritch), who is planning on moving back into the house with her husband, Lloyd, but Lane is planning on selling it. Diane says, "Lloyd loves Vermont, and I have always loved this place."

17. 'Idea for a farce: a poor loser covers the story of a great man and in doing so learns true values.' A fantastic performance in which film?

From Quiz Woody Allen Quotes

Answer: Crimes and Misdemeanours

Alan Alda is awesome in this very clever and very funny film.

18. 'I wrote a short story about my mother called 'The Castrating Zionist,' and I'm thinking about expanding it into a novel.'

From Quiz Woody Allen Quotes

Answer: Manhattan

19. The golden age of radio is sweetly and nostalgically treated in Woody Allen's "Radio Days" (1987). What radio broadcast in the film frightens listeners the most?

From Quiz The Directors: Woody Allen

Answer: Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds"

Welles' adaptation of "War of the Worlds" in 1938 caused mass panic, as the first two-thirds of the one-hour broadcast was presented as a series of simulated news bulletins, which suggested an actual alien invasion by Martians was currently in progress. The "Radio Days" cast feel the panic as well. Radio was still relatively new in the 1930s. The radio required more than television demands of us. It required our imagination. We had to imagine Jack Armstrong cutting his way through the jungle; imagine Ma Perkins giving sage advice over a cup of tea; imagine what creature opened the squeaking door. "Radio Days" employs an ensemble cast in the context of an extended family. The plot is hard to describe as it is a series of urban legends, constantly changing plot points and vignettes. Mia Farrow is am aspiring radio actress, Dianne Wiest is Aunt Bea who is spinning into spinsterhood, and Allen as the unseen narrator recalling his family and radio. The film was well received by film critics and earned am 88% freshness rating from Rotten Tomatoes. It received two Oscar nominations for Art Direction and Allen's screenplay. In researching I was surprised to note that it lost money at the box office.

20. In "Don't Drink the Water" (1994), Woody Allen plays Walter Hollander, the patriarch of a family on vacation who gets the family marked as international spies. Set in the 1960s behind the iron curtain, where does this movie take place?

From Quiz A Trip Around the World with Woody Allen

Answer: USSR

"Don't Drink the Water" (1994) starts with Walter Hollander (Woody Allen) who takes a photograph in a non-tourist area. The rest of the movie then takes place with the Hollander family holed up in the American Embassy in the USSR. Allen originally wrote it as a play and produced it on Broadway in 1966.

21. 'Oh, I don't know which ex-husband! The one with the mustache!'

From Quiz Woody Allen Quotes

Answer: Bullets Over Broadway

A well-deserved Oscar for Diane Weiss in this one.

22. 'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a nose for a nose. I don't know what that means, but it sounds brilliant.'

From Quiz Woody Allen Quotes

Answer: Sleeper

23. In 1994, he made a film in color and black and white. Do you know which was it?

From Quiz Big Woody

Answer: Don't Drink the Water

It was a movie for television, aired on ABC Television Network.

24. "Manhattan Murder Mystery" (1993) was released at the peak of Woody Allen's breakup with Mia Farrow that dominated the tabloids. Who did Allen select to play Farrow's vacated role?

From Quiz The Directors: Woody Allen

Answer: Diane Keaton

Allen abandoned the script many years before taking it up again. But since he lost his planned co-star, Keaton stepped in. He modified it in such a way as to feature Diane Keaton in her Academy Award performance in "Annie Hall" (1977). Allen said that the part was really not designed for either actress but was a tightly wound mystery. The Liptons (Allen and Keaton) are only vaguely acquainted with the Houses (Jerry Adler and Lynn Cohen) who live in the same apartment house. The death of Lillian House is suspicious as she appeared to be in good health so the Liptons decide to do their own investigation. They find a pattern of double-crossing and deception. Again, because of the scandal and subsequent publicity, there was a direct effect on the box office and the film lost money in spite of positive reviews. Rotten Tomatoes netted 92% based on 26 reviews.

25. 'Why didn't I see it coming? Me, who had the foresight to buy Polaroid at eight and a half?'

From Quiz Woody Allen Quotes

Answer: Play it Again Sam

I think this is my favourite performance by the omnipresent Tony Roberts.

26. 'To the gentleman whose appendix I took out, I don't know what to say. If it's any consolation, I may still have it somewhere around the house.'

From Quiz Woody Allen Quotes

Answer: Zelig

27. What is the name of the character played by Mia Farrow in 'The Purple Rose of Cairo'?

From Quiz Big Woody

Answer: Cecilia

28. "Bullets over Broadway" (1994) is the story of a play that ends up being financed by a gangster with the provision that his less than talented girlfriend star. What actor portrays the gangster who ends up as the de facto director of the play?

From Quiz The Directors: Woody Allen

Answer: Chazz Palminteri

John Cusack is nominally the director but gangster Chazz Palminteri as Cheech forces changes, rewrites the script, and make a play doomed for failure into a hit. Cusack in the process makes false claims about changes Cheech made, loses his girlfriend Ellen (Mary-Louise Parker), and has an affair with his alcoholic leading lady Helen Sinclair (Dianne Wiest). Wiest won her second Academy Award for a Supporting Role. In her love scenes she says "Don't speak!". "Bullets over Broadway" received seven Oscar nominations but only Wiest prevailed. Allen was nominated for screenplay and director and Tilly and Palminteri for Supporting roles, and for production and set design. It clocked a solid 96% with Rotten Tomatoes.

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