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6 quizzes and 65 trivia questions.
  The Wright Questions    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Frank Lloyd Wright's life
Ten questions about Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959).
Average, 10 Qns, pennie1478, Dec 01 23
Dec 01 23
103 plays
  Incident at Taliesin    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is about the incident at Taliesin on August 15, 1914. The quiz includes background information and related events. Please take time to read the "interesting information".
Average, 10 Qns, Rehaberpro, Oct 20 14
496 plays
  The Wright Stuff   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Frank Lloyd Wright changed American architecture forever.
Average, 15 Qns, tjoebigham, May 10 17
861 plays
  The F.L. Wright Stuff    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz on one of the greatest American architects.
Tough, 10 Qns, terpfan1980, Aug 22 17
Aug 22 17
155 plays
  Frank Lloyd Wright - Architect Extraordinaire    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Explore some interesting facts about Frank Lloyd Wright's personal life as well as his architectural achievements.
Average, 10 Qns, unterkircher, Jul 13 12
373 plays
  More of the F.L. Wright stuff    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
More questions and information about one of the greatest U.S. architects of all time.
Average, 10 Qns, terpfan1980, Aug 22 17
Aug 22 17
159 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Wright became famous on an international level with his design of the Imperial Hotel. In what world capital was the hotel located?

From Quiz "Frank Lloyd Wright - Architect Extraordinaire"

Frank Lloyd Wright Trivia Questions

1. This architect, now very famous in his own right, once waited more than 2 hours for a chance to meet Frank Lloyd Wright at his home in Spring Green, Wisconsin. Who was that architect?

From Quiz
More of the F.L. Wright stuff

Answer: I.M. Pei

All of the answers are architects, some more famous than others (with all due respect to Mr. Kaufmann Jr.) Of the answers, I.M. Pei is the one that lays claim to taking a drive to Spring Green, Wisconsin and waiting more than two hours for an opportunity to see the man who was an influence over his own choice of careers. Sadly, Mr. Pei was unable to meet Mr. Wright and was left disappointed. Also disappointed over time was Frank Gehry. Mr. Gehry reportedly visited Frank Lloyd Wright's winter home near Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona - Taliesin West - but declined to pay the requested fee for entry for himself and his family. Mr. Gehry later said he wishes he'd taken the opportunity when he had it but he just couldn't see paying that fee at the time. (This occurred back in the 1950's, so if you are thinking Mr. Gehry was being cheap, do consider the era. Four dollars may not seem like much now, but back then four dollars would have gone a long way for a family.) Mr. Kaufmann, Jr., was the son of Mr. Edgar J. Kaufmann, Sr., who commissioned Mr. Wright to design the infamous Falling Water retreat in Pennsylvania. Mr. Kaufmann, Jr., was an architect himself and studied under or with Mr. Wright in his Taliesin Fellowship. He also helped on some of the design of the Falling Water retreat.

2. When Frank Lloyd Wright was starting his career, he was mentored by another famous architect. Who was that architect?

From Quiz The F.L. Wright Stuff

Answer: Louis Sullivan

Wright worked for Silsbee early in his career, but Louis Sullivan is typically credited as Wright's mentor.

3. What was Frank Lloyd Wright middle name at birth?

From Quiz Incident at Taliesin

Answer: Lincoln

Wright was born Frank Lincoln Wright in 1867 in Richland Center, Wisconsin. His mother was a teacher and his father a preacher/musician. The family moved a lot during his formative years but settled in Madison, Wisconsin where he graduated from high school and subsequently enrolled in the University of Wisconsin to study engineering. He dropped out of college to pursue an apprenticeship in architecture, eventually setting up his own firm in Chicago. The middle name change was prompted by a desire to honor his mother's side of the family - Lloyd. Many years later Wright's son created a building toy and called it Lincoln Logs, using some of the principles of the 'prairie' style of architecture and from some of his father's building techniques.

4. What did Wright's mother do while he was a baby to foster the idea of architecture?

From Quiz Frank Lloyd Wright - Architect Extraordinaire

Answer: hung drawings of famous buildings around his bed

Wright's mother Anna said she foresaw her son as an architect before he was born. She was a great believer in destiny and felt it was her duty to begin steering her son in that direction at an early age.

5. What nationality was Wright?

From Quiz The Wright Stuff

Answer: Welsh

Wright was of Welsh descent.

6. Which family member of Frank Lloyd Wright secretly wanted him to be an architect?

From Quiz The Wright Questions

Answer: His mother

Catherine wanted her son to be an architect. Once while attending the country's centennial, Catherine bought Frank a set of Froebel Gifts which contained a set of building blocks.

7. Frank Lloyd Wright is often associated with the Unitarian Universalist faith, though he has family roots in another well known religion. What was that religion?

From Quiz The F.L. Wright Stuff

Answer: Baptist

Frank Lloyd Wright's mother is seen as the source of his Unitarian Universalist leanings. Frank Lloyd Wright's father was a Baptist minister. Other members of F.L. Wright's mother's family went on to be important figures in the Unitarian faith.

8. What was Catherine Tobin Wright's relationship with Frank Lloyd Wright?

From Quiz Incident at Taliesin

Answer: His first wife

Catherine "Kitty" Tobin Wright was Wright's first wife. They were married in 1891. Wright was 21 and Kitty was 17. She came from a moneyed family and Wright immediately secured a loan from her father to build a house in Chicago as he pursued his architectural career. She bore him six children, Frank, John, Catherine, David, Frances, and Robert. The early years of their marriage were in some respects typical of the times. When Wright began to stray from his marital commitment, Kitty refused to give him a divorce. She had been brought up in the Victorian tradition, and a wife was expected to remain true, believing that dallying husbands always returned to the nest.

9. When Wright reached the age of seven, his mother introduced him to a visual education method using wooden blocks and paper shapes. What was the name of this method?

From Quiz Frank Lloyd Wright - Architect Extraordinaire

Answer: Froebel

Creating with the blocks and paper led him to become more aware of geometric elements in nature and how things fit together, such as parts of a plant.

10. Where was Frank Lloyd Wright born?

From Quiz The Wright Stuff

Answer: Wisconsin

He shared his native state with Orson Welles, another larger-than-life American.

11. Frank Lloyd Wright left Wisconsin and moved to ____ in order to begin work as an architect.

From Quiz The Wright Questions

Answer: Illinois

Frank moved from Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois, in 1887 in search of work as an architect/draftsman. His decision was made after watching the dome at his Wisconsin college collapse because of inferior products. In Chicago, Frank became an apprentice of Louis Sullivan, a draftsman. Together the two men worked on the Transportation Building for the 1893 Chicago World's fair and the Auditorium Theater.

12. Frank Lloyd Wright designed a few houses of worship over his lifetime, some a bit more famous than others. One of the more famous was not far from his own hometown of Oak Park, Illinois. What religion was that house of worship designed for?

From Quiz More of the F.L. Wright stuff

Answer: Unitarian/Universalism

Frank Lloyd Wright designed both a Jewish Synagogue (Beth Sholom Synagogue in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania (built 1954)) and a Greek Orthodox Church (Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (built 1962)). Neither of those were in his hometown of Oak Park, Illinois. In Mr. Wright's own hometown, Mr. Wright designed one of his early works (built between 1905 and 1908), the Unity Temple. Like many of Frank Lloyd Wright's designs, unfortunately the Unity Temple suffered water damage over time. It required massive restoration that was undertaken in April 2015 at a cost of over $23 million. The restoration included replacing much of the flat roofing on the structure. Thankfully the restoration was completed in 2017 and the facility was reopened for tours in July 2017.

13. While Frank Lloyd Wright is recognized as a genius, many of his creations were later known to have a relatively consistent problem. What was that problem?

From Quiz The F.L. Wright Stuff

Answer: Leaks

All of these answers are known issues with Frank Lloyd Wright's creations. Of the answers provided, leaks in the buildings is the most consistent issue. Of course roof (and supporting structures for same) and weak foundations contribute to those problems. Energy wasting is another issue that is associated with Wright's designs, but at that time that Wright was creating those works energy conservation wasn't a concern. If more heat, or more cooling, or more power was needed, the owner of structure could simply put in bigger furnaces or purchase more power. Power was not expensive (relatively) to purchase, and thus wasn't a concern.

14. How did Martha Mamah Borthwick meet Frank Lloyd Wright?

From Quiz Incident at Taliesin

Answer: He did architectural work for her husband

Martha Mamah Borthwick is reported to have been an acquaintance of Catherine Wright. Through this connection Wright was able to secure architectural contracts from her husband, Edwin Cheney. (Martha did not use her husband's name). She was intelligent, independent, and an advocate for women's rights and freedom and tried to base her life on her own personal beliefs and principles. She was also a believer in women's sexual freedom and wrote extensively on that subject, a highly controversial issue at the time. In 1909 she and Wright left their legal spouses and began a tour together in Europe. The relationship was exploited by the tabloids of the times from the the local Spring Green, Wisconsin paper to the national press. His flamboyant behavior was fodder for the conservative moralists of the time.

15. When Wright was around eleven, his parents sent him to work each summer on an uncle's farm in rural Wisconsin. Why did they do this?

From Quiz Frank Lloyd Wright - Architect Extraordinaire

Answer: wanted to toughen him up

At this age, Wright was shy and didn't get along well with others in his age group. When he did go out, he liked to dress in attention-getting clothes. So his parents decided that moving him from the urban environment of Madison to his uncle's farm would help. He hated practically everything about the rural life except for being closer to nature.

16. Where did Frank Lloyd Wright meet his first wife Catherine Tobin in 1888?

From Quiz The Wright Questions

Answer: Costume party

Frank went to a costume party given by some friends. On his way to mingle, he knocked over Catherine Tobin. The two of them began talking and the day they were married, later that year, Frank was twenty-one and Catherine was eighteen. The couple moved into a house that Frank designed in Oak Park, Illinois and together they had six children: Francis, Robert, Catherine, Lloyd, David, and John.

17. Frank Lloyd Wright designs were known to involve the elements and tie heavily into nature. Of the elements, which was the greatest impact on F.L. Wright's life?

From Quiz The F.L. Wright Stuff

Answer: Fire

Frank Lloyd Wright was extremely concerned about fire. That influence may go back to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, but even later F.L. Wright experienced multiple issues with fire (including a gruesome multiple murder by a cook at his home who went on to start a fire there). Other elements were heavily involved his designs as he tried to incorporate nature into his designs in various ways. Water is heavily featured in his designs (for example the infamous Falling Water in Pennsylvania). It (water) is also heavily featured in his design for his own Western home. Water was so heavily featured there partly because of concerns over having a ready supply of water to potentially fight any fire that might happen at that home.

18. Wright's home was called Taliesin. What does Taliesin mean?

From Quiz Incident at Taliesin

Answer: Shining Brow

Taliesin means "shining brow" and is a monument to Wright's genius. Taliesin was a Welsh poet whose name translates to "Shining Brow". Wright chose it because he built his masterpiece atop a hill (brow) near Spring Green, Wisconsin, his boyhood home of Richland Center and Madison, Wisconsin. He told his wife, Kitty, that he was building it as a residence for his mother and sister. But it became increasingly obvious that the building was for his amour, Mamah Borthwick, which further enraged his wife, the press, and the general public. In fact, because of the scandal, it was not until 1916 that he secured another meaningful architectural contract. Taliesin was built in 1911 and Mamah moved in. She lived there until the 'incident', spending much of the time with her children. Fire was an issue at Taliesin. It was burned by arson in 1914 and by faulty wiring in 1925. Later, a winter residence was built, called Taliesen West near Scottsdale, Arizona in 1937.

19. What upheaval in Wright's life forced him to be on his own at age eighteen?

From Quiz Frank Lloyd Wright - Architect Extraordinaire

Answer: his parents divorced

After his parents divorced in 1885, Wright had no further communication with his father. His mother expected him to provide money for the family, but Wright preferred to spend his money on his fancy lifestyle.

20. Who was the first architect Wright worked for?

From Quiz The Wright Stuff

Answer: J.L. Silsbee

Over his uncle's objections, Wright quit college and worked in Silsbee's Chicago firm. Morgan made William Randolph Hearst San Simeon. White is best known for his murder at the hands of Harry Thaw over the affair White had with Thaw's wife Evelyn Nesbit.

21. In 1909, Frank Lloyd Wright was hired to design the Larkin Company building, What was NOT one of the design features he put into the building?

From Quiz The Wright Questions

Answer: Escalator

The Larkin Company was a home goods company that sold everything from soaps to furniture. Frank Lloyd Wright was the first architect to design a building with air conditioning throughout the entire building. He designed a skylight to be put in above the secretarial pool so they could have natural light and all the private offices had balconies overlooking the secretarial pool and fireproof furniture.

22. A very famous science fiction movie was filmed in or around one of the Mr. Wright's more famous home designs. As a hint, this home is in Los Angeles, California. Can you name the famous film?

From Quiz More of the F.L. Wright stuff

Answer: Blade Runner

While some might think that the sculptured home featured in "Sleeper" may have been a Frank Lloyd Wright home, it is located in Golden, Colorado - not in California. It was also not a Frank Lloyd Wright design. Dare we even say anything about Sharknado? Eh, rather than insult fans let's just forget it was offered as a potential answer here. The overly long titled (probably longer in title than time in any actual theater) "Cannibal Women In The Avocado Jungle Of Death" was filmed in a Frank Lloyd Wright designed structure, and actually was filmed in Los Angeles, California, but it was not what most people would ever recognize as a classic and infamous science fiction film. That title belongs to "Blade Runner", which was filmed in the Ennis House in Los Angeles, California. Strangely enough, for any fan of "Cannibal Women", that film was also filmed in a home in Los Angeles, the Wright designed Hollyhock House. Sorry, the judges just can't agree that "Cannibal Women" would count as the correct answer here. ;-)

23. While the Wright name is famous not just from Frank Lloyd Wright, but also from the Wright Brothers (Wilbur and Orville - who were not related to Frank Lloyd Wright), one of F.L. Wright's descendants created a famous toy. What toy was that?

From Quiz The F.L. Wright Stuff

Answer: Lincoln Logs

Frank Lloyd Wright's son John Lloyd Wright is credited with inventing the classic building toy, Lincoln Logs. Lincoln Logs used a building technique that Frank Lloyd Wright had incorporated into one of his more famous designs - the Imperial Hotel in Japan. That technique was interlocking timbers. By interlocking the timbers the structure was made more durable and sturdy and helped to earthquake proof the Wright designed Imperial Hotel.

24. Besides being a residence, for what other purpose did Wright use Taliesin?

From Quiz Incident at Taliesin

Answer: As a training program for young architects

Taliesin, although a advanced concept, was not without its faults. It needed constant repair and maintenance. Frank Lloyd Wright devised a plan to deal with the expensive and time consuming maintenance. He created a workshop where fledgling architects could come an study with the master. Not only did one have to show talent in the field but had to pay in advance the rather high tuition for the time. Some came naively, not realizing that half their day would be spent doing the endless chores that Taliesin required. A number were surprised when they were handed a shovel or a hammer, or found themselves clearing muck from barns. But the time of the day of toil was offset by learning and guidance from Wright. Many evenings were spent in cultural entertainment often by the students themselves. Occasionally the students were attracted to a near-by tavern, although that behavior was frowned upon by Wright. The nearest village, Spring Green, was considered off limits also. First of all the villagers were suspicious of the students which came from all over the world, perhaps spoke another language, and could be anarchists or communists. Wright had a reputation for not paying his bills in the village for basic supplies. Wright was, however, a devoted art collector, which left him chronically short on funds.

25. Wright's first opportunity to do some architectural design work came when he got to assist Chicago architect Joseph Silsbee. What type of building did they design?

From Quiz Frank Lloyd Wright - Architect Extraordinaire

Answer: chapel

Wright's uncle had hired Silsbee to design a chapel, and Wright got to work on the design for the chapel's interior. Later, Wright moved to Chicago and took a draftsman's position in Silsbee's firm.

26. What axiom of Louis Sullivan, Wright's prime influence, guided Wright in his early career?

From Quiz The Wright Stuff

Answer: Form Follows Function

'Less Is More' is the credo of Mies van der Rohe, German architect. Adolf Loos hated ornament, and I got the last from a certain baseball movie...

27. Tired and in need of inspiration, Frank Lloyd Wright left his family in 1909 and moved to what country, to put together a portfolio of his work?

From Quiz The Wright Questions

Answer: Germany

When Frank was given the opportunity by German publisher, Ernest Wasmuth, to go to Germany to put together a portfolio of his work, he jumped at the chance. Leaving his wife and children behind, Frank moved to Germany taking his mistress Martha "Mamah" Cheney with him. The portfolio contained one-hundred of Frank's designs and was known as the Wasmuth Portfolio. Martha's husband divorced her immediately and took custody of the children while Catherine waited patiently for Frank to return home to her.

28. A toy that can linked back to Frank Lloyd Wright was originally sold by a company that one might think was not of U.S. origin. What was the name of that company?

From Quiz The F.L. Wright Stuff

Answer: Red Square Toy Company

All of these were manufacturers of toys, but the one that is linked directly back to Frank Lloyd Wright is Red Square Toy Company. The company was named for the Red Square that became a logo for Frank Lloyd Wright. Those familiar with World Geography may associate Red Square with Russia, rather than toys. The Red Square Toy Company was later acquired by another famous children's toy brand: Playskool, who itself was later acquired by Hasbro. Lincoln Logs are now developed and distributed by K'Nex. Their toys would probably have been very useful for someone like Frank Lloyd Wright to use for modeling his own architectural designs.

29. Who were Julian and Gertrude Carlton?

From Quiz Incident at Taliesin

Answer: Butler and cook at Taliesin

The Carltons were from Barbados and were hired on the basis of a recommendation from friends. Julian became disappointed as the job was not as described. Rather than traditional butler duties, he was also ordered to carry out a number of handyman tasks. Also, since they were the only two people of color at Taliesin at that time, Julian endured racial slurs from residents and students. Mamah Borthwick, who had an imperious attitude toward servants, found him abrasive and allegedly asked for his resignation, giving two weeks notice. Meanwhile Gertrude began to see personality shifts in her husband. For instance, he began sleeping with an axe in his hand. Wright had been called away on a consulting trip. Belatedly, he received a telegram that there might be problems at Taliesin. Mamah was sitting at an outside enclosure just outside the main dining room with her two children who were visiting Taliesin. Julian decorously served them soup. Then he left, seized a container of gasoline, doused Taliesen with it and set it on fire. He then returned to Mamah and smashed her head with an axe. The children tried to escape but were also killed. He then waited for the other diners to flee the house and met them with his bloody axe. Two died on the spot and two later of wounds inflicted.

30. In 1887, what was Wright's first design to actually be built?

From Quiz Frank Lloyd Wright - Architect Extraordinaire

Answer: a building for his aunts' school

After the building was completed, Wright began signing his drawings by adding the title "Architect" to his signature. He worked one year for Silsbee and then gained a position at a prominent architectural business in Chicago. By his early twenties he was a head designer for the company.

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