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110 College Alumni quizzes and 1,540 College Alumni trivia questions.
NBA Alumni NBA Alumni (31 quizzes)
NFL Alumni NFL Alumni (51)
  Launching Pad    
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Connect these famous professional athletes with the universities they attended to help launch their careers.
Easier, 10 Qns, George95, Mar 13 17
George95 gold member
1221 plays
  Which College Athletes Attended    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
I will name a couple of professional athletes from different sports and you just have to tell me which college they all went to.
Easier, 15 Qns, Sarah606, Jan 22 11
5537 plays
  I Didn't Go Here    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Name the player that did not go to the college listed.
Average, 10 Qns, jgrangers2, Jul 28 11
2201 plays
  Pac-10 Schools by Alumni    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
In this quiz, I will give you a list of athletes who attended a Pac-10 school, and then you must name the school. Have fun!
Easier, 10 Qns, reinelt62, Mar 29 07
1460 plays
  Pro Athletes' Colleges Attended    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I've seen all of the nickname quizzes.
Average, 10 Qns, lilemmy, May 14 07
5740 plays
  Professional Athletes Alumni    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I will name a couple of professional athletes from different sports, and you just have to tell me which college they all went to.
Easier, 10 Qns, Sarah606, Jan 06 06
2987 plays
  College Alumni    
Multiple Choice
 25 Qns
This quiz tests your knowledge of which schools various NFL and NBA players, and personalities attended.
Average, 25 Qns, Docwhiskey, Mar 29 05
2615 plays
  North Carolina Athletes   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is all about former UNC athletes.
Tough, 10 Qns, ThurstAsh, May 18 08
855 plays
  Which College Did They Attend?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Do you know which college these professional athletes went to?
Easier, 10 Qns, gardnerc34, Mar 29 06
1430 plays
  Virginia or Virginia Tech Football?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
An all T/F quiz to see if you can figure out which school these football players attended. Should be fairly easy if you follow football in the Commonwealth.
Easier, 10 Qns, jpdubl07, Jan 31 07
795 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Who was not an athlete at Louisiana State University?

From Quiz "I Didn't Go Here"

  Which University Did They Attend?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I will give you the athlete and the sport they played, all you have to do is give me their alma mater. Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, texas_cub1, Sep 16 05
2678 plays
  All-Star Alumni    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
These All-Stars, or former All-Stars; within their respective sports are alumni of various schools. I will give you the athelete, their position, team and sport and you give me the name of their alma mater. It will start easy, but get harder as they go.
Average, 10 Qns, smenze, Feb 10 08
2011 plays
  FSU Players in the Pros   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is about athletes that played at the Florida State University and the teams that drafted them out of college. I will give you a player name and you select the professional teams that originally drafted them. Enjoy.
Tough, 10 Qns, stldsf1, Mar 26 09
517 plays
  College Athletes    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
We all remember great players. But can you remember the college they went to? I hope this quiz is a fun one for you.
Average, 10 Qns, bulwinkles1, May 18 08
2997 plays
  Name That College Multiple Choice Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Let us test your sports knowlege. From simple questions to some you may have never seen.
Average, 10 Qns, tippincows, Dec 14 07
1199 plays
  Sports Stars: Their Alma Maters    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Many pro athletes spent time playing for various colleges and universities around the country. This 10-question quiz tests your knowledge of who played for whom. Good luck!
Difficult, 10 Qns, cag1970, Jul 12 09
740 plays
  Colleges of MLB Players    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
I name the player you name the college.
Average, 20 Qns, bkster, Dec 18 05
1086 plays
  Famous UTEP Athletes: Go Miners!   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz about notable Miner athletes who played at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and under its former name Texas Western College.
Average, 10 Qns, Toneman52, Sep 22 09
184 plays
  Where Did I Go To College?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Do you think that you are a guru of where USA major sports' athletes went to college?
Average, 10 Qns, theohiosteelerfan, Jan 01 04
2389 plays
  Basketball Alumni    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
I name the college basketball player, you tell me where he went to college. Not all players made it to the NBA.
Tough, 15 Qns, d-brick, Jan 28 04
1717 plays
  Baseball Player Colleges    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Do you know where your favorite pro baseball players went to college, or if they did? Play this quiz and find out. You get the name of the player as your only hint.
Average, 10 Qns, adlehman, Nov 04 02
1064 plays
  NCAA Alumni in the NHL    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
Know your college hockey? Try it out and pick the school where each NHL-type person played (not coached, played).
Tough, 20 Qns, shuey, Sep 19 05
584 plays
  The Ultimate Name That College Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I'll give you a player you name the college he went to!
Tough, 10 Qns, ImSmarter, Oct 22 07
3304 plays
  College Sports Jersey Numbers    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is an all college sports quiz about numbers.
Difficult, 10 Qns, roblyn321, Jan 06 06
2343 plays
  Guess My Junior Team    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
I give you an NHL player, and you pick which junior/college team he played for.
Average, 15 Qns, skottymak, May 25 03
382 plays
  What College Did I Attend?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Several NHL players have college hockey experience. See if you know where.
Tough, 10 Qns, chip00, Dec 12 09
519 plays
  MU Alumni    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Here are some famous alumni of MU sports and some accomplishments they have made after graduation.
Difficult, 10 Qns, smenze, Oct 24 08
772 plays
  Hawaiian Major Leaguers    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Lets test your knowledge on Hawaii baseball players in the big leagues.
Difficult, 10 Qns, PapaBeer27, May 11 13
453 plays

College Alumni Trivia Questions

1. Which former Miner track and field star won the gold medal in the long jump at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City with a world record leap?

From Quiz
Famous UTEP Athletes: Go Miners!

Answer: Bob Beamon

Beamon won two national championships for the Miners in the long jump. His jump in Mexico City was 29' 2-1/2", soundly eclipsing the former mark of 28 feet. Bob's record would not be broken for another 23 years.

2. Derrick Brooks was originally drafted by which NFL team?

From Quiz FSU Players in the Pros

Answer: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Brooks was drafted 28th overall in 1995. Sadly, the Bucs released Brooks after 14 seasons and 11 Pro Bowls.

3. This college is famous with many things along with two Heismans from the same person.

From Quiz Name That College

Answer: Ohio State

Archie Griffin won two Heisman trophies in the years 1974-1975.

4. Which school did Bill Walton, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Troy Aikman go to?

From Quiz Pac-10 Schools by Alumni

Answer: UCLA

UCLA has won a remarkable 10 NCAA basketball championships in a 12-year span from 1964-1975.

5. What college did Ben Roethlisberger (NFL Pittsburgh Steelers), and Ron Harper (NBA Cavaliers, Clippers, Bulls, and Lakers) attend?

From Quiz Which College Did They Attend?

Answer: Miami University (Ohio)

Ben Roethlisberger won his first Super Bowl in only his second year. Ron Harper has won five NBA Championship with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers.

6. MLB fire-baller Randy Johnson pitched for which southwestern school?

From Quiz Which University Did They Attend?

Answer: University of Southern California

"The Big Unit" broke into the MLB in 1988 with the Montreal Expos.

7. Which athlete did not go to Stanford?

From Quiz I Didn't Go Here

Answer: Mike Miller

Miller, an NBA Rookie of the Year, attended the University of Florida.

8. What college did former Chicago Bull and San Antonio Spur Ron Brewer attend?

From Quiz Basketball Alumni

Answer: Arkansas

1/3 of the "Three Musketeers", who played with Sidney Moncrief for the Razorbacks in the late 1970s.

9. Durable wide receiver Art Monk returned kicks and played running back for which Eastern school?

From Quiz Sports Stars: Their Alma Maters

Answer: Syracuse

Art Monk set the standard for wide receivers during his lengthy career in the NFL, catching 940 passes, gaining over 12,700 yards and playing in three of the four Super Bowl appearances the Washington Redskins made under Joe Gibbs. His best season as a pro came in 1984, when he caught 106 passes for 1,372 yards and 7 touchdowns. Unlike modern stars like Keyshawn Johnson and Terrell Owens, Monk let his play on the field speak for him, something some pundits feel has kept him out of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. (Thanks to the Washington Post and for additional information.)

10. Where did Earvin 'Magic' Johnson, Plaxico Burress, Steve Smith, Charles Rogers and Morten Anderon go to college?

From Quiz Professional Athletes Alumni

Answer: Michigan State

Mateen Cleaves, Tony Banks and Derrick Mason all went to Michigan State too.

11. Where did Keyshawn Johnson, Barry Zito, Robert Pack, Lisa Leslie, Jason Sehorn, Randy Johnson and Junior Seau all go to college?

From Quiz Which College Athletes Attended

Answer: USC

USC also produced many other NFL players including: Rodney Peete, Willie McGinest, Rob Johnson, Johnnie Morton, Chad Morton, Tony Boselli and Curtis Conway.

12. Joe Thornton played for what team?

From Quiz Guess My Junior Team

Answer: Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds

Joe had 198 points in two seasons with the Hounds, before being drafted first overall in 1997 by the Boston Bruins.

13. What college did Benny Agbayani graduate from?

From Quiz Hawaiian Major Leaguers

Answer: Hawaii Pacific University

Benny graduated from Hawaii Pacific University, but also attended Oregon Tech for a little while.

14. Minnesota Wild Goaltender Dwayne Roloson, stopped pucks for which Hockey East school?

From Quiz What College Did I Attend?

Answer: Umass-Lowell

Roloson had a standout career with the Umass-Lowell Riverhawks. He led them to the NCAA tourney, and was a Hobey Baker finalist.

15. Which school did former Chicago Bull B.J. Armstrong go to?

From Quiz College Alumni

Answer: Iowa

He was drafted by the Bulls in the 1st round and 18th overall in 1989. He played at Iowa from 1985-1989 averaging 13.1 ppg.

16. Where did the great Buffalo Bill Bruce Smith go to school?

From Quiz Where Did I Go To College?

Answer: Virginia Tech

The great linebacker had his jersey retired by the hokies and went on to succeed in the NFL.

17. What school did Barry Bonds play baseball at?

From Quiz Colleges of MLB Players

Answer: Arizona State

Bonds had his number 25 retired by the Sun Devils.

18. Which former MU basketball and baseball player came back to coach at Mizzou?

From Quiz MU Alumni

Answer: Norm Stewart

He has had quite a few of his players be assistants as well.

19. Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens attended college where?

From Quiz Baseball Player Colleges

Answer: Univ. of Texas at Austin

Clemens was on the Longhorns with former Red Sox SS Spike Owen.

20. What college did Brett Favre go to?

From Quiz Name That College

Answer: University of Southern Mississippi

He also played at Hancock High School and wore number 10.

21. What college did football star Emmitt Smith attend?

From Quiz College Athletes

Answer: Florida

22. What school did Jerry Rice (NFL - 49ers) attend?

From Quiz Pro Athletes' Colleges Attended

Answer: Mississippi Valley St.

23. Which former UTEP linebacker who graduated in 1972, became a lawyer and a referee in the National Football League?

From Quiz Famous UTEP Athletes: Go Miners!

Answer: Ed Hochuli

He began as a back judge in the NFL in 1990. He officiated Super Bowls XXXII and XXXVIII, and wore number 85 with the stripes.

24. Warrick Dunn played for a few teams in the NFL. Which team drafted him initially?

From Quiz FSU Players in the Pros

Answer: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

When Dunn left FSU in 1997, he was the Seminole's all-time leading rusher.

25. Who was the first person drafted out of North Carolina to the NFL?

From Quiz North Carolina Athletes

Answer: Andy Bershak

Andy Bershak was taken in the 3rd round of the 1938 NFL Draft. He was selected by the Detroit Lions. When he played for the Tarheels, he was the team's best receiver and an excellent defensive player.

26. This school has a somewhat famous saying, "It's all about the U". Sean Taylor went here.

From Quiz Name That College

Answer: University of Miami (FL)

Sean Taylor, the murdered NFL football player, went to the "U" along with Ed Reed and Kellen Winslow who also went to the NFL.

27. Which school did Gilbert Arenas, Jennie Finch, and Jason Terry go to?

From Quiz Pac-10 Schools by Alumni

Answer: Arizona

Arizona's basketball team won the national title in 1997, and won their seventh title in softball in 2006.

28. Jerome Bettis (NFL Los Angeles Rams and Steelers) and Joe Montana (NFL 49ers and Chiefs) all went to the same college. Can you name it?

From Quiz Which College Did They Attend?

Answer: University of Notre Dame

Jerome Bettis went to his first and only Super Bowl in his final season. Joe Montana is in the Football Hall of Fame.

29. Jerry Rice ended his career in 2005. Which school did he play for in his college years?

From Quiz Which University Did They Attend?

Answer: Mississippi Valley State University

Jerry held 38 NFL records on the date of his retirement, including 1,549 receptions, 22,895 total yards, and 197 touchdowns.

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