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2 Chris Rea quizzes and 25 Chris Rea trivia questions.
  On The Beach   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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A quiz on the music and life of an often under appreciated and overlooked artist, the wonderful Chris Rea.
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Oct 05 20
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  Chris Rea- Smoky Voice, Blues Guitar    
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A quiz on one of the UK's most popular and distinctive singer/songwriters.
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Oct 05 20
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Chris Rea Trivia Questions

1. "On The Beach" was a number 12 hit for Chris Rea in UK charts in 1988, but which German band used the track's guitar riff in their 2000 dance hit?

From Quiz
On The Beach

Answer: York

This was Rea's biggest UK hit at the time, when it was rerecorded for his compilation album "New Light Through Old Windows" (1988). When it was originally released in 1986 as a track from the album of the same name, it only managed to reach number 57, so the rerecording certainly worked, and the distinctive guitar riff also worked for York as their track, also titled "On The Beach" peaked at number four in UK, providing the band with their biggest hit. Rea himself was so taken with their interpretation that he played guitar with the band when they appeared on TV show, "Top Of The Pops".

2. In which UK town was Chris Rea born?

From Quiz Chris Rea- Smoky Voice, Blues Guitar

Answer: Middlesbrough

Born Christopher Anton Rea on 4th March 1951, Chris was the son of Italian parents. He spent his youth helping in the family ice-cream parlour! Middlesbrough is on Teeside, in the North East of England.

3. Other than music, fast cars are the great love of Rea's life and in 1995 he worked as a pit lane mechanic for the Jordan Formula One team at which prestigious Grand Prix?

From Quiz On The Beach

Answer: Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Rea is an avid collector and racer of cars, having driven several of his own Ferrari's competitively. He also drives some not so fast cars such as the 1957 Morris Minor 1000 police car, which he has driven at several Historic Racing Drivers Club meets. His 1991 album "Auberge", featured, on the cover, Rea's own Caterham 7 sports car which he sold at auction in 2005 donating the entire £11,762 ($15,500) proceeds to the children's charity NSPCC.

4. Which famous guitarist first inspired Chris to take up playing the instrument?

From Quiz Chris Rea- Smoky Voice, Blues Guitar

Answer: Joe Walsh

Maybe not an obvious choice, but the story goes that a friend played Chris an early Joe Walsh album. When he heard it, Chris just knew that he too wanted to play the guitar. I often wonder just what that Joe Walsh record was that inspired Chris Rea so much.

5. Cris Rea has been nominated for the Brit award for Best British Male artist three times, in 1988, 1989 and 1990. The first time he lost out to George Michael but which famous drummer beat him in 1989 and 1990?

From Quiz On The Beach

Answer: Phil Collins

This was a period of his career when Collins could do no wrong, having five consecutive UK top ten hits and his studio album, "...But Seriously" (1989) and his live album, "Serious Hits... Live!" (1990) both hitting the top spot in the UK album chart.

6. In 1993 Chris joined a band called Magdalene, whose lead singer, David Coverdale, had just left to join which famous rock band?

From Quiz Chris Rea- Smoky Voice, Blues Guitar

Answer: Deep Purple

David replaced Ian Gillan, and performed vocal duties on Purple albums such as "Burn" and "Stormbringer". Chris Rea, of course, went on to make some very different music!

7. "We'll I'm standing by a river but the water doesn't flow. It boils with every poison you can think of" are the opening lines to the 1989 track that became Chris Rea's first UK top ten hit. Can you name the song?

From Quiz On The Beach

Answer: The Road To Hell (Part Two)

Although this track was written by Rea while stuck in traffic on the M4 motorway in UK, and the lyrics reflect that frustration, he has also told of another meaning to the song, whereby once he found success, he did the sensible, adult thing of buying a house on the south coast and commuting to London. He soon realised however that a lifestyle split between isolation and herd is its own kind of hell, being sensible is madness and he needed to get off the sensible road as soon as possible. In 2010, Rea donated the scrap of paper with the scribbled lyrics to the Teenage Cancer Trust, as a lot at an auction. The piece of paper also had the phone number of Rea's favourite Indian takeaway, and a reminder to "phone Brenda." Of the other possible answers, all were hits in 1989 but "The Living Years" was by Mike and the Mechanics, "I Drove All Night" was Cyndi Lauper's cover of the Roy Orbison track and "Especially For You" was a hit for Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan.

8. Chris Rea's first solo album, "Whatever happened to Benny Santini?", was released in 1978. Who actually was Benny Santini?

From Quiz Chris Rea- Smoky Voice, Blues Guitar

Answer: A discarded stage name

Magnet records wanted to market Chris as Benny Santini, rather then his given name. He wasn't impressed!

9. In 1999, Rea played the lead role in the comedy movie, "Parting Shots". Which actress, famous for living a "good life" in 1970s played opposite him?

From Quiz On The Beach

Answer: Felicity Kendal

"Parting Shots" told the story of Harry Sterndale (Rea) who is diagnosed with weeks to live and decides to spend them killing everyone who has made his life miserable. After murdering his estranged wife, he moves on his financial advisor but is witnessed by housekeeper, Jill Saunders (Kendal). As she didn't particularly like her employer either, she agrees to say nothing and accompany Sterndale on his journey. The film starred several big names other than Rea and Kendal, such as Oliver Reed, Ben Kingsley, Bob Hoskins, John Cleese and Joanna Lumley. Felicity Kendal shot to stardom in UK in the TV sit-com"The Good Life" which aired between 1975 and 1978.

10. A single from that first album, "Fool If You Think It's Over", reached number 30 in the UK charts. Which female singer later took that song to number 17 in 1982?

From Quiz Chris Rea- Smoky Voice, Blues Guitar

Answer: Elkie Brooks

Elkie (born Elaine Bookbinder) was the former lead singer with rock band Vineger Joe, along with Robert Palmer.

11. Chris Rea's first UK top 30 hit in 1978, was also his biggest American hit, peaking at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. What was the title?

From Quiz On The Beach

Answer: Fool (If You Think It's Over)

Although this track gave Rea his first taste of the success he craved both in UK and USA, he has gone on record as saying there is not much about the song that he likes. When he wrote it, he intended it to have an Al Green type soul feel to it, but in production it became more similar to a 1960s California sound record. He has twice rerecorded the track, once in 1988 for his compilation album "New Light Through Old Windows" and again in 2007 for his "Fool If You Think It's Over (The Definitive Greatest Hits)" compilation album. In a similar style to "On The Beach", where another artist had a bigger hit with the song, Elkie Brooks took "Fool (If You Think It's Over)" to number 18 in UK charts in 1982.

12. Which sport did Chris name his third album after?

From Quiz Chris Rea- Smoky Voice, Blues Guitar

Answer: Tennis

"Tennis" was released in 1980, and made it to number 60 on the UK album charts. I have no idea if Chris is really a tennis fan!

13. For the FA Cup final in 1997, Rea featured on a reworking of his hit, "Let's Dance" with comedian Bob Mortimer and the squad of which team?

From Quiz On The Beach

Answer: Middlesbrough

Lifelong "Boro" fan Rea was more than happy to give the team his blessing to use his song and fellow fan Bob Mortimer wrote some additional lyrics for the track. Unfortunately Rea and Mortimer may have been more help on the pitch, as Middlesbrough were outclassed by Chelsea who won 2-0, with Roberto Di Matteo scoring what was at the time, the fastest ever goal in FA Cup Final history 43 seconds after kick-off.

14. Chris has two daughters, both of whom have had songs named after them. What are their names?

From Quiz Chris Rea- Smoky Voice, Blues Guitar

Answer: Josephine and Julia

"Josephine" is a track on the "Shamrock Diaries" album, and reached number 67 in the UK charts in 1985. "Julia" is featured on the "Espresso Logic" album, and made number 18 when issued as a single.

15. 1996 movie, "La Passione" was written and produced by Chris Rea, who also performed the soundtrack. Which star of the movie also duetted on the single, "'Disco' La Passione" with Rea?

From Quiz On The Beach

Answer: Shirley Bassey

"La Passione" is loosely based on Rea's childhood, although he has said many times it is not an autobiographical film. It recounts the story of a ten year old boy from a northern UK city, who becomes obsessed with motor racing, especially with driver Wolfgang von Trips who was tragically killed when his Ferrari crashed at the 1961 Monza Grand Prix. Bassey, for all her long career, actually made her feature film debut in this movie and although the track "'Disco' La Passione" wasn't a huge hit, peaking at number 41 in UK, she has performed it many times in concerts and included it on her 1997 Grammy nominated live album, "The Birthday Concert".

16. Chris Rea scored his biggest hit in 1989, with the title track to which bestselling album?

From Quiz Chris Rea- Smoky Voice, Blues Guitar

Answer: "Road To Hell"

The single reached number 10 in the UK charts, with the album selling over a million copies to date and giving Chris his first number one album.

17. In 2002. Rea set up his own record label, Jazzee Blue in order to release music that he wanted to release, without interference from a record company. What was the catalyst for this move?

From Quiz On The Beach

Answer: Beating Pancreatic Cancer

Rea was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2000, and has had several operations resulting in the removal of the head of the pancreas and part of the duodenum, bile duct, and gall bladder, since which he has a weakened immune system and problems with diabetes which require control through several injections and over 30 tablets each day. Following his cancer, he realised it was time to stop living the record company dream and start living the Chris Rea dream, the first step of which was to found a record company for his releases.

18. In 1993 Chris Rea joined Elton John on his "Duets" album. Which song did they perform together?

From Quiz Chris Rea- Smoky Voice, Blues Guitar

Answer: "If You Were Me"

Other artists featured on Elton's "Duets" included George Michael, Nik Kershaw, Rupaul, and Don Henley.

19. Rea and his wife Joan, began their relationship in 1968, when they were both teenagers and in 1985, he recorded a song as a tribute to her. Where did Joan go to school? "And I fell in love, I fell in love. I fell in love with a ___"

From Quiz On The Beach

Answer: Stainsby Secondary Modern School

"Stainsby Girls" from Rea's 1985 album, "Shamrock Diaries" is the tribute to Joan, a track which went top 30 in UK and top ten in Ireland. It is a simple yet powerful love song, summing up the memories of being 16 and in love and still being in love over 50 years later. The secret to a long marriage according to Rea, is doing "exactly what the wife tells you to do."

20. What colour was the Cafe in the title of Chris Rea's 1998 album?

From Quiz Chris Rea- Smoky Voice, Blues Guitar

Answer: Blue

The title track to "Blue Cafe" was written for an episode of the German film series "Schimanski".

21. In June 2000, which German duo scored a hit with Chris's "On The Beach"?

From Quiz Chris Rea- Smoky Voice, Blues Guitar

Answer: York

The song reached number 4 (In the UK charts) for York, eclipsing Chris's number 57 placing.

22. Chris Rea had a part in which 1998 Michael Winner produced film?

From Quiz Chris Rea- Smoky Voice, Blues Guitar

Answer: "Parting Shots"

Said to resemble a comedy "Death Wish", the film received poor reviews, despite the acting contributions of stars such as Oliver Reed, Ben Kingsley, and Bob Hoskins.

23. One of Chris Rea's best loved songs is "Stainsby Girls". From which album is this song?

From Quiz Chris Rea- Smoky Voice, Blues Guitar

Answer: "Shamrock Diaries"

Chris's wife, Joan, is a Stainsby girl. She attended Stainsby School on Teeside.

24. In 1997 Chris Rea wrote and produced a film called "La Passione", about a young man's obession for what?

From Quiz Chris Rea- Smoky Voice, Blues Guitar

Answer: Racing cars

Chris Rea is a big racing car fan, with a particular interest in Ferraris. "La Passione" tells the story of Joe, who has the same love as his musical creator! As well as Chris himself, singer Shirley Bassey has a cameo role in the movie. There is, of course, a soundtrack album available.

25. Chris spent much of 2001 recovering from a serious illness. What was the title of his 2002 comeback album?

From Quiz Chris Rea- Smoky Voice, Blues Guitar

Answer: "Dancing Down The Stony Road"

After recovering from a serious pancreatic illness, Chris made this very Blues-influenced double album. In various interviews upon its release, he said it "was the album I have always wanted to make". Less commercial perhaps then his previous records, it is nonetheless an entertaining album, showing Chris Rea's Blues roots.

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