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Run by, "AdventureQuest" is made by the creators of "Dragonfable" and "Mechquest". Test your knowledge of this online RPG played via Flash!
"AdventureQuest" is played on PC or Mac on your web browser.

8 AdventureQuest quizzes and 80 AdventureQuest trivia questions.
  "Adventure Quest" Craziness    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Think you know everything about the online PC game "Adventure Quest"? These ten questions will test your knowledge about this free online game.
Average, 10 Qns, homicidalmunky, Apr 13 07
1466 plays
  Let's Celebrate the Holidays in Battleon    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The town of Battleon is the main town in the online RPG "AdventureQuest". They have interesting monsters which at times are parodies of real life people or items. This quiz deals with how the town of Battleon celebrates the holidays.
Average, 10 Qns, spauldsd, Jan 03 08
635 plays
  Adventure Quest    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz introducing an RPG PC game called "Battleon". It is played on a computer over the internet. Enjoy.
Average, 10 Qns, ahsonmonis, Jul 14 07
1833 plays
  "Battleon" Fun    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"Battleon" is an online role-playing game for the PC. The following questions will test your basic knowledge of the game.
Average, 10 Qns, spauldsd, Aug 28 07
1002 plays
  AdventureQuest Worlds    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is about the hit online game "AdventureQuest Worlds". This covers almost everything including classes, armors, helms, back items, pets, weapons, and more. This game can be played on a computer with Adobe Flash Player.
Average, 10 Qns, Dradus64, Jul 28 13
222 plays
  "Adventure Quest": Character Classes    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is about character classes from the popular online game: "Adventure Quest".
Average, 10 Qns, narutofan64, Feb 16 08
1033 plays
  "Adventure Quest Worlds"!    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is not recommended for new players in "Adventure Quest Worlds". This game can be played on PC.
Average, 10 Qns, AsianBananaMLG, Apr 21 15
160 plays
  "Adventure Quest Worlds"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz on "Adventure Quest Worlds" (PC).
Average, 10 Qns, Lucas121, Nov 19 14
168 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What was Nulgath called before he became Nulgath?

From Quiz "AdventureQuest Worlds"

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AdventureQuest Trivia Questions

1. What is the drop rate of Akriloth pet?

From Quiz
"Adventure Quest Worlds"!

Answer: 1%

The Akriloth pet used to be bugged. When using a battle pet class, chat messages would appear if equipping the Akriloth pet.

2. How many Lords of Chaos are there?

From Quiz "Adventure Quest Worlds"

Answer: Thirteen

The thirteen Lords of Chaos are more fun to be played it order but they are not sorted by difficulty. The Lords of Chaos are the main storyline.

3. Who is the Champion of Darkness?

From Quiz AdventureQuest Worlds

Answer: Artix

Ironically, Artix is the Champion of Darkness. Also ironically, Gravelyn is the Champion of Light. It should be flipped around. This is revealed in the first Doomwood event during the boss fight with Vordred.

4. When February arrives in the town of Battleon, instead of celebrating Valentine's Day, they celebrate their own special holiday event. What is this annual event called?

From Quiz Let's Celebrate the Holidays in Battleon

Answer: Snugglefest

The Snugglefest event gives your character the chance to be the hero for one or more of the NPC characters in Battleon. If you are able to be the hero for all of them, you can buy some special weapons that are specific to this event.

5. Who is "E" and what class does he teach?

From Quiz "Adventure Quest": Character Classes

Answer: A Vampire Slayer, Vampire slaying

He is called Vampire Slayer "E". He is not a Werewolf, a Vampire, or a Werepyre (a combonation of both). But he does teach VampireSlaying.

6. How old must you be in order to create a "Battleon" account?

From Quiz "Battleon" Fun

Answer: Thirteen

If you are under thirteen years old you must have a parent or guardian create the account for you. The parent or guardian is required to accept the terms and conditions and are liable under the contract, whereas a child under thirteen years old is not. For guardian accounts and any upgrades you must be eighteen years or older.

7. Where do you go to play "Adventure Quest"?

From Quiz "Adventure Quest" Craziness


"Battle On!" is one of the phrases used by the staff in order to keep with the feel of the game. In the game you have to use your character to fight enemies, so "Battle On!" is also a battle cry.

8. What is the name of the "Battleon" moglin?

From Quiz Adventure Quest

Answer: Twilly

Twilly is the moglin that helps all adventurers in the beginning. He has the power to heal them after battles.

9. How do you get Darkside?

From Quiz "Adventure Quest Worlds"!

Answer: Cysero's Golden Cheezburger

Darkside's battle pet is a hate wolf. Darkside's rage also stacks and the rage is consumed with its Rank 10 Ability.

10. What are the four starter classes?

From Quiz AdventureQuest Worlds

Answer: Warrior, Mage, Rogue, and Healer

These classes can be obtained by buying them in the Trainer's Shops, or by creating an account. The original design is now an armor, but it used to be the class.

11. What is the new class that is taught by Eselgee?

From Quiz "Adventure Quest": Character Classes

Answer: Beserker

Beserker is the new class taught by Beserker master, Eselgee. Archmage is also a new class. Beastmaster and Pirate are Rouge classes.

12. When training, how much does the stat increase after one training session?

From Quiz "Adventure Quest" Craziness

Answer: 5 points

You can train in strength, dexterity, luck, charisma, endurance, and intellect. There are several different trainers, each specializing in certain stats. The price of training goes up after each session.

13. Besides gold, what else can you use to buy items in "Adventure Quest"?

From Quiz Adventure Quest

Answer: Z- tokens

Z-tokens are very precious and are rarely given after defeating strong monsters. The items bought by Z-tokens are really strong and helpful.

14. What is the Chaos beast called in the Wolfwing saga?

From Quiz "Adventure Quest Worlds"!

Answer: Dracowerepyre

The Dracowerepyre, in Chaos Cave (Darkovia), used to have 30,000 health but it rose to 32,102. This monster also drops a chaotic dragon blade.

15. What was Nulgath called before he became Nulgath?

From Quiz AdventureQuest Worlds

Answer: Miltonius

All of Nulgath's weapons used to have Miltonius in them. Instead of the Random Weapon of Nulgath, it used to be called the Random Weapon of Miltonius. The Nulgath Larvae and the Legacy of Nulgath set look similar to Miltonius.

16. When Easter hops into the town of Battleon they celebrate their own special holiday. What is this annual event called?

From Quiz Let's Celebrate the Holidays in Battleon

Answer: Grenwog Festival

During the Grenwog Festival you get to collect eggs for temporary equipment like pets, weapons, and shields. Once you log out you lose the temporary equipment so have fun with it while you can.

17. What are the three Mage classes in order?

From Quiz "Adventure Quest": Character Classes

Answer: Mage, Wizard, then Necromancer

There are no such classes as Spellcaster, Lich (Lich is an armor), Witch, WizWitch, or Necrospellcaster. You must be a level 5 MAge to be a Wizard, and a level 5 Wizard to be a Necromancer, and a level 10 Necromancer to obtain the Lich armor.

18. What class is the founder, Artix, in the game?

From Quiz "Battleon" Fun

Answer: Paladin

The Paladin class was not an available class during the first three years of the game. As the number of available classes increased it was introduced along with its counterpart, the Necromancer class.

19. Who created "Adventure Quest"?

From Quiz "Adventure Quest" Craziness

Answer: Artix Entertainment

Artix Entertainment has also created similar games to "Adventure Quest" using characters from the original game, all of which are free to play. Artix is also a non-playable character in the game itself.

20. How much does it cost to become a guardian of "Adventure Quest"?

From Quiz Adventure Quest

Answer: $19.95

Becoming a guardian opens extra quests, weapons, monsters and maps. You can also buy Z-tokens, or upgrade to an x-guardian.

21. How do you get Alpha Omega?

From Quiz "Adventure Quest Worlds"!

Answer: 1000 ACs

Alpha DOOMega is a class that was based on Alpha Omega. To get it, you had to do the Wheel of Destiny event.

22. "Adventure Quest Worlds" is made by whom?

From Quiz "Adventure Quest Worlds"

Answer: Artix

These are also NPS's names. Artix's first game was "Adventure Quest" (the original).

23. What are the three Fighter classes teachers (in order from first to third)?

From Quiz "Adventure Quest": Character Classes

Answer: Blackhawke, Blackhawke, and Artix

Blackhawke is at the top of the inn stairs, where he can teach you to be a fighter, then a Knight. Artix (found at Paladin order) will teach you to be a Paladin (must be a level five knight and mage).

24. How often is "Adventure Quest" updated with new content?

From Quiz "Adventure Quest" Craziness

Answer: Once a week

One of the things that keeps people coming back to the game is the fact that every week something new is introduced into the game, whether it be a new quest, a new class, and occasionally a war. They also love to do seasonal quests for each holiday.

25. What is the shopkeeper's name in "Battleon"?

From Quiz Adventure Quest

Answer: Yulgar

Yulgar sells weapons, armors, and other items for beginners and expert adventurers. Also in his shop are other quests and people to talk to.

26. What is the level peak when it first came out?

From Quiz "Adventure Quest Worlds"

Answer: 20

The level peak has been changed many times since then. In 2014, the level peak was 60.

27. How much gold does the Bigger 100k sword cost?

From Quiz AdventureQuest Worlds

Answer: 100,000 gold

This sword can be purchased in The Span reputation shop for 100,000 gold and requires rank 7 Chronospan. It changes color from black to white when you click on it.

28. Millions of people worldwide enjoy celebrating Halloween. The town of Battleon is no exception. Each year they have their own special celebration. What do they call this event?

From Quiz Let's Celebrate the Holidays in Battleon

Answer: Mogloween

The October event is a trick or treating event in Battleon. You can collect candy to trade in for temporary equipment. The temporary equipment includes pets, weapons, masks, and costumes. After the event is done make sure you grab any permanent rewards you like because they will be gone until next year.

29. Who are the two rivals that teach you two specialized rival classes?

From Quiz "Adventure Quest": Character Classes

Answer: Dracomancer and Dragonslayer, Lord Cyrus and Galanoth

Dracomancers and Dragonslayers are bitter rivals. Vampires and werewolves are rivals, but they are races, not classes. Necromancer and Paladin are not rivals, and Paladin is not taught by Blackhawke. There is no dragonmaster class.

30. What is the name of the evil Moglin Zorbak's brother?

From Quiz "Battleon" Fun

Answer: Kabroz

Zorbak, spelled backwards, is Kabroz. This is quite an interesting way of naming children. Kabroz is the straight-laced one of the two, while Zorbak tends to make jokes and ends up making a mess of all of his attempts at controlling the world.

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