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This is for specific shows whose titles begin with D, E, F, and G.
3,970 Television D-G quizzes and 55,580 Television D-G trivia questions.
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  "Eggheads": Britain's Best Quiz Team   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"Arguably the most formidable quiz team in the country", the question is: can you beat this quiz?
Tough, 10 Qns, doublemm, May 29 11
doublemm gold member
1054 plays
  Netflix's "Daredevil" - The Blind Vigilante    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
I saw that there were no quizzes for this fantastic Netflix series. Hopefully this is the first of many "Daredevil" quizzes. This quiz covers all three seasons, and does contain spoilers.
Average, 15 Qns, Wildstar3, Jun 29 21
Jun 29 21
273 plays
  Golden Globes - Then and Now   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The Golden Globe Awards began in 1943. In the 21st century the Awards are viewed as a popular precursor to the Oscars. Let's look at the 2005 Golden Globe Awards and some interesting flashbacks to ceremonies past.
Average, 10 Qns, Nannanut, Apr 01 17
479 plays
  "Footballers' Wives": Season One    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
So, you have watched all the drama that takes place at Earls Park. See how much of it you can remember....
Average, 10 Qns, manda86, Apr 18 05
1798 plays
  "The Greatest American Hero"   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Believe it or not, I've written a quiz based on one of the most beloved television shows of its era. Enjoy.
Average, 10 Qns, Pajama, Mar 06 05
1013 plays
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
If you love to be scared with 'Fear' come play my game!
Difficult, 10 Qns, pimpin, Jul 25 01
608 plays
trivia question Quick Question
How old was Rory when she got her first boyfriend?

From Quiz ""Gilmore Girls" Info"

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Television D-G Trivia Questions

1. What is the name of the law firm that Matt Murdock works for?

From Quiz
Netflix's "Daredevil" - The Blind Vigilante

Answer: Nelson and Murdock: Attorneys at Law

Matt works alongside his best friend Foggy Nelson in their firm, "Nelson and Murdock: Attorneys at Law". The two best friends met in college and decided to practice together. They came up with the name in a flashback, with Matt giving Foggy the opportunity to have his name listed first.

2. Possibly the best known Egghead going into the programme, Judith Keppel was widely recognised for her outstanding performance on a popular quiz show three years before "Eggheads" began. To which quiz show does this question refer?

From Quiz "Eggheads": Britain's Best Quiz Team

Answer: "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"

Judith became famous for being the first British winner of the million pounds, bagging the prize by knowing that King Henry II was married to Eleanor of Aquitaine. On "Eggheads" Judith shows her quizzing strength in rounds such as history and Art & Books. She often is subject to presenter Dermot Marnaghan's friendly digs about her "millions".

3. Ralph Hinckley, a.k.a. The Greatest American Hero, was bestowed with a superhero outfit by space aliens. What color were the proverbial magic jammies?

From Quiz "The Greatest American Hero"

Answer: Red

The jumpsuit was red, and the cape was black. Perhaps no one truly knows what the heck the weird crest on the emblem represented, though.

4. What was the first 'Fear' location?

From Quiz 'Fear'

Answer: West Virgina State Penitentiary

the first 'Fear' was held in a prison.

5. Matt is found unconscious in the beginning of the second episode in season one. Where is he when he is found?

From Quiz Netflix's "Daredevil" - The Blind Vigilante

Answer: A dumpster

Claire Temple, an important recurring character in all of the Marvel Netflix series, finds Matt in a dumpster when she is taking out the trash. Being a nurse, she is able to stitch him up and keep him alive. This episode contains one of the best fight scenes in the series in a hallway at the end of the episode. He fights an entire group of men, and the camera only takes two angles for the whole fight. The angles are just each end of the hallway, so at times the fight goes into a room and out of the view of the camera.

6. When Salvatore Biagi was first signed with Earls Park, someone got so mad that they attacked Frank Laslett. Who was this person?

From Quiz "Footballers' Wives": Season One

Answer: Tanya

Tanya hit Frank on the back of the head, which resulted in him hitting the front of his head on the car door, which lead to him falling in a coma.

7. In addition to his superhero duties, Ralph was also a high school teacher. What class did he teach?

From Quiz "The Greatest American Hero"

Answer: Special Ed

Among his many students was a girl named Rhonda, portrayed by a young Faye Grant. Grant would go on to miniseries fame by playing Julie on the acclaimed hit "V".

8. Name all of the FIRST show's cast members who didn't stay.

From Quiz 'Fear'

Answer: Christina & Lauren

Christina left from the 'Sugar Shack' she chickened out. Lauren left from the 'Electric Chair'

9. What was the name of Matt's mentor when he was a child?

From Quiz Netflix's "Daredevil" - The Blind Vigilante

Answer: Stick

Stick helped Matt learn how to fight when he was a child. Stick, also being blind, was able to teach Matt things that he wouldn't be able to learn otherwise. He comes back into Matt's life to defeat a threat coming to the city called Black Sky. Stick promises not to kill him, but ends up breaking that promise. Matt fights Stick as a result, and once he wins, he makes the old man promise to leave the city. Stick comes back in the following season, and is also in the "Defenders" show.

10. The night before Kyle and Chardonnay's wedding, at the bachelor party, one of the players slept with three women. Which player was this?

From Quiz "Footballers' Wives": Season One

Answer: Ian

Ian was mad at his wife Donna for going behind his back and locating their son Daniel, who they gave up for adoption.

11. Ralph's partner Bill Maxwell was part of what government entity?

From Quiz "The Greatest American Hero"

Answer: F.B.I.

Bill was played by Oakland, California native Robert Culp. Culp was most famed for his work with Bill Cosby on the 1960's hit show "I, Spy".

12. Which cast member had to go into the 'Hole'?

From Quiz 'Fear'

Answer: Derek

Derek went into the hole and stayed for 15 min. he didn't chicken out.

13. Who shoots and kills James Wesley?

From Quiz Netflix's "Daredevil" - The Blind Vigilante

Answer: Karen Page

Karen Page shoots and kills James after he kidnaps her and threatens to hurt her. She is able to cover up the murder for the remainder of season one and the entirety of season two, before it comes back to haunt her in season three. Foggy doesn't shoot anyone. Wesley is Fisk's right-hand man, and his death affects him badly. When he finds out who did it in season three, he nearly kills Karen. The Punisher, although he kills many people, does not kill James Wesley.

14. Upon first contact, what device did the aliens use to communicate with Ralph?

From Quiz "The Greatest American Hero"

Answer: Car radio

Ralph and Bill were kindly abducted to the desert by a sedan under alien control. The aliens were able to mysteriously manipulate the knob on the car radio to synthesize speech via different words spoken/sung on various radio stations.

15. Who pulled the tarp off of the 'Electric Chair'?

From Quiz 'Fear'

Answer: Ryan

Laruen was supposed to, but she left, it scared her to much.

16. For most of the first season, Matt wears a black costume with a mask to conceal his identity. When do we finally get to see the red Daredevil armor?

From Quiz Netflix's "Daredevil" - The Blind Vigilante

Answer: At the end of the first season, when he fights Wilson Fisk

We first see the red Daredevil costume at the end of the first season, when Wilson Fisk tries to make his getaway from the police. Matt Murdock, now in his new costume, tries to stop him. The two of them engage in an epic fight, and Matt wins, leaving Fisk for the police to find.

17. After Salvatore was signed to Earls Park, Frank was attacked and fell into a coma. A nurse, who took advantage of him in his vulnerable state, looked after Frank. What was the name of the nurse who looked after Frank while he was in a coma?

From Quiz "Footballers' Wives": Season One

Answer: Janette Dunkly

Tanya was worried that Frank would awake from his coma and remembered that she was the one who attacked him. For this reason, Tanya befriended Nurse Dunkly, so she can use her to get information on Frank's condition.

18. Where was the SECOND show of 'Fear'?

From Quiz 'Fear'

Answer: Saint Agnus Hospital

19. In the second season, Daredevil fights a new vigilante in Hell's Kitchen. Who is it?

From Quiz Netflix's "Daredevil" - The Blind Vigilante

Answer: The Punisher

Season two became the origin story for the Punisher into the Marvel Netflix series. He and Daredevil clash over the right way to solve the problem of crime. Punisher says that when Daredevil beats criminals down, they just get up and continue doing crime. He thinks his way of killing is better, because then they don't come back. Daredevil wins the ensuing battle, and the Punisher gets arrested.

20. Actress Connie Sellecca played Ralph's classy girlfriend. What was the name of her lovely character?

From Quiz "The Greatest American Hero"

Answer: Pam Davidson

Pam was Ralph's girlfriend, Rhonda Blake was a student, Deborah Dante was a guest character in the season-two opener played by Markie Post, and Holly Hathaway was the woman to whom Ralph passed on the magic suit in the failed spin-off "The Greatest American Heroine".

21. How many people stayed through the whole second show?

From Quiz 'Fear'

Answer: Three

Jim, Darelle, and Chi'en were the brave ones. Rocheal and Stephanie

22. Daredevil knocks the Punisher unconscious after their encounter on the roof. A biker gang attacks the building that they are in, and Daredevil must get them both to safety. Where does he put the Punisher while he fights the biker gang?

From Quiz Netflix's "Daredevil" - The Blind Vigilante

Answer: Places him in an elevator

Daredevil places the Punisher in the elevator, pushes the main floor, and begins walking down the stairs. This was one of the best fight scenes in the movie, as he fought the gang going down the steps of the building. He even used a metal chain during this fight, knocking out the lights and making it harder for the biker gang members to see him. After he had defeated all of them, he opened up the elevator and grabbed the Punisher out of it.

23. Which UK "Big Brother" contestant, well known for referring to East Anglia as "abroad", has appeared on an episode of "Eggheads"?

From Quiz "Eggheads": Britain's Best Quiz Team

Answer: Jade Goody

Jade Goody was a contestant in "Big Brother" 3, coming 4th. Although all of her team-mates were eliminated in this episode of "Eggheads", Jade answered all three of her questions in the final round correctly before being knocked out in the sudden death round. Jade Goody remained in the public eye long after her appearance in "Big Brother" and was the first "Big Brother" contestant to earn £1 million after the show. Jade sadly passed away in March 2009 from cervical cancer.

24. During the season, Frank awakes from his coma, just as he is about to get a fatal injection of potassium. In this episode, Tanya pays someone to disappear. Who was this person?

From Quiz "Footballers' Wives": Season One

Answer: Nurse Dunkly

Scared that Frank will know she attacked him, Tanya convinced Nurse Dunkly to turn of his life support. When this fails, she persuaded her to kill him. Frank wakes up just before Nurse Dunkly can kill him. Tanya then pays Janette Dunkly, Frank's nurse, to disappear so that she doesn't give away Tanya's secret, that she wanted Frank dead.

25. The 2005 Awards' ceremony saw Robin Williams receive the Cecil B. DeMille award for his outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment. This was first awarded in 1952. Who was the inaugural recipient?

From Quiz Golden Globes - Then and Now

Answer: Cecil B. DeMille

When the Hollywood Foreign Press Association decided there should be a special award for an outstanding contributor in the entertainment world, they were seeking a respected and internationally recognisable name. They approached DeMille, who was delighted to be so honoured. He received the award that bears his name in 1952. Disney followed in 1953, Zanuck in 1954 and Jack L Warner in 1956.

26. How do Ralph's students usually address him?

From Quiz "The Greatest American Hero"

Answer: Mr. H

The moniker is said to have been edited into the show's fourth episode titled "Here's Looking At You Kid" out of respect for President Ronald Reagan. Just two days before the episode aired, Reagan was shot by John Hickley Jr., so the show's producers tactically replaced seven uses of the name "Mr. Hinckley" with overdubs of the more appropriate "Mr. H". The nickname was used diligently thereafter.

27. Who was the ghost that was said to haunt the hospital?

From Quiz 'Fear'

Answer: Emily Matilda

Emily Matilda was the little girl who was said to haunt the Hospital. Darelle made contact with her during his 15 min.

28. When the Punisher is on trial, Foggy Nelson seems to be defending him well. Then, someone purposefully blows the entire case, leading the Punisher to be led to prison. Whose outburst ruins the Punisher's case in court?

From Quiz Netflix's "Daredevil" - The Blind Vigilante

Answer: The Punisher

Wilson Fisk speaks to Frank Castle, i.e, the Punisher, before his trial, telling him that he should throw the trial. When he is put on the stand, he begins yelling and throws the trial. He is then led away to prison, where he meets with Fisk, who wishes to use Castle.

29. One of the running jokes on the show was that Ralph, as a result of his superpowers, would accidentally injure Bill quite often. What body part of Bill's did Ralph injure time and again?

From Quiz "The Greatest American Hero"

Answer: Hand

"Watch the hand, Raaalllph!"

30. Who had to lay in the Morgue tray for three min?

From Quiz 'Fear'

Answer: Chi'en

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