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6 quizzes and 60 trivia questions.
  Card or Cash   best quiz  
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
All the singers or bands listed have had song titles mentioning either cash or cards, or at least using words which could mean either of these. All you need to do is match them up.
Easier, 10 Qns, rossian, Oct 27 20
rossian editor
Oct 27 20
686 plays
  Make That Song Title Money   popular trivia quiz  
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Money is the root of all evil. Not here in Quizzyland. This quiz celebrates songs with the word "money" in their titles. Please match the money titled song with its performing artist.
Very Easy, 10 Qns, workisboring, Sep 25 22
Very Easy
workisboring gold member
Sep 25 22
321 plays
  Give Me All Your Money!    
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
There are a lot of songs about money, and these are just a few of them with the actual word in the title. Let's see if you're 'on the money' and can pick the right group or solo artist to match.
Average, 10 Qns, reedy, Oct 27 20
reedy gold member
Oct 27 20
570 plays
  Songs about Money   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Everyone wants to be rich but for those of us that are not, here are some songs about money!
Average, 10 Qns, ozzz2002, Oct 27 20
ozzz2002 gold member
Oct 27 20
839 plays
  Songs Featuring Money in the Title.   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Several hit songs have been released concerning money. This quiz is about some of them. All chart references are from the US Billboard charts.
Difficult, 10 Qns, shanteyman, Oct 27 20
Oct 27 20
518 plays
  Money Money Money    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Ten UK chart hits from the 1950s onwards, all with a "money" theme.
Tough, 10 Qns, gingerlady, Oct 27 20
Oct 27 20
535 plays

Money in Songs Trivia Questions

1. Lady Gaga recorded a song called "Money Honey" on her 2008 debut album, "Fame". Which group released a song titled "Money Honey" in 1953?

From Quiz
Songs Featuring Money in the Title.

Answer: Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters

Clyde McPhatter was singing with Billy Ward and the Dominoes before he began fronting The Drifters in 1953. When Atlantic Records learned that Clyde was no longer with Billy Ward and the Dominoes they promptly signed him to the label. Atlantic gave Clyde the freedom to pick his backing singers and when the lineup was complete they were dubbed The Drifters. They produced "Money Honey" during their second session. Songwriter and arranger Jesse Stone composed "Money Honey". Stone wrote several early rock hits including "Shake, Rattle and Roll" done by Bill Haley and his Comets writing under the pseudonym Charles E. Calhoun. Maurice Williams and the Zodiaks enjoyed a hit when they recorded the original version of "Stay" in 1959.

2. What was the title of the 1988 top ten UK hit for Hary Enfield?

From Quiz Money Money Money

Answer: Loadsamoney

Harry Enfield is best known for his comedy characters rather than his musical ability! However, "Loadsamoney" actually managed to reach No.4 in the UK.

3. Which Ohio based Rhythm and Blues group had a Top Ten hit with "For the Love of Money" in 1973?

From Quiz Songs Featuring Money in the Title.

Answer: The O'Jays

Originally known as The Triumphs and later The Mascots The O'Jays recorded a regional hit in Cleveland called "Miracles" in 1961.Two years later they were inspired to change their name as a tribute to disc jockey Eddie O'Jay. They continued to released marginally successful recordings until the early seventies when "Back Stabbers" was released as a single from their album of the same name. They followed up with several Top Ten hits including "Put Your Hands Together" "I Love Music" and "For the Love of Money". Their last Top Twenty single was "Use ta Be My Girl" in 1978. The band has continued to perform and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005. "Betcha by Golly, Wow" and "I'm Stone in Love with You" were two of the successful releases from The Stylistics in the seventies. In 1975 Earth, Wind and Fire had a smash hit with "Shining Star". "Boogie Nights" was a 1975 hit for Heatwave.

4. Swedish super-group ABBA released 'Money, Money, Money' as a single in 1976. Which album was it originally on?

From Quiz Songs about Money

Answer: Arrival

'Dancing Queen' and 'Knowing Me, Knowing You' also came from the same album. All three were Top Ten hits on almost every worldwide chart.

5. Janie Bradford and Motown Records founder Berry Gordy composed "Money (That's What I Want"). The song has been recorded by many groups since 1959. Which artist originally recorded and released the song?

From Quiz Songs Featuring Money in the Title.

Answer: Barrett Strong

"Money (That's What I Want)" was a 1959 hit recorded by Barrett Strong for Berry Gordy's new Tamla label. It was the first national hit by a Motown artist, reaching Number 23 on the US Pop chart. It fared better on the US Rhythm and Blues charts, making it to the Number Two slot. Barrett Strong was one of the first artists signed to the Motown group and was primarily a songwriter. Paired with Norman Whitfield they composed such hits as "I Heard It Through the Grapevine", "Smiling Faces Sometimes", "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)" and many more Motown standards. The Trashmen recorded a version on their 1964 "Surfin' Bird" album. The Kingsmen had a Top Twenty hit with "Money (That's What I Want)" in 1963 and Buddy Guy recorded a version in 1968 for his "A Man and the Blues" LP. Artists who have also recorded the song include The Beatles, Chambers Brothers, Everly Brothers, Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimi Hendrix.

6. 'Money Makes the World Go Round' is a fun song from the 1972 musical 'Cabaret!' It features Liza Minelli in a duet with another performer. Who is this man, who won a Tony, an Oscar, a BAFTA, and a Golden Globe for his performance?

From Quiz Songs about Money

Answer: Joel Grey

Liza also scooped the award pool for her role as Sally Bowles. Bob Fosse directed the movie and Christopher Isherwood wrote the book that the original stageplay was adapted from. Peter Allen was her first husband.

7. Who had a UK top ten hit in 1969 with "A Boy Named Sue"?

From Quiz Money Money Money

Answer: Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash was born in 1932. An avid country music fan since childhood, he wrote his first song at age 12.

8. "You Never Give Me Your Money" was the beginning song of a medley featured on which 1969 Beatles album?

From Quiz Songs Featuring Money in the Title.

Answer: Abbey Road

Paul McCartney sang lead vocals and played piano on "You Never Give Me Your Money" which was recorded in May, 1969, for the "Abbey Road" album. They recorded 36 different takes. Although written by Paul is was attributed to Lennon/McCartney. "You Never Give Me Your Money" segues into "Sun King" followed by six songs concluding with "The End". Abbey Road was the 11th album released by The Beatles and the last one with George Martin as producer. It was recorded between April and September, 1969. John Lennon became involved with The Plastic Ono Band while the album sessions were wrapping. Paul McCartney related that "You Never Give Me Your Money" was partially inspired by his dealings with manager Allen Klein. "Let It Be" was released in 1970, "Yellow Submarine" came out in 1969 and "The Beatles" (aka The White Album) was released in 1968.

9. 'Money' was a hit for a British band who were named after two American blues singers. Which band hit the jackpot with this song?

From Quiz Songs about Money

Answer: Pink Floyd

They named themselves after two American blues singers- Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. The Moody Blues were named after a beer company, M & B, King Crimson is allegedly a name for the devil, and diddley squat means nothing at all!

10. Which group reached No. 4 in the UK charts in 1985 with "Money for Nothing"?

From Quiz Money Money Money

Answer: Dire Straits

"Money for Nothing" featured co-writer Sting on lead-in vocals.

11. A girl named Onetta working in which profession was the subject of the 1983 Donna Summer hit, "She Works Hard for the Money", and the video of the same song?

From Quiz Songs Featuring Money in the Title.

Answer: Waitress

Onetta was a waitress working for "little money and tips for pay" according to the lyrics of the Donna Summer 1983 Number Three hit single. A sketch of Summer as a waitress was featured on the album cover of the "She Works Hard for the Money" LP. The song was written by Donna Summer with Michael Omartian and became her biggest hit of the eighties. Donna performed the song the following year at the Grammy Awards. When the video was released on MTV it became the first video featuring an African American female to get regular airplay. Donna did not play the role of the waitress who aspired to be a ballerina. She was initially seen looking through a window then marching in the streets in protest with the waitress and others.

12. Dire Straits hit it big with the song 'Money for Nothing'. Which of their albums was it released from, in 1985?

From Quiz Songs about Money

Answer: Brothers in Arms

'Brother in Arms' is the only album listed; the other options are all singles. The sultans of swing had their biggest hit with 'Money for Nothing', but not without some controversy. It was labelled as racist and sexist, but still won the 'Video of the Year' at the 1986 MTV awards. Did you know that the man singing "I want my MTV" is none other than Sting, from the Police?

13. Who had a top 10 UK hit with "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" in 1979?

From Quiz Money Money Money

Answer: Dollar

Dollar also reached No. 4 in the UK charts in the same year with "Love's Gotta Hold on Me", and No. 4 again with "Mirror Mirror" in 1981.

14. What is the last name of the detective featured in the lyrics of The Steve Miller Band's 1976 hit "Take the Money and Run"?

From Quiz Songs Featuring Money in the Title.

Answer: Mack

The lyrics state that "Billie Mack is a detective down in Texas". He was after Billy Joe and Bobby Sue who "shot a man while robbing his castle". According to the lyrics they are still on the loose. When the song was released from the band's "Fly Like an Eagle" album it reached the Number Eleven spot and was their second US Top Twenty hit. In 1973 they had topped the charts with "The Joker". They followed "Take the Money and Run" in 1976 by topping the charts again with "Rock'n Me". The band's final chart topper came in 1982 when they released "Abracadabra". Steve Miller formed the Steve Miller Blues Band in the mid-sixties and shortened the name in 1967 when they signed with Capitol Records.

15. The single 'Money's Too Tight (to Mention)' was a minor hit for the Valentine Brothers in 1982, but which British band had much better luck when they covered it in 1985?

From Quiz Songs about Money

Answer: Simply Red

John and Billy Valentine wrote the song, but their version only just made the Top 50. Simply Red were rock and roll survivors, recording for over 25 years before splitting up in 2010. 'Fairground' was a smash hit for them and was also released in 1985. Scottish glam rock band, the Bay City Rollers, recorded 'Money Honey' in 1975, and Culture Club did not have any songs about money, although they did wax lyrically about a chameleon.

16. Who was "Working in a Goldmine" in 1988?

From Quiz Money Money Money

Answer: Aztec Camera

Lee Dorsey was "Working in a Coalmine" in 1966. The Detroit Spinners were "Working My Way Back to You" in 1980, and Chairman of the Board were "Working on a Building of Love" in 1972.

17. 'Money (That's What I Want)' was released in 1963 off the album 'With the Beatles', but which one-hit wonder released it four years previously?

From Quiz Songs about Money

Answer: Barrett Strong

Barrett Strong hit paydirt with 'Money', but only achieved further success as a lyricist. He wrote a few biggies, such as 'Heard It Through the Grapevine', 'War (What is it Good For?)', and 'Papa Was a Rolling Stone'. White did 'Poke Salad Annie', Newman released 'Something in the Air' and Dickens was another one hit wonder, with 'May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose'.

18. Which group had a No. 1 UK hit in 1964 with "Juliet"?

From Quiz Money Money Money

Answer: Four Pennies

"Juliet" was the only major hit for this group. They never made the top ten again.

19. Which song was a 1976 release by ABBA following their only US Number One hit, "Dancing Queen"?

From Quiz Songs Featuring Money in the Title.

Answer: Money Money Money

"Money Money Money" was originally titled "Gypsy Girl" when it was written by Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus of ABBA. "Dancing Queen" and "Money Money Money" were both recorded for ABBA's 1976 "Arrival" album. The video for the song was inspired by the movie, "Cabaret". While the song was a hit in Europe and Australia it only made it to Number 56 in the US. Petey Pablo recorded "Show me the Money". "Money, Money" was by Liza Minnelli from "Cabaret" in 1968. "Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)" was by the Pet Shop Boys in 1985.

20. Which 1970s disco diva had a huge hit in 1985 with 'She Works Hard for the Money'?

From Quiz Songs about Money

Answer: Donna Summer

Summer had several hits in the disco era (roughly 1974-80), and when the bubble burst, she changed style to a more pop/blues feel. She continued working in music until her death, from cancer, in 2012.

21. Which group managed to reach No. 3 in the UK charts with "Money Honey" in 1975?

From Quiz Money Money Money

Answer: Bay City Rollers

The Bay City Rollers had No. 1 hits in the same year with "Bye Bye Baby" and "Give a Little Love".

22. Which legendary country artist co-wrote and originally released "If You've Got the Money I've Got the Time" in 1950?

From Quiz Songs Featuring Money in the Title.

Answer: Lefty Frizzell

Both Lefty Frizzell's and Willie Nelson's versions of "If You've Got the Money I've Got the Time" topped the country charts when they were released. Frizzell's version spent 22 weeks on the charts. Jim Beck collaborated with Lefty to write the song. Texas native William Orville Frizzell was given the nickname Sonny by his family and earned the name Lefty after a fight in school. He made his first appearance on The Grand Ole Opry in 1950 and toured for a while with Hank Williams. Frizzell charted several hit Country songs during his career including six Number One hits. "Birmingham Bounce" was a 1950 recording by Red Foley. Bob Wills' recording of "faded Love" was released in 1950.

23. Which song, from a band that did not really exist, was featured in the movie 'This is Spinal Tap'?

From Quiz Songs about Money

Answer: Give Me Some Money

'Spinal Tap' was a group invented for the movie, with three actors being dubbed in for the music. The movie itself is a sendup of the rock music touring scene, and it gained a cult following after its release in 1984. 'Did You Steal My Money?' was a 1981 song by The Who, 'Mo' Money, Mo' Problems' belongs to rap singer Notorious B.I.G. and 'The Colour of Money' was a Paul Newman movie about hustling at pool.

24. Which group's highest entry in the UK charts was No. 2, with "You've Got Your Troubles" back in 1965?

From Quiz Money Money Money

Answer: Fortunes

Other hits by this group include "Here it Comes Again", "Freedom Come, Freedom Go", and "Storm in a Teacup".

25. Which song was a 1990 US Top Forty AC/DC single?

From Quiz Songs Featuring Money in the Title.

Answer: Moneytalks

Malcolm and Angus Young co-wrote "Moneytalks". It was released late in 1990 as a single from their "The Razors Edge" album. When the group performed the song on tour "Angus Bucks" were dropped onto the crowd. The supporting video was a live version of the song. "Moneytalks" was included on the soundtrack of the 2011 film, "Moneyball" "The Money Will Roll Right In" was recorded by Nirvana. Cindi Lauper recorded "Money Changes Everything" and "Money for Nothing" was a classic Dire Straits song.

26. According to Cyndi Lauper's 1983 song, what does 'money change'?

From Quiz Songs about Money

Answer: Everything

The Brains (who?) released 'Money Changes Everything' in 1978 with little support, but Lauper's cover was much more of a success.

27. In 1989, Deacon Blue reached No. 18 in the UK charts with which song?

From Quiz Money Money Money

Answer: Wages Day

"The Pay Off" was by Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen, back in 1962; "Dirty Cash" was a No. 2 hit for The Adventures of Stevie V in 1990, and "Penny Lane" was, of course, by the Beatles.

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