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3 NASCAR Rules quizzes and 45 NASCAR Rules trivia questions.
  NASCAR Basics   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 25 Qns
Here are 25 things that every NASCAR fan should know, whether you are new to the sport, or have been watching it for years.
Easier, 25 Qns, fertigline, Dec 23 18
Dec 23 18
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  Technical NASCAR    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz about the technical aspects of NASCAR; the parts of a stock car.
Average, 10 Qns, waffy, May 17 06
2579 plays
  NASCAR Rulebook: 2002    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
If you know the rules to NASCAR, try this quiz!
Easier, 10 Qns, catch can man, Jul 19 16
catch can man
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trivia question Quick Question
Where does the race begin?

From Quiz "NASCAR Basics"

NASCAR Rules Trivia Questions

1. What is the event called to determine the start order of the cars for the race?

From Quiz

Answer: qualifying

Typically qualifying rules now go into an F1 style group qualifying rather than single car runs. When the qualifier is rained out, the starting order is determined by the points standings.

2. Modern NASCAR engines are based on a Chevy small-block design dating back almost 40 years. What is the stock displacement of the chevy small block used in NASCAR (before they slightly increase the size by over-boring the cylinders, that is)?

From Quiz Technical NASCAR

Answer: 350 cubic inches

The 350 Chevy Small block is usually over-bored slightly to around 358 ci.

3. What is the no. 1 position called, that is the car that has the best qualifying time?

From Quiz NASCAR Basics

Answer: Pole sitter

The "Bud pole award" is given to the driver that wins the pole. The pole position is an excellent way to start a race, but by no means does it mean that the driver will win the race.

4. Winston Cup stock cars used what kind of fuel delivery system?

From Quiz Technical NASCAR

Answer: carburetion

800cfm (cubic feet per minute) carburetors were used, despite the fact that production cars had used fuel injection for over 10 years! This changed in 2012, when fuel injection was introduced for the Nextel Cup.

5. NASCAR tires have a safety improvement that enables the driver to remain in control of the car when the tire loses air pressure. What is it?

From Quiz Technical NASCAR

Answer: inner liner

Ideally, if the main part of the tire starts to go flat or blows apart, the inner liner remains intact, giving the driver some grip at that corner of the car, and making it possible to drive around to the pits without destroying the suspension.

6. What happens if a driver has to go to their backup car before race day?

From Quiz NASCAR Basics

Answer: they start in the back of the field

Drivers have won races from the back of the field, just because a driver starts near the back, doesn't mean they have no chance of winning.

7. The windshield of a stock car isn't made of glass, but instead of a shatterproof substance. What is it?

From Quiz Technical NASCAR

Answer: Lexan

Lexan is super-strong, but is very easily scratched by rocks and debris. Race teams usually cover the windshield with strips of plastic that can be peeled off when they get dirty and protect the Lexan from being too scratched to see through.

8. How many rows of cars were there when the full field was 43 cars?

From Quiz NASCAR Basics

Answer: 22

There were 2 cars in each row 1-21 and the last row had one car, which was the field of 43. The 2 car row allows more room for the drivers to warm up their tires.

9. Restrictor plates are used to slow down the race cars at superspeedways like Daytona and Talladega. It works by restricting airflow through the engine. Where is it placed?

From Quiz Technical NASCAR

Answer: between the carburetor and the intake manifold

The plate sits between the carb and the manifold and restricts the flow of air and fuel into the engine; at high RPMs, the engine simply cannot get any more air and fuel and won't go any faster.

10. After Dale Earnhardt was killed in the 2001 Daytona 500, many different safety innovations were introduced. Among them were the HANS and Hutchens Devices; they are very similar in function. What do they do?

From Quiz Technical NASCAR

Answer: prevent neck injuries by helping to hold the head in place in a frontal impact

The HANS and Hutchens devices involve straps that hold onto the back of the helmet, preventing the head from snapping forward when the car hits the wall.

11. What is the title of the person in charge of the pit crew?

From Quiz NASCAR Basics

Answer: crew chief

The crew chief is in constant communication with the driver so he knows what the car is doing. They are also experts in all aspects of the race car and they make the final call when something needs to be done to the car.

12. What is the name of the area that the car pulls into to make a pit stop?

From Quiz NASCAR Basics

Answer: pit box

The pit box is simply a taped off, rectangular area, on pit row. The car must be inside the pit box before the pit crew can service it.

13. Another safety device under development was announced by H.A. "Humpy" Wheeler, promoter of Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte. What did his engineers invent in 2001?

From Quiz Technical NASCAR

Answer: the Humpy Bumper

The Humpy Bumper is a polymer device that would replace part of the metal in the front of the car. It collapses under impact in such a way that the car slows less rapidly and still protects the driver's compartment from impacting the wall.

14. Who supplies all tires to NASCAR stock car teams?

From Quiz Technical NASCAR

Answer: Goodyear

Goodyear has supplied the tires for decades; every so often another manufacturer attempts to compete with Goodyear (most notably Bob Hoosier's operation in the 80s and early 90s). Usually this results in a tire war, which is dangerous because tires are constructed with respect for speed only, and not durability and safety.

15. What are the laps called that occur directly before a race starts?

From Quiz NASCAR Basics

Answer: Parade laps

The pace car drives at a certain speed so that the race cars can see how fast they are going at a certain rpm. The drivers also use this time to heat up their tires, but it is not referred to as a warm up lap.

16. What kind of transmissions do NASCAR stock cars use? (For the purposes of this question, don't count "reverse" among the number of gears.)

From Quiz Technical NASCAR

Answer: 4 speed manual

The 4 speed manual (plus reverse) has been a staple of NASCAR for decades.

17. Where does the race begin?

From Quiz NASCAR Basics

Answer: the start finish line

There are high speed cameras at the start/finish line that take pictures of all the cars as they finish the race, so that there can be no question as to who won and where everyone placed.

18. What is the color of the flag that stops the race?

From Quiz NASCAR Basics

Answer: red

The 8 flags are as follows: GREEN-starts the race, YELLOW-caution, RED-stops the race, BLACK-a black flagged driver must pit to fix their car, BLACK WITH WHITE X-after the back flag is shown and a driver hasn't responded within 5 laps, and this flag is shown to tell the driver that he is no longer being scored, BLUE WITH DIAGONAL ORANGE STRIPE: this flag is shown to let a driver know that the leaders are coming up on him and that he should move over and let them by, WHITE-one lap to go in the race, CHECKERED-finishes the race.

19. What is the term called when a car is using another car to break the wind resistance in turns making both cars go faster?

From Quiz NASCAR Basics

Answer: drafting

With all the new technology in the car's aero package, drafting has become less important than it has in the past, but it is still a factor.

20. What is the term when the front wheels lose traction before the rear wheels do, when turning in a corner?

From Quiz NASCAR Basics

Answer: tight

When this happens, the driver will have problems steering the car in turns. This condition puts the driver at risk of hitting the wall because the car wants to drift up in the turns.

21. What is the pit road speed?

From Quiz NASCAR Basics

Answer: all tracks have their own pit road speed

Most tracks have 55 mph as their pit road speed, but a few are slower. The pit road speed is for the safety of the crews, and they must be at the pit road speed when they cross the line at the beginning of pit road. When you hear the announcer say the the driver is "whoa or whoaing" their car down, this is the driver slowing down at the last possible second to comply with the pit road speed.

22. What is the name of the device put under the carburetor, that restricts the flow of oxygen and gasoline to the car?

From Quiz NASCAR Basics

Answer: restrictor plate

This device is used at a couple of the larger tracks to keep speeds at a safe level. What is does is it restricts the amount of air and gas that goes into the combustion chamber, therefore reducing the car's power, which in turn doesn't allow the car to go much faster than 200 mph.

23. Why don't drivers have an urge to go to the restroom during a race?

From Quiz NASCAR Basics

Answer: they sweat out the fluids

Because of the high temperatures in the cockpit of the car, the drivers typically sweat out fluids during the race. This is similar to other athletes that run a lot. Believe it or not, race car drivers are athletes. Their bodies are exposed to high heat, and g-forces, and they are constantly shifting, braking, and steering which at high speeds takes a lot of physical strength.

24. In 2011, NASCAR adjusted the points scoring system, awarding one point for leading a lap during the race. How many bonus points were awarded to a driver for leading a lap during a race, under the previous scoring system?

From Quiz NASCAR Basics

Answer: 5

Once a car had led a lap they were awarded 5 bonus points. This only happened once per race. If they dropped back then lead again, they received nothing extra, just the same 5 pts.

25. Where does the winner of a race go to with their car?

From Quiz NASCAR Basics

Answer: victory lane

The winner is awarded 40 points (plus 3 pts bonus for winning). The other 39 places descend in points from there, down to one point for last.

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