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More questions about mosques (Islamic places of worship) can be found in the World category, along with quizzes on other religious buildings.
  Famous Mosques    
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Buildings Trivia Questions

1. Not counting the Kaaba, which is sometimes said to have been built by angels, which mosque was the first to be built?

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Famous Mosques

Answer: Quba

This was built a little far from and before Masjid-e-Nabawi (Mosque of the Prophet), which is considered by most as the first. It is located near Medina, Saudi Arabia.

2. Muslims used to face this mosque while praying until God told them to turn to the Kaaba. What was the mosque?

From Quiz Famous Mosques

Answer: Aqsa

Although this is in Jerusalem, this mosque should not be confused with the Dome of the Rock, built in the 8th century to mark the spot where Mohammed (P.B.U.H.) ascended into heaven.

3. What mosque, when completed in 1986, was the largest in the world?

From Quiz Famous Mosques

Answer: Faisal

Faisal Mosque is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Completed in 1986, the mosque is spread over an area of 5,000 sq. miles, and about 450,000 people can pray in its different parts-the main hall, the courtyard and the ad-joining squares. It is named after the former king of Saudi Arabia, King Faisal. In 2002, it's still the largest mosque in existence.

4. This mosque is made famous by its "Green Dome."

From Quiz Famous Mosques

Answer: Khithra

Khithra (Khizra in Persian and Urdu) is Arabic for "the Green one." This is in Medina, and should not be confused with Nabawi (Mosque of the Prophet).

5. This grand mosque was built by Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent in 1557.

From Quiz Famous Mosques

Answer: Suleymaniye

The mosque was built by the Ottoman emperor between 1550 and 1557 and is located in Istanbul.

6. This mosque was built by the Mogul emperor Shah Jahan and is the largest in India.

From Quiz Famous Mosques

Answer: Jamia Mosque of Dehli

This is located in Dehli, India. It remained the largest mosque in the world until the completion of the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan.

7. This 400-year-old mosque in India was destroyed by Hindu fanatics in India.

From Quiz Famous Mosques

Answer: Baberi Mosque

This sad incident occured in 1992. It was built by the first Mogul emperor, Babur, and was named after him. It was located in Oudh. The destruction was followed by riots and protests in India and all over the Muslim world.

8. This mosque in Cairo was built by a Fatimid emperor, and is one of the world's most famous mosques.

From Quiz Famous Mosques

Answer: Al-Azhar

Although it is famous because of its great Islamic university, the largest in the world, the mosque is also a splendid symbol of Islamic-Egyptian architecture.

9. The famous Sheikh Lotfallah mosque can be found where?

From Quiz Famous Mosques

Answer: Esfahan, Iran

One of the greatest mosques in the world, its outer structure is entirely covered with marble.

10. Where can one find the Sankore Mosque?

From Quiz Famous Mosques

Answer: Mali

This is located in Tombactou, one of Africa's greatest commercial centers during the Middle Ages, and the capital of the Mali Empire.

11. This Spanish mosque was later turned into a cathedral after it was captured by Christians.

From Quiz Famous Mosques

Answer: Mosque of Cordoba

The mosque was built in 786 AD in Cordoba, then the capital of Moorish Spain.

12. This mosque is supposed to be the place where Ali, the fourth caliph, was assasssinated.

From Quiz Famous Mosques

Answer: Mosque of Kufa

Ali was Mohammed's (P.B.U.H.) first cousin and son-in-low, and became the fourth caliph in 556 AD. During his short reign, he faced many challenges and opposers. Aisha, the Prophet's wife, declared war on Ali, but her army was defeated outside Kufa, Ali's capital. Mauwiyah, the governor of Syria, rebelled. Ali led armies into a year-long battle against Mauwiyah at Siffin. Later, a truce was signed. The Kharjites, a group of people that had supported Ali at Siffin, revolted, and Ali sent armies to subdue them. In 561, a Kharjite, Abdul Rahman bin Muljim, stabbed Ali on the head while the latter was leading the morning prayers. Ali passed away two days later. The mosque is located in Kufa, and is an important pilgrimage site for Shia Muslims.

13. This mosque in Iraq contains the tombs of many revered Islamic leaders.

From Quiz Famous Mosques

Answer: Kazmayn Mosque

This was built in the nineteenth century. Its dome is covered with pure gold and is located in Baghdad, Iraq.

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