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Wrestling  Sumo Quizzes, Trivia and Puzzles
Wrestling  Sumo Quizzes, Trivia

Wrestling - Sumo Trivia

Wrestling - Sumo Trivia Quizzes

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Fun Trivia
4 quizzes and 40 trivia questions.
  Sumo Terminology   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The following questions regard the terms and traditions of Sumo wrestling, a fantastic traditional sport of Japan. The quiz will be quite difficult for beginners, but very informative, I hope. Please enjoy!
Tough, 10 Qns, thejazzkickazz, Mar 06 03
thejazzkickazz gold member
708 plays
  Non-Japanese in Sumo    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The ancient sport of sumo opened up to the world in the 1980s and '90s as a slow trickle of non-Japanese rikishi turned into a torrent. Hawaiians, Mongolians, Russians, this quiz is about the people that lead sumo's international push.
Tough, 10 Qns, hews, Jan 07 08
227 plays
  Sumo 2002    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The sport of Sumo still enjoys immense popularity in Japan, filled with drama, tension and thrills. This quiz covers Sumo in 2002, with a few challenges for the afficianado and some useful trivia for the beginner. Enjoy!
Tough, 10 Qns, hews, Mar 14 03
321 plays
  Sumo Madness    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Here's a few questions on the history and some general facts on this great Japanese sport.
Tough, 10 Qns, graz1, Mar 10 04
379 plays

Wrestling - Sumo Trivia Questions

1. What was Hawaiian wrestler Chad Rowan better known as?

From Quiz
Non-Japanese in Sumo

Answer: Akebono

Akebono became the first foreign-born wrestler ever to reach the rank of yokozuna, which is the highest achievable rank in sumo. He achieved this feat during the January basho in 1993, when he secured his third tournament victory. He retired in 2000, having won 11 basho (tournaments).

2. Sumo Wrestlers are known for their large girth and huge stomachs. Their weight varies even in the top division from 200 to over 500 pounds. How many different weight divisions are there in Sumo?

From Quiz Sumo Madness

Answer: None

Sumo is based strictly on skill, it's not uncommon for a 200 pound wrestler to fight a 400 pounder and beat him.

3. A Sumo wrestler's waist-belt is adorned by stiffened silk cords which serve merely as ornamentation. What are these dangling adornments called?

From Quiz Sumo Terminology

Answer: Sagari

It is legal for a wrestler to grasp the sagari, but they fall off easily so it's of virtually no use for them to do so. Grabbing the silk waste-belt, called a 'mawashi', is another matter entirely! It's my sincerest hope that we never have to see a mawashi somehow cleanly removed from a wrestler's body during a match!

4. Which Bulgarian sumo wrestler earned the nickname, "Sumo Beckham"?

From Quiz Non-Japanese in Sumo

Answer: Kotooshu

Called "Sumo Beckham" by the Japanese media because of his good looks and popularity with female fans, Kotooshu became the first European to achieve the rank of ozeki (second highest in sumo) in November, 2005. He had been the first wrestler in the history of sumo to rise to this rank in less than 20 tournaments. The are six divisions in sumo and six tournaments per year. Wrestlers rise and fall within each division based on their performance in each tournament.

5. The Sumo Ring or Dohyo is considered very Sacred. In the top divisions, salt is thrown into the dohyo to purify it prior to the match. Who is never allowed to step in the Dohyo?

From Quiz Sumo Madness

Answer: Women

Women are never allowed inside the dohyo, including the stablemaster's wife or Okamisan, who acts as a mother to the younger wrestlers. The Mayor of Osaka (a female) challenged this in in the early 2000s in order to present a trophy during that city's basho, but her challenge was rejected.

6. What is the backless skirt called that Sumo wrestlers wear while not in the ring?

From Quiz Sumo Terminology

Answer: Kesho-mawashi

The mawashi portion remains on as the waste-belt worn during the match.

7. Who was the first sumo wrestler to weigh in at more than 600 pounds (272.7kg)?

From Quiz Non-Japanese in Sumo

Answer: Konishiki

Konishiki was a controversial figure in his sumo days, as debate raged as to whether he should be promoted to yokozuna, which would have made him the first non-Japanese to achieve this rank. He achieved his peak fighting weight in 1996, when he weighed in the May tournament at 285kg (627lb). He won three tournaments in all, and became the host of a children's TV show after he retired in 1997.

8. Sumo Wrestlers are plagued with health problems, particularly diabetes and liver ailments. Many have died at an extremely young age. Who was the last Yokozuna to die during the 20th century while still being an active wrestler?

From Quiz Sumo Madness

Answer: Tamanoumi

All of the above died while still active wrestlers. Tamanoumi died from heart failure following an appendectomy in 1971.

9. Sumo wrestlers of the Yokozuna rank (the highest ranking) wear their hair in a style resembling the leaf of what plant?

From Quiz Sumo Terminology

Answer: Ginko

It's hard to describe the shape of the seems to resemble a small clam. Only two wrestlers currently enjoy this hairstyle...Musashimaru and Takanohana...due to their Yokozuna rankings. The famed Hawaiian wrestler Akebono also wore this hairstyle, but he has sadly retired from the Sumo ranks.

10. Why was Mongolian yokozuna Asashoryu, suspended from the September and November tournaments in 2007?

From Quiz Non-Japanese in Sumo

Answer: He faked an injury and was later filmed playing soccer

Asashoryu became the first international to win 20 tournaments when he finished with a 14-1 record in January, 2007. Such was his dominance in the mid-2000s that between November 2002 and July 2007, he won 20 of the 28 tournaments contested. He was often said to be homesick, and after winning the July 2007 tournament, he claimed to have been injured and sat out a regional tour. Shortly afterwards, he was seen on television playing soccer in a charity match in Mongolia. Believing he had faked his injuries so that he could have a spell at home, he was suspended by the sumo association for two tournaments.

11. Winning streaks in Sumo are like any other sport. A combination of skill and luck, nobody can perform 100% every day. Which wrestler won 69 consecutive bouts, the most during the 20th century?

From Quiz Sumo Madness

Answer: Futabayama

Futabayama won an incredible 69 bouts in a row in the late 1930s. Considered the top Sumo-tori of all time, he never revealed he was totally blind in one eye until after he retired.

12. The referee in a Sumo match wears a hat of very distinctive style. What is this hat called?

From Quiz Sumo Terminology

Answer: Eboshi

This headgear is something to behold, very elaborate...and difficult to explain. The cap is of Chinese style and translates as 'Raven-cap' in English.

13. Who in 2005, became the first European to reach makuuchi (sumo's top division)?

From Quiz Non-Japanese in Sumo

Answer: Kokkai

Hailing from Georgia, Kokkai rocketed up sumo's lower divisions, winning his first four tournaments without losing a bout. His progress slowed once reaching makuuchi and it took him another 17 tournaments to reach komosubi (sumo's fourth highest rank). He caused controversy in 2005 after his opponents complained that he using his stubble to gain an advantage in clinches. He was ordered by the sumo association to shave more regularly.

14. Younger Sumo Wrestlers have to rely on their elders for money, as they receive no regular salary until they prove themselves and advance up the ranking ladder. At what rank do Sumo Wrestlers start earning a salary and getting a regular check?

From Quiz Sumo Madness

Answer: Juryo

The pay system in Sumo is extremely complicated. Although wins during one's career count toward his paycheck, until the wrestler reaches Juryo, he does not receive a salary.

15. Performing a mostly ceremonial function, constantly encouraging the Sumo wrestlers to grapple, the referee of a Sumo wrestling match still plays an integral part in the spectacle. What is the Japanese term for this referee?

From Quiz Sumo Terminology

Answer: Gyoji

16. Which sumo wrestler's father won a silver medal in the 1968 Summer Olympic Games?

From Quiz Non-Japanese in Sumo

Answer: Hakuho's

Hakuho's father, Jigjidiin Mönkhbat, won a sliver medal in men's freestyle wrestling in the middleweight division during the 1968 Mexico City Olympic games. Hakuho became the second Mongolian yokozuna after winning all 15 of his bouts in the May 2007 tournament.

17. The referee holds a ceremonial war fan or paddle which he wields along with his dagger! By what name is the fan referred?

From Quiz Sumo Terminology

Answer: Gunbai

The gunbei once held a more specific function...used to lead troops into battle...but today its use is benign. Aesthetics are of extreme concern in Sumo wrestling, but the action is very WWF action here!

18. In sumo, where was former yokozuna Musashimaru born?

From Quiz Non-Japanese in Sumo

Answer: Samoa

Musashimaru (born as Fiamalu Penitani) was born on May 2nd, 1971 in Samoa. His family moved to Hawaiii when he was ten years old and he became interested in wrestling, first in greco-roman and later in sumo. He won promotion to yokozuna after winning the May 1999 tournament (the second non-Japanese to do so) and won eleven tournaments in all.

19. Which country was sumo rikishi Baruto the first top-division wrestler to hail from?

From Quiz Non-Japanese in Sumo

Answer: Estonia

Baruto won promotion to the makuuchi division after his strong showing in juryo (sumo's second highest division) in the March 2006 tournament.

20. Why have Russian sumo wrestlers Roho and Hakurozan never fought each other in an official bout?

From Quiz Non-Japanese in Sumo

Answer: They are brothers

According to sumo custom, brothers cannot be compelled to fight each other in scheduled bouts. Nor can wrestlers who fight in the same stable. As Roho (Otake) and Hakurozan (Kitanoumi) were taken up by different stables, it is highly likely that they would have met on the dohyo had it not been for the rule regarding brothers.

21. One American rose to the top division long before an American won the Grand Tournament. Who was the first American born Sumo Wrestler to reach the top Makuuchi division?

From Quiz Sumo Madness

Answer: Toyonishiki

Toyonishiki (Kiichiro Ozaki), born in Colorado, was the son of Japanese parents and presumably had no trouble passing for Japanese during the war. He reached the top division in 1944.

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