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9 quizzes and 95 trivia questions.
  Stephen King TV   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Over the years, there have been many television adaptions from the works of Stephen King. This quiz covers those series and movies/mini-series. Some comparisons with the writings will be made.
Average, 10 Qns, Gamemaster1967, Dec 31 14
Gamemaster1967 gold member
441 plays
  Created By Stephen J. Cannell   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Stephen J. Cannell created and produced several well-known TV shows from the 1970s to the 1990s, along with quite a few duds. Can you remember any of them?
Average, 10 Qns, AlexT781, May 25 18
May 25 18
312 plays
  Shows created by Donald P. Bellisario   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Donald P. Bellisario has created some of the most popular shows on TV. He has not only created them but written a huge number of episodes and produced/directed quite a few too. Let's see how much you know about this TV giant.
Average, 15 Qns, Spontini, Dec 31 14
601 plays
  TV Shows Produced by Irwin Allen    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Irwin Allen, the entertainment producer pejoratively dubbed "The Master of Disaster", was responsible for many action/suspense and science fiction themed movies and television shows. See if you can select the correct answer about his TV projects.
Tough, 10 Qns, debodun, Dec 31 14
310 plays
  Joss Whedon Show Mania    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Are you a big Joss Whedon fan? So am I! Let's see what you know about his shows.
Average, 10 Qns, spamster101, Dec 31 14
498 plays
  Chuck Lorre, Comedy Creator    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Chuck Lorre has created many comedy television series over the years. Here is a quiz about him and some of the shows that he has created.
Average, 10 Qns, Trivia_Fan54, Mar 22 21
Trivia_Fan54 gold member
Mar 22 21
170 plays
  Sorkin on the Small Screen    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Aaron Sorkin is a gifted writer who has developed stories for TV, the stage and movies. This quiz is about his work in television.
Tough, 10 Qns, austinnene, Oct 17 15
266 plays
  Behind Every Good TV Show...    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz about the people behind popular tv shows. Their names appear on the screen as the show is beginning (or ending). You've seen them a hundred times! Nothing obscure, all multiple choice.
Tough, 10 Qns, LoveRCrowe, Dec 31 14
795 plays
  The Whedonverse    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Joss Whedon has a habit of re-using actors in his TV shows. This is a common bond quiz about actors he re-used in his three shows - "Buffy", "Angel" and "Firefly". Some actors may only have appeared in two out of the three. Good Luck!
Tough, 10 Qns, sunny_mel, Dec 31 14
367 plays
trivia question Quick Question
The TV show "Code Red" involved people in what line of work?

From Quiz "TV Shows Produced by Irwin Allen"

Creators or Producers Trivia Questions

1. What was the name of the first sitcom that Chuck Lorre created?

From Quiz
Chuck Lorre, Comedy Creator

Answer: Frannie's Turn

This very short-lived series was on the CBS network in the US. It only ran for a little over one month in the fall of 1992, with a total of five episodes making it to air. There was a sixth episode filmed, but it was not aired before the show was cancelled. Although he didn't create them, Lorre was a writer on many other shows, including "Charles in Charge", "Roseanne", and "My Two Dads".

2. "The A-Team", arguably Cannell's best known series, first aired in 1983 and starred which actor known for playing the title role in the television series "Banacek"?

From Quiz Created By Stephen J. Cannell

Answer: George Peppard

George Peppard appeared in many movies, starring in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "How the West Was Won" and "The Blue Max". His television career was marked by being typecast in high action roles such as "The A-Team".

3. "Airwolf" first made it to our screens in 1984 and starred an Oscar winning actor as Dominic Santini. Who was the actor?

From Quiz Shows created by Donald P. Bellisario

Answer: Ernest Borgnine

Borgnine won an Oscar in 1956 for his portrayal of Marty Piletti in the film "Marty". He played an Italian butcher who falls for a plain-looking school teacher.

4. "Salem's Lot" (1979)- Believed to be haunted, what was the name given to the creepy old house on the hill?

From Quiz Stephen King TV

Answer: Marsten House

The TV mini-series based on the novel of the same name starred David Soul and Bonnie Bedelia as Ben Mears and Susan Norton. While many elements were close to the book, there were major adjustments. Ben's arrival in town seemed to be one of fate. He'd lived there as a child, and was back to write a book based on the notorious Marsten House. At the same time, young Mark Petrie was leading a school play based on a fire that occurred many years prior, with the Marsten House as a prominent figure. During his research, Ben fell for the lovely teacher Susan Norton, and befriended young Mark after two of his friends were taken to feed the gruesome vampire Barlow. Ben and Mark made it out of town alive, but poor Susan did not. She was turned into a vampire by Barlow, and later staked by Ben while he and Mark were in Guatemala. For its time, the TV mini-series was decent, with great music for atmosphere. The book was much better, of course, and the remake mini-series in 2004 stayed much closer to it.

5. The TV show "Code Red" involved people in what line of work?

From Quiz TV Shows Produced by Irwin Allen

Answer: firefighting

"Code Red" involved the Los Angeles fire department, particularly the Rorchek family. The Rorcheks had three members working on the LAFD, father Joe and two of his sons, Ted and Chris. This show ran one season from 1981-2. It was Allen's sixth and last TV series.

6. How many seasons were there of the show "Firefly"?

From Quiz Joss Whedon Show Mania

Answer: 1

"Firefly" was canceled after one season. The show had such a strong fanbase that it was brought back as the movie "Serenity". The movie starred all of the original characters from the show.

7. Christina Hendricks played Saffron in the "Firefly" episode "Our Mrs Reynolds" but which other show did she appear in, "Buffy" or "Angel"?

From Quiz The Whedonverse

Answer: Angel

Christina played the Irish barmaid who tells Darla about Liam (Angel) in the bar in the "Angel" season one episode "The Prodigal".

8. What show would you see the name Burt Metcalfe and 'Developed for television by Larry Gelbart'?

From Quiz Behind Every Good TV Show...

Answer: M*A*S*H

Larry Gelbart was also an executive producer, executive script consultant, one of the directors and one of the writers of 'M*A*S*H'. He also wrote the movie 'Tootsie'. He is sometimes credited as Francis Burns...Frank Burns?! (Imdb) Burt Metcalfe was associate producer, executive producer and just plain producer.

9. The second show that Lorre created did better than the first. How many episodes of "Grace Under Fire" made it to air?

From Quiz Chuck Lorre, Comedy Creator

Answer: 112

Lorre's first creation, "Frannie's Turn", lasted only five episodes before it was cancelled. "Grace Under Fire" did much better, being rated as the number one new show in the 1993-94 season. It lasted for four and a half years before it was cancelled. Lorre also acted as writer and executive producer on this show.

10. After writing scripts for television shows such as "Columbo" and "Adam-12", Cannell became the co-creator of which series, starring James Garner as a private detective?

From Quiz Created By Stephen J. Cannell

Answer: The Rockford Files

The show had a few minor, but occasionally recurring, roles. Some of the actors playing those roles were Tom Selleck, a fan of James Garner, and Lou Gossett, Jr. and Isaac Hayes.

11. Aaron Sorkin has worked with some actors in more than one TV series. Of the pairs below, which lists actors who had recurring roles on both "The West Wing" and "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip"?

From Quiz Sorkin on the Small Screen

Answer: Timothy Busfield and Matthew Perry

Timothy Busfield had a significant supporting role on "The West Wing", playing Danny Concannon, a reporter who had a romantic relationship with C.J. Cregg. On "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" he starred as director Cal Shanley. Matthew Perry had a limited role in "The West Wing" on seasons 4 and 5, playing an attorney who uncovered misconduct by the Vice President; and he co-starred with Busfield on "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip".

12. Bellisario's first major creation was a series about a private eye who lived on a grand estate owned by his absentee employer. Who played the private eye?

From Quiz Shows created by Donald P. Bellisario

Answer: Tom Selleck

"Magnum P.I." was on TV from 1980-1988 and was created by Donald Bellisario and Glenn A. Larsen, the man behind such shows as "Battlestar Galactica", "Knight Rider" and "The Fall Guy".

13. "It"- This 1990 TV mini-series was about a mysterious clown who murdered children in Derry, Maine. What was the evil clown's name?

From Quiz Stephen King TV

Answer: Pennywise

Pennywise was played by Tim Curry. In the movie, it's 1960 and seven children are forced to band together to defeat the evil clown. It had already killed the younger brother of Bill Denbrough. So, thirty years later after they defeat "It", they are forced to reunite in Derry to defeat it again. The mini-series was more different than the book than I would have liked, but the book ending would have been deemed inappropriate for a TV movie in 1990. In the book, "It" was some sort of giant alien spider that the kids had to locate and destroy. To put it very simply, it's their love for one another that did defeat it, both times.

14. Which long-time TV western star portrayed Joe Rorchek on Allen's TV series "Code Red"?

From Quiz TV Shows Produced by Irwin Allen

Answer: Lorne Greene

Greene started his career as a radio announcer for the CBC where his stentorian baritone was dubbed "The Voice of Doom". Most well-known for portraying patriarch Ben Cartwright on the long-running shoe "Bonanza", he also starred in numerous movies and TV shows, and even commercials for Alpo dog food. He passed away in 1987.

15. Jonathan M. Woodward played Holden Webster in the "Buffy" episode "Conversations With Dead People". Which character did he play in "Firefly"?

From Quiz The Whedonverse

Answer: Tracey

Jonathan is one of a few actors who appeared in all three shows. He played Tracey in the "Firefly" episode "The Message" and Knox in season five of "Angel", as well as appearing in "Buffy".

16. Which name would you NOT see in the credits for 'The Dukes of Hazzard'?

From Quiz Behind Every Good TV Show...

Answer: Darren Rose

Hy Averback directed and produced, Paul R. Picard was the executive producer, Rod Amateau was a director and producer, he also played 'Manny' in the episode 'Repo Men'. Hy Averback also directed episodes of 'M*A*S*H', 'Knight Rider' and 'Murder She Wrote'.

17. The third show that Chuck Lorre created was "Cybill". Who or what was the title referring to?

From Quiz Chuck Lorre, Comedy Creator

Answer: It refers to the show's star Cybill Shepherd (character name Cybill Sheridan)

"Cybill" was a sitcom that was created by Lorre that aired on the CBS network in the US from 1995-1998. The show was about an aging actress and her struggles with divorce and being a single mother. Lorre won the Golden Globe Award for "Cybill" in 1996.

18. Not all of Stephen J. Cannell's ideas garnered high ratings. Which widely panned series featured a substitute teacher who got superhero powers from a suit given to him by aliens?

From Quiz Created By Stephen J. Cannell

Answer: The Greatest American Hero

Running from 1981 to 1983, the show's theme song was released as a single and reached number two on the Billboard charts in 1982.

19. What was the name of the head of security at Robin Masters' Hawaiian estate in "Magnum P.I."?

From Quiz Shows created by Donald P. Bellisario

Answer: Jonathan Higgins

John Hillerman, who played Jonathan Higgins won the 1982 Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV.

20. "The Time Tunnel" involved two scientists that traveled through history by way of a huge tube-like device, but for some reason couldn't get back to their own time and location. What source of energy did the time tunnel use to operate?

From Quiz TV Shows Produced by Irwin Allen

Answer: lasers

According to "The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network TV Shows" by Tim Brooks and Earle Nash, the time tunnel was operated by laser power. The tunnel was controlled by huge banks of computers and instrument panels that always seemed to malfunction at critical moments and always landed the two hapless scientists at an important moment in history. While Tony and Doug traveled through space and time, their three co-workers constantly monitored their situation (General Kirk, Dr. Ann MacGregor and Dr. Ray Swain). This series aired from 1966-67.

21. What is the name of Angel's son on "Angel"?

From Quiz Joss Whedon Show Mania

Answer: Connor

Connor is Angel and Darla's son. The character of Connor is played by Vincent Kartheiser.

22. What tv show do you read the names Glen Charles, Les Charles and James Burrows?

From Quiz Behind Every Good TV Show...

Answer: Cheers

Glen and Les Charles and James Burrows produced 'Cheers'. Glen and Les Charles also wrote for 'Mash' and 'Mary Tyler Moore'. They produced 'The Bob Newhart Show'. James Burrows has directed many, many tv shows. In the final episode of 'Cheers' a man comes to the door and Sam says 'We're closed.' That man is James Burrows.

23. "Hardcastle and McCormick" featured an ex-judge and car thief teaming up to fight crime while driving a racecar named the ____.

From Quiz Created By Stephen J. Cannell

Answer: Coyote X

The Coyote X was initially based on the McLaren M6GT. It was reconstructed based on the DeLorean DMC-12 for the second and third seasons. Story-wise, the car was stolen by McCormick, and Hardcastle makes McCormick work for him to avoid going to jail.

24. "NCIS" - Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Rocky Carroll. Whose name should be added to this list?

From Quiz Shows created by Donald P. Bellisario

Answer: Pauley Perrette

Pauley plays the brilliant scientist Abby Sciuto on the show. It's not all acting though, she has a Masters Degree in Criminal Science from Georgia State University.

25. In 1997, the ABC network aired a three episode mini-series of "The Shining". What was the name of the haunted hotel for which Jack Torrance agreed to become the caretaker?

From Quiz Stephen King TV

Answer: The Overlook Hotel

As in the first movie (starring Jack Nicholson) and the novel of the same name, "The Shining" mini-series took place largely within the confines of the evil infested Overlook Hotel. Stephen King has said that he did not care at all for Stanley Kubrick's 1980 adaption of his novel. "The Shining" ranks in my own personal Top 10 of Stephen King novels. The first movie, while scary and entertaining, missed the heart of King's story. The TV redo stayed true to his original vision. It starred Steven Weber as Jack, Rebecca De Mornay as Wendy and Courtland Mead as Danny. Some major differences between the original film and the novel/mini-series are as follows: there was no hedge maze, but hedge topiary animals that came to life; Danny did not wag his finger to talk to Tony, but actually saw Tony (a teenaged version of himself from the future); Dick Halloran saved Wendy and Danny and lived; and Jack forgot about the boiler which caused the hotel to explode. In the sequel novel, "Doctor Sleep" (2013), the Colorado location where the Overlook once stood played a pivotal role at the end.

26. What former Miss America winner played the role of Dr. Ann MacGregor in "The Time Tunnel"?

From Quiz TV Shows Produced by Irwin Allen

Answer: Lee Meriwether

Lee Meriwether was the 1955 Miss America Winner. Her first show business job was on "The Today Show" after which she landed many roles on TV and in movies, including as one of three actresses portraying Catwoman in the 1966 "Batman" TV series. She was married to fellow actor Frank Aletter from 1958-74. They had two children.

27. What show stars Eliza Dushku as the character Echo?

From Quiz Joss Whedon Show Mania

Answer: Dollhouse

Eliza Dushku plays the character of Echo. The idea for "Dollhouse" was set up when Eliza Dushku and Joss Whedon were having lunch and discussing her career options.

28. John F Kearney was credited as playing an elderly man in two of Joss Whedon's shows. One of them was "Buffy", what was the other?

From Quiz The Whedonverse

Answer: Firefly

John played an elderly man in the "Buffy" episode "Doublemeat Palace" and the "Firefly" episode "Serenity, Part One".

29. Which series was developed for television by and produced by Norman Lear?

From Quiz Behind Every Good TV Show...

Answer: All in the Family

Norman Lear is credited as a producer and writer (creator) of 'All in the Family'. He is a production supervisor on 'The Jeffersons'. (IMDb)

30. What are Lorre's vanity cards?

From Quiz Chuck Lorre, Comedy Creator

Answer: A paragraph, shown very briefly at the end of a show

Ever since "Dharma & Greg", Lorre included a paragraph at the end of each of his shows. The paragraph or blurb read like editorials or observations about life. The blurbs appeared only very briefly, typically making it impossible to read without recording the shows, then pausing when the card came on. The cards were stopped in 2015, but reappeared in 2018.

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