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Fun Trivia
6 Charles II quizzes and 65 Charles II trivia questions.
  Average King Charles II Trivia    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This quiz is, like the name suggests, all about King Charles II.
Average, 15 Qns, Louisa75, Jun 30 10
935 plays
  The Merrie Monarch   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
The first monarch after the days of the Commonwealth, Charles II, returned to England to a warm welcome but his life had many ups and downs.
Tough, 15 Qns, Red_John, Jan 02 18
Jan 02 18
147 plays
  I, Charles II, Have Nothing To Hide.    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I, Charles II, am displeased not to see a quiz about my person. I would like to set the record straight, once and for all, about my supposed mistresses. I will not tolerate any comment about how vain and silly this quiz is.
Tough, 10 Qns, tiffanysgal, Jan 15 05
871 plays
  Charles II: Mistresses and Issue   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
It is generally accepted that Charles II was a philanderer but what do you know about the women he "knew" and the children society couldn't accept?
Average, 10 Qns, howdyitsme, Apr 24 17
371 plays
  A Charming King: Charles II    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Despite being charming, Charles was also a political animal. He had courage and was a brilliant strategist. This quiz deals with these aspects of his personality. Enjoy!
Difficult, 10 Qns, gywalgi, Jun 25 03
577 plays
  5 King Charles II Questions    
Multiple Choice
 5 Qns
The Restoration is my favorite period in British history. I hope you enjoy my King Charles II quiz.
Average, 5 Qns, LindaC007, Jul 14 17
Jul 14 17
831 plays
trivia question Quick Question
How long did Charles and his court spend away from London as a result of the Great Plague outbreak of 1665?

From Quiz "The Merrie Monarch"

Charles II Trivia Questions

1. What was the name of Charles II's wife?

From Quiz
The Merrie Monarch

Answer: Catherine of Braganza

Upon seeing Catherine for the first time, her hair in the Portuguese fashion of the time, Charles remarked "they have sent me a bat". Nevertheless, he married her and, despite attempts by others to persuade him to divorce in later years, Charles adamantly refused to countenance throwing his wife over.

2. Charles II was the son of Charles I and Henrietta Maria. What country was she from?

From Quiz A Charming King: Charles II

Answer: France

She was the sister of King Louis XIII of France. The couple married in 1625.

3. King Charles II was the son of which ill-fated monarch?

From Quiz King Charles II

Answer: Charles I

In case there is anyone who does not know Charles I was the only English Monarch to be executed by his own people. The Crown his son inherited was a lost one.

4. When was King Charles crowned King of England?

From Quiz King Charles II

Answer: 1661

He was crowned King of England, Scotland, and Ireland on April 23, 1661. He was restored to the throne in May 1660.

5. Historians mention different figures, and I sometimes lose track, but how many mistresses did I have, approximately?

From Quiz I, Charles II, Have Nothing To Hide.

Answer: more than 15

I often had more than one mistress at a time, and different sources mention 16, 17 or even 20 women. It all started when I was in exile, after my father's execution and my defeat in the third civil war. For nine years, I had little better to do than court the pretty ladies on the continent... My brother James (the future James II) had a similar experience.

6. In March 1645, Charles was sent by his father to be nominal commander-in-chief in Western England. In which town were his established headquarters?

From Quiz A Charming King: Charles II

Answer: Bristol

The boy was precocious. When he was 12, he assisted at the first important battle of the Civil War at Edgehill, then, he accompanied his father on his victorious campaign in Cornwall.

7. Who was Charles II's mother?

From Quiz King Charles II

Answer: Henrietta Maria

Daughter of Henri IV, King of France, Henrietta Maria was married to Charles I and the mother of his many children.

8. Following the execution of Charles I, Charles attempted to regain his throne with the aid of the Scots. Where was the decisive battle of this campaign?

From Quiz The Merrie Monarch

Answer: Worcester

The Battle of Worcester was a disaster for Charles and the Royalist cause, with more than three-quarters of the King's Scottish army either killed or taken prisoner.

9. Where did Charles II spend much of his teens and early adult life?

From Quiz Charles II: Mistresses and Issue

Answer: France

After the civil war and the execution of his father Charles I, young Charles did not dare return to England until he was invited back. As influential as his mother Henrietta was she did not have enough to return her son to England to re-take the crown for the Stuarts until much later.

10. Remind me of how many illegitimate children I had?

From Quiz I, Charles II, Have Nothing To Hide.

Answer: 14-17

Historians mention different numbers - the most reliable sources tend to stick to 17... Yes, indeed, that's a bit embarassing. But I famously said I could not believe that God would damn a man for taking a little pleasure along the way.

11. In 1649, where was Charles when his father was executed?

From Quiz A Charming King: Charles II

Answer: Holland

After the Parlementarians had conquered most of the country, Charles left for France to join his mother in Paris, but in 1648, he returned to his base in Holland.

12. Through his four grandparents Charles II was part Scottish, French, Italian and what other nationality?

From Quiz King Charles II

Answer: Danish

From Anne of Denmark he inherited his Danish heritage and we assume his great height. Both of his parents were small in stature and it appears to be a throwback to his Danish blood that he towered over them in height. From James I - Scottish blood. From Henri IV - French blood. From Marie de Medici - Italian blood.

13. What event did NOT happen during the lifetime of King Charles II?

From Quiz King Charles II

Answer: the sinking of the 'Mary Rose'

The 'Mary Rose' sank in 1545 in the Solent while King Henry VIII watched. It was brought up in 1982 with all of Britain watching on tv. The Great Fire happened in 1666, finally stopping the Plague of 1665. On June 22, 1675, the Greenwich Royal Observatory was founded.

14. How long did Charles and his court spend away from London as a result of the Great Plague outbreak of 1665?

From Quiz The Merrie Monarch

Answer: Seven months

In the summer of 1665, the court decamped from the Palace of Whitehall, initially to Hampton Court Palace, before making the journey to the relative safety of Salisbury. However, in September 1665, the court again moved, this time to Oxford, due to cases of plague reported in Salisbury.

15. There were many factions in England during the period of the Civil War and the Commonwealth and many different people with differing political ideals were running things. Who was the most instrumental in the return of Charles II to England?

From Quiz Charles II: Mistresses and Issue

Answer: George Monck

George Monck was a professional soldier who fought on both sides during the English civil war at different times. Some have said he was a man of opportunity and others suggest he finally saw the light.

16. How did Lucy Walter, the mother of my first child James (the future Duke of Monmouth), finish her life?

From Quiz I, Charles II, Have Nothing To Hide.

Answer: I left her to a life of prostitution in The Hague, where she died of venereal disease.

Lucy Walter, a Welshwoman, was my first love in The Hague (1648). We were inseparable and she became the mother of my first child James. My mistake was to leave the fickle woman on her own in The Hague in 1650. On my return I found her the mistress of a colonel, and broke up with her totally, leaving her to a deserved fate of prostitution, destitution and disease. Our son James Duke of Monmouth was briefly a pretender to the throne, challenging my brother James II.

17. In 1650, Charles arrived in Scotland where he was crowned King of the Scots. There, he took the command of the Scottish Army. In 1651, he was defeated by Cromwell at an important battle. Which one was it?

From Quiz A Charming King: Charles II

Answer: The Battle of Worcester

Dettingen (1743) was fought against the French, it is the last battle in which an English King fought alongside his troops. Dunbar (1650) was another of Cromwell's victories and Hereford (1645) was one of the numerous battles fought during the Civil War.

18. In what year did Charles II last see his father alive?

From Quiz King Charles II

Answer: 1645

Although it was several years before Charles I was executed the war tore apart the family and Charles II was separated from his father by that was in March 1645, he was not not yet 15 years old.

19. Who became ruler after his death?

From Quiz King Charles II

Answer: his brother James

His brother, James, became the next King at his death. Henrietta Maria of France was his mother. Oliver Cromwell had died and Richard Cromwell was removed from power prior to Charles II's restoration to the throne.

20. Charles had no legitimate children. Who did he see as his undeniable and legitimate heir?

From Quiz The Merrie Monarch

Answer: His brother, James

Charles' brother, James, was, by the late 1670s, a publically practising Roman Catholic, and therefore unacceptable to many members of the aristocracy and political elite as the sovereign and Supreme Head of the Church of England. This sparked what came to be known as "The Exclusion Crisis", in which Parliament attempted to have James excluded from the Line of Succession in favour of Protestant members of Charles' family.

21. The famous and exotic Hortense Mancini was known for her infamous affairs throughout Europe, she was also rumoured to be a mistress of Charles II. Who was her famous uncle?

From Quiz Charles II: Mistresses and Issue

Answer: Giulio Raimondo Mazzarino

Mazzarino was an Italian cardinal, diplomat and politician and he also served as the chief minister of France. He was a powerful man and his neice was thought to carry the weight of his office except for the fact she was married to someone at the time.

22. What famous battle did Charles II flee from in 1651 in his attempts to regain the Crown?

From Quiz King Charles II

Answer: Worcester

It was the battle of Worcester and the beginning of Charles II's famous escape from England.

23. Louise de Kéroualle was one of Charles II's favourite mistresses who bore him several children. However, she was much feared by parliament and courtiers. Why?

From Quiz Charles II: Mistresses and Issue

Answer: Because she was French and it was feared she would influence his politics

This was amusing because it was in actual fact Barbara Villiers, his high born English mistress, who was the most interfering in politics.

24. Charles was crowned King of England on 23, April 1661. A year later, he married Catherine of Braganza. Catherine was the daughter of which King?

From Quiz A Charming King: Charles II

Answer: Portugal

Unfortunately, the couple had no children.

25. How long was Charles II on the run in England in 1651?

From Quiz King Charles II

Answer: Six weeks

From 3 September until 15 October Charles II was a fugitive in England and travelled in disguise and at great risk to both himself and all who helped him. His escape passed into legend and after his restoration he was often found to be retelling the tale of his adventure. Among other things, he heard his death announced in Devon and crowds cheering the announcement.

26. In April 1649, Charles' first child was born in Rotterdam during his initial exile. The child was created Duke of Monmouth and Duke of Buccleuch, but what was his name?

From Quiz The Merrie Monarch

Answer: James

Although James Scott, Duke of Monmouth, was the "strapping first fruit of Charles' loins", the fact that his parents were not married made him illegitimate and thus ineligible to succeed to the throne. However, this did not stop some Protestant exclusionists from focusing on him as a potential heir in place of Charles' Roman Catholic brother, James.

27. Charles II was known to have enjoyed the company of actresses (it was very fashionable during his reign) as is evidenced by his liaison with Nell Gwynn; but which other well known actress was known to have enjoyed his "company"?

From Quiz Charles II: Mistresses and Issue

Answer: Moll Davies

Unfortunately for her she was not as entertaining as Nell Gwynn and she was released from her "duties" after a short time though she was given a nice pension.

28. Remind me what my other mistress, Nell Gwyn, was doing at the start of her career?

From Quiz I, Charles II, Have Nothing To Hide.

Answer: She was selling oranges at the King's theatre.

"Pretty, witty Nell", as Pepys called her, was indeed selling oranges in my theatre when I first came across her. She was very entertaining and I never grew tired of her as I did the Duchesses of Castlemaine and Portsmouth. On my deathbed, I asked my brother not to let Nelly starve.

29. What was the original name of the ship which carried Charles II back to England at his restoration? It was renamed The Royal Charles but what had it been called before?

From Quiz King Charles II

Answer: Naseby

The original name for the ship had been the Naseby. Funnily enough this had not really been seen to be suitable for the return of King Charles II, having been named for one of the battles which the Royalists had lost.

30. In 1682, Charles founded an institution intended to provide a home for retired soldiers. What is this called?

From Quiz The Merrie Monarch

Answer: Royal Hospital Chelsea

The Royal Hospital continues to provide a home for retired soldiers to this day. In return for relinquishing their army pension, the In-Pensioners (known as "Chelsea Pensioners") receive board, lodging and medical care, with the only stipulation being that when out in public in the area around the hospital, they should wear their specially provided uniform.

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