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2 Soft Cell quizzes and 20 Soft Cell trivia questions.
  Soft Cell - 'Knocking 'Em Cold in Black 'n Gold!'   popular trivia quiz  
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Theatrical, provocative and sleazy; in 1981, the British synth-pop band Soft Cell became a worldwide sensation almost overnight. This quiz takes a brief look at the short but productive career of this influential band from the north west of England.
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  Soft Cell Songs    
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Soft Cell had a number of worldwide hits, arguably the most famous of which was the classic 'Tainted Love'. But can you match these lyrics to the correct song?
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Soft Cell Trivia Questions

1. In which north-western English sea-side town, famous for its tower, its landladies and its illuminations, was musician David Ball of Soft Cell born?

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Soft Cell - 'Knocking 'Em Cold in Black 'n Gold!'

Answer: Blackpool

David Ball was born on the 3rd of May 1959. After attending school in Blackpool, Ball studied as an art student at Leeds Polytechnic where he met his future band mate. During his time at Leeds, Ball's studies included theatrical composition, drama and visual arts; all skills that were to be used to great effect in his future band's live performances. Ball borrowed two thousand pounds from his mother in order to finance Soft Cell's first recording, an unsuccessful extended play disc entitled 'Mutant Moments' which was released on the tiny independent label, Red Rhino Records in 1980. Although this recording proved to be a commercial failure, it raised the band's profile and brought them to the attention of more mainstream record company executives.

2. Who was "dancing, loving, drinking, having fun"?

From Quiz Soft Cell Songs

Answer: Bedsitter

'Bedsitter' was a Top 5 single in the UK, written about Marc Almond's time at art college.

3. Soft Cell consisted of the aforementioned David Ball who provided the band's music and one other. Who performed the role of singer in Soft Cell?

From Quiz Soft Cell - 'Knocking 'Em Cold in Black 'n Gold!'

Answer: Marc Almond

Peter Mark Almond was born on the 9th of July 1957 and had studied the performance arts whilst at school where he had managed to gain 'O'-Levels in Art and English. An obsession with Marc Bolan of British glam-rock band T-Rex encouraged young Mark Almond to adopt the same spelling of his name as his hero. After being accepted to study at Leeds Polytechnic, Almond went on to stage a number of performance theatre pieces there, something he proved to have a talent for. It was after meeting at Leeds Polytechnic that he and David Ball would form their partnership as Soft Cell in 1979.

4. When you're "hanging on with a wing and a prayer", what are you?

From Quiz Soft Cell Songs

Answer: On An Up

'On An Up' is not typical of Soft Cell, being considered quite upbeat despite dealing with the separation of two people.

5. To which record label, whose name means 'offbeat' or 'unconventional', was Soft Cell signed in 1980?

From Quiz Soft Cell - 'Knocking 'Em Cold in Black 'n Gold!'

Answer: Some Bizarre

Almond and Ball's work on their self-funded first extended play single 'Mutant Moments' brought the duo to the attention of music producer, record label owner and entrepreneur Stephen John Pearce, popularly known as 'Stevo', the owner of the Some Bizarre record label. Stephen Pearce, who was born in Haverhill, Suffolk in 1962, became interested in music at an early age. It was shortly after leaving school with no academic qualifications that he became recognised as a maverick DJ and his residencies at a number of clubs in the London area brought him to the attention of the capital's media. After being asked to put together an electronics music chart by music newspaper The Record Mirror, Pearce realised that it would be a simple process to put together a compilation of the best of the huge quantity of music that he had been sent whilst performing as a DJ. This compilation album, the 'Some Bizarre Album' was assembled and released whilst 'Stevo' was still just seventeen years old.

6. "We'll be heroes, we'll be winning" when we what?

From Quiz Soft Cell Songs

Answer: When We Go Marching

'When We Go Marching' has so far only appeared in demo form, from the very early tapes recorded by Soft Cell. Marc Almond has stated that these were never meant for release.

7. Urban legend has it that, whilst negotiations to sign Soft Cell were taking place, the head of the record company vying to sign them, sent whom, or what, to negotiate terms at meetings?

From Quiz Soft Cell - 'Knocking 'Em Cold in Black 'n Gold!'

Answer: A stuffed teddy bear

Steve Pearce, or Stevo, was a businessman with a sense of humour; either that or he had a few issues 'upstairs', so to speak! Whilst negotiating the signing of Soft Cell, not only did he send a stuffed teddy bear to negotiate the contracts, but he had dressed it as Robin Hood... Maybe there is an analogy in there somewhere?

8. "I gave you all a boy can give you"?

From Quiz Soft Cell Songs

Answer: Tainted Love

Very easy! This is of course lyrics from arguably the most famous of all Soft Cell songs, 'Tainted Love'.

9. What was the unusual title of the Soft Cell song selected to appear on the 'Some Bizarre Album', a recording released to showcase some of the relatively unknown acts that had been signed to the label?

From Quiz Soft Cell - 'Knocking 'Em Cold in Black 'n Gold!'

Answer: The Girl With the Patent Leather Face

This album contained early work by a number of other new and exciting synth-pop acts that also went on to achieve varying levels of success; interesting songs on this album include 'Moles' by the band B-Movie, 'Photographic' by Depeche Mode and 'Sad Day' by Blancmange. Although 'The Girl With the Patent Leather Face' appeared on the 'Some Bizarre Album', it was never actually released as a single in the usual manner. It did, however, come packaged with a copy of the British music publication "Smash Hits" magazine as a cover flexi-disc; rarely seen today, these very thin, very flexible and very cheap discs were a popular method of introducing those new and often unusual bands shunned by the mainstream record companies during the 1970s, 1980s and even into the 1990s.

10. In which song did you "meet another kind of love, different than the real thing"?

From Quiz Soft Cell Songs

Answer: Meet Murder My Angel

'Meet Murder My Angel' recently appeared as a remix by Marc Almond and Kinky Roland, but was previously only available on the album 'This Last Night in Sodom'.

11. Following on from their huge success with their first commercially successful single, the band recorded and released their first album in late in 1981 under the title of 'Non-Stop Erotic ____'?

From Quiz Soft Cell - 'Knocking 'Em Cold in Black 'n Gold!'

Answer: Cabaret

The album 'Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret' spawned a total of three successful singles; in addition to 'Tainted Love', their second single 'Bedsitter', which was released in November 1981, told the story of a young person living a lonely existence away from home for the first time. This single enjoyed a twelve week run on the UK Singles Chart and peaked at the number four position. Although the album received a mixed reception, 'Bedsitter' itself has been acclaimed by music critics of the period as being one of the greatest songs of the decade. The ballad-like 'Say Hello, Wave Goodbye', which was released in January 1982 also enjoyed top ten chart status reaching its peak at the number three position on the UK Singles Chart.

12. The short video film made to accompany this track from their first album was banned for its supposed pornographic content. Which song video did the powers-that-be deem inappropriate for release in its original guise?

From Quiz Soft Cell - 'Knocking 'Em Cold in Black 'n Gold!'

Answer: Sex Dwarf

Soft Cell quickly garnered a reputation for sleaze, exposing the bleak and seedy underbelly of life as any of the lyrics to their songs will testify. The video for 'Sex Dwarf' caused a scandal that approached hysteria at the time of recording as it was rumoured to contain images of bondage, sado-masochism, abuse and other forms of deviant behaviour. Considered pornographic by the British government and certain sections of the media it was banned immediately. In fact, the recording, which would eventually be released in 1982 on the video album 'Non-Stop Exotic Video Show', was confiscated for censoring purposes by the authorities almost immediately on its completion. Viewing this film today, it is difficult to see or understand just what all the fuss was actually about. The video that did eventually pass censorship laws featured Marc Almond conducting an orchestra of transvestite musicians and, considering some attitudes back then, it is surprising that even this version was passed as suitable for general release.

13. What will you need to see "the stars shining down tonight"?

From Quiz Soft Cell Songs

Answer: Torch

'Torch' is one of the more well-known Soft Cell songs, despite being rather sentimental and not in their usual style.

14. In June 1982, Soft Cell released their second album which, although relatively successful, did not achieve the popularity of their first. This second album went by the title of 'Non-Stop ____ Dancing'.

From Quiz Soft Cell - 'Knocking 'Em Cold in Black 'n Gold!'

Answer: Ecstatic

'Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing' was a compilation of cover versions and remixes of Soft Cell's earlier material. Released as an EP in the United States, it was considered to be one of the first of a 'new' mini-album format in the United Kingdom. The record was released in slightly differing versions in the US and the UK, with the track 'Chips on my Shoulder' on the UK version being replaced with the track 'Insecure Me' on the US version of the disc. The EP/album reached the number six and the number fifty-seven positions on the UK Album Chart and the US Billboard 200 Chart respectively. The band are on record as stating that much of this album was recorded whilst they were under the influence of the drug MDMA, its street name Ecstasy finding its way, quite blatantly, into the album's title!

15. Who will "live a few years, but she'll have some adventures"?

From Quiz Soft Cell Songs

Answer: L'esqualita

'L'esqualita' was titled after one of Marc Almond's favourite bars. She "tugs on the reigns of a hundred chihuahuas".

16. Toward the end of Soft Cell's career, Marc Almond formed an offshoot band. Consisting of its founder's first name combined with that of a highly venomous African snake, this band were called 'Marc and the ____'?

From Quiz Soft Cell - 'Knocking 'Em Cold in Black 'n Gold!'

Answer: Mambas

Although still recording with Soft Cell, by the end of 1982 the band were beginning to take a back seat to Almond's solo project. Marc and the Mambas produced just two albums and three singles over a period of three years which were only issued in the UK. Their first album, misleadingly titled 'Untitled', was released in September 1982 and peaked at number forty-two on the UK Album Chart and their follow up album, 'Torment and Toreros' achieving the number twenty-eight spot just under a year later in August 1983. The band's single releases performed poorly; their first, 'Fun City', failing to chart at all, their second 'Black Heart' peaked at the number forty-nine position and their last, 'Torment' released in November 1983, only achieving the number ninety spot on the UK Singles Chart. During this period, Soft Cell partner David Ball was involved in recording and producing with artists David Bowie and The Pet Shop Boys. By mutual consent, Almond and Ball amicably decided to split and Soft Cell were no more by the early months of 1984. The pair remain in contact and have supported each other's solo projects as well as reuniting briefly in 2001 to embark on a short series of live performances.

17. "Am I being unrealistic, to feel so nihilistic", and what am I in?

From Quiz Soft Cell Songs

Answer: Darker Times

'Darker Times' is the opening track to 'Cruelty Without Beauty'. It is in a similar style to other titles on the album - such as 'Monoculture' - in dealing with the society of today.

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