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Fun Trivia
11 Get Smart quizzes and 120 Get Smart trivia questions.
  Get Smart Multiple Choice Quiz   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The great Mel Brooks spy spoof show!
Easier, 10 Qns, TonyTheDad, May 08 06
TonyTheDad gold member
8703 plays
  'Get Smart': The Quiz   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
'Get Smart' trivia.
Average, 10 Qns, Harrison, Aug 19 18
Aug 19 18
5070 plays
  Get Smart!   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz on "Get Smart." Have fun! :)
Average, 10 Qns, happychristian, May 30 08
2332 plays
  "Get Smart" Passwords    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
As a spy, Maxwell Smart needed secret passwords, signs, and countersigns to verify his contacts. Here's a quiz on those passwords. The first nine questions are from season 1 while the tenth is from season 2.
Tough, 10 Qns, andymuenz, Dec 16 14
andymuenz gold member
307 plays
  Get Smart About "Get Smart"    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is a quiz about the classic sitcom, "Get Smart".
Average, 15 Qns, lotrpoirot427, Apr 18 12
2855 plays
  "Get Smart's" Maxwell Smart    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz on the best television show that was ever made's main character - inept, bumbling but lovable secret agent Maxwell Smart, from the hit Mel Brooks '60s spy spoof "Get Smart". I know there's still some Smartians out there somewhere!
Difficult, 10 Qns, MiraColburn, Feb 22 13
550 plays
  Get Smart Test   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
One of the best shows on Teli...Televish...T.V. Sorry about that chief. Hope you enjoy
Average, 10 Qns, blakey, Jul 19 06
1595 plays
  'Get Smart:' Actors    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Each question is the name of a charcter from 'Get Smart.' Your answer on the fill-in-the-blanks can be the first and last name, or simply the last name of the actor who played that character. I hope you enjoy the quiz!
Average, 10 Qns, stefan_11_17, Jan 24 08
stefan_11_17 gold member
1842 plays
  For "Get Smart" Fans    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is for true "Get Smart" fans. Enjoy! This does include a little from the Fox series also.
Very Difficult, 15 Qns, dg_dave, Oct 23 10
Very Difficult
dg_dave gold member
1779 plays
  'Get Smart:' Hi-Tech Inventions    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Welcome to the quiz that's all about hi-tech inventions from 'Get Smart.' I hope you enjoy it.
Difficult, 10 Qns, stefan_11_17, Jun 20 18
stefan_11_17 gold member
Jun 20 18
2485 plays
trivia question Quick Question
How many doors does Max go through at the beginning to get to the underground?

From Quiz "Get Smart!"

  'Get Smart:' One Time Appearances    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This will test your knowledge of guest stars (or guests who weren't stars). I want the name of the character on all questions, not the actor. Enjoy!
Very Difficult, 10 Qns, stefan_11_17, Jun 20 18
Very Difficult
stefan_11_17 gold member
Jun 20 18
1407 plays

Get Smart Trivia Questions

1. In the pilot episode, "Mr. Big" there is a password used about a certain baseball team. What was it?

From Quiz
"Get Smart" Passwords

Answer: New York Mets win doubleheader

Max is told he will work with Agent 99 on this case. The chief says 99 will use the phrase "New York Mets win doubleheader" to find Max. However, no mention is made of the fact that 99 is a woman, so when a young boy reads the day's headline of "New York Mets win doubleheader" to his mother, Max thinks he's Agent 99 rather than just a random kid. Max then notices the paper and sees what happened. The real 99 then says the password and Max says "I know, I know" not realizing that she is giving the password until she says the score was 99 to 86 (Max's agent number being 86). The likelihood of the Mets actually winning a doubleheader in 1965 when this episode aired was actually pretty small. They only won 50 games the whole season and finished the season 15 games behind the next to last place team. While the Dodgers did win the World Series that year it wasn't until about a month after the episode aired. The Minnesota Twins didn't lose all that often that year, they finished with the best record in the majors. The A's didn't move to Oakland for another three years.

2. Max is how tall and weighs how much?

From Quiz "Get Smart's" Maxwell Smart

Answer: He is 5'9" tall, weighs 150 pounds

Though in the wedding episode, "With love And Twitches", he says seemingly without irony that he's 5'11", on several occasions prior he states that he's 5'9", and that's the one we die hard "Get Smart" fans go with. Always throughout the series he is said to be 150 pounds.

3. What was the name of the computer that stored information for Control?

From Quiz Get Smart

Answer: Aardvark

"Aardvark, Aardvark, Aardvark, what we have here is failure to communicate, Aardvark." The Chief did not want to repair it because it was behind five thousand dollars in a poker game with the CIA computer.

4. What is Maxwell's agent number?

From Quiz Get Smart!

Answer: 86

His number was 86, his main partner's number was 99, and the agent who hid in weird places was number 13.

5. What is Max's agent number?

From Quiz Get Smart About "Get Smart"

Answer: 86

Max is referred to several times as "86".

6. How many episodes are in black and white?

From Quiz For "Get Smart" Fans

Answer: 1 & one

Only the pilot episode is in black and white with Mr. Big. He says in a radio transmission: "This is K-A-O-S, Kaos, signing off."

7. In Episode 70 'That Old Gang of Mine,' what is the name of the head of British Control?

From Quiz 'Get Smart:' One Time Appearances

Answer: Hathoway

Hathoway actually tuned out to be the spy the Chief was looking for!

8. The Chief invented the ______ phone because he had no other use for it.

From Quiz 'Get Smart:' Hi-Tech Inventions

Answer: comb

We found this out in the episode before the wedding.

9. Maxwell Smart had this agent number:

From Quiz Get Smart

Answer: 86

Played by Don Adams.

10. What is the chief of control's real name?

From Quiz 'Get Smart': The Quiz

Answer: Thaddeus

Max was always testing the Chief's patience. "Sorry about that, Chief".

11. In the episode "Diplomat's Daughter", Max receives a call on his shoe phone from the chief and asks the chief for the password. What is the chief's response?

From Quiz "Get Smart" Passwords

Answer: "Get in here, Max, or I'll personally tear you apart."

While Max is getting his shoes shined he receives a call on his shoe phone. After asking the shiner to do the other shoe, Max picks it up and hears the chief's voice. Rather than accepting it at face value he asks the chief who it is and the follows up by asking for today's password. When the chief tells him there's no time, Max insists the chief further identify himself with a countersign or a secret code number. That's when the chief threatens Max with bodily harm which Max decides is good enough for him.

12. What year was Max born in, and what is his Zodiac sign?

From Quiz "Get Smart's" Maxwell Smart

Answer: Born in 1930, Zodiac sign is Scorpio

The tombstone in the season five episode, "The Mess of Adrian Listenger", is marked with the year 1930, and in the season two episode, "The Decoy", when Max is taken by "the old gas bomb in the horoscope book trick!" he is looking for the sign Scorpio.

13. Buck Henry appears on the credits as the creator along with this famous comedy writer?

From Quiz Get Smart

Answer: Mel Brooks

He resigned after one year to focus on his production of "The Producers", after that he had a string of comedies and remained active in Hollywood.

14. What was the agent number of the dog named Fang?

From Quiz Get Smart!

Answer: K13

He was K13 and helped Max and 99 in a lot of episodes.

15. What does Max always insist on using when he and the chief are discussing highly important matters?

From Quiz Get Smart About "Get Smart"

Answer: The Cone of Silence

Whenever they attempt to use this, it always fails because you they cannot hear the conversation.

16. How many seasons did the show run including Fox?

From Quiz For "Get Smart" Fans

Answer: 6

It ran on NBC from 1965-1969, then on CBS for the 1969-1970 season. After 25 years, it returned for 7 episodes on the Fox network.

17. What was the name of the head of British Control's secretary?

From Quiz 'Get Smart:' One Time Appearances

Answer: VanCleaf

VanCleaf was Agent X, who was in charge of the robbery of the crown jewels.

18. Max often had to answer what part of his apparel because it was ringing?

From Quiz 'Get Smart:' Hi-Tech Inventions

Answer: shoe

Not only did he answer his shoe but in 'Episode 10' he answered almost everything he was wearing including his shoe, wallet, garter, and glasses.

19. The female agent who worked with him, and eventually married him.

From Quiz Get Smart

Answer: 99

Played by Barbara Feldon.

20. Who played Siegfried, Maxwell Smart's evil nemesis?

From Quiz 'Get Smart': The Quiz

Answer: Bernie Kopell

It was Bernie Kopell, a.k.a "Doc" from "The Love Boat" who played the evil Siegfreid, mastermind of K.A.O.S.

21. "School Days" takes place at spy school. The password starts, "When the moon is full". How does it end? (Hint: the answer is also the name of a song by Blondie.)

From Quiz "Get Smart" Passwords

Answer: The tide is high

The episode starts off with an elaborate walk by Max as he receives his identity papers, his password, and his morning newspaper from a milkman, a passing business man, and a paperboy. He then rings the doorbell of the nearby house and when an elderly lady opens it, he gives the password. Her response? "You must want the spy school. That's next door."

22. What doctor delivered Max?

From Quiz "Get Smart's" Maxwell Smart

Answer: Dr. Linquist

We learn this in the season five, in "And Only Two Nintey-Nine". The lines were something along the lines of... CHIEF: "She had to tell us about your birthmark Max, she was proving who she was. 99 is the only one who'd know about it." MAX: "Her and Linquist." CHIEF: "Linquist? Who's he?" MAX: "Dr. Linquist, he delivered me." CHIEF: "Oh, yes, of course, he would have to know." MAX: "Of course he would, Chief, he slapped me on it when he brought me into the world."

23. What did Max tell his landlady when she confronted him about gun battles in the hall, knife fights in the elevator, and bombs in the lobby?

From Quiz Get Smart

Answer: I work for the Internal Revenue Service

Max also had dropping nets, booby traps, and flying spears in his apartment.

24. What was the first episode called?

From Quiz Get Smart!

Answer: "Mr. Big"

"Mr. Big" was the only episode that was in black and white.

25. What was 99's father's occupation?

From Quiz For "Get Smart" Fans

Answer: spy

The last words uttered in episode 88, "Don't you remember? Your father was a spy!"

26. In the 'Pilot Episode', what was the name of the head of KAOS?

From Quiz 'Get Smart:' One Time Appearances

Answer: Big & Mr. Big

He was killed when his weapon blew itself up!

27. In the 'Pilot Episode' what weapon was used by KAOS to try and blow up the Statue of Liberty?

From Quiz 'Get Smart:' Hi-Tech Inventions

Answer: Dante's Inthermo

Dante meant to call it Dante's Inferno but couldn't remember this when he named it.

28. What was Agent 13's specialty?

From Quiz Get Smart

Answer: hide in everyday objects and act as a message courier

Played by David Ketchum. Agent 44 also appeared hidden in objects, but not as often as 13.

29. What was the name of the chief's bumbling right hand man?

From Quiz 'Get Smart': The Quiz

Answer: Larrabee

Larrabee was played by Robert Karvelas.

30. "Too Many Chiefs" has a very intricate sign and countersign. However, the imposter chief changes it to something much simpler. What is the new countersign which gained a new significance in the 1980s?

From Quiz "Get Smart" Passwords

Answer: The chief says "Apples" and Max says "McIntosh".

The chief starts with "The migrating birds fly low over the sea". The responder says "Shadeless windows admit no light." The chief comes back with "The wingless dove protects its nest." The responder concludes with "The toothless tiger rules the restless jungle." Max has some problems with this when he tries it out but 99 and the chief successfully identify one another. The imposter, who doesn't know the countersign, tells Max that there's a new countersign. Thanks to Steve Jobs, Apples and Macintosh gained a new significance in the world of computers and personal electronics.

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