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2 quizzes and 20 trivia questions.
  1.1/2 "Highway to Heaven: Part 1 and 2"   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This covers the first two episodes of "Highway to Heaven", which debuted in September 1984.
Average, 10 Qns, Gamemaster1967, Nov 24 17
Gamemaster1967 gold member
Nov 24 17
168 plays
  "Highway to Heaven" Season 1    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is about the first part of season 1 of the TV show "Highway to Heaven". How much do you remember about this wonderful series?
Tough, 10 Qns, Trufflesss, Feb 23 20
Trufflesss gold member
Feb 23 20
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Highway to Heaven Trivia Questions

1. What genre was "Highway to Heaven"?

From Quiz
"Highway to Heaven" Season 1

Answer: Fantasy/Family Drama

"Highway to Heaven" is a family friendly series that focuses on the two main characters who must use whatever means they can to help others overcome their problems.

2. Who played Jonathan Smith?

From Quiz 1.1/2 "Highway to Heaven: Part 1 and 2"

Answer: Michael Landon

Michael also wrote, directed, and produced for this series as well. He and actor Victor French reunited from their days on "Little House on the Prairie" to star in this series about an angel. Michael passed away in 1991 from pancreatic cancer. He was 54 years old.

3. In the episode "To Touch the Moon", a young boy named Arthur is very sick. What happens to him by the end of the episode?

From Quiz "Highway to Heaven" Season 1

Answer: He dies

The beginning of the episode shows Arthur being discharged from the hospital as there is nothing more that the doctors can do for him. In the time that he has left, Arthur lives life to the fullest.

4. What was the name of the nursing home, where Jonathan went to help the residents?

From Quiz 1.1/2 "Highway to Heaven: Part 1 and 2"

Answer: Havencrest

The home's staff was not very concerned about the mental well being of its residents, except for Leslie Gordon, whom Jonathan befriended right away. She even led him to getting an apartment right across from hers, which was walking distance from work. Mary McCusker played Leslie. Shady Pines was a nursing home on "The Golden Girls", The Sunshine Home was from "All in the Family", and Arkham Asylum is from the "Batman" stories by DC Comics. Arkham is also a fictional town in Massachusetts, found in stories by H.P. Lovecraft, F. Paul Wilson, Robert M. Price, and Robert Bloch.

5. In "One Fresh Batch of Lemonade" part 1, a teenage baseball player, Deke Larson Jr, is in a terrible accident. What injury does he sustain?

From Quiz "Highway to Heaven" Season 1

Answer: amputation of both legs below the knee

Deke, played by Ken Olandt, is riding his motorcycle rather incautiously, when he is hit by a truck. His injury leaves him permanently injured and very depressed.

6. From which profession was Mark Gordon (actor Victor French) suspended before coming to live with his sister Leslie?

From Quiz 1.1/2 "Highway to Heaven: Part 1 and 2"

Answer: Law enforcement

Mark was an Oakland cop for fifteen years before being suspended for excessive use of force. He'd been living with Leslie for five years, and she'd basically put her life on hold worrying about him. Mark was highly suspicious of Jonathan, and even searched through his apartment. Victor passed away in 1989, at the age of 54, after a battle with lung cancer.

7. In "One Fresh Batch of Lemonade" part 2, a young man named Richie coaches Deke in what sport?

From Quiz "Highway to Heaven" Season 1

Answer: pommel horse

Richie is the one who hit Deke with his truck. He feels terrible and wants to help. Richie coaches Deke on the pommel horse as that is the sport that Richie practices. Richie is played by Bart Conner, the real life American gymnast.

8. Which nursing home resident claimed that her stay was temporary because her "daughter was in Europe"?

From Quiz 1.1/2 "Highway to Heaven: Part 1 and 2"

Answer: Estelle Wicks

Estelle initially refused to socialize with the other residents, despite being wooed by a man named Sidney Gould. Jonathan finally found a way to get her out and about, by asking her to care for his puppy. Helen Hayes played Estelle Wicks. John Bleifer played the persistent Sidney. He also appeared on "Little House on the Prairie", "Marcus Welby, M.D.", and "Ben Casey". Madelon Claudet was the first sound (non-silent) movie role for Hayes, for which she won an Oscar for Best Actress.

9. For what dollar amount was the owner of the nursing home selling the facility?

From Quiz 1.1/2 "Highway to Heaven: Part 1 and 2"

Answer: $116,000

When Jonathan went to the man to appeal to his kinder heart, the man claimed to have once cared about more than money, but now business was all that mattered. Jonathan called the man by the old high school nickname of 'Cubby', which had been given to him by his girlfriend Allison. That softened him up enough to give Jonathan a day to come up with the asking price, and he'd sell it to him instead. Jonathan, Mark, and Leslie proposed the idea to the residents.

10. The nursing home residents agreed to gamble their monthly checks to try and come up with money to buy the nursing home. By which method of gambling were they attempting to raising the money?

From Quiz 1.1/2 "Highway to Heaven: Part 1 and 2"

Answer: Betting on a horse race

It was Mark's idea, because Jonathan admitted he could call the winner before the race began. Jonathan was extremely reluctant to gamble, but agreed to do it for altruistic reasons. They placed a bet on the number five horse, whose odds were 30-1. The horse, Devil's Land, came in second. Fortunately (or maybe a higher power intervened), Sidney's ticket read out that the bet had been placed on the winner, number seven's Cindy Kim. They were able to buy the nursing home. Either Michael Landon was deliberately trying to give the horses sweet names (one was named Betsy), or he had no real knowledge of what race horse names were like. The race took place at the Santa Anita track in Arcadia, California.

11. In "Song of the Wild West", a young singer meets a veteran singer who helps her realize her dreams. In the end, they find out that they are what to each other?

From Quiz "Highway to Heaven" Season 1

Answer: mother and daughter

The young girl's parents are divorced, but she thinks her mother is dead. The parents meet again and rekindle their relationship.

12. In "The Return of the Masked Rider", a street gang kidnaps a young man's (Joey's) grandfather to what end?

From Quiz "Highway to Heaven" Season 1

Answer: to force Joey to lose a boxing match

Joey has what it takes to become a great boxer. He is slated to fight a gang member in a match, but the gang blackmails him by kidnapping his grandfather and threatening to hurt the old man. Fortunately, other community members save the grandfather and Joey wins the match.

13. In "Dust Child", a Vietnam vet brings his Amerasian daughter to the USA to live with him and his family. What is the problem that she faces?

From Quiz "Highway to Heaven" Season 1

Answer: racial prejudice

The girl, Nguyen, faces lots of prejudice when she arrives in the USA. She was not accepted in Vietnam because she was of mixed race, and in the USA she faces a similar problem even from her half brother. Fortunately, she is accepted in the end.

14. What sign did Jonathan receive at the end of part two that let him to know God was in agreement with Mark's plan?

From Quiz 1.1/2 "Highway to Heaven: Part 1 and 2"

Answer: Mark's car broke down

Mark turned around to head back the way he'd come, and before he'd gotten too far, his car broke down. It was not unlike the first time we saw Jonathan hitchhiking in part one, when the old man refused to give him a ride into town. The old man's truck broke down right after he drove away, and Jonathan "repaired" the truck for him.

15. In the episode "One Winged Angels", what problem does Jonathan face?

From Quiz "Highway to Heaven" Season 1

Answer: He falls in love

Jonathan is supposed to smooth the way for a man and a woman to fall in love. The problem is that he falls for her himself.

16. Who directed these episodes, "Highway to Heaven" Parts 1 and 2?

From Quiz 1.1/2 "Highway to Heaven: Part 1 and 2"

Answer: Michael Landon

Michael and Victor directed all of the season one episodes. Michael Landon directed the most total episodes of all, at 94. Victor French directed 12 episodes. Claxton and Gordon directed after season one. Claxton also directed 74 episodes of "Little House".

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