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3 dinnerladies quizzes and 30 dinnerladies trivia questions.
  "dinnerladies"   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A joint effort between Victoria Wood and the people at the BBC, the oddly lower-case "dinnerladies" featured the workers of a factory canteen going through their strange yet funny day-to-day activities. Good luck, and enjoy yourselves.
Average, 10 Qns, Flynn_17, Aug 11 11
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  Victoria Wood's 'dinnerladies'   best quiz  
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It's like being a fly on the wall listening to conversations which travel all around every conceivable tangent and back again. Here are ten fairly basic questions on this multi-layered sitcom.
Average, 10 Qns, DevonshireLass, Dec 03 06
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  'dinnerladies' forever!   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
One of the best sitcoms ever to come out of the UK, Victoria Wood does it again, let's see what you know...
Average, 10 Qns, d4u04, Nov 13 06
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trivia question Quick Question
As vinegar is meant to help stop pregnancy (apparently), where did Jean's mum put it?

From Quiz "'dinnerladies' forever!"

dinnerladies Trivia Questions

1. What is the name of the firm which employs Bren, Tony and the rest of the canteen staff?

From Quiz
Victoria Wood's 'dinnerladies'

Answer: HWD Components

The factory worked overnight on one occasion because another factory was unable to complete an order and HWD took it over. It was a bit difficult for Bren, as they had a temporary replacement for Tony at the time and she had alienated everybody just prior to the news that they would be working overnight, and Bren was on her own.

2. Why did Bren say she hadn't had any sex over the weekend when Tony asked her?

From Quiz 'dinnerladies' forever!

Answer: She was at the laundrette

Bren also uses this reason for her wearing a skirt in series two, stating that 'all her leggings were at the service wash'.

3. What special food did Bren prepare for the Duke of Danby?

From Quiz Victoria Wood's 'dinnerladies'

Answer: A bacon sandwich

Bren and Tony make chips during the Christmas party (which upsets Dolly who had 'not catered for chips, calorie-wise'), but for the Duke Bren made bacon butties; in return the Duke pretended to remember meeting Stan many years before when he visited his army camp 'with that rascal, Philip'.

4. What was the reason Petula gave for calling her daughter Brenda?

From Quiz 'dinnerladies' forever!

Answer: Because she was born on Christmas Eve

Petula says this when introducing her daughter to her current boyfriend, petrol station worker Reg.

5. What job did Nicola leave the canteen for?

From Quiz Victoria Wood's 'dinnerladies'

Answer: Lighthouse keeper

Earlier in the episode ('nightshift') Jean misreads the advert as being a 'light housekeeper' - taking it to read a job of light duties. Bren told Nicola that she needed a job where she was totally alone so she could not upset anyone, but was not expecting to be left totally alone in the kitchen for an unexpected overnight shift.

6. What is the name of Anita's blow-up friend?

From Quiz 'dinnerladies' forever!

Answer: Malcolm

Stan is the caretaker, Tony is the manager and Pedda was Anita's boyfriend. Malcolm was a full size inflatable doll who accompanied her in the car for safety. The staff would speak to him as if he were real and Anita would put on a deeper accent to reply for him.

7. What colour was the canteen being painted?

From Quiz Victoria Wood's 'dinnerladies'

Answer: Butternut

Twinkle told Bren that she would not bother painting it at all, that she would have the whole place condemned because it was 'manky, manky, manky!'. This episode ('catering') saw no actual catering take place because of the misunderstanding as to when the painting was going to be done.

8. Where was Bren going on holiday with Tony until Petula blew up the caravan?

From Quiz 'dinnerladies' forever!

Answer: Marbella

Bren didn't go on holiday in the end as she gave her money to Petula to get her caravan fixed. This then prompted Bren's jelousy when she saw Tony and Jane's passionate holiday photo.

9. Where did Tony and Jane go on holiday?

From Quiz Victoria Wood's 'dinnerladies'

Answer: Marbella

Tony wanted Bren to join the group, but she gave the money to her mother instead. It was a combination of Petula blowing up her caravan and Stan's upset over his father's death that caused her to change her mind about the money, but it did prove just how nice Bren was.

10. Which quiz show did Bren go on?

From Quiz 'dinnerladies' forever!

Answer: Totally Trivial

The host of the show said that Bren had taken the money she'd won from the previous day, when she had actually gone to visit a dying Petula in hospital and never even got to the studio.

11. Who interrupted Bren's first kiss with Tony?

From Quiz Victoria Wood's 'dinnerladies'

Answer: Her husband

They were alone in the canteen, checking out the Christmas tree lights when they kissed, and they came apart when they heard someone on the stairs. After Bren had switched the light back on, her husband came in and she introduced them.

12. Why is there such a low crime rate in Mobberly?

From Quiz 'dinnerladies' forever!

Answer: Everyone is too old to notice they've been burgled

We asume that Dolly moves to Mobberly in the future as Bren gives her a sum of Petula's money, in the very last episode of the series, that she acquired from the hospital and told her to buy something for the new house in Mobberly.

13. Who organised the Millennium Dinner?

From Quiz Victoria Wood's 'dinnerladies'

Answer: Philippa

Philippa got into a real tizzy over the last-minute bits and pieces, and even screeched at Stan when he tried to tell her about the traffic situation. Of course, it didn't help matters much that Jean and Dolly were going off at tangents in the discussion!

14. As vinegar is meant to help stop pregnancy (apparently), where did Jean's mum put it?

From Quiz 'dinnerladies' forever!

Answer: On her chips

Jean's Mum: "I put it on me chips so I had no chance did I! Hence Jean..."

15. Who exactly is Malcolm, a regular at the canteen?

From Quiz "dinnerladies"

Answer: Anita's in-car blow-up doll. That is to say, he is a life size dummy that Anita places in her passenger seat so that she doesn't get car-jacked at night.

Malcolm the blow-up doll, who appears in most episodes when we see Anita come into the canteen, is also voiced by Anita, which means the group are accustomed to greeting both her and Malcolm at the same time. Here's a little background on Malcolm. He's a smoker, but is never actually seen doing so (how can he? He has no lips). He has a deep booming voice, which is suspiciously similar to that of Anita, and he has interchangeable faces. He cannot walk (he's made of polyurethane), and is usually propped up outside the ladies' lavatory during the episodes.

16. What drug did Christine put in Dolly's tea?

From Quiz Victoria Wood's 'dinnerladies'

Answer: Viagra

There followed a lovely speech from Dolly regarding the effects of this drug on a woman - "What will it do when it gets down there and finds nothing to pump up?". She also complained that she might start driving with one arm out of the open window, and having difficulties aiming at the toilet bowl.

17. Which other phobia did Norman develop that was a bit of a draw-back for his job?

From Quiz 'dinnerladies' forever!

Answer: Fear of bread

Norman's most well-known phobia was of course agorophobia dating from the time when he 'fell off a diving board in Guernsey!'. Glenda was talking him through his day while he fought his new bread-related phobia.

18. Phillipa, the tall willowy brunette from Human Resources (formerly Personnel), is partnered with Mr. Michael for most of the series, but decides to break up with him halfway through the second season. Why?

From Quiz "dinnerladies"

Answer: He's too dull, and she's sick of jigsaws.

Apparently, he's very good in bed and does a lot of plaintive, hopeful breathing in the morning, but she's just sick of jigsaws. Apparently, they have to finish the sky on one, before they start another on baked beans, and then, they're going on holiday. They're ripping up carpets in a flooded cottage in North Yorkshire, going to Dumfries to put down his 'barmy' aunt's dog, and then they're going to a three-day traditional jazz festival in Somerset.

19. Who hosted the television game show 'Totally Trivial'?

From Quiz Victoria Wood's 'dinnerladies'

Answer: Henry Kelly

Jean applied to the programme on Bren's behalf while she was on Prozac; even though Bren initially was not pleased about being invited on the show, she went along and did very well for the first round. She was unable to get to the studio in time for the next so she did not try for the big prize.

20. How many skips has Twinkle found herself in?

From Quiz 'dinnerladies' forever!

Answer: 8

This piece of information was revealed in the episode 'Catering' (series two). Twinkle: "They're dead 'ard to get out of, skips." Dolly: "And how many skips have you found yourself in, thank you." Twinkle: "Eight."

21. Stan the handyman often talks fondly about his father, Albert, until he sadly dies in the second season. What military division was Stan's father famously a part of?

From Quiz "dinnerladies"

Answer: The Desert Rats

Due to Albert's background, the group discusses which poems should be played at his funeral. "Love-letters in the sand" is put forward by Dolly, while Anita brings up "Little mice with clogs on", and Twinkle claims that "I wish I'd looked after me teeth", by Pam Eyres, would be a suitable poem.

22. How did Jean describe herself when she was wearing the new uniform?

From Quiz Victoria Wood's 'dinnerladies'

Answer: A bouncy castle

She said that children would be lining up their shoes and paying to jump all over her. The uniforms were bad, though, dungarees with big bold stripes.

23. Who was Jean's sister, who Dolly referred to as the 'famous_____'.

From Quiz 'dinnerladies' forever!

Answer: Peggy

Peggy lives in Tungstall, which aparantly has 'two perverts', it's ok though as one of them was 'just visiting'. Glenda is a bread person along with Norman, Babs is from Urmsten, and Jane works in the factory.

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