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Fun Trivia
5 Angelina Jolie quizzes and 65 Angelina Jolie trivia questions.
  Angelina Jolie Characters    
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Here's a quiz on some of the characters the amazing Angelina Jolie has played. I'll give you a character name, all you have to do is match that with the movie in which she played that person. Only true fans need apply!
Easier, 10 Qns, Trivia_Fan54, Jan 31 22
Trivia_Fan54 gold member
Jan 31 22
340 plays
  Angelina Jolie Taglines    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz on taglines from Angelina Jolie movies. Enjoy!
Average, 10 Qns, rj211, Sep 08 02
rj211 gold member
2370 plays
  From Which Angelina Jolie Movie?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
These are quotes from Angelina Jolie's movies; you only have to know what movie it was.
Tough, 10 Qns, sandramelhem, Aug 02 07
707 plays
  Angelina Jolie Movies    
Multiple Choice
 25 Qns
This quiz is to test your knowledge on Angelina Jolie movies. If you have seen most of her films this shouldn't be too hard.
Average, 25 Qns, lanylove, Mar 21 06
2554 plays
  Angelina Jolie's Movies    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Angelina is a very talented and beautiful actress. She has had some great roles and some forgettable ones. These questions are about some from both categories.
Average, 10 Qns, dinocam, Oct 30 05
1105 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What was Angelina Jolie's character Lisa diagnosed with in 'Girl, Interrupted'?

From Quiz "Angelina Jolie Movies"

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Angelina Jolie Trivia Questions

1. "I do be da pittiest pittiest girl, I do be dat".

From Quiz
From Which Angelina Jolie Movie?

Answer: Gia

This movie is the true story of a supermodel who died of AIDS. Gia looks in a mirror and says this throughout the movie since she views her life as a fairytale in her journal.

2. In what movie did Jolie star with the man who would later become her first husband?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie's Movies

Answer: Hackers

'Hackers' is a film about high school computer hackers and was released in 1995. It co-starred Johnny Lee Miller, better known as Sick-Boy from the film 'Trainspotting'.

3. In what movie did Angelina Jolie play a drug addicted lesbian?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie Movies

Answer: Gia

Angelina Jolie plays the character Gia, based on the real life supermodel Gia Marie Carangi.

4. "We are very rare and we are mostly men".

From Quiz From Which Angelina Jolie Movie?

Answer: Girl, Interrupted

This movie is based on the auto-biography of Susanna Kaysen, played by Winona Ryder and takes place in a mental institution. Lisa says this when the girls break into the doctor's office to read their files and she says this when describing that her diagnosis is usually found in men and it is a very rare state.

5. In what 2005 film does she star opposite Brad Pitt?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie's Movies

Answer: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

They play contract killers who are married, unaware that the other is an assassin, and each is hired to kill the other.

6. In what 2001 movie based on a video game does Angelina play the leading role?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie Movies

Answer: Tomb Raider & Lara Croft Tomb Raider & Lara Croft & Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Angelina plays Lara Croft in the hit movie 'Tomb Raider' based on the famous video game.

7. Complete this tagline from a 1997 Jolie movie: 'It's about who you are. It's about life and death. It's about...'

From Quiz Angelina Jolie Taglines

Answer: Playing God

This movie also starred David Duchovny and Timothy Hutton. It bombed commercially, but I kind of liked it.

8. "A minute just seems like a really long time to waste".

From Quiz From Which Angelina Jolie Movie?

Answer: Life or Something Like It.

This movie is about a woman who discovers she has only one week to live. When Lanie tells Cal that she wants to break up with him, he tells her to think about it for a second to which she replies with this quote.

9. In what movie did she star in an ensemble cast along with Sean Connery, Gillian Anderson, Ryan Phillippe, Ellen Burstyn, and more?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie's Movies

Answer: Playing By Heart

This is an often overlooked film that tells several seemingly unrelated stories and then weaves them together. Jolie plays Joan, who is trying to attract the attention of Keenan (Phillippe). The movie also stars Jay Mohr of 'Last Comic Standing' and Jon Stewart from 'The Daily Show'.

10. What 1998 movie does Angelina Jolie star in along with Gillian Anderson, Ryan Phillppe, Sean Connery and Jon Stewart?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie Movies

Answer: Playing by Heart

Angelina Jolie plays Joan, a young girl searching for love in the Los Angeles club scene.

11. "Do you love me? Or you're not the loving kind?"

From Quiz From Which Angelina Jolie Movie?

Answer: Original Sin

This is a story about love, deceit and mistaken identities. A rich man orders in a woman to be his bride, only to realise that the woman who appears is deceiving and she has murdered the real bride to be. When Luis and Julia are talking, he asks her if she loves him, to which she answers with this quote, as if running away from his question.

12. In what movie did she play a model who many believe resembled Cindy Crawford?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie's Movies

Answer: Gia

This is a very entertaining and sad movie. It tells the true story of Gia Carangi who was 'discovered' while working in the deli that her father owned and ran in Philadelphia.

13. What movie does the quote 'What do you think is more exciting, having sex or stealing cars?' come from?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie Movies

Answer: Gone in 60 Seconds

She said this to Nicolas Cage's character, while they were boosting a car.

14. "I was never in the Peace Corps".

From Quiz From Which Angelina Jolie Movie?

Answer: Mr and Mrs Smith

This movie is about a married couple who discover that both are secretly assassins and they have been hired to kill each other. After battling it out, they both realize they cannot kill each other; they sit and expose the lies and covers they made each other believe.

15. What actor became her character's lover in the movie 'Taking Lives'?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie's Movies

Answer: Ethan Hawke

The movie is about a series of murders that Angelina Jolie's character (an FBI profiler) is helping to solve. Kiefer Sutherland and Olivier Martinez were both in this film, but were not romantically involved with her character.

16. What movie did Angelina Jolie win an Academy Award for?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie Movies

Answer: Girl, Interrupted

Angelina Jolie won a Academy Award in 2000 for Best Supporting Actress for 'Girl Interrupted'.

17. 'Too beautiful to die. Too wild to live.' This is the tagline for which Jolie movie?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie Taglines

Answer: Gia

'Gia' was a biographical movie based on the life of an American supermodel who was also one of the first women whose death was attributed to AIDS. Many Jolie fans consider this film to be some of her best work.

18. "I'm not a book critic, sir".

From Quiz From Which Angelina Jolie Movie?

Answer: The Bone Collector

This movie is about two cops who need to think and act as one in order to catch a murderer. When Amelia and Rhyme first meet, he asks her if she knows who he is to which she replies by saying that she has read his manual at the police academy. So he asks her what she thought of it and she tells him that she's not a book critic.

19. Who played her husband in 'Original Sin'?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie's Movies

Answer: Antonio Banderas

Released in 2001, this film also starred Thomas Jane from '61' and 'The Punisher'. Antonio Banderas orders a mail order bride from the US who may not be who she claims to be.

20. In what movie does Angelina Jolie play the character Cornelia Wallace?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie Movies

Answer: George Wallace

Angelina Jolie won a Golden Globe Award for her outstanding performance in this made-for-TV film.

21. Name the movie for which the following is the tagline: 'A comedy about life, love, airplanes and other bumpy rides.'

From Quiz Angelina Jolie Taglines

Answer: Pushing Tin

John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton, and Cate Blanchett also star in this comedy about air traffic controllers.

22. "Listen, Baby, I know I was a bad girl, but you'd have to be crazy not to take me back".

From Quiz From Which Angelina Jolie Movie?

Answer: Shark Tale

This animated movie takes place in the ocean, when the gangster boss's son is murdered and a small fish takes credit for it, with the help of a vegetarian shark. After Oscar gets famous and rich, Lola goes to him and tells him to take her back, after having dumped him for being poor and not very cool. She tells me he would be crazy not to take her back since she is one of the prettiest fish in the sea.

23. What movie did she appear in as a young girl, that also starred (and was written by) her father?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie's Movies

Answer: Lookin' to Get Out

This is one of the few films with Jolie that I have not seen. The plot involves a gambler who loses a lot of money in New York City and flees to Las Vegas to try to win back his losses.

24. Angelina Jolie married one of her co-actors from the movie 'Pushing Tin'. Who is he?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie Movies

Answer: Billy Bob Thornton & Billy Bob Thorton & Thornton & Thorton

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton were married May 5, 2000.

25. 'The sexy comedy with a twist' is the tagline for which Jolie movie?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie Taglines

Answer: Playing by Heart

This movie is made up of four interweaving storylines. Jolie plays opposite Ryan Phillipe in one of the storylines.

26. "Why do you never say my name?"

From Quiz From Which Angelina Jolie Movie?

Answer: Beyond Borders

This movie was inspired by Angelina's travels and work with the U.N and shows the suffering of people and how some people try to help. When Sarah realizes that Nick never calls her by her name, she asks him why to which he replies that he always looses people and when they don't have names it is easier to handle.

27. In what movie did she star opposite Edward Burns?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie's Movies

Answer: Life or Something Like It

She plays a reporter who falls for her ex-beau camera man (Burns). The other movies all star Angelina Jolie, but not Edward Burns.

28. What is the first name of the character that Angelina Jolie plays in 'True Women'?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie Movies

Answer: Georgia

Angelina Jolie plays Georgia Virginia Lawshe Woods in the 1997 made for TV movie.

29. 'Sometimes the only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy' is the tagline for which Jolie movie?

From Quiz Angelina Jolie Taglines

Answer: Girl, Interrupted

Jolie's work in this 1999 movie earned her an Oscar.

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